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Trayvon Martin rally (courtesy

Remember the “Trayvon Amendment” that we posted a few days ago? You know, the one that “repealed” the Second Amendment, labeled the NRA as a terrorist organization and levied a tax against gun owners to pay reparations to black people? Well, they saw our post, read the replies in the comments section and decided to post a little something extra themselves. Make the jump for their response to our collective WTF . . .

Your movement is exactly that. Excrement. Bile. Bodies in the street due to your religion of carrying weapons of mass destruction to protect your truck and your tooth.

My measures would ELIMINATE gun violence. It would ELIMINATE poor black children being murdered by sociopaths (and then being aquited by a jury of racists like B37).

Nothing good has come from Florida. The dictator Bush, Trayvon’s death at the hands of a sociopath.

We will win this war.

Repeal it.

So, quick rebuttal.

First, the claims of “blood in the streets” as a result of concealed carry have been thoroughly debunked. Gun owners are more law abiding than even the police, committing an order of magnitude fewer murders. And for those who are appalled at the level of “gun violence” in this country, one would think that they should look for a more effective way of reducing those numbers than blaming the 9.4 million people who are responsible for fewer than 55 murders a year* while looking past the other 15,000 annual firearms-related deaths.

Second, the measures listed wouldn’t eliminate “gun violence.” The exact same measures that this person is demanding are in place today in Venezuela and Mexico. How’s that working out for them? Those are two countries with the highest firearms-related murder rates in the world. Even Norway has similar measures, and that didn’t stop a guy named Anders Breivik from committing one of the worst mass shootings in the history of the world. Ever. The idea that a piece of paper will solve all the ills of the world is more than a little naive.

Third, I submit that many excellent things have come from Florida. The Apollo missions, Walt Disney World, orange juice and KAC, just to name a few. So there.

Basically, this person is wrong on all counts. Just FYI.


* This site lists a total of 9,430,810 licensed CHL holders. The VPC says that Florida has the most murders by CHL holders in the USA, at .583/100,000. Assuming worst case scenario, that’s 54.98 murders per year.

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  1. This guy sounds like a ranting hobo lunatic.

    I apologize in advance to all ranting hobo lunatics who might be offended by the comparison.





      • no, no, no. “hobo lunatic” just doesn’t work. hoplo(phobic) lunatic is better. hoplunatic? hoplotic? hoplonatic? any thoughts?

        FYI i’m trying to describe a hoplophobe with an *extra* side of loony… or vice versa.

        • Well, OK, thanks, but I don’t recall you ever saying anything bad about me. Probably because if you had, I just ignored it and let it go out the other ear. 🙂

        • The term “hobo” came from a sort of contraction for “homeward bound,” applied to the guys who came home from Episode I of the World War into the teeth of the depression. My Mom (who was born in 1916) used to tell stories of hobos who would come by and offer to do a day’s work in exchange for a meal and a flop in the barn. On a farm, there’s ALWAYS something that needs to be done and a strong back and pair of hands is always welcome. The guy would split logs or whatever all day, eat, sleep on the barn, and move on to his next way station. A hobo is much, much different from a tramp or a bum.

          I still like my term “anti-gun nut.”

        • Rich,
          Thanks for the history. It demonstrates how amaerica and the world has changed. These guys would work for a meal and a place to stay now millions demand we give them money, food and a whole house so they can lay around and do absolutely nothing except complain they ain’t getting enough free stuff.

        • Ny Grandpa on my Dad’s side was a doctor who worked through the depression. I used to hear stories about how patients would pay Grandpa with chickens and stuff. The house where they lived and we visited all the time was given to Grandpa as payment for assisting in the birth of some rich guy’s child.

          Dad was a traveling salesman, who met Mom, the farmer’s daughter, when he picked her and her friend up hitchhiking to Mom’s new job in Mankato at the radio station.

          That’s right, my Dad was a traveling salesman and my Mom was a farmer’s daughter.

          I’m a living punchline. =:-O

    • This is the kind of drek that we, the “People of the Gun”, have to deal with everyday. The rantings of simpleton tools, wallowing in their victimhood and completely detached from reality, reason, data and history. It’s as pathetic as it is amusing. High thinkers like this wingnut are doomed to a tragic Darwinian demise. I won’t be shedding any tears.

