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As reported earlier, the Vermont legislature is currently considering gun control legislation, and according to an article in the Vermont Free Press, it has Vermonters dressing up like competing rallies in Ulster: Orange against the bill, green in favor. The Free Press also quotes Senate President Pro Tempore John Campbell (who shows the same dedication to civil liberties that characterized such fellow Dems as Orval Fabus and Stephen Douglas) saying “the bill would provide another tool for stopping drug dealers who possess guns in Vermont.” . . .

If the objective is to thwart drug dealers in Vermont, Mr. President, here’s a suggestion: perhaps Vermont could just make dealing in illegal narcotics against the law? Wouldn’t that be just as effective? What? It’s already been done? Oh well.

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  1. Implementing some gun control, like their neighbors Massachusetts and New York, might help them get their violent crime rate down near that of Massachusetts and New York.

    Oh…wait…Vermont already has the lowest crime rate in the western hemisphere.

    • You mean up?

      As law abiding citizens flee restrictive laws only criminals and the people who support creating them are left.

    • It’s the same in Oregon, although not as low as Vermont’s. Only Hawaii and Iowa (not exactly a gun-control mecca) are lower than Oregon. Mass. is about even with Oregon. But Oregon has twice the gun owners and almost (so far) non of the gun-control measures.

  2. it’s all about feel good. better to do something useless, than not do anything at all. how else will people know we care, if we don’t just try?

  3. It’s another typical ploy by the usual not-from-around-here suspects to ram something else through and it will not succeed; even our own Dem governor says this is rubbish.

    We go through this drill periodically; they never stop, they never give up. They’ve nothing else to do, such empty lives. Always butting in, always nosing around, spying, conniving, plotting, and screwing around with other people who are minding their own business.

    There is nothing here to justify this attempt, nothing at all, and yet there they are again…

    The local media here, controlled by libturds, will of course push it and that is how the stories will get out to the regional and national mass media, from their point of view. Anyone sliding by the State House in Montpeculiar, the state capital here, will of course notice plenty of opposition among the crowds inside and outside the building. This little caper is going nowhere.

    • As a “libturd” Vermonter, I wish people would stop painting gun debates with such simplicity.

      To say that our Governor opposes the bill and then accuse the liberal media of pushing the story toward national attention only calls attention to the fact that this is an issue that transcends political affiliations.

      Somethings are just stupid; this is one of those things. To bring up conservatives/liberals only further irritates the situation by throwing up a smoke screen to mask the real issue – gun rights and foolish policies in neighboring states. NY policies are short-sighted and ultimately shit, now Vermonters are being asked to prop up their failures with equally short-sited and shitty policies.

  4. Oh, and the main instigator here for this bill, state senator John Campbell? He hails from Hyde Park, NY, went to school in Florida and lives in the ritzy chi-chi town of Queechee, Vermont now.

    All these clowns tend to be from places like NY, CT, NJ, MA, etc., and they come up here and try their damnest to ruin the good things we have going for us here. Bastards.

    • dude , I live in new york and it sucks big time here , don’t let them win , tell your friends , family and anyone else you can think of to fight this because they won’t stop , it’s like a fungus that grows.
      It’s too late for us here in new york and I’m moving out in a few years but don’t let that happen to your great state.

      • I have friends over in the Vampire State, mainly the “Capital District,” i.e., Albany, and out by Ithaca and they tell me the same thing; I’ve also heard from former political insiders and bureaucrats that the Cuomo family regime/s and associated cabals have not only been disastrous but outright evil.

        My own family, siblings and spouses and nieces, nephew, et. al., all still live down in the belly of the Beast, Massachusetts, and only one of them stays interested enough to keep up the fight and own firearms against tremendous odds there.

        We know the bastards here in Vermont and how to deal with them; they will never prevail. Although it’s understood they will also never stop; it’s a sickness with them, an evil and pernicious sickness, that they would deny us the ability and the right to protect ourselves and our families.

        Good luck on your move; pick the right place and time.

