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Tim Harmsen from The Military Arms Channel writes:

“Sorry for the late text. I have a story for you. YouTube started demonetizing all gun channels last night. The moment we upload and video to YouTube, the moment it processes it’s immediately demonetized and we’re told we have to request a review after 7 days or 1000 views. This is happening to me, IV8888, Mrgunsngear, Yankee Marshal and every other gun channel I’ve talked to today.” On Facebook, MAC goes on . . .

This is YouTube’s new policy with firearms content. They flag it as not being advertiser friendly right out of the gate. You can request a manual review where a real person looks at it after their bots flag it. No big deal, right? Well, it is a big deal. You can only submit a video for manual review AFTER 7 days or 1000 views.

A video gets most of its monetized views in the first 48 hours. After that a video pretty much gets no views. No ads for the first 7 days means no money and the content creator that talks about guns is effectively screwed.

This is another example of why your support through Patreon is so important to the continued growth of the channel. YouTube is doing everything it can to run gun channels off.

If my Patreon support grows to the point where I can voluntarily demonetize my channel, you won’t have to put up with ads on my YouTube videos going forward. Please consider clicking here to become a Patreon subscriber as there are many perks to doing so besides just supporting the channel. Thanks everyone.

Mr. Harmsen predicts that this move by YouTube will hurt small gun channels the most. But the big gun channels will also be severely affected — depending on the duration of the review cycle.

To tell which gun channels have been [effectively] blacklisted, go to the bottom of the channel and turn on restricted mode. If the channel is demonetized, all the videos will disappear.

TTAG’s YouTube channel has been demonetized. So has the YouTube channel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Also note: if you turn on restricted mode, none of these channels show up in a YouTube search.

The major manufacturers’ sites — Ruger, GLOCK, etc. — are also affected. About 90 percent of their videos disappear in Restricted Mode.

Interestingly, the NRA’s YouTube channel is NOT affected. Will the NRA go to bat for the small gun channels filtered out of existence by the Google-owned YouTube search engine? Watch this space.

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    • I second that…
      All the anti-2nd are censoring everywhere… We need to find a pro-2nd site that will honer our constitution… Now if we was posting left aggendas and opinions the fake hits would be posting….

      • I’ve been urging people to find alternatives to YouTube and Facebook and Google for years. The search engine alternative is, which saves NONE of your info and doesn’t re-direct you to leftist-leaning search results. In the same way ABC, NBC and CBS lost their grip on the public, so too can these internet sites.

        But it takes people willing to cut the cord, so to speak. And it takes alternatives that function.

      • Think bigger…..

        Google monopoly needs to be busted.

        Throughout history there have been many other companies with not a 100th of the influence that Google has that have been ruled against.

        This is the only thing that Google fears.

        • clap-clap-clap

          It’s the American way. We love capitalism, but we won’t let you be god.

          In the spirit of Andrew Jackson and Theodore Roosevelt.

        • Full 30 allows anyone to make a normal user account, but only invites certain channels to create content on their platform.

          My YouTube Channel got hit too and I don’t even do video of guns mostly just pictures and commentary and civil discussion. But apparently that’s enough to get me flagged.

      • Wish full30 would work on their video file management. Front page is nice bling but searching/browsing files, not so user friendly IMO.

    • We need a new internet. Everything, from search engines to site hosting to the sleazy ads that swarm over TTAG are controlled by antigun leftists in Silicon Valley. Hell, even gun forums have had ownership consolidate in recent years. Why do you think WaPo has friendly ads for Aldi while TTAG has “one weird trick” bs?

      • The internet itself, youtube, facebook and other social media sites need to be regulated as “public utilities”, in which NO discrimination against sites is permitted. Yes, I know that this involves government, but in light of today’s censorship, maybe it’s not a bad idea…

        • This is the only “multicultural” solution. The government is going to have to use force to make us all the same, similarly to how the Soviet Union made Muslims, Christians, Asians, Slavs, etc. all good soviet citizens.

        • The problem with most regulation is who’s in the position to do the regulating at any given time.

        • If you think there is censorship now, wait until the government regulates it. At the first sight of open carry or any other “trigger” incident, everything conservative or gun-related will be censored to “prevent hate”.
          Keep government out the f regulating YouTube and email YouTube to get gun channels back

        • No, the .gov just needs to quit ingratiating these companies and turning them into public utilities. Not to mention, stop accepting their bribes and allowing them to steamroll any and all competition like they have for a solid decade. How many ‘app’ companies have Facebook, Apple, and Google bought? It’s actually the default business model to sell your innovative company out to one of those three as part of the IPO; raise a shitload of cash for no reason, and use it to leverage a higher sale price to those firms instead of even trying to compete. They’re like a giant black hole or furnace, devouring everything the digital marketplace has to offer in terms of innovation & returning only that small fraction we enjoy that benefits them personally. People thought Bell Telephone and Standard Oil were very innovative & pillars of the economy at the time, until their hold on the market was broken & the ensuing golden age revealed just how big a drag they were.

