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Many of our commentators, both here and on Facebook, have surveyed the situation in Connecticut and pronounced that the excrement is gaining credibility. In other words, Constitution State gun owners who have not complied with their state’s new “assault weapon” and “high capacity magazine” registration system are on a collision course with legislators and law enforcement officials. We shall see. In the run-up to that maybe event, it behooves Connecticut gun owners to have a realistic strategy for defeating any unconstitutional gun grab in the weeks, months and maybe even years ahead. A “you can pry my gun from my cold dead hands” approach when the SWAT team shows up at your door ain’t it. TheHossUSMC has a better idea. Agreed? [h/t DrVino]

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    • He is discussing “Fabian” tactics, which is all well and good – you choose the time and place for battle and you also choose when you will cut your losses and break off the battle.

      The main point in all of these situations, however, is that at some point you DO have to come to battle, you can’t just keep running from one hide to another and hope the enemy gets tired of the game and goes home.

      Also disregards “strategy” as an over-all approach to the larger conflict. Part of this strategy may require that some people DO make the unfortunate and suicidal choice to stand against the tyrants (Lexington and Concord) in order to galvanize the rest of the opposition to take up the fight.

      • At Lexington and Concord, the Minutemen selected the field, they engaged the enemy on their terms. They didn’t let the Regulars pick the field, nor did they wait until they were “at the door”

        • I contend that the approach of the British regulars forced them to make a stand, regardless of where they chose to stand, and that they result of that stand was “the shot heard round the world.”

          If not Lexington and Concord, there would still have been a requirement for some other galvanizing event to bring the revolutionaries together.

          You will notice that the strategy of the Revolution was not to move their arms to various locations and give up a few each time without a fight. At some point the tyrant MUST be publicly confronted in order to expose their tyranny or the entire exercise begins to look like a bunch of extremist whack-jobs with authority issues.

          As noted in the Declaration of Independence, a social fire may smolder for a long time before an actual sparks sets it ablaze.

          “[…]Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government….”

      • And pressure cookers, although I think the CT government has already turned the entire state into a pressure cooker and is now cranking up the heat.

        • Pressure cookers are for amateurs. Pros use high explosive. Easily enough made with products found at your local hardware store.

    • The north east is pretty tightly packed. I would have thrown all my ‘evil’ things in a out of state storage unit.

  1. More than likely Conn. will be just like Kommifornia. Everyone will ignore it. It won’t go away. Real jackass po-po will harass otherwise law abiding people. The majority of LEOs will ignore the assault weapons ban when it come to otherwise law abiding people. I’ve seen it happen numerous times. I’ve seen LEOs tell people “that is illegal. put it back in your car. I don’t want to see it.” I’ve seen the same otherwise law abiding people act like idiots and try and argue with the LEO that just gave them a free pass on an unconstitutional law.

    Conn will do the same thing. They will not go door to door trying to confiscate weapons because the LEOs want to go home at night and don’t want to risk their life arresting good guys.

    • This. I’ve been saying it for a bit now.
      They also don’t have the money to do such a thing.

      • “They also don’t have the money to do such a thing.”

        Until they get a “Freedom grant” for SWAT to go around kicking in doors or a VIPR team finds the “assault” rifles/”high” capacity mags at traffic checkpoints, etc.

        • No, there are not enough resources to go knocking on everybody’s door. It’s just not feasible.

          They knock on Joe’s door and Jim down the block cuts out the back with the stash, waits until the po-po leaves Joe’s, and puts the stash in Joe’s now “sanitized” house. He then goes back home and smiles at the po-po when they knock on his door. Rinse and repeat.

    • Personally I’m not willing to bet on that myself. My personal logic of it being the case of Hurricane Katrina. All it takes is the right combination of circumstance and strident anti-2A politics to get the ball rolling.

      Of course the likely hood is very low… but I wouldn’t bet money on it.

    • And what happens if somebody decides to take the matter into their own hands, and send some high velocity “personal responsibility” at the cranium of an anti-gun legislator? With the recent posting of all of their home addresses online, I’m sure that there has been talk.