  5. That. Woman. Right. There. She looks like she has her finger on the pulse of the streets of Vermont. I bet she knows the Constitution and Vermont laws inside and out. She has real world experience studying criminology and can field strip a GLOCK in three seconds.

    Or she can bake cookies.

  6. This just shows that no matter what the facts are, antis will always go for guns. You could have zero crime and they would still try to pass anti gun laws to screw people over.

    • Yes, yes they will. Because it is not now, nor ever was, nor ever will be about reducing violent crime. Vermont already has the lowest violent crime rate in the entire United States. Their violent crime rate is almost as low or lower than the murder rate alone in all countries in Europe.

      Gun grabbers are either hysterical (in a clinical sense) or evil. Either way, they seek to impose their will upon us for nothing other than their own perceived personal gain. Their “justification” has nothing to do with the truth. They hurl anything and everything hoping that something will convince us to acquiesce. We . must . oppose . them . at . every . turn.

  7. It’s always so bizarre how guns are (attempted too) be tied directly to an unsafe condition within society. Death graphs pretty much don’t include guns. The introduced laws NEVER address causation. The introduced laws ALWAYS address the lawful citizens, implying a lawful citizen is a criminal in wait. If we outlawed swimming pools we’d save many a young life.
    A safer society would be better addressed by early education for conflict resolution, improvements in the ability for people to acquire stable F/T jobs, improved management of mental health services in the outpatient setting, but not firearms.

    • Moe, very well stated. Violent crime is mostly the result of a lack of a morale rudder and compass, installed by a parent similarly equipped.

  8. Vermont State Constitution
    Article 6th.
    That all power being originally inherent in and consequently derived from the people, therefore, all officers of government, whether legislative or executive, are their trustees and servants; and at all times, in a legal way, accountable to them.
    Article 16th.
    That the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the State—and as standing armies in the time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; and that the military should be kept under strict subordination to and governed by the civil power.

  9. If you’re going to ban pools, you have to ban rivers and lakes… if you ban rivers and lakes, you’ll have to ban the ocean.

  10. Hmmm. Are we going to see some sectarian violence, ala Ireland?

    I mean, if we’re going to have green and orange, let’s at least be authentic here.

    • former provo?

      your idea would be something to really activate the laid-back vermonters. might actually result in going outdoors during the 11mos of winter.

      • It’s actually eleven months and two weeks of winter, with a real heat wave during the July 4th weekend, when one summer we actually had to light the fireplace for visitors who were “chilly.” And we have no choice; we’re outdoors all year as a necessity here.

  11. when was the last time you heard of any kind of mass murder in vermont ?? you haven’t right ? but of course that’s not good enough for the liberals who have nothing else to do except push bullshit gun control.
    The people of vermont have a great history in that state , I live in New York and I’m moving out in a few years and vermont is a consideration but if it changes it’s laws to all these stupid do-nothing gun laws then I’m heading down south for sure.
    I really hope the good people of vermont nip this shit in the bud quick and stop the liberals before they fuck it all up , I really do.
    I have an idea , I would be willing to trade my home here in liberal heaven new york to some lib up there in vermont so I can live there and they can live here with all the gun laws you can think of and then that libtard can live under false sense of security .

    • We’ve stopped this stuff a few times before; one year the capital city of Montpeculiar had its city manager out of town for a couple of days, so the commie bastards on the council tried to ramrod a gun ordinance there while he was gone. Word got out, and when the council met, there were hundreds of people in the city hall and out on the plaza and main street, many carrying all kinds of firearms. The cops just stood by and watched. End of that shit right there.

      More recently some ditz cookie baker type from NYC originally, tried to push some crappy legislation from her home district in Essex and her OWN party nabobs told her to STFU and cease and desist.

      So not to worry; the libturds may have gotten some of their progressive innovations and novelties imposed on all of us, mainly through trickery, lying, media cooperation and assorted chicanery, but they’re not going to get away with their anti-gun insanity. There are way too many hunters, target shooters, veterans, etc. here to stand for it.


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