    • Free speech alternatives:
      Hatreon for Pateron for Twitter
      Spreaker for Youtube,,
      The problem with and is they are also run by Sillicon Valley SJWs and their TOS are murky about free speech. They are marginally more free speech friendly than Youtube right now because they are trying to attract content creators from Youtube, but their reputations are pretty spotty. Spreaker is not a video hosting service, but they make it easy for creators to post videos on many sites at once so it is harder for a content creator to be censored.

      America has two options.

      Option #1 is the free speech Alt-Right to build a parallel Internet, which was started a while ago, but is going to take years to catch up. Option #2, the civil nationalists can get their fat asses off the couch and get Trump to tell Google and the other tech companies to bake the gay cake and stop this censoring bullshit. So America, what’s it going to be?

      • While I generally don’t buy into government regulation, google and Facebook have both hit market share monopolies. The only thing worse for a free market is a monopolized market.

        So I, too, hope that Trumps regulators jump right in.

      • Excellent work. Associate 2A rights with Neo-Nazi & KKK. That’ll really move this issue forward.

        • They aren’t Nazi sites….. Jesus. The Republicans really are the stupid party. Please don’t let the Leftist media think for you. Do some research and enlighten yourself.

          If you want a platform that bans people why are you even complaining? Enjoy Youtube. Hell, you don’t have to fear demonetization anymore, it happened, go crazy and say what you want. Rant away about the 2nd amendment. Sure at some point, the SJWs will delete your channel, but you can keep making new ones. Good luck trying to build a following, Youtube will never let it happen. I’ll be over in the new uncensored Americatube, or whatever, full of deplorables saying all kinds of un-PC things, but at least I’ll be free.

    • You’re absolutely correct. Patreon, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. are all anti-Constitutionalist organizations. They are forever looking for ways to silence us. The problem is, we’re not stopping. If one screws us, we find another way to continue the fight. We need our community to rise up and make our voices heard.

      • I wrote this below but it bears repeating-

        They need to say at the start of every video “To support this channel and watch this video, go to” and demonetize YT’s sorry keisters right back. The only way to win is by promoting their own site. Use YT to advertise against them, play dirty because I can assure they are and will continue to do so! Push that internet traffic right to their own site!

        Get your own advertisers, it’s the only way to fight them. Plenty of freedom loving companies out there it’s just a matter of getting them to your site. Views will do that and the best way to get those views is by screwing YT right back and using them just as they’ve used you and many others- as a way to bring in money by using someone else’s hard work.

        • An easier way to win would be to indict the goolag board for conspiracy to violate civil rights and break up the company.

        • A class action suite against Google would be a good idea.. There certainly is grounds for 1st amendment infringement and since Google is a publicly traded company, that’s a viable option isn’t it?

        • Robert Hanlin,

          Only government entities can infringe free speech, because the bill of rights only pertains to the relationship between the citizen and the state. The fact that a company is publicly traded has nothing to do with it. Publicly traded does not mean the company is public in the sense that government property is public. It mearly means that the common stock is registered on an exchange that anyone in the general public can trade on. Unfortunately, YouTube is well within their legal rights to do this and I do not support government intervention because that would violate private property rights, which is the holy grail of freedom.

        • Sweet justice would be to classify Google and Facebook as ‘public utilities’ and then use the Liberal tactic of breaking them up like they did Ma Bell. End these monopolies before they start buying up entire countries.

      • I like Full 30, however the people who run it, have set as an invitation only system. I would appreciate if Full 30 would be a bit more accommodating to the smaller gun channels.

        • If you invest $500k for the infrastructure to support the uploading, processing, hosting and streaming of thousands of channels content, the site would be open to the world for anyone to make a channel. What people don’t realize is that it’s a privately funded site that is expensive to run. The more you add to it in terms of bandwidth and resources, then it runs into the red just like Google is currently in the red and it goes under.

          If more people used the site vs. YouTube for firearms content and the view grew, more ads could be served and more channels would be given a home away from YouTube.

    • I think FireFunder needs to get on board with this ASAP and expand what they’ll support in terms of non-violent political content. Just go right around Patron’s ability to censor. And hey, supporting the 1st book ends naturally with the 2nd.

    • Do some digging; Patreon allows all sorts of patently offensive content to be promoted; shine a light on that if they get uppity. Same for Youtube, spend a few minutes flagging foul mouthed leftist videos.

    • Yes. The solution isn’t for freedom-minded individuals and companies to find another liberal company to fund and cross fingers that they don’t eventually ban us too.

      The solution is for all of us to pack up and leave YouTube, Facebook, and any other platform that fails to support freedom of thought. That means you too, TTAG.

      When they lose 50% of their users, they’ll start to reconsider. Not before then.

      • You are going in the right direction.

        What I think we need is a consortium of big organizations. I’m thinking of the NRA, Breitbart and similar organizations. They should put some seed money into a competitive YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter. The new service would have a ready-made audience – admittedly small – ready to move their patronage to the new platform.

        An issue would be to decide whether to characterize it’s policies as:
        1. Control-Right; or,
        2. Alt-Right
        Under “Control-Right” free-speech by jihadis, KKK, and any other extremists would be banned. Under “Alt-Right” the site would take anything – even content such as those mentioned – that would be objectionable.