      If that happens, I imagine that confiscation proceedings would dramatically accelerate.

      • As would the perforated craniums. Not to mention the burning State Police buildings and the new game of pot shot a cop that would be all the rage with the young ‘uns.

  2. I’ve long thought that if confronted with a choice between quietly handing over my arms like a slave or being murdered in my own home by brown shirts…..I’m looking for a third option.

  3. Is that Capt. Obvious?

    Listen, all that sounds o.k. but for most people it’s not very practical. And he’s assuming that you won’t be busted or removed from your house. And he’s assuming you had lots of firearms to spread around to other locations. And it seems to me there will be lots of backup for the people that are at your door. Maybe they do a full multi dwelling sweep of your area and your other locations are also infringed upon.

    To many varibles that he doesn’t cover. Just my opinion.

  4. I’m not in CT but this is a good message for all of us. Take the .410 bolt action w/ no magazine that I got from my Father-in-law and the Sears .22 rifle.

    • Boy does that bring back old times. My first firearm was a bolt-action, single shot .410 ordered direct from the Sears catalogue. Seems like it was about $18. Knocked down a few pheasants.

    • That was the suggestion online after Katrina. Go to the flea markets; etc and buy some old single-shot shotguns & .22LR rifles. Than when the Gestapo comes to the door, give them the crap and hide your good stuff.

  5. In the “door-to-door” scenario he may want to refrain from using a phone or email to call his buddies, since those same 9000 cops will likely have access to it.

  6. The problem with his idea is that it puts you at the mercy of your enemies. You hope that compliance will buy you time to implement part B of your master plan….but you have no guarantees that they won’t shoot you or take you away for “re-education” or any other number of possibilities. I say resist where you are. If you die, then you did it fighting for you and yours. Your goal should be to inflict maximum damage on your attackers. Attrition and morale will end their activities sooner rather than later. When their resolve is spent on taking your life, the lives of your ideological brothers will repay them in kind.

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    ― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    • Exactly. One important point TheHoss fails to recognize, visa-vi the Connectticut situation, is they are not just coming for your “illegal” weapons and magazines. They are coming for your liberty, in the form of a five year felony sentence.
      Lots of good it will do you to have a cache of stuff at your buddy’s house if you are in prison.
      If they come to my house to deprive me of my property and my liberty I will make a stand. I may not survive, but I will hopefully be doing a service to others.
      Besides, I’m too cute to go to jail…

      • CT didn’t make these things illegal to own. They made them illegal to posses within CT. You could simply store the weapons in a storage facility outside CT. The fact that you are a registered owner does not automatically make you guilty for not registering your weapon again with them.

  7. I wish I had the arsenal to heed this, I think it’s good advice if you’re equipped for it.

  8. God, no matter which way you cut it, this situation is a nightmare. Assuming CT starts their door-to-door searches (which I am almost certain they will do), there are two ways the situation could play out. Option 1: Resistance. Enough bloodshed (on both sides) that the government realizes how serious people are about not rolling over. At the same time, that could be detrimental to our cause, giving the MSM a feeding frenzy. “See! See! We told you gun owners are bloodthirsty monsters!” While showing shots of the crying children of dead LEO’s carrying out unlawful orders. Hell, that might even be enough to pass strict gun control at the federal level. Even plenty of POTG would turn against our cause in disgust. Pathetic people who say, “I can’t believe you would kill people who are just doing their jobs!”, even though that is what happens. When we went to war with the Nazis, most of them were just kids who were conscripted. But they stood between our forces and Berlin. Exact same thing here.

    Or, the second option would be scattered resistance, but mostly compliance. This is a far worse outcome in my opinion, because of what it would allow. The first option, while detrimental to the cause, would demonstrate that no matter what insane, draconian laws the government passes, they will have a hell of a time enforcing. It would make it clear that the American people won’t surrender in the face of strong-arm tactics. But if most people were to roll over, that would only pave the way for more draconian laws, because nobody would be willing to defend their rights.

