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‘We’re living in a different world now. When you look at the global issues, when you look at motivations for doing these things, and you know that urban cities are much more vulnerable to these.’ So says Toronto police chief Mark Saunders after an unidentified man opened fire into a restaurant last night.

The shooter then moved down the street, shooting more people as he went.

The shooting spree lasted just minutes but spanned blocks, sparking terror across the busy Greektown neighbourhood around 10 p.m. Sunday as diners and patrons ran for cover, some initially mistaking the gunshots as fire crackers.

Andrew Mantzios was having a coffee with friends by the fountain at Danforth and Logan Avenues – a popular gathering spot for residents – when he heard gunshots ring out, around 10 p.m.

He turned and saw a man, dressed in all black, walking toward them with a handgun. “He had this horrible expression on his face.”

The man, he said, was pointing his gun and firing at a crowd of people standing on the corner of the intersection, waiting to cross the street. Somebody yelled to get down.

After an exchange of gunfire with police, the shooter was found dead in an alley, though it isn’t clear if he was shot by police or committed suicide.

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  1. “…some initially mistaking the gunshots as fire crackers.”

    Because people aren’t supposed to have eeeeevil handguns in Canada: they’re too polite to shoot innocents.

    And, of course, fighting back wouldn’t have been effective, ’cause regular people don’t know _how_ to use a gun defensively. /sarc

    Oy vey!

    • I saw an episode of 16×9 that says police in Canada are not ready for terror attacks and mass shootings.

      • If they can’t protect themselves, they have no business claiming they can protect you. And they shouldn’t be allowed to disarm you to try to accomplish it.

        • Funny too, they finally gave a crap about arming and training-up their cops but not not the 1,000 people the Whackcunuk strolled past.

  2. They are taking a very long time to say who the shooter was. That tells me he was NOT a white Christian heterosexual male who had sex in the missionary position with the lights turned out.

    But I could be wrong. Or it could be Canada has an immigration problem.

    • I wouldn’t discount it being a white male just yet. I also won’t be surprised to hear the shooter was a Muslim or a deranged socialist.

      4.6% of the US population has a SMI (Serious Mental Issue), I’d assume Canada has roughly the same numbers.

      The totalitarian democrats pushing for gun control always mock us when we say it is mental health issue and say we aren’t willing to fund mental health.

      I am willing to help people but we are already giving up too much in tax dollars to even think about housing, feeding, clothing, providing free medical care, and monitor an additional 4.6% of the population 24/7.

      Thinking outside the box to come up with solutions to this problem just gets shot down, much like fixing the federal budget.

      • 4.6% of the US population has a SMI (Serious Mental Issue)

        I watch Live PD on the weekends. I’m amazed at the number of people the LEOs encounter that don’t have all their marbles.

        • For some strange reason, I too have become fascinated with the Live PD show. I have noticed that every person they interact with falls into one of three categories:
          1) Mentally ill
          2) Terminally stupid (usually also drug users or drug sellers)
          3) Repeat offenders who shouldn’t have been let out of prison to begin with.

        • 4) drunk and/or high as f**k .
          5) any combination above.

          This covers about 99% of the people working street cops deal with.

      • Many of the people that are violent or have these SMI tendencies are already living on the government’s dime, either on SSI, some type of state aid or they are in and out of county lockups as well as state and federal prisons. The money to put them in institutional care for the mentally imbalanced is already being spent, it is cheaper to medicate them and keep them locked up with doctors on staff than it is to house them in prisons(where they need protection from the staff or get it from the gangs who run a gangster college). So it would entail modification of some lower security prisons, some staff changes and training for the guards and hopefully changing some laws that force incarceration times, even if the doctor says they are cured.

        It all comes down to what we want out of our system….. Do we want to rehabilitate a higher percentage of these criminals and get them medical help(that is cheaper and may or may not help them) or is it all about punishment and training these animals so they are wiser and know how to play the system for life?

      • The reason why the mentally ill are allowed to roam freely in the United States is not because of Governor Ronald Reagan of California. I know many people like to blame him for the homeless problem and everything else. The true reason is that the ACLU sued the city of New York in the 1970s when they tried to force a homeless black woman into treatment because she was defecating and urinating in public among other things. If memory serves me correctly she was also eating her own feces. The city government said this was justification to claim she was mentally ill and should be treated in a facility. The ACLU won the case and forced the city to release this woman from mental health treatment. She went back to the streets to again urinate and defecate in public.