        The objective need not be to successfully compete with the Alt-Left’s giants. Rather, it would be to impose a threat sufficient to inspire the giants to resume a level playing field.

        • The problem with the Ctrl-Right model is once you let the censorship camel’s nose into the tent you become susceptible to infiltration by leftists and vulnerable to purity spiraling. It’s hard to persuade content creators to commit to a new platform when it is as fundamentally flawed as the one they want to leave. Better the devil you know. This is why and haven’t managed to attract unhappy content creators thus far. Blanket demonetization will likely drive creators to them now, if temporarily. Hatreon and Gab.AI on the other hand have to gate access because the demand is higher than their infrastructure can support currently.

        • Christ, there’s no need to ban ideologies; that’s leftist bullshit and if you pursue it to its conclusion, you end up no different. All the new host site needs to do –and what TTAG needs to have a reformation to do– is be up front about what its purpose is, and allow unfettered content in its pursuit. If the purpose isn’t about abortion, gays, fiscal conservatism, or the merits of national socialism (Lebowski reference) then it has no place and is not helpful. Be clear, firm, and fair in applying that standard, is all I ask.

          Discipline is hard, though; it’s so much easier to be Dudley Brown and tie your gun rights BS to every popular issue that comes by so as to attract more donor dollars from distractable dullards (while accomplishing nothing, having so diluted the original message)

    • The problem being that YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. While The People of the Gun will click on a non-YouTube site for gun stuff, the casual browser will not. YouTube is the wide end of the funnel — critical to expanding the gun culture.

      • They need to say at the start of every video “To support this channel and watch this video, go to” and demonetize YT’s sorry keisters right back. The only way to win is by promoting their own site. Use YT to advertise against them, play dirty because I can assure they are and will continue to do so! Push that internet traffic right to their own site!

        • Good point; in fact, they should change their Youtube Video to nothing but a five-second redirect to Full-30; just use the service to display a link to the actual video.

      • I am really becoming very irritated with this type of facist and anti-freedom behavior.

        Seems like a golden opportunity for someone to start a channel that will specifically host all of those being blacklisted, which means mostly conservative, Christian and libertarian posters and the viewers will be of that bent, which means they usually have more money to spend than the general population, and the advertisers will follow the money.

        What a great stick in the eye of Google and you-tube if they lost money, let alone went bankrupt, because the advertisers went to that alternative channel.

        • No. Stop this statist nonsense. Government intervention is not the answer.

          Private property rights were just as important in the founding of the United States as guns were, if not more so since they already include weapons. As bad as Google is, and believe me I’m no fan of Google, you and I have no right to take their property, break them up, or control them through government force. You’re just as short sighted and bad as the anti-gunners.

        • Thank you IowaWinter. Finally someone that understands that property rights are the foundation for gun rights. I too am no fan of Google et al, but they are a private company and can do with their property as they choose. None of us have an inherent right to consume their services or profit on their platform.

        • If the federal government insists on treating them as a public utility and subsidizing and consenting to their suppression of competing companies, I’m inclined to agree. I’m not inclined to agree that’s necessary, and perhaps we’re finally on a track away from that crappy reality now that Trump has booted those sorry CEOs’ asses from his White House. Their incestuous relationship with the feds is about 90% of the problem (both ‘private’ suppression of liberties as well as domestic surveillance).

      • The NRA and the majority of gun owners surely can find the funds and time to open up a nice Supreme Court case against targeted bias and censorship prevalent in the mainstream media, entertainment industry, social media, and internet.

        This isn’t even about guns. This quite simply to stop the censorship of the 1st amendment in the media.

        Meanwhile, rich and powerful tyrants will play their games as long as we let them get away with it.

  1. I believe this is called “libertarian free association”. But it doesn’t work for Christian bakers.
    It seems the gun channels are the same as stormfront, in the eyes of the liberal tech gods.

    • Incorrect. YouTube and Google, due to their size are closer to being public utilities than to private companies. As such, they need to be broken up and their boards indicted for conspiracy to violate civil rights.

      • Yes, that why we have anti-trust laws in the first place. When companies become too large they become noncompetitive and inevitably try to dominate a marketplace. Those laws are in place. They just need to be used.

    • Yes, it’s pretty disgusting what an open hypocrisyis on display.

      Google and Cloudfare are heroes for exercising freedom of association, while florists, bakers, and photographers are hounded out of business.

      Marxians murdered 100M people last century and continue killing people today, while Nazis murdered 10M, one tenth as many, and make news for killing a single person today. But I guess survivors control the future, which is why governments now hire Marxists to indoctrinate the next generation in universities, while only Nazis are demonized.

      Che t-shirts are cool. Hitler t-shirts are verbal violence.

      • While I agree you with you, the Nazi death toll is much higher than 10 million, if you’re accounting for combat deaths from the war they caused.

        • No, not counting war, especially since it was started with the Soviet Union. It’s amazing how many people forget that Poland was invaded from both sides.

