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Gun control advocates note: Venezuela is looking to implement many of the firearms regulations they’d like to see in the United States. I can’t find the original document, but Correo del Orinoco says the new legislation will reduce gun sales to private citizens, create an arms amnesty and bring firearms licensing under local control (which would, presumably, limit civilian ownership further if only by increasing the bribes needed to secure a license for a gun). All this to increase human rights. Apparently. At a “debate” on the new regs, a United Nations representative in Venezuela “affirmed that the law under discussion is a fundamental aspect of [guaranteeing] Human Rights” in Venezuela. According to, Alfredo Roberto Missair told the crowd that a policy of disarmament “looks to protect the rights of all citizens, regardless of age, sex, or social condition.”

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  1. The UN are the biggest bunch of useless fools on the planet, and they should take their silly blue helmets and get out of our country.

  2. This bad thing in Venezuela is a good thing for us here, because it allows us to point out the absurdity of trying to follow the example of Hugo Chavez. Just like all dictators, Chavez must disarm the population before he can commit his most audacious outrages against human life and liberty.

  3. Does anyone take Venezuela or the clown Chavez seriously anymore? Does anyone even take the UN seriously anymore?

    The US prospered by pretty much doing the opposite of what every other nation was doing. So, the fact Venezuela is doing this is pretty much proof in itself that we shouldn’t. In fact, the UN policies themselves are a good barometer for what we should be doing; anything that gains their support should inherently be dismissed.

    • “Does anyone take Venezuela or the clown Chavez seriously anymore?”
      Sean Penn does. He thinks Chavez is a wonderful person. In fact Penn thinks he is far better than any Republican politician.

      • Well, I could ask if anyone takes Penn seriously either, but I’d be afraid of the answer. Unfortunately there are plenty of brainless sheep for every whacko with air time.

  4. “Disarmament Guarantees Human Rights”

    Yeah, sure, and slavery is freedom, war is peace, and cannoli won’t make you fat.


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