        And now in the 21st century you have San Francisco and to a larger extent the state of California where defecating in public is socially acceptable. I know people will not like me saying this but is was the Libertarians Liberals and the Left, who spoke out against urinating in public laws. John Stossel has already done a segment on how the government built a $350,000 public toilet. So government is not the answer. If you buy something in a private business and then use their toilet, the problem is solved.

        It’s not far to go from allowing urinating in public to allowing defecating in public.
        If the elected leadership of the community and the law enforcement are not enforcing laws about relieving yourself/ urinating in public, then I would say it is socially acceptable.

        There will be a cholera outbreak in the United States and most likely in the state of California first. Then what will the three L’s, Libertarians and liberals and the left say then about enforcing laws against urinating in public?

        Its already ok to expose yourself in public in California on days the government gives you permission.

        • Pubic nudity, urinating in public etc. are things that will be ignored by the police per the present idiots in power in NYC.
          BTW these things were enforced when Guliani was mayor. It was actually a pleasure to be in Manhattan. No one cleaned your windshield as you exited the tunnel for instance and you could actually walk the streets without tripping over homeless and not smell urine just about everywhere.

        • Funny that you cite Stossel’s excellent work, but then you rail against Libertarians. Stossel is an outspoken libertarian, although I don’t know if he is a registered Libertarian. I don’t know why you’re always blaming them. They are about 3% and don’t hold any offices or real influence. I think they tend to side with conservatives more than leftists. You capitalize Left and Libertarian, so I can’t tell if your are referring to the party or philosophy. There is no Left party, and I think the Libertarian Party has strayed from libertarian philosophy.

    • I hope they never reveal who the shooter was. I am tired of these lunatics getting free publicity and being made media sensations/heroes for murdering a bunch of people. Let’s stop the copy cat killers and refuse to release any information of these shooters.

    • I’m white, christian, heterosexual males but I dont always use the missionary position. I like the view when the wife is on top.

      • Yeah, I like it when she’s on top too.

        (I kid! The setup was just too easy to resist!) 😀

    • The person has been identified as “Faisal Hussain” who was reportedly suffering from psychosis and depression.

      • Get this:

        Local member of Parliament, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, confirmed that Reese Fallon, 18, was one of the two killed in the shooting.

        “She was a local young Liberal, smart, passionate and full of energy,” the Liberal MP told the BBC in a statement. It is a huge loss.”

        So if she had been a conservative it would have been less tragic? Or at least not a huge loss, right?

        • I’m not sorry to say I’m glad it was one of theirs instead of one of ours. Another Liberal dies from gun control, who has worked to disarm the law abiding.

          And I’m also glad Senator Robert Bird is gone as well. I wonder how many black people
          he lynched as a member of the Klu Klux Klan?

        • 15 or 20 years ago, a Canadian man was executed in Texas for the murder of an elderly white woman. The Canadian liberals pleading for his life insinuated that because the woman victim happened to be wealthy, her death was no loss to society and his sentence was excessive.

  3. Where is the person that keeps pasting the comment, “These things never happen in other countries …” ???

    Maybe he/she finally realized spree killers do attack (with and without handguns) in other countries???

    • That idiot and the cysco kid were a great help to us and Trump. We need to be careful that all this winning doesn’t make us soft and complacent.

        • “Expect restrictions on restrictions”…. thats called the bill of rights. Its a non “living and breathing” document restricting the government from restricting people…… Canada has a list of “rights” which the subjects are allowed to exercise handed down from the crown (unless its inconvenient in which case the crown will abolish those rights)….. I doubt the crown will see liberty (restrictions on restrictions) as the answer.

    • I think both of them have joined an Antifa black block to do some more active protesting.

      Note the Antifa “black block” is a reference to the clothing and not ethnicity as they are predominately young white males protesting against their white Male privilege.

      Hypocrites and Idiots.

  4. I saw the Toronto, ON. Mayor (John Troy) commenting on news about it this morning. Typical Liberal political comment: “Guns are too easy to obtain.” Interesting comment from a leader who lives in a country that outlaws handgun ownership.
    Maybe if handgun ownership was legal in this case, there would have been one or more law abiding citizens, with weapons to neutralize that criminal before he killed & injured the innocent citizens.

    • YOU CAN HAVE HANDGUNS IN CANADA. They just have size restrictions and licencing. Two seconds on Google. And we claim the anti-gun side do not know what they are talking about.