          Those are strictly “civilian” murders, not combat deaths.

        • No one is apologizing for Nazis or excusing what they did, nor could you point out where because it simply isn’t happening. He’s only rightly pointing out the glaring difference in the treatment of them and Communists who have, as a matter of fact, killed many times more people — and that’s regardless of how the death tolls are tallied by the way — and yet are practically welcome with open arms by the talking-head presstitutes in the whorestream media, the sloshing skulls of so-called “academics,” and all of the stupid people they’ve duped into fighting for them under the banner of ANTIFA.

        • Sure, nice Americans killed real Nazis. But teh current crop are a pretty pathetic bunch. Smart Americans worry more about the Marxists who have proven themselves far more dangerous and deadly and current.

          Nazis have as much current credibility as Hittites or the Vandals.

  2. It isn’t just gun channels. Any channel that departs from Google’s alt-left social justice worldview is at risk of being demonetized. And this is just the beginning. They’re talking about putting “objectionable” videos into a sort of Youtube ghetto, where they won’t be able to be liked, won’t show up in searches, etc.

  3. Breaking? Didnt this happen months ago? Yankee marshall and hickock have been talking about this for quite a while.

    • Yes and no. Correct that the demonitization has been going on for a while on what seems to be randomly flagged videos from certain channels. The news here is that anything remotely related to anything guns is now automatically demonitized.

    • I believe that the “breaking” part is this 7 day review garbage. I watch a few firearms channels and I have heard about other issues but not this one.

  4. The left are all about free speech – but only if they agree with what you say. They prove this time and time again. This is just more proof. The pro-freedom community needs to troll that crap out of YouTube with click-bait videos that advertise places like Full30.

    • In the minds of the three L’s. Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, this is not about free speech. Its about freedom to not associate with groups you don’t like.

      • This is true. However, the liberals and left only allow free association if they like it. Note that a baker HAS to bake cakes for gays. Also note that they have “protected classes” which disallows true freedom of association.

        Libertarians are for true freedom of association.

        • About to say the same thing but you beat me too it. All this is is Google silencing conservatives.

        • “They” don’t have “protected classes.” LAWS have “protected classes”. Liking guns isn’t one of them.

      • For Libertarians, this actually IS about freedom of speech (as well as of association) because they DO support the Bill of Rights. Probably moreso than even you. That’s regardless of what you have about them, too, by the way.

    • YouTube is a privately held company. It can do as it likes. “Free speech” does not even enter into the equation.

      • Actually the FCC could to go after Google as having a monopoly, they were flirting around the edges of that with the Network Neutrality regulations. Yeah, I know, it flys in the face of smaller government prenciples. The problem is that Google has become the most powerful Corporation in the world, ever. Since they have decided to become evil, the gloves need to come off!

    • that sounds like it might be a work around for right now if it works. I’m fairly certain the google techs will figure it out quickly was close that route off if it even works.

  5. Non-gun conservative bloggers are being demonitized as well, including InfoWars’; Paul Joseph Watson (who says he is throwing in the towel). It is an all out assault of “hate speech,” which of course includes anything that is not left of center except bloopers, pratfalls and animal films. One blogger, whose name I didn’t recognize, is a black female conservative who has allegedly already sued Google. I wish her well, but I cannot predict her success. It seems that Google may be susceptible because it has a virtual monopoly on the internet, and perhaps can be considered a “public forum” that may not censor speech unless it is actually inciting violence.

  6. Time to shut down Goolag and federalize their assets. They are closer to a public utility than a private company anyway.

      • Because allowing one company to effectively control access to the internet for the majority of the population is a MUCH better idea. /sarc. This isn’t just about gun rights. Goolag is a virtual monopoly. They need to be broken up.

  7. The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. And if one controls the source of information then they control the minds of the masses.

    • There is a tipping point coming.

      When the 1st amendment becomes censored for a large enough group of people and the tyranny goes from subtle positioning and labeling to affecting profitability, livelihood, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, then the 2nd amendment will be a more inviting option to use to stop the tyranny if/when diplomacy fails — as intended by the founding fathers.

      If big companies and the Left leaders think they are untouchable, they would be wise to open a history book.

      Particularly in this age of the internet where everything is public knowledge.

      • Particularly in this age of the internet where everything is public knowledge.

        … if you can actually find the information/content that you desire. The major problem: Google and YouTube are the primary and secondary gatekeepers to finding/accessing all information and content. Now that they are coming out in full force to censor information and content, it greatly hampers EVERYONE’S ability to find that information and content that they desire.

        • Ah I was referring to a scenario where they refuse to stop even at the request of a high court of law and or executive order.

          They still have physical server spaces and buildings that can be siezed. And the addresses of their leadership aren’t that hard to find.

          Evil takes a foothold when good people aren’t paying attention and do nothing when they see it.

  8. If this isn’t a glaring business opportunity for a soon-to-be richer gun manufacturer, company, or sponser…

  9. I could’ve sworn the latest “act of terror” involved a car. Are they demonetizing all videos pertaining to that car model? Particularly the ones in “assault black”?

