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I usually reserve this feature for light-hearted fare; what the news industry calls a “kicker.” Well, this ain’t that. This is a kick in the pants to all those Jews and Jewish politicians who think it’s a good idea to pass gun control laws. Laws that do nothing more than inconvenience and stymie law-abiding Americans seeking to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms. Hey! Chuck Schumer and other fellow Tribe members! Watch this video on Netflix. You might learn something.

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      • When people say .22 they mean .22lr which is a rim fire cartridge.

        When people say .223 they mean a center fire cartridge which is very close to the 5.56x45mm.

    • Sigh…sounds like its time to a add “the book of ballistics” to the Talmud.

  1. Conservatives Americans are the best friends Israel has on the planet.
    Shumer and Feinstein and their ilk are constantly attacking American conservatives and that will eventually put the future of US support for Israel at risk. People have limits to the level of antagonism they will tolerate..

    • Christian conservatives are perhaps the most Pro-Jewish, Pro-Israel people in the USA. I attend a church over over 1,000. Pastor and many others active in Christians United For Israel (CUFU). We have frequent Jewish speakers, including Rabbis. Our sanctuary has three flags: Christian, US, and Israeli. No doubt as to where we stand.

      • It’s sad that you support the occupation of the historic homeland of Christians by people who explicitly reject Christ. Why don’t churches support Palestinian Christians? Why does the US give money and military aid to Israel? The guns and warplanes get used on Palestinian Christians. I know most Palestinians are now Muslims, but a non-trivial percentage are Christians. Because of our support for funding Christ-deniers, most Palestinian Christians have left for the US and Chile.

        • Palestinian christians have left the West Bank and Gaza because Hamas will kill them if they don’t convert to Islam. It has nothing to do with the Israel and their fight to live in peace. Christians are not welcome, often persecuted and killed for their religion.

        • I never said that Muslim Extremism was good for anybody. I just don’t see why we are so hell bent on giving taxpayer dollars to Christ-deniers that kill Christians. Don’t we have enough poverty and problems in the US?

          And for those who say, “Israel is our greatest ally,” when did they ever help us? Did they help us with the USS Liberty?

  2. Well, well, well. We’re going to single out Jews for criticism or even something just as benign as encouragement to own firearms because they’re victims and we’re concerned about that.

    All good intentions, even very good intentions.

    But I’ve seen this sort of stuff go awry 1,000 + times. The moment you use the word Jew in any matter but in flattery and brotherhood…well…you’re in for it.

    Good luck with this. No, sincerely, I wish you good luck with this.

    • Yep, just as I predicted this thread is a disaster.

      You just can’t mention the word Jooo and not have someone find a way to vehemently disagree with you no matter what you’re saying and no matter your intentions.

  3. I am an American
    I am also Jewish
    I am always amazed at Jews who are for gun control
    When they come for you the only thing you can do is band together and fight back
    You can’t go to the police as they are the ones coming to put you on the trains of death
    Without guns there is no fighting back
    I guess you could try running away
    The people on the ship the St Louis tried to escape to Cuba, then America
    They got sent back to be murdered
    Seems to me it is better to fight back

    • Having spent a career in law enforcement, I hope you are wrong about the police. Rank and file police officers across the nation overwhelmingly support the 2nd Amendment and the citizen’s right to keep and bear. There are reasons why. First, law enforcement officers take the same oath the military takes. The majority of police officers lean to the right. Law enforcement officers are overwhelmingly outnumbered. Armed citizens are the only other people law enforcement can immediately turn to for support.

      Even in progressive liberal controlled California, law enforcement stood up against the flood of gun control legislation churned out by the Democrats.

      • Just FYI, I believe he was referring to the Gestapo in the Holocaust, and how in an anti-Semitic country, it would be the police coming for you.

        • In 1935, the US was quite anti-Semitic. It could have happened here. And give us 4 straight Dem terms, it could get that bad again.

        • In Germany the people had been so heavily flooded with anti Semitic rhetoric that it became almost normalized and many people didn’t see anything wrong with it. Then the Gestapo came knocking and most people didn’t see anything wrong with the new “protection” measures. It has happened enough times through history we can safely assume it will happen here unless we stand up agai st it

          Perfect example of “if you hear something enough you begin to believe it”

      • LEO’s are classic 2A … but supporters. They support the 2A … but still enforce every single gun law they get a chance to. I don’t know if they actually support gun control in their hearts or they’re “just following orders,” but the effect is to support gun control.

