Utah’s Sea Bears Ogden Fish House Restaurant Features Kilt-Wearing Open Carry Servers

Sea Bears restaruant staff (courtesy sltrib.com)

I’m a little confused as to why servers at Ogden, Utah’s Sea Bears Ogden Fish House wear kilts. But I have no doubt as to why they open carry. “Tony and Monika Siebers, of North Salt Lake, are owners of Sea Bears,” sltrib.com reports. “They’re also staunch supporters of the right to bear arms. As such, servers at the restaurant — which, thus far, have primarily been immediate family members — are invited to open-carry the firearm of their choice. ‘We support the Second Amendment,’ Tony said.” ‘Nuff said? How about this . . .

The 46-year-old says they’ve been open-carrying at the restaurant for almost a year now. He calls it a safety issue.

“It’s a downtown business dealing with money, we’re closing down at night, my wife has to get to her car out back,” Tony said. “So we just said, ‘Let’s get our concealed-carry permits.'”

And why not discourage armed robbery by open carry? According to the report, only two Fish House customers have complained. All customers are “allowed” to open carry, as well. As long as customers’ guns remain holstered, all is well.

Tony said they don’t often see open-carry customers in the restaurant, but he believes many of them are armed.

“Especially here in Utah, everywhere you go, there’s one or more person carrying,” he said. “You just don’t know, because they’re concealed. I’d say with about half of our customers, at least one person in the group probably carries.”

Guns carried by Sea Bears staff: Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, EAA revolver (or the SCCY 9mm) and Smith & Wesson .357 Magnums (“Collin prefers one with a longer barrel while Chase goes for the shorter barrel”).


  1. avatar Chadwick P. says:

    I’m going there and I hope they have fish and chips!

    1. avatar Katy says:

      Front of their menu oroclaims they are known for the fish and chips. Their prices are a bit steep, although I suppose I must make some allowances for their distance from coastal waters.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Good fish and chips are worth the price.

        1. avatar Chadwick P. says:

          I’d certainly have to agree with that.

  2. avatar Linkinarmory.com says:

    Why not? There needs to be a shift in the view of firearms back to the day when it was expected you would be armed. As many people own firearms today as they ever have……they’re just afraid to show it as it has become taboo.

    1. avatar Erin Bliss says:


      1. avatar Heather Z Young says:

        Why not?

  3. avatar Wrightl3 says:

    But but but blood on the grills and flowing into the streets. Ban open carry. FOR THE CHILDREN.

  4. avatar Chip in Florida says:

    Awesome on the kilts! I’m wearing mine tomorrow in solidarity!

  5. avatar Bernard says:

    I bet they also serve delicious Subway hot soup.

    1. avatar 16V says:

      Good eye. Probably half of the small restaurants in the US serve the same Campbell’s commercial product as Subway.

  6. avatar rob says:

    Downtown Ogden is lovingly referred to by many as the armpit of Utah. Don’t get me wrong, its a lovely safe haven compared to the slums of large US cities and legitimate holes outside the US. Several efforts are ongoing to eliminate the gang and drug elements. The Mormon temple seems to be a positive influence. It’s great to see establishments like this. – A fellow Scot near Otown.

  7. avatar 'liljoe says:

    Kilts, open carry… Robert A Heinlen lives on!

    1. avatar fiun dagner says:

      Life is short

      1. avatar Mark Horning says:

        but the years are long.

        1. avatar fiun dagner says:

          Not While the Evil Days come not

  8. avatar Skyler says:

    Unless you’re living in Scotland in the 17th or 18th century, and probably even then, if you’re wearing a kilt, you’re wrong, in oh so many ways.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Well, you know, that’s like just your opinion, man.

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:


        Some folks enjoy the superb ventilation…

      2. avatar Chadwick P. says:

        “Calmer than you dude” would have also been an acceptable response.

    2. avatar Adam says:

      Then I guess me and my fellow bagpipe musicians are “in the wrong” every time we perform. Because we wear kilts AND we carry.

      1. avatar Robert Farago says:

        Picture to [email protected] or it didn’t happen.

  9. avatar eldon says:

    Nothing is worn under the kilt – everything is in perfect working order.

  10. avatar JT-Texas says:

    I looked into getting a kilt once, but they are stupid expensive.

      1. avatar Ducky says:

        That’s $35 +$35 shipping = $70, pretty expensive.

  11. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

    I must really be an OFWG-this just looks like goofy hipster crap. To me anyway. But open carry is cool…

  12. avatar Tom RKBA says:

    OC in low quality holsters! Noobs!

  13. avatar Jaffas says:

    I am not sure I get the low quality holsters bit. way back in the day they were nothing but a leather flat wrapped around a gun with a loop over the top. it seems the more technology we have the more technology we have the more paranoid we become and how and what we do.
    Granted a really cheap holster made out of a piece of cloth could be a dangerous way to carry but even a basic holster for 10 to $20 that is reasonably made with a Loop and a snap to keep it secure is adequate if someone is paying attention to who is around them.
    I am not knocking you expensive super secure holsters by any means it’s just that in many cases I don’t believe they are necessary and someone carrying one that is not as expensive can be just as safe or even safer and someone who is caring a highly technologically made holster and as oblivious as to what is going on around them. as for the Kilts and guns I say fantastic !! When or if I ever make it out to Utah I will stop in there where their fish and chips

    1. avatar Chet Haynes says:

      Reasonable and Realistic Points 😀

  14. avatar jans says:

    Somebody’s gonna get kilt!

  15. avatar Madcap_Magician says:

    It took me a while to figure out what the heck a “Sea Bears Ogden Fish House” was.

    1. avatar AdamTA1 says:

      Agreed I spent 5 mins reading the title to the article trying to decide where the pause should be.

  16. Don’t mess with a Scotsman or you’ll get kilt.

  17. avatar John Thomas says:

    Kilts are ridiculous. Especially the ‘tactical’ ones. You’re free, grown men, so wear what you like. I’m just gonna laugh at you, is all.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      A guy who’s name is English slang for a johnson is gonna laugh at who for what?

  18. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    “I’m a little confused as to why servers at Ogden, Utah’s Sea Bears Ogden Fish House wear kilts.”

    Because there’s no accounting for taste, really.

    With apologies again to The Blogfather: I, for one, want to live in a world where after closing for the night, tooled-up servers from Sea Bears & The Tilted Kilt can unwind & count their tips together wherever they like … with nobody making a fuss, because it’s nobody’s damn business but theirs.

  19. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    But do they play bagpipes?

    1. avatar Duncan H says:

      No they dont play bagpipes, my ancestors just killed people.

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