    • Ok now. In all fairness… Oh who the heck am I kidding, how can I even respond to this persons comments?
      Really it is so over the top racist, and naive I don’t even know where to start. I guess Nick did the best he could. I simply can not fathom how this particular person actually thinks that we as gun owners are all white hood wearing, truck driving one tooth hicks? We know clearly that the African American community in Florida benefits from stand your ground laws more than whites. We also know violent crime has been dropping considerably over the last 30 years. Teen gun death is also at a 39 year low.
      So really this individual simply came back and screamed profanities with emotion but no fact, then went on their marry way. I am simply shaking my head.

      • In essence, showing how much of an immature, little child they are. Children act on emotions. Mentally mature adults tend to rely more on logic, reasoning, and real facts.

        • Ideally, they’re balanced. Emotion without intellect can be brutish, and intellect without emotion can be sociopathic.

    • Come on TTAG – You guys haven fallen into the honeypot of all troll/hobo lunatic traps… stop giving this guy press time.

      Arguing with him is like trying to get a whale to ride a tricycle.

    • Seriously, man, you shouldn’t be dissin’ the ranting hobo lunatics by comparing them to these leaping, flaming a**hole wack-job idiots with their Trayvon Amendment. And just as a matter of curiosity, which particular tooth do they think we will defend? (“…to protect your truck and your tooth.”)

        • Aye.

          Nick needs to get his troll detector calibrated. The first screed was painfully obvious as a troll, and this “response” even more so. Stop letting this bored kid wind you up.

          I understand the need to generate content, but this kind of blatant click-bait doesn’t do much for the quality of TTAG. Sometimes you gotta resist hitting that “Post” button.

        • Under bridges/in mom’s basement…

          Picking nits: if I’m remembering my Roberts Rules of Order correctly, gotta have a motion to vote before it can be seconded.

    • This guy has touched a hot button and gotten his 15 minutes of fame with his satirical “Treyvon’s Amendment”. Now he has the massive soapbox of TTAG to help pump up his 15 minutes and smear this into the face of the racist anti-2A crowd that buys into it and thinks it’s a good idea? He is intentionally allowing them to make fools of themselves and his willingness to reply here with even more non-sensical rhetoric just amplifies the tactic.

      The real problem is that so many people here have such a (well deserved) low opinion of pro-Treyvon and anti-2A groups that they are absolutely willing to believe that this could possibly be a real proposition for a Constitutional amendment.

      • Well CliffH; think about it, millions of people believe that a sign on the side of a building will keep out a homicidal maniac with a gun; and; they believe a gun has the power to turn an average law abiding person into a homicidal maniac if they pick up that gun and hold it in their hand.

        So with this level of insanity already proven; what’s a little more to be believed as shown by this poster; if history is a predictor of future behavior; why not believe the level of insanity of this guy is real?

        • Really? The guy signs the document as Richard Cabeza (Dick Head). What are the odds this is a real person and not a troll’s pseudonym?

        • I re-read the original post by the guy you say is Richard Cabeza at the web site “Trayvons Amendment’, The guy’s web site looks like he’s serious about his proposal; and that he’s serious about repealing the second amendment. most of what he is proposing is what many of the anti-gun crowd has already made very clear they want. He just distills all of them to there illogical extreme.

          Is he a troll? difficult to say; but if he got passed what he is proposing, the anti-gunners would be cheering.

        • You are correct, sir. This Travon Amendment weirdo, troll though he may be, did an excellent job of showing just exactly what the antis believe. Is it ridiculously over-the-top crazy? You bet! But we all know that these exact measures would delight the likes of Feinstein and Reid (and maybe not even be enough in some cases).

    • Either way, ignoring is the best option… i.e. please stop giving these people a platform, even if it is one that just serves to rile up gun owners, ttag.

      • It’s neither. Treason is acting against the Constitution, where this is mere buffoonery, and sedition is speaking against the ruling elite, and he’s right in their pocket. Probably checking for turds, which seem to be his favorite topic.
        I don’t quite know whether I should have labeled that last sentence sarcastic or not. But I definitely see Poe’s law in action. Until I looked it up, I was wondering, “What did Edgar Allen Poe have to do with gun control boobs or scatology?”