        I know a group of cops enthusiastically enforcing a county gun law that is illegal under state law. They are actively breaking the law. There is no question whether or not what they are doing is allowed.

        I’d sue myself, but only the Texas Attorney General can sue under the statute.

        • I think you are ignoring the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers. To enforce the laws enacted by government (at whatever level). Government (at least in most cases) enacts laws the citizenry has requested or is deemed in the public interest. Of course, that is the way it is supposed to work.. and my experience working with LEOs across the nation is that they do not agree with all the laws, but they are still bound to enforce them until the laws are rescinded. There are exceptions… mostly in large metropolitan areas where the politics start at the top and the crap rolls down hill to the not so political street cops.

          I can’t speak for every jurisdiction, but I do know a great many officers in this country and around the world. Your experience may vary. My views are not meant to diagnose or treat social ills.

          • Don’t cops swear an oath to uphold the Constitution? I know I did.

            Your argument is that cops are just following orders. At a certain point, that argument can’t hold anymore water. Additionally, all cops have broad discretion in fulfilling their duties. I’m sure 99.9% of Americans have seen cops choose not to enforce a law.

  4. The Jewish Defense League is still a terrorist organization to this day. So says the federal government. They set off bombs and killed people. But when you are a white Jewish bomber it’s ok. Ya, that’s right I said it. And the white Weather Underground is walking around free also. I guess it all depends on who’s ox is gored.

    You see the Mulford Act in 1966 California only took away the guns of law abiding black people. The Black Panther party for Self Defense was the most scary thing in California, articulate black men with guns. Just like the previous 400 years of racist gun control laws on the north American continent, the Mulford Act was enforced in a racially discriminatory way.

    In the film you can see white Jewish men openly carrying Thompson Sub Machines in southern California in the 1980s. I remember watching most of this video when is was originally aired.
    Fast forward to the early 2000s when a black gay man and his white partner were openly carrying at a Star Bucks in Richmond California. They had their young children with them. When ask about the 2A open carry protest State senate president the proud gay white man, Tom Ammiano, said “they (he) should not be doing that”. Later it was state senator Tom ammiano who wrote the 10 day waiting period law in 2014. And that law also took away the right to open carry in California even with an unloaded firearm.

    As a white homosexual man Ammiano is so “much smarter” than a female stalking victim with an court order of protection. He believes a woman can afford to wait to get a gun. As an ex-police officer Ammiano he gets to have his gun where ever he goes.
    As far as this black gun owner, former California resident is concerned, California is as racist as Mississippi was in the 1960s. But now Mississippi has Constitutional carry. So what if Gov. Reagan signed the Mulford Act into law. Its white democrats homosexual and straight who control the government there now.

    It was blacks who lost there gun rights first. They are the canary in the gun control coal mine.

    • I’m glad someone brought this up before I did. The JDL has been implicated by the FBI in terror plots in the past. The stuff Meir Kahane said and promoted would be viewed as Neo Nazi had he been a white man. The JDL is even classified as an extremist group by SPLC, a group known to have a heavy Jewish hand in it’s running. There was nothing defensive about the founding of this group, Kahane as much as said so with the policies he advocated.

        • SPLC says Alliance Defending Freedom is a hate group. Liberty Council, World Net Daily…SPLC is no better than Al Sharpton, they claim there are racists under every rock so SEND US MONEY NOW!

        • I detest SPLC. They are terrorist by definition of history and classification by US govt agencies. The SPLC was brought up because of it’s historic Jewish leadership who also called JDL terrorist. It isnt a surprise when SPLC calls out anyother no matter how bogus the claim of extremism, it is however a surprise when they call out fellow chosenites.

      • “The stuff Meir Kahane said . . . had he been a white man.”

        Enough said. You’re dismissed.

        • Are you seriously going to say that have identified themselves as white historically? If you look at history that has not been case for most of their existence. Go to Israel and ask followers of Meir.K if they are white. This also fails to take into account barring Ashkenazi, most jews will show up genetically different from white people. Last but not least, don’t forget the skin tones of a good majoriry of Israelis being Olive like the Arabs. Jewish identity includes both race and religion, they will be the first to tell you that. For crying out loud, why would jews call whites that hate them racist, if they didn’t consider themselves different?