  10. It its this bad now under a “Gun Friendly” President what will it be like under Hillery Clinton when her party brilliantly runs here again.

  11. Maybe Full30 will adapt their policies to the changing marketplace? These things tend to be self correcting in a free market, even if it turns out to be a niche one.

    • Wiregrass,


  12. I can 110% percent confirm this. I noticed on my that videos that had been monetized for two or more years were suddenly “yellow” and no longer eligible for monetization on Monday or Tuesday. I have a channel for fun, and put up content when I like and on what I like. I have about 2800 subscribers and a little more than 700k views. I’ve never do anything illegal in my vidoes or shown you anything that you wouldn’t have learned in 6th grade science class.

    I’ve earned a whopping total of $446 from the monetization program – certainly not doing much with that money give the time that goes into shooting a video and publishing it.

    Here are some other things i found out from this new demonitization process.

    1. Your videos are not search listed or are given a low rank that puts them at the end of the search where no one looks.
    2. The videos are not shown as suggested videos.
    3. The manual review process, in the past, has taken months.
    4. The monetize/demontized algorithm is totally based on keywords.

    So, I’ve come a few conclusions.
    1. I’m going to demonize all my videos.
    2. No more feeding the beast. I’m going to let youtube host my videos for free. I may just let the gopro run on the bird feeder and stream it live and archive the video for viewing – and I won’t monetize that. Let youtube absorb the cost of hosting useless video.
    3. You shouldn’t feed the beast. Use and adblocker and don’t be a monetized view for any channel. Until monetized views fall off for the youtube superstars (2m+ subscribers), nothing will change.
    4. When you see gun content, share it on other platforms so the discover continues without youtube search.

    Full 30 isn’t an option. Full 30 can’t host every channel, it picks and chooses its creators and only accepted those who had a really big youtube following. So don’t expect new content to popup there from a channel that wasn’t doing 100k views/day on another platform.

    One last thing. This isn’t a plug for my own channel. Infact if you do decide to see my videos, please use and adblocker and don’t feed the youtube beast.

    If you want to see how sick youtube is as a company, it’s doing nothing about ELSAGATE – really look it up. They won’t even age restrict those videos, so you really have to wonder what their agenda is.

  13. I rarely watch gun channels but this really pizzes me off. Like effing Bloomberg spending millions running ads supporting a sweet beverage tax in Cook County. WE need to be as ruthless as these leftard pricks…

    • But the sugar tax is pissing off so many people I will be surprised if Preckwinkle survives this one.

  14. Bernie booster opens fire on (R)’s playing baseball = just a crazy nut
    Nazi LARPing fuck kills white lady with his car at an astroturf event organized by an Occupy shill = everyone and everything that isn’t aligned with Hillary Clinton must DIE!!!!!!!! BBBBLLLAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    It isn’t having the totality of media and government against me that really hurts. It’s that they’re all a bunch of derping jackoffs who think I’m too stupid to see what they’re doing that pisses me off.

    Round me up, throw me into a camp, lock me in a stockade, shoot me dead in the street. Fine. Just don’t pretend this is all something it’s not when you and I both know damn well what it is.

  15. Historians will one day write about how the 2nd U.S. Civil War started online before spilling over into reality. The war will have nothing to do with race, despite one side’s attempts to characterize it that way. It will be a war between American ideals of freedom vs. Secular Progressive ideals of Fascism.

    • Tyranny starts with controlling information.

      This is basically like Game of Thrones. A bunch of powerful nerds are playing games with everyone and have been since the internet was invented. At first it was to make a dollar. But they realized a while back that more than money they had the power to effect the world politically and economically and it’s slowly revealing itself.

      Google, Facebook, Amazon, Hollywood, and all these super companies may as well be mini governments. This is nothing new, but people seem blind to it until it’s too late. The beauty of the illusion of consumerism and “free information”.

      Nothing is free. Media bias is just a small layer of the onion.

  16. ‘Member when all these guys got started before ads were monetized at all..? We’ll survive, we just won’t have professional bearded professionals making a living from this alone. I think it might actually be a healthy change for us; monetization is anathema to quality content & a focused message. The profit motive invites ‘cheating’ via clickbait and off topic controversy.

  17. Meh…youtube is a business and is private technology property owned by google, investors, board members or whatever…they can do with it as they please. Property rights crush all other rights. I read that here in the comments on TTAG -which surprisingly enough came from self proclaimed business owners that serve the general public but were afraid of open carry.

    • If that were true, then why can’t wedding photographers and bakers choose whom to serve? There can’t be one set of rules for liberal idiots at Google and another set of rules for “Auntie Em’s” bakery.

      • I agree completely. I’m constantly hoping to see evidence equal application of constitutional protection in the courts.

      • It is quite simple really. There are laws prohibiting discrimination against people based on religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, or country of origin. Thus a baker cannot discriminate against gays or Jews or Muslims or Catholics or “foreigners”. But there are no laws prohibiting discrimination against gun owners, gun videos, etc., etc.

      • Because there are specific statutes that apply to those bakers and the people they wish to refuse service to that don’t apply to people who like guns.

