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Does this mean the law applies to everyone? . . . Tucson can’t destroy confiscated guns, Arizona Supreme Court rules

The Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that Tucson does not have the right to ignore state law when it comes to what they do with confiscated weapons.

The ruling broadly affects the state’s 19 charter cities, who have argued that the Arizona Constitution gives them control over local matters, regardless of state law. The court narrowed that control, saying it doesn’t apply to police matters such as weapons.

The ruling sidestepped Tucson’s attempt to overturn a law that allows the Legislature to punish cities by withholding millions of dollars in aid if local officials enact policies that conflict with state law.


Students debate if guns should be allowed on our campuses

Lawmakers have been pushing for laws that would allow students to carry guns on campus.

“I have two daughters, there’s been instances that have happened on campus around our area and around the nation and the more we limit them from having the legal right to protect themselves, we more do harm to them than we do to those who would carry out those instances,” said Helms.

But some students say guns freak them out. They do not need it.

Then don’t carry one.

That’ll get someone’s attention . . . Navy Rail Gun to Test Rapid Fire & Move Closer to Combat

The promise of this seemingly futuristic weapon system is no longer a thing of mystery, speculation or sci-fi movies but rather somehing nearing operational use in combat. The weapon brings such force, power and range that is the kind of thing which could hold enemies at risk from greater distances and attack targets with a fire and kinetic energy force equivalent to a multi-ton vehicle moving at 160 miles per hour, developers have said.

The Office of Naval Research is now bringing the electromagnetic rail gun out of the laboratory and into field demonstrations at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division’s new rail gun Rep-Rate Test Site at Terminal Range.

“Initial rep-rate fires (repetition rate of fires) of multi-shot salvos already have been successfully conducted at low muzzle energy. The next test sequence calls for safely increasing launch energy, firing rates and salvo size,” a statement from ONR says.


Wait, wasn’t that against the law? . . . Officials: Employee brought loaded gun to Turkey Foot Middle School

A Kenton County School District employee brought a loaded firearm to Turkey Foot Middle School officials said Thursday

School Principal Ray Stanley said no one was injured and the school building in Edgewood has been secured in a message to parents. The gun was discovered at 10:20 a.m. Thursday, officials said during a news conference.

Officials said the employee was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into the incident. Edgewood Police Chief Tony Kramer declined to say if the employee was placed under arrest.

Someone knew what to say to the police . . . He woke up to three teens robbing his cars — so he shot one of them with an AK-47, police say

A man in Panama Beach City, Florida, thwarted an attempted robbery outside his home this past Sunday when he shot one of the three suspected burglars with an assault rifle, police say.

The homeowner, whose identity was not revealed by police, awoke early Sunday morning when his wife told him she had heard a loud noise in their front yard. The man investigated and found three teenagers robbing their cars in the front yard. According to the Panama City News Herald, the homeowner told authorities one of the cars the teens were burglarizing had a firearm in it.

Per WTVY, the homeowner was armed with an AK-47 as he investigated the front yard, and at one point, the homeowner says, one of the robbers turned towards him in a way that made him fear he was about to be shot. The owner then opened fire with his rifle.

Coming to a public transit station near you . . . Metro Tests Firearm, Explosive-Detecting Body Scanners

Passengers boarding subway trains in Los Angeles may soon be shuffled through airport-style body scanners that are aimed to detect firearms and explosives.

A two-day pilot program by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority began Wednesday. But officials quickly experienced a hiccup when a scanner being demonstrated Wednesday morning at Union Station malfunctioned before passengers could be put through the machine.

No better now than they were then . . . 50th Anniversary Flashback: Taking on Guns

On election night 2016, I was finishing a cultural and political history of the AR-15 – “All-American Killer” – expecting a Hillary Clinton presidency might cement modest restrictions around weapons bred for war. Instead, the nation was upended anew by the political muscle of the NRA, which spent $30 million to elect Donald Trump, helping target rural gun owners in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. (Rolling Stone Publisher Jan) Wenner, who remains committed to pursuing the subject, acknowledges the frustration of the beat. “You really feel,” he says, “like you’re shouting against the wind.”

Anyone see a problem here? . . . ASU students return to campus with new gun law in effect

Chief Fields said it’s up to gun holders to know the law in and out, including the restrictions in place on where they can carry. They can’t be in residence halls or athletics facilities, or at athletics events. They can be in classrooms, unless a high school student is enrolled in that class, such as a move-on-when-ready student.

Chief Fields said it’s up to the gun holder to contact the registrar to find out if there are any high schoolers in their classes.


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  1. Screw the Rolling Stone. They’re a bunch of G-d d-mned anti-American hippies that have been working for the destruction of our nation for its entire existence.

  2. I go to Metro State in Denver. There are a lot of vets there (all of us on the Post 9/11 GI Bill), and almost all of us, of the ones I know, carry on campus.

  3. Would love the see the explanation of how a gun suddenly becomes unsafe when a high-schools student is in the classroom.

