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From SilencerCo . . .

SilencerCo released the second episode of their “American Gun” series on August 11, 2021, discussing the diversity of gun owners across America. “American Gun: The Riflesmith” features a custom riflesmith from Lousianna, Terry, whose main clientele include military and police officers.

Vastly different from the single woman highlighted in the last American Gun episode who carries for personal protection, Terry is fueled by a passion for his craft. The contrast between these two videos illustrates the far-reaching effects of the second amendment, and how it applies to every American.

“When you put it into context of when it was written and when it was actually originated,” said Terry regarding the second amendment, “the reason that they put it in there wasn’t for deer hunting; it wasn’t for going and shooting pheasants or any of that kind of stuff; it wasn’t for recreational shooting; it was to protect ourselves from an overreaching government.”

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), 8.4 million Americans became new gun owners during the year 2020 with an increase in sales from women and African Americans. “American Gun” sets out to uncover the many reasons behind why people own a firearm as well as highlight the diversity of the owners themselves.

SilencerCo American Gun The Riflesmith

“Everything that we consider to be freedoms and liberties right now…” said Terry, “is standing firmly on the shoulders of the first and second amendment.”

Videos will be released on a monthly basis and can be found on the SilencerCo YouTube and social media channels. For more information on the “American Gun” campaign, click here.

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  1. “Everything that we consider to be freedoms and liberties right now…” said Terry, “is standing firmly on the shoulders of the first and second amendment.”

    No provision of the Constitution, or its amendments, is absolute (except abortion).

    The First Amendment only protects legitimate speech; speech that doesn’t make anyone feel bad.

    The Second Amendment was for a time when the existence of the nation was in doubt (no government since the founders died has ever, would ever be a threat to the people like the king and parliament of England were).

    Since Civil War 2.0, no individual (except military and law enforcement) needs a gun; no real reason to even hunt – people in the wilderness can do quite well moving into towns and cities, where the food is.

    Your natural, human and civil rights stop where mine begin, and I determine where my rights begin. If you disagree with me, you are dumb and stupid. And really dumb.

    • “…I determine where my rights begin.”

      But I determine where MY rights begin, and therefore where yours stop.

      And I decree that I have an absolute right to be left alone, which means that I must never be assaulted by the sight of you doing *anything* that you think is a right. Or by any sight of you at all, for that matter. And you are now named Dumbo McDumbpants.

      So… It seems we are at an impasse. (This is fun.)

      • “But I determine where MY rights begin, and therefore where yours stop. ”

        Not quite; my declaration of rights constrains yours. So, mine end where I say they end (thus granting grace to allow you to retain whichever rights my rights permit). Since you are now defending/responding, your position is subordinate. Not only that, your claim to define my rights is not legitimate speech protected by the constitution.

        • No, it is you who have trespassed upon me, and therefore, MY declaration of rights must constrain yours. Besides, this “constitution” of which you speak was invented entirely to oppress me. You are trampling upon my beliefs and culture, and I demand reparations.

  2. The most hated part of the bill of rights by the far right racists is definitely the 1st Amendment. 99% of all Far Right Web sites do not allow free speech, you must tow the racist Nazi party line or you are kicked off immediately. Some even wear Nazi style uniforms. Contrast this with Liberal Web sites that only kick off the Far Right Morons when they start to threaten people.

    Both Nixon (tricky Dick) and The Racist Moron (Donald Duck) called the 1st Amendment and the free news media “The enemy”. Hitler also destroyed freedom of the press. All 3 men were hatched out of the same cesspool of racism.

    Far Right radical racists marching with the jackbooted Herr Drumpf (the Donald) tried to take over the government on Jan. 6th and form a one party system and a dictatorship for life with Herr Drumpf as their life long appointed dictator and of course with no freedom of speech and they all bragged about it.

    Herr Drumpf’s Nazi racists marched in a jackbooted candlelight parade in Charlottesville shouting death to the Jews and wanted an all white society which Herr Drumpf called “nice people”. One deranged far right Nazi lunatic was interviewed and advocated an all Aryan society while ranting against the Jews and then proudly showed off his weapons to horrified news crews and viewers. Two heavily armed storm troopers of the same crowd of Morons terrorized people in a Jewish Synagogue who called police but were told they were so busy with the other Nazi rioters that they could send no help.

    Normal people do value the sanctity of the 1st Amendment and far right Nazi’s only convince normal people that all gun owners are racists and nut cases which of course is not true and the far right do more damage to the Second Amendment than any of the liberal people who want new and very restrictive gun laws. With far right bearded, tattooed, hillbillies waving assault rifles out of the back of pick up trucks wanting a Christian Caliphate they remind normal Americans of the Taliban and normal people ask “what is the difference”? The answer of course is none.

  3. @Ing
    “…and I demand reparations.”

    Oh yeah?

    Blow it out your barracks bag.

    Go get the Chaplin to punch your card.

    • That’s a TS card. Also, write a letter to your congressman. See which action gets the best or quickest response.

      In the mean time. Get back to filling and stacking those sandbags.

      • “Charlie Chaplin? I think that he’s dead.”

        Not Charlie; Chaplin Captain A.T. Tappman (or Shipman)

  4. “Get back to filling and stacking those sandbags.”

    Too old. I hire cheap, unskilled labor to do that.

    Then I hire other cheap, unskilled labor to rip open the bags, and pour the sand back into the sand pile. Kinda perpetual motion machine.

      • “You just like to watch guys sweat. Pervert. 🙂”

        Nope. Even watching work makes me dizzy; gives me the vapors.

      • “Do you have them save the cat poop? I’d have them save the cat poop.”

        No cats, and the sand pile is surrounded by barbed wire, and trip lines to explode noise makers and launch flares. Even paying to have low frequency radio waves directed at the sand so cats and people stay away.

  5. The 1st and 2nd Amendment are nothing more than words written on paper. In and of themselves they carry no weight or power. That must come from those who believe in their provenance and are willing to protect them by all means necessary from any and all that wish them destroyed… Keep Your Powder Dry

  6. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people”. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    -John Adams

    “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”
    -John Adams

    I don’t think these two statements contradict each other. I have noticed that as the US becomes less and less religious, we also have less and less freedom. I’m not saying you have to be a member of a church/ synagogue. Because I’m not a member of either. But over 100 years ago the atheist progressives began the process to replace the private religious social support systems with government $$$.
    And the government do’s and don’ts that come with it.

  7. Look at the Second Amendment as the ‘enforcement clause’ of the U.S. Constitution. As with any law or ordinance, it is worthless unless there are provisions to enable the government to actually enforce it, ie.: fines, jail time. The Second Amendment gives ‘We the People’ the ability and means to be able to defend (enforce) our freedoms by force if need be. The Founding Fathers knew that the only way a government ‘for the people and by the people’ would continue to work, was to enable the people to use force to keep their freedoms if the democratic process was subverted by corrupt politicians. Sound familiar now? They understood human nature and knew history. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s why the Communists in power now are so desperate to take away our guns. Control the guns, control the people. That’s what gun control is all about.

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