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From RCBS . . .

RCBS, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, has announced the introduction of the new ChargeMaster Link powder dispenser. The Link is built off the rock-solid load cell and electronics found in the popular RCBS ChargeMaster Lite, but now offers best-in-class Bluetooth® technology to make reloading easier than ever.

The RCBS ChargeMaster Link’s Bluetooth capabilities give the discerning hand-loader the ability to run the entire unit from their smartphone using the free, newly redesigned RCBS app. This not only allows a user to save custom loads on the app, but to run the machine more quickly and efficiently. Hands-free operation with the app also means a reloader never has to touch the dispenser during the weighing process, ensuring more accurate readings.

“The Link is the perfect dispenser for the budget conscious handloader that is looking for a dispenser that is going to deliver consistent powder charges each and every time but does not need all of the additional features that our other models provide,” said Will Hemeyer, Sr. Product Manager for RCBS. “We take great pride in producing the highest quality dispensers on the market and know the ChargeMaster Link will deliver more consistency than the competition.”

The ChargeMaster Link boasts 0.1-grain accuracy and a 2000-grain load cell capacity. The unit can run on an external battery, meaning reloaders can operate it at home or in the field without being tied to power cords. The unit also features a universal four country CE approved power supply and LCD display with intuitive push-button controls.

ChargeMaster Link has an MSRP of $349.95. For more information or to view other RCBS reloading products, visit


About RCBS

RCBS has dedicated itself to the craft of reloading ammunition since it was founded in 1943. RCBS started with one simple bullet die and has grown into the leading manufacturer of reloading equipment for rifles and pistols. Reloading is an exact process with tight tolerances. It requires precision and skill to be done correctly. That’s why RCBS makes state-of-the-art products – everything from presses, dies, shell holders, powder measurers and priming products. All are backed by RCBS’s industry-leading reputation to give you a premium reloading experience. RCBS: Precisioneered Reloading. For more information, visit, connect on Instagram at or on Facebook at


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  1. Oh, for heaven’s sake… what does it take to get people to realize that connecting every frickin’ thing to the internet is a HORRENDOUSLY BAD IDEA!?

    • It’s not internet connected, it’s bluetooth connected. That means the manufacturer can create a much more feature rich interface via apps compared to a small LCD screen and a few buttons.

      Also, the chargemaster has a motor, so it needs power with or without bluetooth.

      • Sure, but is the device using the app internet connected? Therein lies the rub- the game was up when they brainwashed people into giving up their privacy and security in exchange for “convenience”.

        The real trick is getting folks to enthusiastically demand their own noose- sadly, it’s all too easy…

        • Said some guy on a Gun forum, about a Bluetooth enabled powder thrower, on the INTERNET, with an Asian component phone/computer. It’s an advertisement for a new product. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, they aren’t going to make you. If it gets a new person into reloading then great. More sales=more competition=more innovation or cheaper prices. I have a Arithma Addiator Calculator in the closet. Still works but that doesn’t mean there isn’t newer/better out there. I know, I know, I know, probably just tightening my own noose by using my phone’s calculator instead.

  2. I can achieve 0.05 grain tolerance in my powder charges using the throw and trickle method. And I can do 3 cases every 2 minutes. Not seeing any advantage here.

    From others experience, these automated powder dispensers take a minute to pour a charge and take up to 30 minutes to get the initial calibration done. I can do a zero calibration on a beam balance scale in under a minute.

    • I use hornady auto charge and by the time I seat and crimp the bullet and prime and size the next case, the powder charge is ready.

    • I used to use a Chargemaster, before getting an AutoTrickler on an A&D scale. I’d dump 30-35 grains with a tiny scoop, which sped things up dramatically.