      • absent our 2nd amendment they’re free to make up any rules they want…and to change them at will…I suppose…it is interesting that they can acquire some weapons that are restricted here….

        • I see mindless retarded comments about Chicago DAILY…why would idiotic Canada comments be different?!?😏


        Maybe. With strict size limitations and caliber restrictions, and even the small percentage of ones allowed can’t be carried or even taken out of your house unless you are going to a certified, licensed gun range.

          • Not to mention that handguns in Canada must be made inoperable with a secure locking device (such as a trigger lock) and securely locked in a sturdy container or safe. Unloaded, of course. Rifles have to have the bolts or BCGs removed.

            Mr. Criminal, wait until I reassemble my gun and load it, please.

        • Sounds like Long Island. I can only carry to and from a range. Belonging to a 24/7 range with locations in multiple counties technically allows me to carry 24/7 as long as I have a range bag in the trunk.

      • Hoyt Claggwell’s point is completely valid. You can not walk around with a handgun, so private citizen was available to stop the shooting spree with a handgun.
        Yes, you can own some larger handguns in Canada. Even then, they are “restricted”. You can own them in your safe at home. You can not carry them anywhere other than to and from a certified range. Any range won’t do, it must be a range certified for “restricted” firearms. The pistol isn’t allowed to go anywhere else.

  5. “Guns are too easy to obtain.” Yes, and the tide comes in and destroys your sandcastle. So?

    • He is just mind controlling the people. He repeats the lie until it becomes common knowledge. It must be true if the government and corporate media keep saying it. Hence why when someone comes on TV saying something different they tend to get much less time or the interview is ended as quickly as possible.

  6. Is it safe to assume the origins of this killer are from say, the Middle East given the polices refusal to release his identity? Or is Canada actually acting responsibly by not blasting a fame seeking killers face all over the tv?

    • Canada doesn’t like to admit such crimes happened. They try not to talk about them much. If they did, you would think Canada has a gun and murder problem. I think they spend more time talking about things that happen in America.

  7. Send the Parkland kids up there and everything will be fine.
    Maybe they can lay down in a grocery store together. That’ll work.
    They can brow beat Canada’s politicians into thinking about more gun control. Confiscation possibly. That’ll help too.
    I’ve watched the video attached to the story. How do you stop this?
    A good guy with a pistol could stop it but only after damage has been done.
    This guy was just walking along the street like everyone else.
    I was at a restaurant with my daughter last night and this is one of my fears. I was carrying even tho they have a sign against it. Worst they can do is ask me to leave.

  8. Canada has gun control so this must be fake news because gun control laws will prevent other violations of the law such as Murder,NOT.

  9. Canada has changed immigration laws and tightened them up. It is not as easy as it was 10-20 years ago to move to Canada from other countries.

    They have different gun laws than we do, many guns and imported ammo are much cheaper and available than here. Small caliber handguns and those pocket pistols are not legal there.

  10. Interesting thought…I frequently encounter the “””””guns are coming across the border it’s America’s fault””” rant from Canadians on line. Similar to Chicago gun violence is caused by other State’s lax gun control.

    Does Canada have any gun manufacturers left, either long guns or pistols?

    I have a Para -40 I converted to 10mm years ago but they were last manufacture I rem from Canada.

    • Savage Arms has a branch making rimfire rifles in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. While a 22 isn’t much to write home about, the 64f is pretty cheap (120USDish), semi-auto and freefloated.

      There’s also Colt Canada, which is barely better than mainstream Colt and only by virtue of the fact that it can actually secure the government contracts it focuses unlike its parent. Only then it’s purely by virtue of a defacto monopoly in Canada.

  11. 14 people wounded but only one fatality aside from the assailant?
    Lousy marksmanship, but what do you expect from a Candian.

  12. medication = responsibility of the dumb mf & family of dumb mf. if something happens, their fault/problem exclusively.

    • How many times have we seen in the news parents saying that their son or daughter weren’t taking their meds after they’ve done something horrible? A lot, seems to me.

      Haven’t you watched Homeland? People on mood stabilizers often stop taking them because they don’t like what the meds do to them.

      • And has any ever done a study on the effects of psychotropic drugs when taken with other substances such as alcohol, nicotine, cannabis, heroin, or meth?

  13. This is not the deadlest attack in Toronto this year. An automobile was used to murder 10 last April.

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