  2. Ugh. This shit again.

    This troll deserves no response. He is beneath contempt. The response he gave (quoted above) was actually a response to a comment I left. The word “movement” he uses came from my comment, where I said, in part

    To the rest of the readers here, I strongly encourage you to not take the bait. No good whatsoever can come of it.

    If there is a better example of someone “fishing for quotes that will ultimately be used to tar our entire movement” than this, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

    Nick did a good job of rebutting his individual “points” (and I think I’m being entirely too generous giving them that much credit), and that ought to be the end of it. This guy is yesterday’s news, and he’s already had more attention than he deserves. I’d rather read more about Shannon Watts than this troll.

  3. This person, and this idea, don’t deserve this much attention. Dude is a moron. The idea goes nowhere. Let’s talk about something interesting.

  4. There is no war between our movement and the antis, any more then there is a war between men and unevolved maggots.

    The 2nd Amendment is law.So is the right to keep and bear arms.Therefore, there is no debate, war, or conflict thereof.

    The anti gun movement has ascended from the dust of irrelevancy, and to that dust it shall return.

    • Correction, sir – the Second Amendment is NOT law, it is the enumeration in the Constitution of a natural right which the Constitution prohibits the government from infringing.

  5. It is good to see what this idiot and likely gang banger sympathizer has to say. However, it was a waste of electrons to respond rationally to this clown’s non argument. I think this falls under the “we report, you decide” rubric.

    • Right? I’m having trouble keeping track of all my newly acquired labels. To date I’m a racist, misogynist, insurrectionist, terrorist, bully, pvssy, meat shield, baby killer, invader and a gun nut. Crimony. Did I miss any?

        • I think I’m going to go cry in my beer now. My self esteem has been brutalized enough for one fortnight.

        • OMG I just shot soda out my nose.
          We might as well all commit mass suicide, I mean we I don’t know the thought now that my manhood is small is just too much! 😉

        • @Daniel,

          They’d be ecstatic if gun owners, and the armed intelligentsia were to do exactly that: commit mass suicide.

        • Under some other article, one of our esteemed colleagues quipped (in mock response to a grabber), <paraphrase>”So, when some home invader comes at you with his Saturday Night Special, you intend to fend him off with your enormous penis? I’ll use my Glock, thanks anyway.”</paraphrase>

      • OK. Now my head is going to be stuck in a loop, trying to make an acronym of all those names for a t shirt that TTAG can sell on their merchandise site.
        This might take a bit.

  6. Am I the only one who hates it when people misuse the phrase “weapons of mass destruction”? It has a technical definition, it’s not just “that thing that I don’t understand”.

  7. Didn’t anyone else see the thread on Arfcom? The website and the whole thing was a hoax.
    Dude was a troll. I cannot seem to find the thread now, so maybe the mods trashed it.

    • See Poe’s Law: The idea that without a clear indication of the author’s intent, it is difficult or impossible to tell the difference between an expression of sincere extremism and a parody of extremism.

    • The measure of great satire is the difficulty in telling it from the actual truth. Anybody seen “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”?

      Sacha Baron Cohen also refused to break character when being interviewed regarding this movie, strengthening the satirical aspect by pretending to actually be Borat.

      • Before it was taken down, there was a “rebuttal” site called, complete with an aggrieved statement by the Kazakh president. Hilarious!

  8. Precious!

    Only one question: did this responder come up with that himself, or did he write what the Rev. Farrakhanham dictated to him?

    • Trash upon trash…laugh!

      The “response” could have been simply put up without any analysis; we could do the rest.

      Thanks for the update.

  9. “Nothing good has come from Florida.”

    Millions of kids between the ages of 6-12 will disagree. Disney world is (apparenly) awesome.

    Oh and space rockets, those aren’t good either. The Apollo mission, utter crap, obvi.

    Troll harder, dude. Your tears are delicious.

  10. My rights are more important than your hurt feelings. They are more important than dead gangbanger wannabes. They are more important than dead children.

