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From Great Big Story’s Facebook page: “At 84, Chandro Tomar, aka Shooter Dadi, is the oldest female sharpshooter in the world. Now she’s training other young women in her community (in India), raising a new generation of girls that are calling their own shots.”

Shooting isn’t limited by sex, age, color, nationality, religion or any other human characteristic. For her dedication to firearms fun and expanding the shooting sports, Ms. Tomar is our gun hero of the day.

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  1. I know that’s an airgun. Is the tube beneath the barrel a housing for a piston or is it an air cylinder?

    • With the limited resolution on my phone, I would say a CO2 air cylinder.

      Old people shooting targets is not unknown. I know many active competitors in their 70s, 80s, and even a few in their 90s.

      I’m almost considered a junior in my late 40s. But we have a growing batch of younger shooters in the ranks.

      • You can see a gauge at the end of the cylinder. I believe that makes it a pre-charged pneumatic. They fill them up off a scuba tank or something similar.

        • The image on my phone was cropped so I didn’t see the end of the cylinder. I can see it now when I’m using the PC.

    • Most definitely PCP gun with air cylinder. It is one of those annoyingly accurate 4.5mm paper-killers.

    • They are, because target is not set for proper scoring (ought to glue it to backstop). Pellets tend to tear non-cicular shapes when shooting free-hanging paper.

      • Then you need to buy better targets, and/or crank up the power beyond 400 fps.

        Computer paper without a solid backer rips unless that pellet is really traveling.
        Some brands of commercial targets rip at 360fps, but don’t at 400fps.
        The best commercial targets (Edelmann) cut round holes with my 360fps Daisy 717.

        Of course, you could buy a Crosman 88 “Skanaker”, crank it up to 700fps, and print your own targets on computer paper. Sometimes I regret selling my Skanaker 20 years ago, but for some reason I could never shoot it decently offhand, and I thought it deserved an owner who could get the most of it. I mean, in my hands, my S&W 79G would shoot circles around it. Looking back on it, I think it was just the size/weight of the Skanaker.

  2. At the turn of the century Annie Oakley had trained over 10,000 girls and women in her life time. She also trained about 20 female snipers for the Great War. But President Wilson said no thanks.

  3. Kinda brings a smile to one’s face. The old gal must have a good source of beta carotene on hand and some good genetics. As sight is the biggest limiting factor to accurate shooting in old age.

  4. India is a country where firearms ownership is severely restricted, and air rifles and pistols are prohibited from having more power than it would take to shoot through a piece of corrugated cardboard of a certain thickness. This is little more than threadbare propaganda. “Sharpshooter?” Utter bunk! The lady doesn’t have as much as a rimfire target pistol to shoot with, because of the laws over there, leave aside own a revolver or autopistol for personal defense. Even if she managed to get a license for one, she would be restricted to buying the junk that the Indian ordnance FActories turn out and sell for atrocious prices, or buy a pre 1984 piece for an even more ridiculous price, and, yes, it would need to be 32 caliber o smaller.

    Coming, as it does, from a New York media group’s London office, I can understand the hyperbole over the “sharpshooting grandmother” in this video. But, did TTAG have to fall for it?

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