    It’s a tough decision, and one I worry most people won’t give the thought it deserves. I certainly don’t envy CT gun owners, because every single one of them is going to have to pick a side. Now is the time.

    • No, throwing your life away is stupid, no matter how just your cause is. This man isn’t saying that people shouldn’t fight, just that they should fight smart. And he’s right. You can’t make a difference if you put yourself in a position where you’re riddled with bullet holes before you can even get off a shot. But if you fight smart, you can increase your odds of surviving. And if you survive, you can continue to fight.

        • I don’t disagree. It would be far better if only tyrants rather than patriots died for liberty. I just wish I could think of a time when it worked out like that. If you’re not ready to die the you’re not ready to fight.

      • I agree, McVie could have charged right into the lions mouth, instead he got a relatively soft target in the Murrah bld. Something for CT to think about.

    • To mangle a line from Patton. Don’t die for liberty, make the other poor dumb bastard die trying to enforce tyranny.

  9. It really shouldn’t take nine minutes, forty eight seconds to advise people that if you own a weapon that has been deemed “illegal” by your government, don’t be stupid enough to store it in your own home.

    It’s really not that complicated.

    • His point had nothing to do with the specifics of what he was saying. His point was that if you’re going to fight, fight smart. Plan, set the battle in a location where you are at an advantage, etc. If you do the stupid thing and wait until the heavily armed cops are in your home (with rifles, plate carriers, hundreds of rounds of spare ammo on each of them, and an MRAP outside on the street), then you can’t effectively resist. If you try, you’ll be be dead before you can even get off a single shot. No, better to fight smart.

  10. Ok if you are friends with your neighbors And they have weapons and the enemy shows up to your door there screwed. There in the middle let the lead fly

    • I’ve thought of this too. If you’re fortunate enough to have liberty-minded neighbors, they can put anyone who shows up at any door on your street in a kill zone and make absolute hamburger out of them.

  11. This video has no practical advise. it was a waste of time for people that actually think there is a way around the law without breaking it.

    Your only option, as this is a democracy, is to quit acting crazy and get support from people around you. then elect officials to support you. Quit acting like we live in a dictatorship and start using the greatest power this wonderful country has; just VOTE and get others with like minded views to VOTE!!

    Then you won’t have to hide!!

    • Hayward that’s all well and good until it isn’t. Voting them out is not going to work as there are no differences between political parties in CT, same animal different name.

    • The founders justly feared democracies (mob rule) more than just about any other form of government. Individual right have to be protected with more than just “community organizing”–law-abiding minority communities get loaded into cattle-cars.

      Listen again to what HOSS said.

    • I do not live in a democracy. The majority does not rule. If the majority ruled, would the civil rights acts have been passed? As we celebrate black history month think on that. The value of our society is in how we treat the minority.
      We live in a constitutional republic. A constitutional republic is guided by the rule of law, not mob rule (aka democracy.) The rule of law is the constitution. Its hard to take the advice to react by voting, when none of the candidates that make the ballot believe in a constitutional republic.

      • When your representatives and the judges who should restrain them refuse to obey the Constitution, then the Powers that remain with the People need to start working again. The law-abiding minority needs to stand up (with lethal force if necessary) against an over-bearing majority rule.

  12. I think if this thing starts to actually happen people are going to know about it really quick. Smart people will secure their property off site. Really smart people will sacrifice some of their property to the authorities when they come so that their name can be crossed off the list.

    • I don’t believe quarter will be given to CT gun owners who “give up” items in the form of a “sacrifice” they will just be arrested and locked up.

      • I meant sacrifice property in an effort to appear to be in compliance with the law. If the illusion of compliance is not possible than yes, it would be foolish to think giving them a few items would do any good.

