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Confusion and lies — it’s how gun control advocates advance their position. Because as we all know, there are no actual facts behind their stance; only emotion. So it should probably come as no surprise that the Moms Demand Action crowd duped just about everyone when they posted their triumphant “victory” about getting a Staples store in Virginia to turn their business into a gun free zone. We picked up on this story from Miguel, who has done a little more research into the situation and found out that not only did the MDA crowd never succeed in getting the manager to agree to make the change, but the manager in question never had the power to do so in the first place.


Caller: “I’ve been hearing reports about your store, the particular location, enacting a gun prohibition policy?”

Store: “Yeah, that was a misquote on Facebook. We never had a sign up… They put it in there, and we are trying to get it taken down… But we don’t have that sign on the store… They put a bunch of information on Facebook that wasn’t accurate.“

And the analysis from Bob Owens:

In the specific instance of the Arlington, VA Staples store in question, the manager did not post signs prohibiting legal carry of firearms, and did not even verbally agree to post signs  prohibiting the legal carry of firearms to the best of corporate’s knowledge.

Put in the plainest possible terms, store managers do not have the authority to change corporate policy on a whim, and Moms Demand Action is not only being deceptive in their claims, they are also wasting their time as they descend up stores in groups and attempt to bully unfortunate store managers into compliance with their prohibitionist views

So, the original premise of the article we ran still stands. If the MDA crowd bullies someone into changing their policies, that’s activism. But anyone else is a mean, nasty bully.

Except in this case, the whole situation was completely fabricated by Moms Demand Action from the beginning. There never was a “victory” to trumpet about adding one more store to the list of gun free zones. There never was a reversal by the manager based on input from gun rights supporters. And according to Staples, the manager doesn’t even have the authority to do so.

It really makes you think. If the gun control advocates’ position is the “right” one, then why do they need to make anything up? Why don’t they open the comments sections of they YouTube videos? And why don’t they allow any form of criticism whatsoever on their Facebook page?

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    • I had to read that a couple times, because the way you wrote it made it seem like we are the ‘we’, but I think you meant that they are the ‘we’ in your sentence. I rewrote it for you using some quote marks:

      Gun control 101: “We will never win on facts so just make shit up.”

    • Follow their twitter feeds, they make sh!t up ALL the time. Read their conversations, they are really detached from reality, I mean really detached. They live in their own very strange world.

      • Not to put to fine a point on it, but if you want to believe in gun/weapon control, you NEED to be detached from reality.

        The real world in which bad people can do bad things without fear of consequence in a unarmed society. A reality supported by logic and evidenced by history, to take a stance against that, you MUST be detached. Anyone who has been forced by life experiences to see the world we live in for what it is, can no longer stand for disarmament agendas, even if they themselves could not take another life to preserve their own.

    • Thought there were criminal &/or civil consequences for Slander and Libel? Continuous and repeated lies and twisting of the facts must have consequences other than just ridicule, distrust and voter choice years later. 1st amendment was not intended for intentional misinformation.

  1. The MDA creed: In the absence of an actual victory, an imaginary victory will do just fine. Lie like a false Coral Snake, smile like an angel.

    A very smug angel.

  2. Nothing new, move along now.
    Just like Obama I bet most of their likes are fake accounts or people who are pro gun but following what they are doing. smh…

    • I totally agree with this assessment. I don’t think they have even a quarter of the number of ‘members’ they claim to have. Several marketing firms can give you as many ‘likes’ on facebook as you want just so you appear popular.

      One like = one member? Ha!!!

      • If she’s so good at her job, then how have I arrived at the opinions that healthcare is a nightmare and Monsanto is ruining food?

        Seems like she’s doing the same bang-up job selling the dangers of firearms. I don’t care what’s on the resume–I wouldn’t hire her to run a lemonade stand.

        • Look at the Monsanto stock price and dividends. During her time as part of that org, it did sligtly better for a while than the djia. Having said that, she was part of PR, not the entirety. These positions gave her experience. Keep in mind, she isn’t interested in swaying your position because there are 100’s of others that are more easily pursuaded. Point being, she was involved with some pretty big players who know how to position things and make valid or invalid information work. She works in a wprld of perception – facts are irrelevant.

        • Investor Relations and PR jobs at large firms are glorified overpaid secretarial jobs. They collect bullets from other executives and they make some edits in powerpoint.They do not even go to the bathroom without consulting with in-house attorneys. If she were good at sales or origination, she’d be in sales or origination. The job is to smile and say what the CEO, CFO, and attorneys told you to say without screwing up and getting the company sued or worse. She’s accustomed to having her work scrubbed before it goes public, I predict her half life is about another 6 months before she blows herself up and has to re re re invent herself.

      • It doesn’t even need to be a joke. She is a paid Judas Goat working for Bloomberg’s money and if he quit paying her she would “move on” to a more lucrative position. What do you call a woman who will take a position for money that she wouldn’t take for fun?

  3. “If the cause of gun control was so great, you would not need to blatantly lie to promote it.” ~Shamelessly copied from elsewhere.

  4. Shouldn’t someone on here put this together and send it to Fox. They might air a story about a lying liberal and if Staples will back it up, this might sink Ms. Watts.

  5. It is funny how they can’t help but look sleazy. The one on the right looks like she literally just got away with murder, I can’t help but laugh.