    • Actually I think it is up to the University to denote those class rooms where high school students are present. Guns are required to be concealed on campus, so it is unlikely that this will be tested in court any time soon. The version of the law which the legislature passed two years ago was much better, but Governor Deal screwed it up (deliberately) by the order he signed the legislation in.

      Georgia Republican Politicians are a mixed bag with some little better than the Democrats they replaced.

    • Why silly, the gun has a mind of its own and accidentally goes off when there is an eighteen year old high school student around but the same gun knows better than to self-trigger when there’s an eighteen year old college freshman in the same room.

    • Rolling Stone is not “ignorant”. It is idiotic. Ignorance can be cured with education. Stupidity is incurable, hence Rolling Stone’s remaining idiotic for fifty years.

    • Whose narrative? They confirmed ours quite well. And that home owner had his story down PAT before the cops showed… I like to think it was the gospel truth but…

  4. Velocitas Eradico.
    Love me some railgun action… yes, I’ll never give up my slow-as-molasses muzzle loaders buy I’m still a tech/gun nerd.

    • “Love me some railgun action…”

      They are serious cool, but I’d rather not be on ship in combat that has one.

      That massive blast of energy that launches the projectile will be the same blast of energy will blow that ship to smithereens if the charged cap bank is breached by an enemy’s shell. They are gonna have to really protect that compartment from battle damage…

      • A hit to a ship’s powder magazine has always been a very bad thing for many a captain throughout naval history. No reason to think cutting edge tech would change that… at least the ammo does nothing but sit there all inert and pretty.

        • Exactly, that charged cap bank is only going to have the energy stored for a single shot unless they have multiple banks for salvo firing. The ships magazine has the energy stored for EVERY shot that ship will take while deployed.

  5. Hillary’s campaign spent 1.2 Billion Dollars.
    That’s 40 times what the NRA gave Trump – and the NRA contribution was about 5% of Trump’s total spending.
    That NRA money really meant little, it was Hillary’s big mouth and her addiction to lying and sleaze that cost her the election

    • Indeed, Li’l Mikey Bloomberg spent over $23 million in support of Hillary all by himself. That’s one guy, almost balancing out the spending of a 5-million-member organization. Now tell me who is unduly influencing elections again…

    • What got Trump elected was that Americans were tired of the same old shit from both party’s. Remember this, hillary knew she was to be president next. It was her turn. All involved agreed with this scenario.

      Except the orange muppet and the American people. The only reason hillary got an edge in the popular vote was CA. Where ID is not required to vote and drivers licenses are given to illegals. A large number of folks where I currently work have these licenses and talk about voting against Trump.

  6. Yeah to he!! with Rolling Stone-d. The ultimate in Trump derangement syndrome. We’re all dumb redneck hillbilly ra-ciss dontchaknow?!?

  7. About Rolling Stone, Peter Cetera put it best in 1974: “I read it all the time, mostly when I’m taking a shit.”

  8. So people don’t want the publisher of Rolling Stone running their lives. This, of course, comes as no surprise to anybody who isn’t the publisher of Rolling Stone.

  9. Speaking of Arizona, Trump just endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward for Senator on Twitter and will have be at a rally in Phoenix on the 22nd. This is actually pretty big as in the state legislature Ward was behind getting rid of the NFA-like state laws and (as liberal publications have been panicked by) “tried to outlaw federal gun control”. If you contact them, her campaign also confirms she will introduce legislation to repeal the NFA if elected.

    • Kelli Ward could replace either of the leftist senators currently representing Arizona,a McGoober or a Flake. GMB

  10. I’m genuinely curious, if a rail gun is electrico magnetic, where does all the flames and fire come from? I’d expect to see a white shock wave like a supersonic jet but yellow and orange flames? Is it so fast it ignites air??? ( I think I just came up with a speed metal song title)

    • I think a lot of that is the armature eroding as it’s passing down the barrel. It’s almost like a brushed DC motor in function. One of the biggest hurdles in making a battle ready railgun was the barrel erosion.

    • Can’t confirm it but I think I read somewhere that a small part of what we’re seeing is, in fact, the air around the projectile igniting.
      Pretty f-ing cool, right?

      • Google says:

        “In short, it’s burning conductive lubricant (liquid aluminum) they use to reduce friction and heating.

        Here’s a relevant passage from a patent on em railgun armatures.

        “Solid railgun armatures are fabricated from aluminum alloys due to their low density and melting point. Melting of the aluminum armature at the armature-rail contact is thought to produce a thin liquid metal layer, which is observed on the rails as a transfer film. The hot liquid aluminum is metallurgically reactive and forms brittle intermetallic compounds at the rail surface, which may lead to runaway heating and transition to a plasma state at the contact. The high temperature plasma is damaging to rails and insulators in a railgun. Moreover, the liquid aluminum forms small droplets which burn violently in contact with air.”

  11. I used to like reading historical stories about musicians and bands in Rolling Stone but they’ve become so bad and SO FAR LEFT I can’t even pick one up anymore. Screw them.


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