    That is the ugly truth that this person(and other antis) refuse to acknowledge. Life is risk but life without freedom is meaningless. I’m sure the slaves living on the plantations were perfectly safe, had the owner(government) protecting them and providing everything for them so why would they be unhappy? Same reason why they risked life and limb for freedom. Yes I went there, and no I’m not white so I can’t be racist according to your failed logic.

    • “My rights are more important than your hurt feelings.”

      My rights are more important than your racist, oppressionist, hate driven, illogical, leech on society, anti-American agenda.

      Fixed. 🙂

  11. “We will win this war.”….
    ::cough:: BringItTheF**kOn::cough::
    Sorry, had to clear my throat there…. Did I read that right????

    Morons like these just give me the giggles.

  12. Ask this idiot about the drink called LEEN that Martin was drinking on a regular basis,INGREDIANTS ARE;SKITTLES,SWEET TEA AND THE THIRD INGREDIENT,RHOBATUSSIN,autopsy revealed a destroyed live,REALLY AT 17 YEARS OLDgee how did that happen? let’s see now hmmmm what was Martin buying,oh ya two of the three ingredients,gee what was he texting that night that he wanted ?hmmmm? Oh by the way should we talk about his expulsion from school for bullying and MMA fighting? or the twice being caught with stolen goods and burglary equipment.And wasn’t he hovering over Zimmerman MMA punching and breaking his nose and bashing his head?OH,OH,OH was Martin really 12 years old as the news media made out OR was he 6’2” 180lb football player,HMMMMM?

    • For the love of God, cubby. Sometimes your frothing-at-the-mouth overexcited posting makes sense, but do you understand the concept of trolling? You’re clearly still getting trolled.

      File “leen” or “lean” or whatever it’s called under words I could really go the rest of my life without hearing, at this point.

      Also add to that list “the condition of anyone’s liver at their death.”

      • I’m gonna call B.S. on you, Matt. Cubby’s overexcitable insanity never makes sense. It’s good for a chuckle sometimes, though (but not this time).

        Keep on keepin’ on, Cubster.

    • None of what you typed matters/makes sense. What does the possibility of him making lean have to do with anything? Remember, there’s no proof he was making it either, you just desperately want him to be guilty.

  13. No matter what hate speach they through at us, they still can’t get pased the American public or the congress. Also if for some reason they do get it passed, trying to implement it would couse a cival war. I sure would not give my firearms up.

  14. Wholly Misguided, still, I’ll say a little prayer for Wholly Misguided, that they some day come to understand the facts, as opposed to their emotion, and never, ever need the police on a moment’s notice (who will be only minutes away).

  15. Why would I not be surprised to find out that this guy is a 13-yr spoiled brat living in an upscale liberal neighborhood in Hollywood.

  16. What bodies? I don’t see any bodies, and I have all my teeth thank you.

    Yes because these things worked so well in South America and Europe.

    Black people die just like everyone else, its called life. If your afraid of them being shot by some gangbanger, then give them a gun to help at least make it even. Ever notice crime goes down when the people are armed? And should I assume you don’t care about people of other races?

    Get over Treyvon, he was a racist drug dealing thug.

    What war? The one in your head? A war constitutes two or more opposing forces at each others throats, a number of people screaming racism over an unrelated topic they know nothing about while the rest of us go about our lives isn’t a war, you are a nuisance. And a good 3rd of this country doesn’t even agree with you.

    You are ether an excellent troll or completely diluted.

  17. What would you rather deal with — a loose cannon like the retard who dreamed up the Trayvon (Gangbanger-in-Training) Amendment, or the sneaky puke who writes “I respect the Second Amendment, but . . .”

    Frankly, I prefer the former. They make it clear that this is a culture war, their goal is cultural genocide, and physical genocide is not off the table.

  18. The people of the WELFARE state speak …(DOUBLE SPEAK) and has run several reports about Black 0n White attacks not being reported by the mass news media … I am in Florida and I carry a 357 mag. and 45 ACP as back-up and dammed if I care what law they make………

  19. I really wanted that website to be a troll.

    But this latest response from it makes me question that…

    Oh well. Whatever it says he already been thoroughly debunked anyway. The disarmament lobby has managed to prevent itself from reverting back to total irrelevance, but it will be forced to return there eventually.