  13. It’s a fine video for what it is. Sometimes I’m not sure what the crowd here is expecting…

  14. Govt enforcers wont go door to door, they will simply apply the law to any who fall into their purview. Unfriendly neighbors calling gun tip lines, getting pulled over for a bad taillight and they find your banned gun during the search, the guy at the range in the NRA hat who is an off duty cop sees your iron and calls in your plate, you slap your wife/gf and the cops do a “safety search” after taking you away in cuffs for domestic violence, your kid blabs to another kid at school about your cool AR15, etc etc etc…

    It will be an attritional confiscation over many years and decades not a door to door Fallujah style sweep. Most people will comply out of the fear of being busted with a felony charge. Others will dig holes in the middle of nowhere trying to hide their stuff. But the gradual attrition will continue, as the “law” is applied through happenstance and the normal course of affairs.

    The radical left are not impatient, they have time and the system on their side.

    • Yep. If I were a politician or state police leadership in CT, this is how I would do it. Selective enforcement is the way to go. Especially when paired with another crime, as the citizen would likely not have enough resources to fight all the charges plus take the confiscation to court. And then when another mass shooting happens, especially if it is with a “high capacity” firearm, ratchet it up even more while saying, “See, we should have done more, which is why we are now going to double-down on this.”

  15. 1,200 CT State Police vs 100,000 citizen felons.

    I predict if they go door to door they will start a war. All bets are off.

    How many will join the fight from other states?

    Molon labe

    • you have to mention the entire national guard + every other leo agency (federal and out of state) + the 1,200 you mentioned – the good 50% (or more) of the “felons” that give up without a fight.

      • The National Guard are not a State Police force. May will not even be residents of the state in which their unit is located. They ALL took and oath to the CONSTITUTION.

      • I knows it’s probably neither here nor there… But, National Guard are weekend warriors, not military. And, wannabes are dangerous, cause they have something to prove.

        When I was active duty and weekend guys showed we were expected to train them, but I don’t think we would say two words to them.

        There were two types, one would would sit down, shut up, and blend in. The other type would show up all Gung-ho and ready go, and the active duty guys would quickly tell them to sit down and shut before they got their asses handed to them.

        A wannabe is a dangerous person, keep that in mind.

        • I don’t know when you served, but keep in mind almost every Guard and Reserve unit now has at least one tour in Iraq or AFQ behind them – which gives them an elegant sufficiency of combat experience and means your “wannabes” are now “been there, done thats”

  16. I wouldn’t want to be his buddy if his “tactics” is calling me up on an unsecured phone telling me he just got raided. Take a guess who is next.

    Is there a website that explains how to do some kind of secure encrypted methods of communication in the world of gov tyranny SHTF?. Is there such a thing as an Open source encrypter for SW radio or such? I have to imagine that the encrypter has to be open source or you may just be buying your encypter from a fake arm of the gov. Also I’d imagine SW could be taken down easily by gov jammers and i’d also say that you’d have to be running it mobile or the gov would easily coordinate your house. Communications sounds like a real bitch in a SHTF gov tyranny case.

    • Face-to-face communications – a little slower than modern technology, but secure, private, un-traceable, and unstoppable. If they take you to jail, then the wife or teenage child can still talk to the neighbor/buddy.

    • CB radios and two way radios if you can, cheap and easy.

      But use codes and predetermined phases, either way.

      “Red rover, this is purple monkey, the dish has run away with the spoon.”

      Silly, but effective. No one will know what the hell you’re saying.

      I do that with my woman in public, mostly use it to talk about people and laugh at them without them knowing.

      Some lady with an ugly haircut walks passed, the fist one to see it will call out the position clock and what you need to look for, “6 o’clock, hair.”

      It’s fun, if nothing else. But, I know we are probably going to hell for it.

  17. Perhaps, maybe, the citizens of CT will shortly begin to fear and distrust their government as much as the people of Russia and China. If so, that’s a good thing. A wise thing.

    • Never forget that Rambo was the good guy in that movie.

      The cop who “drew first blood” was way out of line. However, Rambo responded in a way that was inappropriate for state-side. When his rights were violated and he was physically attacked illegally, he defended himself in the best way he knew how.

