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Information is still scarce, but initial reports form local sources indicate that the shooter in today’s incident at SPU was stopped when staff disarmed him as he was reloading. From the article, “Seattle police reported that a lone suspect entered Otto Miller Hall on the university’s campus, shot four victims and was disarmed by staff after he began reloading.” Reloading what we don’t know, but given that the police were searching for a man with a handgun shortly after the shooting started chances are good that it’s a GLOCK of some sort. More information as it becomes available. As for the victims…

Seattle Fire tweeted that the four victims were being taken to Harborview with injuries ranging from minor to life threatening. Medics were administering ongoing CPR to one man on the way to Harborview, SFD tweeted.

Harborview said that they are not expecting any more patients.

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    • It will be interesting if he was using standard-capacity mags.

      Washington doesn’t have any high-cap-mag-ban-foolishness, does it?

      • The shooter had 4 rounds of lethal buckshot to kill his victims! When will the madness stop? No one needs more than 3 shots!


        Nothing to see here, doesn’t fit the gun grabber narrative. Criminals use the tools they have, arbitrary limits don’t affect evil people. Likely bought legally, a low capacity Biden special, bet he passed a background check, bet he is a progressive democrat who favors gun control, and I bet he was on crazy pills.

      • After the background check bill passes in November you can expect that to be next.

      • No. The only restrictions we have above and beyond the federal ones are that “machine guns” are verboten, and so are short-barreled shotguns (SBRs are technically still illegal, but the law has already been signed legalizing them, it just doesn’t go into effect until next year).

        An AWB proposal was floated after Newtown, and that included mag limits, but it died before ever been brought to the floor.

        • Bloomberg and Co. are sponsoring a ballot I believe on whether universal background checks should be made law in the state. It may well pass.

  1. “Harborview Medical Center reports a young adult male who arrived in critical condition has died. A 20-year-old female in critical condition is undergoing surgery. A 24-year-old male is in satisfactory condition. A 22-year-old male is in satisfactory condition.”

  2. Oh lord. Here come the “LET’S MAKE MAGS SMALLER SO MASS SHOOTERS RELOAD MORE!” brand of antis who fail to realize that many mass shootings were accomplished with 10-count mags (just more of them) including the Santa Barbara shooting and two of the absolute worst in terms of lives lost (V-Tech and Columbine). Just because Laughner was stopped in the midst of his frenzy while reloading doesn’t mean a damn thing considering he had 30+-round mags in his Glock and one of them jammed up–and if it hadn’t, the brave intern that charged him would’ve eaten it.

    Hell the Cumbria shootings in the UK were accomplished with a side-by-side shotgun and a bolt action .22 plinker, if memory serves. A low round count is not psychopath deterrence in the least.

      • Not all of them were.
        He bought several magazines through ebay. And ebay didn’t allow sellers to list magazines over ten rounds, because they were concerned it might violate CA law.
        Of course after that they banned magazines entirely.

  3. Great, now their “Attack while they’re reloading reduced magazines!” hoopla has been “vindicated”…

    • That’s when I would attack. It’s not an idea that should be ridiculed, as far as it goes.

      However since the end result would be basically the disarmament of the American people, I don’t care if it saves one life.

      • I don’t think he’s ridiculing the tactic, per se, but rather pointing out that this will lend validity to the shrill screams that no one needs guns when they can just tackle a deranged shooter.

    • This is exactly what I came here to say. This will reinforce the misguided notion that no one needs to carry for protection, when you can just tackle, throw books, etc.

  4. Mayor of Seattle news conference, shooter had a shotgun, tackled by students while reloading, SPD arrived “within a few minutes.”

    • How were people even around after he first racked his shot gun. Everyone should have ran just by the sound.

      • Yeah, like Progressives will let logic get in the way between them and a mag ban.

        “No assault weapons!”
        Err, he used a normal pump action shotgun, the kind you say hunters should be able to keep!
        “Listen to what I MEAN, not what I say!”

      • The facts won’t matter. They’ll spin it and say “it could have been worse; imagine if he’d had a “high-capacity assault weapon”. This will be looked at as validation that needing to reload due to low capacity is what helped save lives.

  5. Firstly, big props to the brave person who took this scumbag down. It takes a scrapper to bring fists to a gun fight.

    Secondly, I’m going to take a wild guess and say this shooter was inexperienced in handling firearms. As in very. I can go from spent mag to shooting again in about three seconds, and that’s without really rushing myself. It’s obvious how the anti’s will marginalize and exploit this tragedy, but it doesn’t take a whole hell of logic and critical thinking to shoot their arguments down. So to speak.

    • Indeed. They’re saying now after the shooter was tackled, multiple students jumped into the pile to disarm him and restrain him. I hope they gave him a good @ss beating until the po-po arrived.

    • I second this one. I don’t think the pro-gun community gives enough kudos to people who resist spree killers with only guts and their bare hands.

  6. Wait, someday in the future, some jihadi-inspired types are going to attack the Heartland and legally armed citizens (non-LEO) are going to interdict the attack. Their legal firepower will prove to win the day and the idea of mag capacities will get turned on its head.

    As I have said since December 2012, if Adam Lanza was named Ahmed Muhammed and was yelling “Allu Ahkbar” as he pulled the trigger in Sandy Hook, the debate in this country would be far different than it is today.

    • Didn’t make a difference at Fort Hood. Just another incident of workplace violence buried when it damaged the progressive narrative that conservatives are the enemy and the muslim extremists are our friends.

      • While that didn’t fit the narrative, remember progressives see less value in military personnel than prison inmates. The prisoners would be votes in the box where as progressives don’t get two sh*ts whether over-seas military ballots get counted or not. They serve up the obligatory “we support the troops” as needed, wrap themselves in the flag and say our veterans deserve better. After the elections, burning the flag will again be “free speech.”