        • I think there is a big difference between sole proprietor bakers and large, publicly traded, corporations.

          It seems to me that the sole proprietor should not loose his 1st Amendment freedom of religion to public accommodation laws. “Congress shall make no law…” extends to State and local governments through the 14th Amendment.

          Publicly-traded corporations are not individuals and, therefore, the Constitutional protections afforded citizens should not apply.

    • “Property rights crush all other rights.” That would be nice, but isn’t the case in our society as the individual above me mentioned. If you are a business owner you can be forced to serve the public. I know it’s not libertarian.

  18. I guess videos on statues of Confederate soldiers and slave owning or allegedly racist politicians are next, if they have not already been removed?

    • Many conservative commentators are being demonetized or having videos pulled by the censors. Already well under way.

      • Naw, people get enough documentaries about Lincoln, Wilson, Johnson, and Roosevelt in public school

    • Anything that edgy was demonetized months ago. For example, Steven Crowder (, a conservative who does a FCC complaint talk show with funny skits comparable to the Daily Show was driven off youtube due to demonetization, even though he had a huge following. He is now with CRTV, which uses a direct subscription model. He still posts videos on youtube and likes to troll them. 🙂

  19. Full30 and may be worth checking out.

    Youtube and all of Google are completely hostile to anyone who disagrees with them about anything. This internal memo fiasco over Damore’s comments is a great example of the hostile group-think at Google.

    Damore is in favor of diversifying the workplace. He simply pointed out that Google was failing to do so with existing policies and offered some alternatives. The CEO cut short his vacation, the “Chief Diversity Officer” wet her pants, and several Google employees were “offended.” Then Damore was fired because he spoke the truth.

    Can you imagine what would have happened if Damore had used the word “gun?”

    • Point: Antitrust law probably should allow for the break-up of these tech giants, but probably won’t.

      It’s a great idea, but 1) it’s supper expensive, 2) both the right and left wing of the SC are hostile to anti-trust laws. The right reasons that “this” monopoly is ok because it promotes business by creating a market that wouldn’t exist without the monopoly. (Sports leagues like the NCAA). The left reasons something about how it protects consumers. I can’t remember the details. My Mac with all my notes crashed, and I think my anti-trust book from law school is in my attic.

      The argument for Google would probably be something about how they’re not a monopoly because their market share could disappear in short order. That argument would probably win.

  20. Nobody will like it, but I’ll say it anyway; The likes of Google, Facebook, and all of the internet service providers have become too big and are monopolizing control of the internet. They should be reclassified as critical “public utilities” and regulated to provide a level playing field for all legal activities.

  21. Why does this smell as if closely connected to the recent events in Charlottesville? The thought police are out in force. The confrontations with violent leftists will only increase as we go forward. At some point we are going to reach a tipping point which will spill into widespread civil unrest. I don’t think the leftists are prepared for the war they want….but it will be the war they get.

    • Each of their dead a martyr, and a call to revenge. Each of ours a righteous punishment that emboldens more.

      Compare this orgasm of hatred toward everything non-leftist you see to the aftermath of the Dallas police killings or the attacks on Republican congressmen and it is shockingly clear.

    • It is directly linked. America is in a moral panic about phantom Nazis so the Left is seizing the moment to move the Overton window on acceptable free speech. Demonetization and no-platforming has been happening to all right leaning Youtube channels for a while. The SJW skeptic channels, the traditional living channels, everything non-leftist got hit hard today. The Right has to respond with strong moral clarity to defend free speech. Sadly, I don’t have much confidence they will. When you get right down to it Republicans are about staying in power and raking in corporate money the same as the Dems. America is in deep trouble.

  22. Hopefully the past decade serves as a lesson for us. Don’t ever get in bed with liberals to help support your message. What aid they give they will take away, when they come to censor you.

  23. Tim, im an avid fan of MAC, as well as many other gun channels. If you tell us how to best organize to get our voices heard by Alphabet/Youtube many of us will be happy to take action in a concerted way. Please help us organize an effective strategy.

    • From all of us, thank you. Right now we’re fighting this through our reps at YouTube and through our Networks (who are supposed to support us). If we make not progress and YouTube continues with this, we may have to figure out a way to bombard them with emails. I greatly appreciate your support, and if I may speak for the other channels, so do they.

  24. Here at the Google Ministry of Truth und Information; Ve have vays to stop you from talking. Sieg Heil Pichai.

  25. What? Impossible! The first rule of Google is “Do no harm!” Like, “don’t fire employees who have something to say about fixing Google sex discrimination.” I guess the only area they care about not harming is their reputation among the leftists . . .

  26. Hey there’s always vidme. Honestly, there’s enough platforms out there now we all need to start searching them, populating them and building them up. Youtube should be something that existing channels post to but delay it say 2-3 days from the other platforms to encourage their use.

  27. How about creating a dedicated 2A video site say…2A Tube. Damn Liberal-tards. I need the government to tell me what to think and how I should feel.NOT!!!!