        • Most “whites” are genetically distinct from all the other “whites.” Haven’t you seen the commercial about the German guy who’s really Scottish and not German?

  5. Menachem begin and george washington and PM Shamir were also named “terrorists” by those who opposed them !! One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter–it all depends on your perspective !!! דמד

  6. Nice shot! This theme doesn’t seem to resonate in my synagogue. I offered to safety classes in which I dispel myths and show some history as well. One Jewish person from the synagogue came to one class. Kind of underwhelming. I just returned from a trip to Israel. The people from my synagogue were distressed to see the soldiers carrying rifles around. They’re also distressed to see the post-active service soldiers acting as guards on trips with Israeli youth. Jews in America that support armed resistance to tyrant have a long road to hoe.

  7. What about all the jews that murder non-jews in the middle east??? The non-jews in the middle east are no allowed to have weapons. This women is a hypocritical bitch

    • Oh, bullshit! There are PLENTY of goat-fucking Arabs, pedophile Muslims, with guns in the Middle East. What the hell do you think is going on in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan…

      Moron. Mohammed (piss be upon him) is a false prophet. Come get some, towel head!

      • Darkwing is one of those trailer park morons that are making people like barry, hillary, jesse jackson, al sharpton and the southern poverty people rich.

        He bought into that divide and conquer racial bullshit that keeps those folks at the top and him in the gutter.

    • Hey as long as they are getting the kebab out of Christian holy lands, it’s not murder, it’s pest control.

      • The state of Israel does not treat Palestinian Christians very well. They’re not allowed to sell their (real) property except to Jews. I’m not sure but believe they can’t even develop it.

  8. Some Jews fight. Some enjoy playing the victim. Schumer is neither. He’s like Chaim Rumkowski (you’ll have to look up that charmer), who helped to murder his people in exchange for power.

  9. @Robert Farago,

    Not cool at all. I am jewish and pro-gun but I really do not appreciate glorification of the Jewish Defense League, which is considered to be a terrorist organization by the FBI, which has been involved in terrorist attacks, and whose founder, Meir Kahane, was an extreme racist (against arabs).

    The JDL is for people whose reaction to arab barbarism is to sink to their level, rather than to uphold the values of civilization during times of adversity. The Jews have a state now, which actively advocates on behalf of at-risk jewish communities around the world, and which can be a refuge-of-last-resort for people in danger. The energy and resources need to be put into strengthening that state and its place in the world, not in the goomba street thuggery of the JDL.

    Its too bad that so many American Jews are anti-gun or otherwise vote Democratic anyway which will often lead to anti-gun outcomes, but its neither the whole story nor surprising.

    Firstly, the other side of the story is that Jews are very well represented in the pro-gun community as well, with many top pro-gun advocates and gun industry leaders being jewish. The organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership has been advocating for guns for nearly 3 decades. Second amendment hero Arie Friedman is still working for guns every day. Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, and more are part of the Freedom Group, which is owned by Cerberus Capital, which is managed by Jews. Sig Sauer Inc. CEO is Jewish. Same with Kimber. Same with Colt. Obviously all the Israeli brands including IMI, Meprolight, and Maglula. And much more I’m sure.

    Secondly, its not so surprising the the vast majority of American Jews vote for Democrats, the whole Jewish experience in America has pushed them in the direction of progressivism and civil liberties. Jews remember their history in America and actively strive to make it a better place for people who are in the shoes Jews walked in 100 years ago, which I think is very admirable. Also, since we live predominately in the more cosmopolitan areas of America, its only natural that most adopt cosmopolitan values including tolerance and communitarianism. And those are pretty good values (tolerance is pretty universally a good value, communitarianism is a necessary value to some degree in urban areas), and the Republican party often looks quite bad when judged relative to those values.

    So give Jews and other people who vote for Democrats a break, guns aren’t the only issue in the world, we’d have to be quite delusional to think that every American should be a single issue voter for guns as many of the posters here seem to be. Many Democrats love guns, its just that its not their only issue. And please stop promoting the terrorist, racist, embarassing JDL. They are the arabs of the jews and its cringey.

    • Did you actually use “tolerance” and “civil liberties” while defending dems and progressives?

    • Since we are doing this I’ll play.

      I’m a veteran
      I’m a Sephardic Jew (trumps you btw)
      and this is cool with me

      And I agree with the JDL when Kahane founded it. Spare me your bullshit Kapo. The JDL targeted Soviets, Syrians, Muslim Extremists. They didn’t indiscriminately target innocent individuals.