      The AutoTrickler is even better. As soon as the scale zeroes, it dumps a configured charge, then trickles up to the desired amount (and is rarely off by more than 0.02 gr). It’s so fast (about 15 seconds for 32.5 gr), that it’s always done before I finish seating the bullet and storing the cartridge. I really like that it automatically loads the next charge for me, without me having to press the dispense button, since with the Chargemaster, I’d sometimes reach for the powder pan and realize I forgot to push the button.

  3. What I’d really like to see is a bluetooth app that pulls the trigger on the gunm. It could monitor ambient temperatures, wind direction, velocity, rifle used and record what you was shooting at, with a nice gps locator so you wont get lost or forget where you were shooting and where you’ve been.

  4. A “wind cover”? Does anyone serious about their reloading perform their craft in an environment they don’t already have under control?

    Bluetooth? What? 1.21 gigwatts? 88 miles per hour? Are 22-year-old college graduates designing everything these days to be compatible with their gadgets?

    Egad…too many things require batteries or Bluetooth these days. I’ll stick with my tried and true RCBS hand-operated press and manual scale. Worked just fine for 25 years so far.

    • When you’re going for +/- .1 grain accuracy, the breeze from someone walking by or you raising your hand to scratch your nose can make enough “wind” to throw off the accuracy. Jewelers use scales with little lucite boxes on the platform to weigh gemstones and they’re definitely not working outside.

      All that having been said, I don’t get the benefit of a Bluetooth connection.

    • “A “wind cover”? Does anyone serious about their reloading perform their craft in an environment they don’t already have under control?”

      That’s a common thing on an analytical balance, even when used in a ‘weigh room’, with controlled HVAC vents…

    • I have to keep my garage door shut when using my A&D, which has a 0.02 grain resolution (basically one kernel of Varget powder), or else any breeze will cause the scale to flutter.

    • The polycarbonate cover contributes to static charge buildup, which, interestingly, creates issues with repeatability when your hands are near the device. Same static issues inside the hopper, also polycarbonate. I use one occasionally and found that an interesting problem.

      Now, if they were able to get one to feed a progressive press, I’m sure they’d sell like crazy!

    • Lol. Just waiting for the “10 miles to school, no shoes, up hill, both ways”. But I will cut them some slack. Some of them probably think “the Bluetooth” will come take their old powder horns………..and drivers license. Like the tooth fairy’s evil brother.
      Some young whippersnapper

  5. I see no reason to attach things like this to equipment that is already under the control of companies that would remove anything gun related from the world (or atleast from pro-American Americans).

    Make it electronic. Nothing higher. Doing this introduces the concept of hacking and outside monitoring. What happens when the software needs updating? More importantly, where is the app? The Apple App Store? Apple is not pro gun. Hasn’t ANYONE learned from Parler? Things like this get de-platformed.

    Lol…it’s like no one pays any attention.

    Make all your chips in the far east and watch the entire auto industry come to a screeching stand still.

    • ^This^

      I get that it is natural for less experienced folks to react negatively when the “grown ups” pooh-pooh their “toys”- I, too, am guilty of reacting similarly when I was much younger and admittedly hard-headed. However, during the maturation process it is quite helpful to realize that these pesky fossils are actually just offering experienced advice out of sincere concern for the uninitiated and less wary. It is not condemnation- it’s simply a desire to provide useful guidance.

      Take it any way you want, but don’t be surprised when somewhere down the road you find yourself thinking “Damn, those guys we’re right- why I didn’t I just listen to them?!”

      It’s all good.
      Carry on

  6. No Thanks.
    I have the Lee Precision Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure and I get .1 grain accuracy once set.
    I can charge 100 primed cases in about 10 to 12 minutes. I check the powder weight every ten cases and it’s right on. I got it and the base from Titan Reloading a couple years ago and spent less than $100.
    Now if I could only find powder. Bullets, brass and primers I have.

  7. It’ll be fun to watch all these hit resale when RCBS stops updating the app and you can’t use the automation anymore. Should take 4 to 5 years.

    If Google and Microsoft and Apple don’t support code father than that, why would anyone expect a not-software company to?

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