  28. “We need a new internet.”

    tl;dr: We’ll end up routing around the blockages, because the underlying tech was designed to do exactly that. I am hopeful.

    Well, from time to time I kick $ to the places I frequent, since I won’t accept ads. We’re already seeing incremental “new internet” as popular sites offer options to pay to see w/o ads, or block content if you have an ad blocker.

    Mass market destinations are in an interesting vice. Their model is intrinsically self-defeating; more so with essentially infinite channels. I suspect the web content future is minor-fee-for-access, plus interest-based curated content. I never enjoyed wading through the stuff they published to get more mass-market perusals — these days called “clickbait” — to get to stuff worth reading. I’d rather skip the intermediate step.

    Whoever realizes that the massive data and tech they’re using to narrowcast “relevant” ads into a mass market, could be used to narrowcast content you actually care about, will make a killing. The established players based on “get big fast” can’t get it — it’s not what got them were they are. BUT, for example, back in the day Amazon featured recommendation and topic-based lists, suggesting you check out suggestions who ordered something like you did, wrote a review you liked, or similar. Inch by inch they buried that behind fully automated “affinity” recommendations generated by their compu-hive.

    Back in the day I couldn’t hit a recommendations list without spending hundreds. Now, I ignore the lame, shallow “like what we already know, you’ve already bought” recommendations. More of the same is shallow. A little further into what you already seem to like is gold.

    We’re seeing the end-state of people treated as sheeple, cash cows to be milked, not customers to be served.

    Fortunately, the tech supports another diaspora.

    With the somewhat exception of DNS — how the names you type resolve into physical routing — the protocols that make up the internet are arbitrarily inclusive. (This is why the recent turn over of domain registration to arms of the UN is such a bad idea. The People Who Know Better get to administer the only part of the tech it’s hard to route around.)

    I forget the source, but back in the day regarding attempts at blocking smut, one nerd put it exactly right: “The internet sees censorship as damage and routes around it.” This is what happens when your interntworking tech had the explicit design goal of maintaining communication when the red hordes start taking out comm hubs. There’s plenty of singular-ish choke points here and there, but these are *arbitrary artifacts of implementation* not intrinsic to the design. The minute they become a problem to somebody, they can be routed around. Why do we think there is a darknet? Hell, if saner heads eventually manage to purge the globe-spanning vapidity that is FaceTwit, the addicted to their pseudo-praise will route around it.

    On top of the routing, the links, content, and wetware tend to converge on particular gatekeeping nodes. But that erodes as soon as the impulse-monkeys want something other than what they can reach.

    As they keep raising barriers, I predict reversions. People will roll their own, this or that. Under pressure, 80/20 the law will come to recognize the plumbing as a utility — No, you can’t discriminate based on content. With services on top, driving business away is a good way to go broke. AmaYouGoogFaceTwit is driving themselves the way of the name-brand networks and media companies. It may be comfortable to be a self-selected cool kids’ club, but it ain’t lucrative unless you can keep the wanna-be’s paying a toll to sit at your table at lunch. Ad-supported “free” services lose when they exclude customers. If you want to narrowcast to the easily offended, that’s fine, but they’re not used to paying for their fun (or doing real work.)

    • The circle(jerk) of corporate market-ossification, destruction, and renewal. I think you may have even identified the source of the eventual rebirth; the DNS providers’ convenient/tempting choke point as far as most users access point to the web. The gate-keepers are always the ones driving the rent-seeking behavior that destroys an innovative economy, and they’re always the ones eventually bypassed –like damage, as your paraphrasing so eloquently put it– by whatever paradigm comes to dominate in the next cycle. Maybe it’ll be as simple as cheap & easy satcom access to the average user; no longer subject to any sort of geographical routing bottleneck or choke point (anyone anywhere can connect to a satellite that hails from anywhere on Earth & can be owned by anyone; very hard to then restrict anybody’s access to anything, similar to the earlier generations of the land-line internet. Especially with the rise of cryptographic transmission of data and currency). If laser-based, it could even be entirely undetectable/unstoppable by any host nation short of targeting the satellite or hacking the data stream.

    • “like what we already know, you’ve already bought” – It makes sense for my office supplies, but not so much for my books. I already bought that book. It’s on my shelf. I can go read it. I don’t need to buy it again.

  29. Somehow I dont think its a coincidence that this happened on the heels of Operation Chokepoint being cancelled.

    • It’s not all grand conspiracies. We can all blame pwediepie. Google got in the business of turning the strategy of cable carrier bulk ad buys up to 11. You bought plays rather than specific air time and location for less. Goggle was taking a very broad pool of ads and attaching them to literally everything and anything short of porn. Pewdiepie decided to turn broadly acceptable gamin commentary into bad racist jokes and people who liked the fact their ads were tied to millions of views for cheap suddenly didn’t like the deal. Since then youtube has been radically altering their monetization process and policy.

      You don’t see a lot of ad buys in political newsletters. You don’t see a lot of ad buys from tide, or disney, etc. in gun magazines. You never did. Google wants to sell ads and keep the most of it they can. This has impacted a LOT of stuff, not just shooting videos. Heck, it’s seriously hurting a lot of family friendly channels’ revenue streams as well.