      Now the organization doesnt really even exist. Stop your Ashkenazi whining

      • Mizrahim are Arab Jews so its not surprising that you don’t understand civility and liberalism, you come from the background of a barbaric society that wasn’t touched by the Enlightenment.

        The Western world learned to solve their differences through systems of legal dispute resolution and politics, not through violence. It’s something we’re still trying to indoctrinate into the Arabs/Mizrahim.

        • The western world learned to settle things without violence? Dude, how high are you?

        • @jwm

          Yes my ignorant friend: equality under the law, the independent judiciary, freedom of speech (without killing each other), freedom of religion (without killing each other), the rejection of the practice of tribal vendetta, and many more are values that have been carried by Western societies. And despite the many wars that have occurred, the British and American empires have overall been able to enforce enough peace on the world to make modern times the most peaceful in history. We think of the killing and destruction of things like world wars 1 and 2, vietnam, and more, but people don’t remember that it wasn’t so long ago that in every single year there was a “war season” and all the men would go off to battle the neighboring tribes and your entire village might be slaughtered on any given day.

  10. Israel’s stockpiles of WMDs (especially missile equipped submarines extracted as tribute from Germany) is probably enough to prevent another shoah.

  11. The lesson should have been learned by everyone after the Holocaust.

    Registration, confiscation then genocide. History of the twentieth century. If the lesson is not learned history will continue to repeat.

    As a matter of fact it is the hill I will die on.

  12. Robert. It’s always interesting how just mentioning the issue of Jews defending themselves in virtually any context brings out the anti-gun apologists and anti-Semites.

    Good on you, Robert. Never again means never again.

    • Anti Semites? Are you retarded? You just ininsistein your other post that jews were not a seperate racial group, yet we can somehow be racist against jews who according to your first post are also white? Which is it? If they are the same group the charge of anti semitism is false as being white would make someone not a semite. What is the predominate skin color in the leviant? It sure ain’t white. I also love that you apply a label of hate to people, some of which were jews, that questioned the post portraying the JDL as defensive while being known terrorist by even the FBI. Charging racism against us who call out the JDL terrorist make me wonder if you yourself are not a JDL member.

      • There’s a difference between race, ethnicity, and religion. Look it up.

        • There sure is. However the jews claim to be both a race and religion and were not historically considered white by themslves the or the peoples of Europe. Semites are olive in complexion, look around the middle east for crying out loud. The jews that had always been there are as dark as their arab neighbors. Only when we include the Askenazi diaspora do we begin to see people with skin that allows them to pass as white.

      • Jews do not claim to be a race and a religion ironically we are neither.

        Modern day Jews are the descendants of the Israelite tribes (mainly Judea, Benjamin and Levi) that comprised the kingdom of Judah. We are a “first nation people” or a “tribe” if you will. Our “religion” and culture being closely intertwined.

        For your “chosenite” comment you must understand Jews were chosen last by God to follow ALL of his commandments. There is no special treatment and we do not really have a concept of heaven. So no, we are not “chosen” to be better than anyone else if that’s what you are inferring.

        In fact our laws specifically state a righteous person who follows the laws of Noah is perfectly fine. No need to be a Jew.

        I understand you represent a sub culture online that finds it fun to hate Jews, which is your free choice. But at least be accurate with the things you say.

      • The term anti-Semite was created as a polite way of saying Jew-Hater. See the dictionary:
        “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group”

  13. People like Chuck Schumer and Bloomberg have forgotten their history and roots. They should check out groups such as: or
    My family is Jewish, and we are legally armed and have taken training. I am disheartened and bewildered when I am chastised by other Jews when I voice my backing for concealed carry or even when I tell them I hunt, let alone when I put a Trump election sign on my lawn and advocated tough vetting of Mid Eastern refugees.
    No, I am not a “redneck renegade Jew”…I have a post graduate degree and even had an academic position at an Ivy school in the past.
    We are not all wusses.

  14. Why do Christians in America not support the Christians who belong to churches that were literally established by the apostles? I think people forget that it was the Zionists who drove Christians from their homes.

    • I suspect you have NOT been to Israel. I have. Christians are welcomed. The Muslims are the ones persecuting churches in Palestinian areas.
      Go to the Seven stations of the cross: Each area is controlled by a different Christian Sect, and protected by Israeli Guards. Go the the Church of the Sepulcher. An Israeli guard with a Galil guards your Knesset sanctioned right to enter and worship.