  6. I’m taking a poll.

    Who’s the biggest Liar for Hire in the world — Shannon Twatts or Jay Carney?

    This one is too close to call.

  7. It seems like they made up a story about a small group victory that was being walked back, in order to generate enough outrage in the hopes it might lead them to an actual victory. Not an unheard of strategy. And if you have greater access to media/publicity it can be a winning strategy, as only your side may ever get heard.

    • No, actually they haven’t had a clear-cut victory in quite some time. Most of their recent “victories” occurred after non-battles or were really “rainouts” (think about their Starbuck’s victory fiasco, or their Texas dinner meeting peccadillo).

  8. I’m confused. Why lie about a success, then also lie about it being derailed by pushback from gun owners? Why not just chalk up the fake win and move on to the next fabrication? What was their end game here?

    • I think it is called bullying. They think they can act like they have a lot of political pull. I think their idea was that people would just roll over once they heard the announcement. Bullying is what Dems do best. To announce the agreement true or not is a tactic Dems use for the EPA and other groups to get their way. They lie, distort, or make up statistic for their own advantage. Probably thought that no one would question their announcement.

  9. I’ll add something, that picture up top of here had me a little suspicious earlier. I looked at it for a long time and it damn well looks to me like a carefully planned shot. Like almost every single picture I see that Watts girl in, it looks a little too polished and/or staged to be just a couple of women yukin’ it up at a Staples one Tuesday afternoon. Or whatever.

    From my admittedly amateur photographer’s eye, Watts seems fairly photogenic (albeit partially as a result of an undetermined amount of helpful Lifestyle Lift perhaps). But that still doesn’t explain how any picture of her looks like it was taken by someone who has some decent equipment and knows what they’re doing.

    Everything’s a Potemkin Village with her and these MDA women.

    • it’s pretty simple really. she has an OK photographer on hire who carries around a nice DSLR camera and portable softbox for lighting. that’s what gives the photos that staged lighting quality.

      no cell phone shots or pocket digicam shots for MDA, not polished enough. but it doesn’t take much to get that polish.

      • I bet she said “hey, we appreciate the time you took talking with us, do you think we can get a friendly photo to show how we’re having dialog?” instead of “Hey, can I take a photo of you to use for propaganda purposes?”

  10. Yet the original was posted here, giving them coverage. Which im pretty sure is what they want, relevance. How about no more porno posts?

  11. I was kinda curious about that – my DiL is a territory manager for them down in FL, and she called “bs” on it when I asked her about it…

  12. In my college it was often that a liberal cause would do some sort of camp-out or such. If you even just walked by them without giving any attention, and didn’t give them evil eyes or openly contest them, they considered that as a sign of support for their cause. One group went so far as to state “wear jeans and a t-shirt on Friday to show your support for our cause!!”. Remember, this is a northwest school around mid spring time in the 90’s were everyone college student pretty much already wore jeans/t-shirt already.

    In this Staples case, I’m sure the manager met them for the photo, said something nice about their shoes, and that was probably it. But to the MDA’s eyes/ears, “We are doing it!!!!” and rode that imaginary high-horse unicorn over their delusional starburst rainbow.

  13. Do you truly expect “truth in advertising”? Do you expect to be able to respond to a misleading billboard?

    That’s all they are – a one woman advertising agency.

  14. MDA is all smoke and mirrors. The mainstream media is in their back pocket and will never expose them for the tiny little group of pathetic manipulators/provocateurs that they actually are. I’m surprised they changed their name from “one million moms for gun control” even, I guess they realized they could only get 1/10th of that to like them on facebook and thus become a “member” with no commitment of time or $.

    • They’re starting to seem like the Westboro Church of the anti-gun lobby; sanctimonious and insufferable, but not nearly as influential or important as the media want you to believe.

  15. I posted on their FB page about how they were full of shit and the deleted my comments and blocked me. Yet another sign that they have neither integrity nor a solid argument. We should get everybody to flood them with comments.

    • It’s actually a good sign if you think about it. If they were actually right, they would be able to make us look pretty stupid but all they can do is delete our posts and block us for lack of a valid argument.

  16. “They put it in there, and we are trying to get it taken down”
    So, someone put up an un-authorized sign. I wonjder who?

    • I think that means “They (Staples) are trying to get the erroneous information about them taken down,” not that they’re trying to get the sign taken down.

  17. Yeah we all need to learn that no matter how right you are, you don’t get to be a jerk about it. Not that you need to be a pansy either. Just take a lesson from this and don’t compromise your integrity to be “right” about things.

  18. “Because as we all know, there are no actual facts behind their stance; only emotion”

    Same with the feminists and their claims about numbers and facts.

  19. Is it just me or does the Shannon lady look like she was dropped in with photoshop? That is Shannon there just to the left of the Store Manager, yes?

  20. The fact that I’m not terribly surprised to find this out doesn’t bother me.

    This is my surprised face: 8|

    What bothers me is that there are still people out there that will back her up despite the deception and continue to support her in her efforts (to blatantly lie to the public about everything).

    If her mouth is moving, she’s lying — and so is everyone who agrees with her.

  21. Lies is really all they really have. When the core of their belief is a lie (Gun control is the solution), then all they can do is construct a skyscraper of garbage and lies on top of it.


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