  20. I think Mr. Cabeza should tool up and get the process started of disarming us. He would be gone in short order. Of course, it’s hard to disarm The People of the Gun if you plan on hitting us with your purse.

  21. Guns are “weapons of mass destruction”? WHO KNEW? So Saddam DID have WMFs, after all…. I stand corrected.

    These people make me want to break something. They’re lucky they’re not around me.

  22. Blood can flow from the point of a machete, the shrapnel of an explosive, or from the blow of a boot.

    Old Mao/Lenin killed millions by a stroke of a pen. Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 people were killed by machete in 1994 in Rwanda and since then more in other nations.

    And even in the US… I have two words and a date.. Bath, Michigan 1927. 48 killed and 58 wounded by an irate school board treasurer who rigged the school to explode killing many children in class and then a secondary explosive to kill the rescuers.

  23. I’m not sure which Bush they’re saying is from Florida; I know the answer, but I don’t get the feeling they do. 🙂

  24. Someone please tell the stupid focks like this guy, that guns cannot be un-invented and that guns will be used to take the guns of others. K thx and GDIAF

  25. “My measures would ELIMINATE gun violence. It would ELIMINATE poor black children being murdered by sociopaths”

    Chicago for example?

  26. I wonder when this “scholar” will demand to have his 1st Amendment right to use his keyboard repealed?

    TTAG please stop feeding this storyline. It is time for the author to pass back into anonymity.

  27. The true violence is fatherless morally bereft thuggish dope dealing gangsta teenaged n****rs killing each other over turf & just because they have a gun that was obtained illegally be it stolen, bought or traded from another thug. Now I know I’ll be labeled a racist for telling this hard cold truth but, frankly Scarlett I don’t give a damn. In the words of Michael Berry “How you like that BOY!”

  28. This guy is trolling you, and you’re taking the bait. No one in their right mind would engage this guy even if he was serious, yet here’s a relatively respected gun blog engaging him.

    Just stop.

  29. Maybe they should focus on disarming the people doing all the shooting in Camden, Detroit, St. Louis, California and of course Chicago. Once that is successful we can talk about other places.

    I’ll await the results right over here.

  30. Does this room temperature IQ that came up with this “Trayvon Amendment” realize that NOT ONE of the proposals in it would have saved Trayvon’s misguided and ill-chosen life?
    (Three guesses and the first two don’t count.)

  31. This is probably a pretty epic troll, really. I highly doubt anybody is that delusion. MDA isn’t even touching this one, because some silly nonsense like this would really sink their message hardcore.

    On the flipside, the very existence of this, in general, SHOULD be brought forward and treated seriously, because this will heavily damage the Pro Gun-Control side by showing how batshit insane they are, even if it is trolling. We all know the MSM just cannot comprehend fact vrs reality anyways.

  32. Nudge, Nudge, Shove, Shoot
    It is the basis for all Progressive/Marxist subversion do not allow yourself to be herded like the animals Progressives claim you to be.
    How do you know if it is a Progressive Nudge?
    If it’s in the MSM it is Progressive Content

  33. I still believe its a full on for-the-lulz troll too. A reply wouldn’t make him break character.

    Even if it wasn’t a troll, it doesn’t matter – this idea isn’t going anywhere. Death of 2A, if it happens, will be through incrementalism.

    -Non white, no-penis gun owner who just got back from the dentist.

    I suppose 1 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  34. How’s that whole winning the hearts and minds process going for us? You can’t ‘win’ the minds of those that lack a mind and react only with heart (emotion). It’s okay to put our best collective foot forward but please remember that this asshat’s comments weren’t conceived in a vacuum. I’ve encountered many people in real life, face to face, that are like this. They vote accordingly and will salivate at the destruction of our free Nation regardless of how we dress, act, or speak. There’s no appeasing them. The best answer to Mr. Crazier-than-a-fucking-loon is… No.

  35. The stupid is strong in that one, who wants to bet its that dumb broad from MDA writing that BS, its just what some pyscho anti guntard would do when they have been getting their lunch handed to them!

  36. He’s trolling. It’s all incendiary up to the part about “States that were once part of the Confederate States of America will be charged an extra 10% income tax” thing, at which point it becomes laughable.

    If it’s real, then… wow.