      • Yep. Perusing the internet 14 hours a day does not make you knowledgeable or expierenced.

  15. I’m going to be a meanie and say at some point that you can only claim victimhood status for so long here before expecting you to do something about it.

  16. Jews, I will NEVER, EVER understand how members of a faith that have been persecuted for over two millennia resulting in their near complete annihilation numerous times can subscribe to Democrat/Liberal/Progressive (Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Leninist) ideologies including “gun control” (abolition) which if fully implemented would result in their extinction.

  17. Meir Kahane was a Jewish terrorist racist pig. He deserved to be murdered by another racist terrorist pig. Ya that’s right I said it. He was a disgusting white racist jew who rationalized his evil racist murderous acts. He also was the first American victim of Al Queda. Kahane was correct about one thing. Every jew should have a gun. The problem is most of them are “big government jews.” They would prefer to sit and wait quietly for the police after they call them.

    It is ironic that it was self-hating reform white Jewish lawyers who protected his murderer, and got him a very low time court sentence for the murder. Those same self-hating reform Jewish lawyers also prevented the federal government from accessing lap tops in 1993, that held plans for a second attack on the World Trade center using Hijacked airliners. After the first World Trade Center bombing the lap top was found in the bombers apartment.

    Using legal gymnastics the proud Jewish lawyers got a judge to side with them and against the government. So the FBI did not learn about the Hi-jack plan until it happened 9 years later. Those were some proud Jewish reform lawyers who beat the government again. One of them was William Kunstler. They were so proud these self-hating reform white Jewish lawyers.

    Meir Kahane was a racist white man. Like many in history, but he gets special protection because of the religious affiliation.

    “El Sayyid Nosair was born in 1955 in Port Said, Egypt and immigrated to the United States in 1981. He became an American citizen in 1989.[1] In the United States”

    El Sayyid Nosair, Al Queda operative and murderer of Meir Kahane, hated America but was allowed to become a citizen anyway. He only came here for the money. And the three L’s, Libertarians, Liberals and the Left like open borders that allow murders and rapist like him to come here.

    • “Chris T” or “Abdul M”?

      I’ve got news for you Islam/Moslems are NOT a “race”.

      As for Kahane, I was on duty and in Manhattan the night he was shot and knew immediately as soon as it went out over the radio that a taxi sped away from the hotel “EMPTY” that the driver was an accomplice, shame it took years to link him to the conspiracy and catch him and only after he made dozens of trips to state prison to visit the shooter.

      The real crime is that Nose-Hair (Nosair), his Moslem “brother”(hood) get-away driver, their crime boss (Imam) Blind Sheik Omar Abdul Rakhman and the rest of that barbaric pedophile worshiping NY/NJ Metro Area clan didn’t get the Death Penalty.

      Now go get yourself a bag of pork flavored Skittles.

      • What I mean by taxi leaving the hotel Drop-Off “empty” is that NO and I repeat NO taxi driver even if headed back to the garage will EVER leave the front of one of NYC’s premier Midtown hotels without a fare, they ALWAYS squeeze in that last fare especially when it’s a hotel popular with foreign tourists which is what the one Kahane was speaking at is/was..

      • Perhaps their good white self-hating reform jewish lawyers got them life so the rest of us have to look at them!!!!
        A southern state would have executed them all.

        • Well they, the Moslems, ALL had ACLU Jew Commie lawyers paid for by us, the taxpayers, Lynne Stewart an old time Communist hag being the most prominent. What gets me is that these hook-nosed cretins with law degrees, traitors to their faith, are at times far more dangerous to the well being of the Jewish community across the globe (and us) than Moslems (their politicians in the Democratic Party being the worst offenders). One would imagine especially with all the plethora of Jewish community “defense/security” forces here in their enclaves in all our cities/towns that “right”-thinking Jews intent on survival and the survival of their faith and culture would loose the “Sword of Gideon” (name for Israel’s Mossad team that sought revenge on Munich Olympics terrorists) upon the those that betray their own community, Israel, and our nation.