  18. Even now I will be shocked if they start entering people’s homes in Connecticut in search of contraband firearms. Having said that, it surprises me right now that those in power in the Nutmeg State are so willing to recreate precisely the same scenario as the one that ignited our Revolutionary War. And they do so in contravention of the very Constitution that that war was fought to secure! When you read about how our ancestors responded to British efforts to seize the colonists’ weapons & powder, you will note the vigor with which every able-bodied man among the colonists swarmed to confront the redcoats. After their experience on the road home from Concord the Brits never left the city again. History is a wise teacher.

  19. This is why I will never purchase or understand $1500 handguns and $3000 rifles

    I would rather have (3)$1000 rifles and (3) $500 handguns than (1)$3000 rifle and (1)$1500 handgun.

    If I need to ditch a weapon, I want to do it and not worry, or if I need to give a weapon to a buddy who had to ditch theirs, I have spares.

    Also, why I like Commie guns and Glocks, cheap, rugged, reliable.

    Need to bury them, no problem. Put them in a box in a cold, wet garage or shed for years, still run like a camp. Can’t clean and lube it, get a rag and some motor oil, it’s good enough.

  20. Why does it have to devolve into armed conflict already? If we start shooting we will lose the moral high ground and the war of ideas. The media and politicians will paint us as dangerous anti government gun nuts and say that we are terrorists and force is warranted and the general populace will agree.

    One idea is take the non violent passive resistance route. I call it the Spartacus strategy. A large number of CT gun owners march on the state capitol or other government building carrying nothing more than the uber scary high capacity assault clip magazine thingies TM.

    However the catch is some are actual 30 rounders, some are ten rounders that look like 30 rounders. Everyone marches peacefully to the capitol then pulls out the magazines and holds them above their heads. Some wave Gadsen flags, some wave the Texas come and take it flag. Then everyone stands around and waits for the police to come and take the mags.

    At that point everyone tosses the mags down. It is 1st amendment freedom of speech and there is no way to prove who had what mag. It would make headlines and show the futility of the ban. RInse, wash, repeat as necessary.

    • Fingerprints on mags, faces on camera, yeah, that plan is toast. Wipe down mags? Yup, and don’t forget the floorplate, follower, and spring. In case you ever cleaned your mags…

      Also, littering.

    • If the powers that be do nothing, but continue to sent nasty letters, then I think this would be a good idea.

      However, if the police start kicking in doors, shoving THEIR “assault weapons” in people’s faces, and began taking people’s once legal, but now made illegal property, against their will…

      Then I would conclude that playground rules now apply, “But, they started it!”

    • “The media and politicians will paint us as dangerous anti government gun nuts and say that we are terrorists and force is warranted and the general populace will agree. ”

      lol – I’m afraid you may be a bit behind on the news as of late brother. ;P

  21. It seems we have to learn from our Founding fathers and update the militia. Hypothetically, if the victim had only to make one call, “The British are Coming to 105 Oak Street!” Then a hypothetical phone tree begins that summons a hypothetical 50-100 patriots. These patriots then hypothetically disarm (the government agents are, after all, hypothetically only after property, not lives) the hypothetical government officials and send them home. The patriots announce to the TV news crews (summoned by certain members of the phone tree) that the government can have it arms and MRAP back when it repeals the unconstitutional law. The moral, Constitutional high ground belongs to the Patriots. Would this work, hypothetically?

    • always love to see the plain-clothes guys standing around in the background with their pistol drawn, just in case the perp gets past those dozens of heavily armed SWAT guys.

  22. The problem with this way of thinking is that just like in CT they will not be just unlawfully confiscating the legally owned and purchased firearms from law abiding citizens and letting them go free, they will charge those good law abiding gun owners with a FELONY and lock them (and possibly their entire family) up in prison for the next 25 years!!! I’d personally rather die defending my home and my family from tyrannical thugs/gangs/etc. as a patriot than die in some prison cell years later as a criminal who failed to act on what they knew was right.

  23. Reading some of these comments make me feel as if I’m gonna be on a government watch list just for being here.

  24. I’m glad to live in WV. Seeing the possibility of an anti gun state erupting into violence in this manner assures me that my state, where guns are ubiquitous, will never reach such a battle. That said, if it ever does, it would end up like the mine wars nearly a century ago, with the army being called in to end it.

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