  37. Being someone who occasionally lurks at 4chan’s weapons board (/k/), i can clearly say that this mouthbreather is a troll.

    Stay frosty, gents.

  38. The Internet would be a much nicer place to live if it were possible to reach through the screen and issue a well deserved dope slap…

  39. I don’t even believe that he has enough dignity to qualify for the appellation “troll.” He’s just some ranting raving pottymouth.

  40. How totally ironic that gun control started out as racist edicts to prevent blacks from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, and now that they CAN, blacks are working as hard as they can to divest themselves of them! I guess a few years without the Klan dulls the memory or something? Color me baffled.

  41. Nah, Jeff. This Gravatar is quite old, actually. Never bothered changing it. Also, 4chan and anime are a normal combo, considering that site’s history.

  42. Y’all niggaz posting in a troll thread.
    His name is RICHARD CABEZA

    Richard = Dick
    Cabeza = “Head” in Spanish

    Are the “people of the gun” this dense???

    • Yeah we saw that. How typical to assume we didn’t. Half the fun of having fun, is having fun. The other half is pissing people off. Thanks for the reminder.

  43. “It would ELIMINATE poor black children being murdered by sociopaths (and then being aquited by a jury of racists like B37).”

    “Nothing good has come from Florida. The dictator Bush, Trayvon’s death at the hands of a sociopath.”

    Against discrimination of blacks, then discriminates against Floridians. Not sure if serious or stupid.

  44. I’ve met guys like this, really! They are rascists, pure and simple. Nothing less than the extermination of the white race (actually all races but to them, in particular they really mean Caucasians) and establishment of an all black (African) country in the American south will suffice. Real nutty stuff. Google “Freedom Tax” to see like minded individuals like this. What’s actually funny is when they go to the real African continent expecting to be hailed as saviours only to be turned around and made fun of as being crazy. I swear, to God, I have seen this happen a few times.

  45. Can we just label anti-gun people as “weapons of mass stupidity” and be done with it?

    “Excuse me, sir, but can you point your moron-style assault mouth away from me?”

  46. LOVE IT…. *Dat Asterisks*

    Says everything.

    A) We have numbers and facts
    B) We present said facts for peer review
    C) We ‘re open to comments, feedback, criticism, etc.
    D) Logic… We applies it.

  47. I, for one, am just going to assume these Trayvon Amendment posts are the rambling manifesto of the arch-nemesis of Gecko45, Mall Ninja. The level of credibility is about the same, but my version is far more entertaining. 🙂

  48. Once I wrote of MikeB302000, “To call him a Troll is to be unkind to Trolls.” Sorry, MikeB302000, I have to retract that remark for you. It now goes to Richard Cabeza, because nothing you ever wrote was so vile and moronic, even when you just plain made-up stuff…frankly, I think Leghorn got trolled by an imposter on this one, but if not, then Cabeza must have had Marty Bashir from MSNBC and his Producers review and help him with his “response” to Nick. What is it with these weirdos and their obsession with excrement and bile? Note to self: Never accept a lunch or dinner invitation from from ANY Liberal. You could never be sure what you are being served.

    • Nick did not get trolled by an impostor. The guy established his bonafides by linking back to his own site in a previous comment. I responded to that comment, and the text you see quoted in the post above was a response to me. He might have been trolling the whole world (TTAG included) with his site, but he was not an impostor.

  49. wait wait wait….. quote “My measures would ELIMINATE gun violence. It would ELIMINATE poor black children being murdered by sociopaths (and then being aquited by a jury of racists like B37).” Last time i check sociopath white ppl aren’t just strolling through the middle of the ghetto picking off little black kids. See its nonsense like this that our so called “black leaders” like to stand on and demand change that gets the sheeple worked up but actually does nothing to benefit them.

  50. I stand in awe at the lunacy of a “tax” on law-abiding, peace-loving people of the gun who reside (most of us by choice) in the Southern states. Yeah, that makes sense (even if it does not)… “tax” those who spend their tax refunds on fodder for their shooting irons of choice. Yes, let’s try that on for size in the South. Could be the catalyst for a whole new CSA.