          Sadly from my interactions in the last 45 years and growing up in a small city in N.J. (70,000) with a sizeable Jewish population and decades in the NY/NJ Metro Area, I estimate the Communist/Socialist/Marxist/Leninist cabal present within the Jewish community at 80%+ (and I’m being “conservative” here) of their population, it’s a mystery as to why it’s so high considering their faith’s history (maybe “self-hate” or worse to be “trendy” and for social acceptance by Liberal/Progressive peers). In the end Sen Joseph McCarthy was correct on the Leftist infiltration of all our institutions but tragically he severely underestimated the extent to which they penetrated our entire society and their numbers in general, they remain a virus that MUST be eradicated if the host (the USA) is to survive.. .

  18. Every minority group in every country would be smart to become heavily-armed. Guns are your insurance policy against tyranny, against violence and death. Beats wailing and crying by a mile.

  19. What a wild, on-fire thread. I can’t resist the temptation to exploit it by mentioning a long-standing reservation about American Jews…compared to their percentage of the population they are very much under-represented in the U.S. armed forces…by a very long shot. And, in combat arms they’re virtually absent entirely.

    I spent 8 years in the Marines as an infantry officer (active and reserve) and I knew ONE Jewish officer in the infantry and absolutely no Jewish enlisted men whatsoever.

    U.S. Jews will volunteer to serve in the Israeli armed forces at the drop of a hat. But they are very much under-represented in the U.S. armed forces.

    It sure makes me wonder why that is the case…just sayin’.

    • Until after WWII it was very difficult for Jewish officers to rise in the ranks within the military elite.( In fact Adm Rickover, father of the atomic submarine, would have not advanced had it not been for investigative journalist Drew Pearson drawing attention to his brilliance.) In that era Jews were shunned from “white shoe law firms” and from Ivy med schools as well. What they did was to create their own firms and schools until it became evident to all that their success could be utilized by the loftier classes. The military, however, could not be duplicated in a parallel system. (There was NO Beth Israel Military Academy or Mount Sinai Naval academy). Jewish moms and dads….the “tiger parents” of the day,.. knew this, so their kids were steered where they could climb the ladder: the entertainment industry, law, medicine, science, economics, etc. The military was felt to be a place where the old guard held sway.Education and achievement were highly valued and the boomer generation therefore mostly went to college and had deferments during the Viet Nam era, so their presence was not seen during that incursion (although my own cousin was an MP in Saigon). I hope this explains it somewhat….This is my own take on it. Frankly, I wish I DID serve, and respect those who did. Keep in mind that many Jews enlisted in WWII. My dad (now 98 yrs old) ended his military stint as a tailgunner in the Night Fighter Squadron\, and all of his brothers served.

      • Thank you for the kind and polite response. But I’m not buying it as and explanation as to why American Jews didn’t and DON’T CURRENTLY serve the American armed forces in like proportion to their percentage of the U.S. population.

        No Jew would have been barred or even discriminated against for joining the Marine infantry as an enlisted man during the VN conflict. Hell, they’d take anyone who could walk and chew gum.

        You know, most Marines, including myself despite the fact that I became an officer after an enlisted stint, didn’t worry about college or anything else. They were mostly there, although no exclusively there, because they were VOLUNTEERS TO DEFEND THE COUNTRY. If you don’t know, the Marines don’t accept draftees and never have.

        The American Jews simply don’t join a combat unit in numbers that approximate their percentage of the U.S. population, period. And, when they do join the military they mostly join as lawyers, doctors and dentists. I’m having trouble considering that anything but cowardice.

        When you enjoy the fruits of American liberty but don’t volunteer to defend it with your life in combat arms in the U.S. military you’re a free-rider not unlike the welfare takers…period.

