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Virginia Tech was the site of one of the bloodiest school shootings in the history of the United States. On that day a single gunman killed 33 people and injured 25 more before he took his own life. Many of us on this site believe the vast majority of those deaths could have been prevented by a single legally armed citizen and their firearm, but thanks to gun-free school laws and policies every victim was unarmed and┬ádefenseless. The Virginia Citizens Defense League, Virginia’s firearms owner rights protection group, just announced their plans to hold a protest on November 17th on the Virginia Tech campus to promote the legalization of concealed firearms on campus (with the proper permits, of course). Make the jump for more information from the Ammoland article.

We have approval for the protest from 8 AM to 4 PM on Thursday, November 17th. While some of us will be there early, the main protest will start at 11:30 AM and run until 4 PM. Speakers will start at 12 Noon and continue until 1:30 PM. We will need lots of people to carry signs, pass out literature, and answer questions.

This should be an excellent day to be on campus as it is a game day (UNC vs VT), allowing us maximum visibility. We are also looking at having a presence in nearby Blacksburg.

The protest will be held in front of the Squires Student Center (College Ave./Otey Street side), not far from the town of Blacksburg or the VT Drillfield.

Given the proximity to Washington, D.C. and the Brady campaign headquarters it will be interesting to see what (if any) reaction they have.

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  1. First comment ever here, but i’ve been stalking the site for a long time. To go along with this article. There is an upcoming court case in WV where a student of a community college was “arrested” for carrying on campus. He violated school policy but his lawyer is challenging that he did not break the law. The lawyer is arguing the definition of what a secondary education facility is in WV Code ┬ž 61-7-11(b). The lawyer argues that “secondary” education applies to highschools not community colleges or colleges/universities. Should be an interesting one to keep up on. Heres a link to a local new article on it.


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