Vermont Hunting Club Cancels Crow Shoot Due to Social Media Backlash

Who is a criminal crow running from? The cawps. Not everyone thinks shooting down crows is funny. According to US News, a Vermont hunting club has cancelled its crow shooting competition after a social media outcry.

Mark McCarthy, president of the Boonie Club in Williamstown, told the Burlington Free Press it will not be sponsoring the April 7 crow shoot, in which teams of hunters would have competed to win prizes by shooting the most birds. Critics of the shoot say they understand “hunting for food” but are against “wanton killing.”

Ok, how about this one. Where do crows go to get drunk? A crow bar. Yep.

Crow shoots are legal as long as they’re within the hunting season for crows. Scott Darling, wildlife program manager for Vermont Fish and Wildlife, says while there is a role for crow hunting to fend off damage to crops, he does not support crow shoots like the one the club had planned.

They may not be a delicacy but they are most definitely destructive to crops. To be honest, shooting crows is one hellava good time. Do Vermonters really need another reason?


  1. avatar DogoCanario says:

    Puritan scolds abhor the idea of people having fun.

    1. avatar Ed Schrade says:

      I would have held it and televised it.

    2. avatar Art out West says:

      Real Puritans – back in the day, would have shot the crows, and drank a bunch of hard cider to celebrate afterwards.

      In many ways, real Puritans were pretty fun folks.

      These killjoys are the probably the descendants of 19th century revivalism, not 17th century Puritanism.

  2. avatar MamaLiberty says:

    A hunting “season” for crows? What next, we’ll have to buy a license and tags to trap mice? Crows are not any different than mice. A seriously destructive species. Same for pigeons, starlings and lots of other flying vermin.

    1. avatar binder says:

      Passenger pigeons too?

      1. avatar Richard Baldwin says:

        That didn’t happen on our watch.

      2. avatar MamaLiberty says:

        If they roost on private property and poop, destroy crops and so forth… yes indeed. Species come and go and always have. Always will.

        If there was only one home invader left in the world, and he/she/it attacked me… I would have no problem at all eliminating them. Same with the last damned pigeon.

        1. avatar Chris T from KY says:

          About 3 years ago I watched a news report that describe how a small town in the midwest had to set up horns and other noise makers to prevent birds from nesting above their homes.

          The flock left as much as 4 inches of bird poop on top of cars, mailboxes, front and back yards it was really disgusting. I had no idea until then just how destructive a large flock of birds can be.

        2. avatar Southern Cross says:

          Leave bird poop, or bat poop, on your car and see what it does to the paint. Not justification for killing them but it proves guano left on objects can be corrosive.

    2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      I used to shoot crows as pest control. Actually, most of my hunting experience was pest control. I suppose it was sport, but it was also sort of work on the farm.

    3. avatar BigDaveinVT says:

      In Vermont trapping Polecats (skunks) out of season is illegal as well.

      However, when I contacted my game warden about a nuisance animal that was regularly spraying my dogs he suggested:

      “You can rent a trap and trap it. Cover the cage with a towel. The skunk won’t spray if it can’t see you or raise its tail. Then you fill a 55 gallon trash can with water and drop the cage, with the skunk inside, into the trash can. Come back 20 minutes later and the skunk will be dead.”

      I replied “Or I could just shoot it.”

      He chuckled and said “Yes that would work too. Thanks for letting us know.”

  3. avatar Mark N. says:

    A few years ago, an annual coyote hunting competition (prize goes to the guy with the most kills) was cancelled after a social media engineered outrage. Given how destructive coyotes can be, it wouldn’t surprise me if the annual hunt still takes place, but it is announced only by word of mouth and with a less festive air to it. On the other hand, crows through my neck of the woods are migratory, and few and far between. I see them twice a year, and they are truly impressive in size. They are also quite intelligent (for a bird).

    1. avatar Defens says:

      Extremely intelligent birds. Who do you think orchestrated the social media blitz? Heckle and Jeckle got access to somebody’s smart phone, next thing you know, public outcaw about a crow hunt!

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        You might be correct. Heckle and Jeckle are smarter than the average fakebook user.

    2. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

      We get some big crows here in CA. I’ve only managed to get 2 this season. Haven’t been able to get out as much as I wanted to.