  51. Like my Dad would have said to me, “hijo never take a bag of skittles to gun fight.” My Dad was an old cowboy that spent his youth in Arizona and New Mexico in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s when it was still wild. Later after retirement he regretted the men he had killed. My Dad died from a stroke at the age of 69. The men he had killed never made it past 30. Stealing cattle and horses was still a hanging offense in those times. It’s good to know that there are some people still left that do not put up with people committing crimes.

  52. Well, we can add another term to what happens if you play with yourself too much as your momma warned you about going blind, you become a brainless internet troll!

  53. Geesh…even acknowledging the existence of this crap encourages more crap. Best to deny them a forum and let them fade away or get crushed under the weight of their own irrelevance .

  54. Mom always told me to never argue with drunks, toddlers and stupid people. These tryvon people fall into the drunk AND stupid category. Most black kids are killed by black people. Using their logic black people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.

  55. And what comes with black Friday? Lots and lots of crime , and it is not a race issue … Crime is a MORAL issue… America was created as a Christian nation, As the moral level goes down Crime goes up.. that is why gun control laws will NEVER work… Crime starts in the heart of man kind …. The people of the gun to WIN must take the moral high ground or lose!

    • Please, while preaching your Gospel, don’t forget that one of the most fundamental reasons for the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms is to protect ourselves from the Divine Right of Kings, which is what our Founding Fathers were escaping from.

      Freedom is my Worship Word.

  56. And I want to add because the liberal news media does not report all the news fairly ! It is another way to lie.. by not reporting all crime fair and equal they are using FAKE moral values . They want the high ground . Why ? for gun control . to save the children! to save America! to save mother earth! they use this in every area of life. Tell a lie enough times and people start to accept it… Our education systems are worked the save way … Leave the facts out (truth) you cook the books as they say ! See how they LIE!

  57. “Your movement is exactly that. Excrement. Bile. Bodies in the street due to your religion of carrying weapons of mass destruction to protect your truck and your tooth.”

    Just the opinion of one person. Opinion noted. It has no basis in fact. A rifle or pistol is in fact not a weapon of mass destruction. We don’t have a religion of carrying weapons – but if we did it would be protected by the first amendment (freedom of religion) instead we just like to keep firearms for fun and personal protection – after all we are not hurting anyone and this is protected by the second amendment. It is my opinion that most deaths by gun are caused by gang on gang related violence. Maybe you should talk to those people.

    “My measures would ELIMINATE gun violence. It would ELIMINATE poor black children being murdered by sociopaths (and then being aquited by a jury of racists like B37).”

    Your measures would in fact not "ELIMINATE" gun violence. I assume when you say poor black children being murdered by sociopaths you are refereing to Martin and Zimmerman. I thought this horse was already beaten to death but if you want to beat it some more…Also B37 was not a racist. Don't lie. B37 said that race did not play a factor in this case. Simple as that. She was a juror, she saw the evidence, deliberated the case, and you did not. That immediately puts her opinions above yours (you got your opinions from thinkprogress right?:

    “Nothing good has come from Florida. The dictator Bush, Trayvon’s death at the hands of a sociopath.

    We will win this war.

    Repeal it.”

    These are ridiculous comments. I have begun to notice a trend here however. You are anti-civil rights.

  58. “We will win this war.”

    If its war they want, it will be war they get.

    It is like a child, they do not understand the words but know they will get an impact by saying them.

    The only cruelty that The People of the gun are in-part responsible for is that we are permitting this ignorance. The longer we permit this ignorance to fester the greater the suffrage will be.

    • Our natural, human, civil, and Constitutionally-protected Right to Keep and Bear Arms exists to secure everyone’s natural, human, civil, and Constitutionally-protected right to be a stupid fool, blathering offensive nonsense and calling us vile and disgusting names to their heart’s content.

  59. lmao did he just say “we will win this war”? what make you think you are gonna take on 100 million gun owners and win? sounds to me like this guy is pre law or something like that and is just trying to get his 15 min of fame also trying get us worked up again over this bs travon case.. gun control is dead long live the republic!

  60. if you look at his reddit page you can find his fb and under his fb one of his likes is beretta firearms?? lol wtf he spend time writing about banning the 2nd A. but your fb says you like guns? something isnt right here guys..


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