        • Not like the “conservatives” who cut VA funding while Bush paid lip service to “supporting the troops”, refusing to talk to veterans who wanted to address their concerns to him at a veteran’s event.

          Keep thinking that Republican politicians care about you any more than Democratic ones do.

  7. Why are we assuming it was a GLOCK? Did I miss something in the report? The report does say “The shooter began to reload his shotgun…”

    • Right? I appreciate the acknowledgment that “information is still scarceā€¦” Because, you know, it is.

      But why the heck is it likely that the shooter used a Glock? What the hell does that mean? What exactly was the point of that statement?

        • James Yeager always says… all guns should be 9mm and all 9mm should be Glock. Maybe this guy watches too many Yeager videos on Youtube? Ha

  8. A shotgun? I guess we can expect Mike Lupica and assorted fellow idiots to go ahead and use it to call for banning “assault rifles” anyway. Truthfully, tho, I don’t go for this “I hope he used such-and-such a weapon” myself. I really don’t care what he used, and neither do the habitual-liar antis. It was still a tragedy, it is no less of one because it really doesn’t fit the anti’s current narrative. And they will still use it as an excuse to call for the enactment of completely irrelevant (to the actual case) legislation anyway. Hell, they are still lumping Rodger’s first three [male, stabbing] victims in as “victims of a misogynist shooting rampage.”

  9. Cho in Blacksberg.Va used seven annd ten round mags to fire
    194 rounds. At the time the last 30 people were killed, over
    Three hundred cops were on campus responding to earlier two murders. Total cops would grow to over five hundered from 100
    Miles around. The VT complex has over 220 buildings, campus police force 40 officers then 70 today.

    Roanoke, Va

  10. Alright, everyone turn in your semi-auto anything for muskets & flintlocks. The amount of time between reloads will allow anyone & everyone the opportunity to stop and disarm you.

    It would put a high premium on the importance of accuracy and training….no more drive by spray & prays.

    • Oh Goody. I get to keep my Belton flintlock from 1777. (Roman candle style repeating flintlock.)

      Yeah… imagine how rich I’d be if I had one. There are no known surviving examples of it. <sigh>

  11. Just an idea but maybe, just maybe if the news did not splatter these incidents all over the news the next wack job might not get the idea to go shooting up a school, college, etc… The news sensationalize these incidents and some people might see this as a way to be famous.

      • Did I say “Ignore” them? No I didn’t. What I am saying is that maybe if the news coverage was not sensationalized maybe some of these people would not seek fame or be given the idea to take a gun of any kind and start shooting up people. The key word is “Maybe”, not saying it would, but maybe.

  12. So, what was the gun? Shotgun? Revolver? My 10 year old son can swap a magazine in only a few seconds. Wonder why the details that actually matter always get left out until after the Anti’s get to have their pressers?

  13. Someone experienced with a pump-action shotgun could essentially make it bottomless. The fact he was tackled reloading suggests he wasn’t very practiced.

    • Exactly. He pumped it dry. Happily, the shooter had no idea how to run a pump action shotgun.

  14. I am in Seattle, and in fact was near the campus during the shooting. Thankfully did not see or hear anything except a bunch of sirens and helicopters.

    But the story has been wall to wall on the news. Pictures show a bunch of red shotgun shells (Winchester AA’s?)on the floor, but you can’t tell if they’re empties or not. Maybe dropped shells? They’re also reporting the shooter was taken down by a student ‘building monitor’ with pepper spray when reloading, and then the shooter was ‘subdued’ by a handful of students.

    It seems to me that the shooter can’t have been very experienced to get caught while reloading – experienced shotgun guys – like in three gun – can reload tube magazines pretty fast…

    I for one am relieved it wasn’t a Glock with a standard capacity magazine (or God forbid an extended mag). We would have had an immediate push to restrict EVERYTHING. Lefties here get pretty pissed off about our relatively rational gun laws and State Constitutional protections in Washington State.

    • experienced shotgun guys . . . can reload tube magazines pretty fast

      They don’t need to be reloaded. They can be topped off and never need a full reload.

      • those are the ones with the 37 round clip, which includes the shoulder thingy, bullet button. All of which are banned.

    • A lot of commenters here have mentioned that an experienced shotgun guy could keep his weapon running and eliminate the vulnerability during reload.

      I’m just thankful that these crazed shooters haven’t been experienced shooters. Glock vs shotgun, standard capacity vs 10 rounders… Whatever. It’s bad enough the crazies go attacking the innocent and defenseless. I just don’t want one of us to decide to show the world what crazy & skill can do to society.

  15. /sarc Jeesh…You would have think SPU should have been made a “gun free zone”. You know, for the children! /sarc

    • I’d be willing to bet it already was. Too bad the magic sign didn’t work. Again. Still.

    • This. The person who wrote this article may be on the right side of the gun-rights discussion, but spreads mindless drivel just like the rest of the media.

  16. I thought all college student were irresponsible drunk party maniacs and the civilians could not do anything about an active killers?…?tab=video&c=y

    22 year old engineering senior Jon Meis regularly packs …….pepper spray?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank heavens this responsible young man didn’t have a concealed fire arm; 20 or 30 students could have been killed like Virginia Tech

    He graduated in 2010 from a Christian school and did track.

    His cached Facebook page says he like track, Lord of The Rings, Band of Brothers, off-roading in the snow, the NRA, Mossberg, Christian music, and Skillet – hum that’s a good one! check out their play list.

  17. The mainstream meme is already changing! He was a “student security guard” he was “university staff”.
    By the weekend he will be an under cover Seattle swat team member. Arg!!!!!!!!!

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