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"UNM student Tera Archie holds a sign during a petition drive to reverse the ban on stun guns and pepper spray on campus, photographed on Monday February 29, 2016." (text and photo courtesy Dean Hanson/Albuquerque Journal)

TASER recently sent TTAG a prototype TASER Pulse (we’re helping them refine the design). We believe the revised Pulse will revolutionize self-defense. Anyone who doesn’t carry a gun should carry one of these. And should be able to carry one, without permitting. Meanwhile, the University of Mexico is moving to rewrite its weapons policy to specifically ban stun guns from campus. The students are not happy. reports . . .

The University of New Mexico is considering adoption of a policy that would prohibit carrying stun guns on campus, which won’t sit well with student protesters who think they should be allowed for self-defense.

One of the protesters on campus Monday, Jessica Franklin, said she carries pepper spray to defend herself from potential assailants but would prefer to a carry a stun gun. She said she would be less likely to injure herself with a stun gun, and it’s easier to use.

“It’s a way to protect yourself. It’s a sense of protection,” said freshman Mia State, a stun gun supporter who was not part of the protest . . .

About half a dozen students were stumping on campus Monday afternoon in favor of stun guns, holding signs such as “Keep Calm and Stun On” and “Let us defend ourselves.”

They gathered about 200 signatures supporting their efforts in a couple of hours . . .

The UNM student protest followed the defeat of a measure by the undergraduate student government that would have suggested to administration that it allow students and others to carry stun guns on campus . . .

The head of the university’s policy office, Pamina Deutsch, said the school policy banning weapons on campus could go “either way” when judging stun guns as weapons.

But she said her office is working on a preliminary policy update that is looking at prohibiting stun guns on campus, save for law enforcement, in the future. The preliminary policy would allow people to carry small amounts of pepper spray for self-defense.

The Second Amendment prohibits the government from infringing on American’s right to keep and bear arms. The University of New Mexico, a public university, has no legal basis to decide what type of arms students, faculty and staff may use to exercise their constitutionally protected right.

The TASER Pulse could well pave the way for campus carry. We shall see. But hats off to the student of U of NM for standing up for their rights. Godspeed.

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      • Its more like Dem to Indy, although most appear to be voting for the Donald…but I doubt they are going to be permanent GOP voters.

  1. I hope that they can get it handled and that it can lead the way to campus carry. Take away Albuquerque and Santa Fe and the rest of the state seems to be happy with firearms.

  2. The path is now cleared for rapist on campus not to get that nasty shock. Good job administrators for clearing the way.

  3. You wrote University of Mexico in the first paragraph. We are New Mexico. It’s way better than the old one. Anyways, there were several assaults on campus while I did my four years at UNM that got plenty of media attention. I remember one year a young woman got her faced slashed by a razor while being robbed for her phone. The university police have nowhere near the resources to secure the campus. I hope this leads to more women exercising their right to self defense!

  4. I thought that these administrators were supposed to be educated. ok well, I guess you can’t fix stupid.

    • College Administrators are delicate snowflakes, any hint of self defense by students , makes them dissolve into a whining puddles

  5. If someone misuses such a device, expel and jail them. Unlike a gun, these weapons are generally non-lethal, so it makes no sense to broadly prohibit them based on a fear that someone, somewhere (at sometime) might use one improperly.

  6. Wanna bet these same students would protest against allowing concealed carry on campus?
    They are far better off than student in Massachusetts. In MA one must have a Firearms ID Card to buy pepper spray. Because pepper spray is defined as a weapon it is illegal to possess on any MA college campus. At UMASS Boston, carrying a Leatherman tool is illegal because it has a blade longer than 2 inches.
    Figures the liberal MA is helping criminals in their ‘war on easy targets.’

  7. Women…..Carry a stun gun, pepper spray, knives, and even pistols that fit completely concealed in your purse! Is it illegal? Yes! Are you going to get caught? No! Is the rapist going to go to report he was stun gunned and pepper sprayed when he tried to rape you? No!…..What if you have to defend your life from a crazy murdering rapist with that knife or handgun you conceal? At that point who cares…..I’d probably try to calmly leave the scene and when the police identify the dead guy I’m guessing he has a rap sheet about a mile long. The police detective will probably just toss it in the filing cabinet to nowhere. Besides if for some statistically improbable reason you do get caught…. do a Hillary Clinton and proclaim at this point what does it matter? He’s dead. I could have ending his life, someone driving could have ended his life in a car accident, he could have been taking a stroll looking for his next victim and died of a heart attack……at this point his death is in the past and we all need to stop looking for someone to blame so we can move forward.

    • A revolver is great for social work. Doesn’t leave behind any evidence if one is judicious about it.


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