        • Mr.Walters, thank you for your service.
          I will try again to explain the relative absence of Jews in US Military service.
          It is a CULTURAL phenomenon, and not a matter of cowardice nor being unpatriotic. It is a matter of ….excuse the cultural profiling here….societal guidance.
          Warning to snowflakes:Stereotyping follows:
          Above all else, Jewish families (Oh, and it was mandatory to have both a father and mother. Divorce was considered a major reason for shame) advanced the concept that is now perceived to belong to Asian and Indian (“dot, not feather”) families that anything less than an advanced degree (MD, PhD, CPA, MBA) from (preferably) and lofty (Ivy?) institution was tantamount to a failure and generated no bragging rights for the mom or dad. Their value was apparently measured by the achievements of their offspring. Military service was not advocated. After all, you couldn’t brag about “My son, the General,” (anything less was a failure, and if your neighbors kid had more stars, you hung your head in embarrassment) when it could take decades for the advancement to happen. (while your “Son the Doctor” could get his MD in 8 years and be a “big-time” cardiologist in another 4).
          I am sure that you must be thinking that military service was looked down upon, or “for the gentiles.” Perhaps you feel that Jews did not want to get dirty slogging through mud, jungles, or putting up with drill sergeants or the endless governmental rules and regs and triplicate forms that make no sense. Yes, I suppose some of that is true, but this too was a cultural item. Chain of command and conformity to military type rules have not been a strong suit of Jews since Joshua was in command. The other misconception, of course, is that all Jews are liberals and wanted Bernie or Hilary. To that I say NO. Just listen to Ben Shapiro or Mark Levin to hear otherwise…or to me, for that matter. After all, I am writing to you on TTAG and about to go to the range to work on my new AR build , and that is A for Armalite, not Assault……see, we are NOT all hoplophobic idiots. As far as being a free-rider, my tax payments say otherwise. I also think that re-instituting a mandatory draft for both sexes (or genders or non-binaries or whatever that are nowadays) might do a lot to cure today’s’ societal woes.

          • Jews are NOT cowards as proven by their service in the armed forces of the USA and Israel. In France, Germany, Russia, etc. during WW2, they were very active in the underground, OSS, and other groups which fought against the Nazis and Communists on behalf of the allies, knowing that, if caught, they were subject to instant execution as spies. Some do serve in the armed forces; I served with a few in Vietnam and elsewhere; or there would be no reason for Hebrew Chaplains in the military.

            And, yet, so many of the ones who live and vote in the USA side with liberal progressive Democrats when it comes to socialism, and yet contribute large amounts of money to aid to Israel, and to Jewish aid in places like Russia.

            It is a strange situation. However, I observe the same or similar dilemma among Catholics who expect parishioners to follow the rules of the church, and yet they are more than willing to support civil disobedience, sanctuary cities and such, and illegal immigration.

  20. Mr.Walters, thank you for your service.
    I will try again to explain the relative absence of Jews in US Military service.
    It is a CULTURAL phenomenon, and not a matter of cowardice nor being unpatriotic. It is a matter of ….excuse the cultural profiling here….societal guidance.
    Warning to snowflakes: Stereotyping follows:
    Above all else, Jewish families (Oh, and it was mandatory to have both a father and mother. Divorce was considered a major reason for shame) advanced the concept that is now perceived to belong to Asian and Indian (“dot, not feather”) families that anything less than an advanced degree (MD, PhD, CPA, MBA) from (preferably) and lofty (Ivy?) institution was tantamount to a failure, and generated none of the desired bragging rights for mom or dad. Their value was apparently measured by the achievements of their offspring. Military service was not advocated. After all, you couldn’t brag “My son, the General,” when it could take decades for the advancement to happen.(anything less was a failure, and if your neighbors kid had more stars, you would hang your head in embarrassment, while your “Son the Doctor” could get his MD in 8 years and be a “big-time” cardiologist in another 4).
    Perhaps you are thinking that military service was looked down upon, or was “for the gentiles.” Or maybe you believe Jews did not want to get dirty slogging through mud, jungles, or putting up with drill sergeants or the endless governmental rules and regs and triplicate forms that make no sense. Yes, I suppose some of that is true, but this too was a cultural item. Chain of command and conformity to military type rules have not been a strong suit of Jews since Joshua was in command of the Israeli Canaan invasion. The other misconception, of course, is that all Jews are liberals and wanted Bernie or Hilary to win. To that I say listen to Ben Shapiro or Mark Levin to hear otherwise, or check out Jackie Mason’s latest utterings…or to me, for that matter. After all, I am writing to you on TTAG and about to go to the range to work on my new AR build , and that is A for Armalite, not Assault……see, we are NOT all hoplophobic idiots. As far as being a “free-rider,” my tax payments say otherwise. BTW dad worked for the defense dept.
    I also think that re-instituting a mandatory draft for both sexes (or genders or non-binaries or whatever that are nowadays) might do a lot to cure today’s societal woes.

    • Forgot to mention….editing time ran out….as far as your stating that not volunteering for military service is akin to being a free loader or welfare taker: Most Jews of my generation (boomers) would consider it a sign of lassitude, sloth, and inherent failure as a human being to be on welfare.

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