      Those big birds take a lot of killing.

    3. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      “Given how destructive coyotes can be, it wouldn’t surprise me if the annual hunt still takes place”

      The Leftist’s in Montpelier are trying to ban it,as oft is the case with tree hugging,Birken stock wearing,B&J eating,Marxist, snowflakes.

    4. avatar TexasGunGal says:

      Shoot, shovel and shut up 🤐

      1. avatar When The Middle of The Night Occurs says:

        Exactly, and don’t pose for pictures with your crows arranged in the number “57” grinning like you just took down a charging grizzly.

      2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        I never showed or talked about my kills to liberal idiots such as my cousin. Grandpa did approve and it was his farm in the first place.

  4. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    The Leftist’s that are not native to Vermont,that have migrated here from holes such as Schumer Hole City,Commiechusetts ,New Effing Jersey,places such as that.
    They move here because it is not a hole like where they relocated from,then they want sidewalks and street lights,next thing true Vermonter’s know they want to ban everything such as crow and coyote shoots,which are in over abundance across Vermont.
    What else can one expect from Holing Carpet Baggers,after all they gifted us with the likes of the Burnmeister.

  5. avatar iuhefuihfhiof says:

    You know there is a venn diagram of people who are pro 2A and pro hunting that intersects with people who are pro 2A and against hunting. The intersection is obviously the pro 2A part. Maddeningly those who are pro hunting and those who are against it see it almost as strongly as the right to ownership of the guns themselves, and so will spite their faces and the 2A part. I wonder if the pro hunters and the anti hunters, like their favored sexual positions and proclivities, could just keep their mouths shut about what they like to do with their guns, or not, and just focus on the gun part.

  6. avatar TxRabbit47 says:

    Crow hunting vs. Rabbit hunting (could be some similarities here). Speaking from personal experience, we experienced the “non-rabbit hunting” crowd until the proliferation of rabbits raided their home-grown garden and ate ’em out of house & home (well, at least the critters destroyed the garden). ’twas a simple case of protect the rabbits and go hungry or whittle down the rabbit crop and have food to put on the family’s table. Until the anti-hunters in Vermont experience the pain of crows’ destructive behavior will they change. It’s not until most people experience life in the trenches do they appreciate the benefits the benefits afforded by the crow hunters of Vermont as they hunt to minimize the damage inflicted by the over abundance of crows.

    1. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

      We all have virtue and strength enough to withstand the misfortunes of others.

  7. Senator Bernie Sanders.

    ‘nough said.

  8. avatar neiowa says:

    What Vermont/the NE needs is a transplant of a couple thousand pregnant feral sows/”undocumented visitors”.

  9. avatar JD says:

    When I was a kid in KY I wanted to kill them and tried like hell. The I swear those birds knew the difference between a stick and a gun. Walk into the field with a tobacco stick and they would be everywhere. Get the gun out and they would fly out of range and make fun of you. I wasted a lot of ammo trying and maybe got one out of 50.

  10. avatar TexasGunGal says:

    One word “feral hogs” Had a photo of a very young hog on our property. Probably more but since someone stole the wildlife camera, we wouldn’t know
    That nonsense will come to a halt when we build our house for retirement in about a year. Or let my sister in law’s hunter cousin live in a small log cabin within 10 yards, where our house will be built.

    Old folks nap during the day and stay up at night.
    Bigger problem is gray fox and bobcats. Both have been hard on sister in law’s outdoor cats

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Old folks nap during the day and stay up at night.”

      My last house, I’m installing one of those things that they use in moving around 55 gallon drums. An electric chain hoist do-dad, to hoist me up to a blind I’ll build up in a tree.

      Perfect for watching the back yard for hogs and ‘yotes.