      All that content was a hook to get customers in the door. The customers being advertisers. Now that they are in the door, and they have requested a better means of controlling their pitch, google will be happy to sell it to them at a premium and screw over the content producers. Because where else are they going to go?

  30. When I cut the cord years ago, I replaced it with a lot of good youtube videos. I watched lots of DIY videos for cars, guns, and other hobbies of mine. Back around 2011-2013 the selection was pretty good. It really exploded after the Sandy Hook shooting for gun channels, and then has subsided. A lot of the bigger channels now are putting out content, but it isn’t what it used to be. The smaller channels which may have had a bit more of a niche following have dropped off to almost no content. Some of them have jumped ship entirely and gone to full30 exclusively.

    Full30 has a decent selection right now. They have ads and commercials that I don’t mind sitting through, even if I’ve seen it a few times. It’s actually ads for companies that I buy stuff from! Two of my favorite channels are Forgotten Weapons and InRange. Ian and Karl make videos that perfectly fit into what I want to see.

    I have a feeling that in a few years, gun channels are going to be purposefully targeted along with any opinion channels with dissenting ideas from the leftist/marxist/SJW ideology that Goolag has seemed to fully embrace.

  31. Many of the channels I watch have been shut down. Lots of people are looking for an alternative site that is not owned by the shit eaters at Google. Bet your boots the evil empire will be coming down hard on gun channels. It’s just a matter of time. There’s a good opportunity here for a tech entrepreneur to start a site that doesn’t have its goddamn nose in everyone’s business.

  32. So where’s the NRA on this?? I’m beginning to think Yankee Marshal is right about this organization.

  33. The “demonitization” of YouTube channels doesn’t just affect firearm related ones only. It touches anything deemed “not family-friendly”, and in that, even some cooking channels that demonstrate butchery techniques have been hit with restrictions.

  34. Solutions besides letting the government censor YouTube , which would be worse.

    1. The rush Limbaugh model. Include revinue share deals in your broadcast. Nobody would advertise on rush at first. So he gave his show away to radio stations in exchange for ad time he could use to sell things. Then he marketed affiliate stuff

    2. Our own sites.

    3. Apps that would allow us to use the “normal ” sites and our sites together. As in a big feed that combines Facebook and ” free book ” or whatever we call the replacent.

    4. Legal pressure. Instead of making google a public utility , the government should allow anybody to sue them for the content they host as if they produced it. In other words if they are going to get the common carrier exemption from liability they need to. Or regulate the content they send over their network. This is already the law. Trumps DOJ and private parties could easily this for civil and criminal actions.

  35. to the rescue. While in early beta, it is a media content sharing platform built with blockchain technology. It is decentralized, uncensorable, and it will allow content producers to set their own terms. It is exactly the answer we need to tyrannytube. I strongly urge all gun and free speech advocates to check it out. Remember though, it’s in early beta, so you have to take that into account.

  36. YouTube should ditch all the crass “hunting” channels that amount to little more than animals getting shot on camera with yee-haws laughing as they go down, with the usual cry of “nice shot!” There is no moral purpose to death-based entertainment. Something that teaches survival hunting skills is different, but most such videos are just showing projectile impacts (look up “kill shots” if you have any doubts).

    Some gun channels are more informational but guns are causing too many problems in society to be a righteous topic for videos. Everyone knows that they kill and the rest is details. They don’t need any extra promotion on a website where kids and moral-thinking people are tired of stumbling onto death-oriented content. It comes down to common decency. Put it on a site specifically about guns and get your own bandwidth if it’s so bloody important.

    • YouTube should actually leave them the hell alone, if anything. There need not be any “moral” purpose to hunting, either — especially not your definition of a “moral” purpose, whatever that may be.

      It’s not inanimate objects that are even causing trouble to begin with, and to say they are — which they aren’t no matter you or anyone else says — IS in fact to ascribe actual power to what you DO obviously perceive to be a talisman of some sort. Guns don’t kill, anyway, it’s actually people that do. Sometimes with guns. THAT is what everyone knows, including you. You don’t get to arbitrarily dictate what “needs” any “extra promotion,” whatever that’s supposed to mean, either, and actually moral-thinking people (i.e. NOT you) are tired of stumbling into non-sequitur (non)arguments from sophists like you. It does come down to common decency: and you have none. Gun channels DON’T “need to,” and ARE NOT GOING TO for the foreseeable future, move anywhere just because you said so.

      Get over yourself and let people make and watch what they want. If you don’t want to watch it, then simply don’t. THAT — and ONLY that — is your recourse. No one is forcing you to do anything and, no, you’re NOT “stumbling into it,” either. It’s a CHOICE to click on that video. Start making your own decisions.

  37. or how about you quit whining about not making money on a website designed to be social, and free to the people for the people? you turned youtube into a business and it ruined youtube. now its a bunch of money hungry prostitutes complaining about “i need money to keep my channel going, i just can’t share anything without it” when every started off doing their channel for free..i hope all business minded youtubers get are scum

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