      And any damn kids that won’t get off my lawn… 😉

      1. avatar TexasGunGal says:

        Good on you.
        Back in the day, retired folks could be your best friend or your worst enemy.
        We lived in Phoenix after my dad retired from Air Force. Neighbor to left of us was retired firefighter from Chicago. They had a swimming pool so said “we are going to get you kids swimming lessons so you can swim in our pool”. He was in the Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor when Japanese attacked.
        I don’t remember which ship he was on but he had it tattooed on his stomach length wise so he could make it move up and down. It was fascinating to my two brothers and me. They took me to the movie Flower Drum Song and brought me a slik parasol.
        Their grand kids lived in Chicago so they treated us like substitute grandkids.
        They don’t make people like him, his wife and her mother who lived with them.
        Neighbor behind us was an old grumpy man. We had to take a short cut along a wood fence on one side. If it was that big a deal he could have a put up the rest of the fence. I really he just enjoyed yelling at us.
        Never talked to our parents. Otherwise we’d had a can of whoop ass from my dad’s thick leather belt

  11. avatar Vince says:

    Bernie the bullshitterbot sanders.. Comformers Commies in disguise

  12. avatar Sam I Am says:

    “According to US News, a Vermont hunting club has cancelled its crow shooting competition after a social media outcry.”

    This is the leftist (and brown shirt) shoutdown; fascism, truly fascism. It doesn’t matter whether the shoutdown relates to hunting. The shoutdown is the nuclear option for leftists, socialists, statists, Demoncrats. “The first amendment applies only to ‘legitimate speech’, and anything we disagree with is illegitimate”.

    The enemies of the state (“the people”) want us running here and there, defending point issues, while they are engaged in a mass attack on the body politic everywhere, simultaneously. It is time POTG announce (via every outlet available) that we do not care what the nattering nabobs of constitution nullification think of anything. We will not be swayed by opinion and feelz. Manufacturers and retailers need to understand that they risk more business by appeasement than by defiance.

  13. avatar Rimfire says:

    Here’s a chance for a bit of humor, I’ll let you answer. What does Bernie S and the crows have in common?

  14. avatar Jason Byrne says:

    Does cancelling the crow shoot mean that this club will have to “eat crow”?

  15. avatar Chris T from KY says:

    Unfortunately the education system is not teaching just how destructive birds or animals can be to crops or private property. Sometimes they just need to be killed. People in Africa also have similar problems with elephants and other so called beautiful creatures.

  16. avatar ironicatbest says:

    So the crow shoots off I take it? Are we still having the keg party or did they say we couldn’t do that too?

  17. avatar Jjimmyjonga says:

    Crow are actually good eating…the brest is a reddish meat and tastes exactly the same as a diver duck like a Golden Eye or similar.

    1. avatar ironicatbest says:

      Mad dad had an old Indian( native American) friend who ate them, called them ” black chic chic”. I can’t remember ever eating it though? Back then we ate everything. My relations on the river fried fish worms and ate them when they couldn’t catch fish.

      1. avatar ironicatbest says:

        edit -mad-: My dad –,,,,,,,,.fkn bunged up ffingers and this keypad,,, grrrrrrr

  18. avatar Jeff says:

    Shooting crows is actually good for the environment. Crows destroy countless numbers of songbird nests by eating the eggs and nestlings. Shoot a crow and save many, many songbirds!

    1. avatar ironicatbest says:

      Barred Owls knock the shit out of them crows, I’ve watched owls eat the young ones. Crows hate Owls, I’ve called in a lot of crows, whah whah hooowhah ing

  19. avatar RCC says:

    As Indiana Tom said my first hunting was crows. They had figured out how to fly into small gap, grab a chicken or duckling and leave. A .22 single shot with shorts and lots of patience as no cover between house and pens.

    They would absolutely hate our local deer association face book page after the season. Though personally I don’t put up photos for the world to see.

  20. avatar Sam Toucan says:

    Gun owners are being marginalized. Their hobby, once touted as American as John Wayne, has been vilified to the point they need to keep their hobby secret.

    Its just common sense when you are the target to keep a low profile. Killing “innocent” birds with shotguns, trophy hunting big game, showing off your latest AR on FB, all of this is now ostracized.

    Just like smokers, shooters will be forced to scurry into the shadows to enjoy their hobby.

    And whatever you do, dont tell your Obamacare doctor you have guns. Goes right into the central database.

  21. avatar Jeff says:

    Every time I see some anti-hunting stuff like this I make it a point to go kill some extra vermin and post the fact that I’m doing that on the antis’ behalf. So this week I’m gonna kill some extra crows just for them. Suggest y’all do the same.

  22. avatar Jonathan-Houston says:

    My position on the issue is unambiguous: I’m against the murder of crows. So proceed accordingly.

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