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If you’re wondering whether or not the UK’s Journeyman Pictures would offer a fair portrait of Kentucky gun culture — and why would you? — the morose, not to say funereal music underpinning the first five minutes tells you all you need to know about their anti-ballistic bias.

Obviously, gun owners should protect children from negligent discharges. Children should be taught responsible gun handling from the earliest possible age, and monitored for safety (generally speaking). But suggesting that a single tragedy indicts “mass gun ownership” is a stretch to say the least.

The wide-eyed doc who claims 15k children come into U.S. hospitals with gunshot wounds each year is, of course, obfuscating. The vast majority of the “children” involved are teenagers. A large percentage of them are gang bangers.

Her claim that 32,000 people are “killed each year with a gun” elides the fact that over half of these are suicides. Gun deaths are “all preventable”? As the Brit’s say, pull the other one, it’s got bells on it.

Fact check, schmact check. Why Would a Child Need a Gun? is yet another example of anti-gun agitprop masquerading as a documentary. One that helps the United Kingdom maintain the illusion that gun rights are too dangerous for its subjects.

The interviewer points out the Cricket rifle. “It is the same gun that killed Caroline Sparks.” Animism uber alles! Thank God we separated from the Brits, is all I’ve got to say.

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  1. Sells 7000-8000 per year! Not bad. Now imagine 10 years of that all in paperwork in paper in boxes.

    Good luck ever tracking that.

    On the kid side, just wish there were some gun owning kid role models who weren’t on the obese side.

    • Don’t feel too confident in your protection by volume of paperwork strategy. It is all based on the idea that it cannot be digitized; but the reality is that it can easily be digitized. Form 4473 is just that; a form. Forms are amongst the easiest examples of handwriting to digitize, because they are (no crap) formulaic; you know what kind of data to expect in each box. Even 10 years ago there was software that could reliably scan and OCR forms with high 90%s accuracy rates. If big gov decides it wants to collate all of the disparate Form 4473s into a gun buyer db, all they have to do is hire someone capable of setting up the software correctly to map a field on a form to a field in a database, and tell the software what kind of data to expect in each of those fields. After it is set up, hire a few hundred minimum wage workers to scan paper all day and you’ll have all that paper in a db in no time.

  2. Yep-thank GOD we left you worthless Brits. You might wish your kid had that unneeded gun when you’re overwhelmed by moose-lim rapists…

    • The Brits live in a virtual police state. They’re country is being overtaken by Muslims, Indians and Blacks. They have no Bill of Rights to protect individual liberties. And, they have a royal family of inbreeds who play dress up. And, this Brit thinks she can infringe on our way of life? Get back to your island.

      • Only 3% of the British population is black compared to almost 15% of ours. The British police also don’t carry guns. So a police state is a stretch.

        • The cops having guns has nothing to do with a police state. When the civilians don’t have them, they don’t need them most of the time since they have the numbers.

          Also, for gun owners in Britain, there is no protection against searches. They can inspect your firearms storage at any time, even if you’re not home. There was a story a while back of an old man who forget to lock the lock on his storage. His collection was confiscated and he was sent to prison thanks to a random search without a warrant (which isn’t necessary if you own guns).

          Tell me that’s not a police state. When they can search your home for any reason then you are not free. Who’s to say they didn’t pop the lock open themselves?

      • Forgot to mention – Michelle acts like she’s a queen and the Progressives seem hell-bent on electing Hillary to the post. Apparently a lot of people seem to think that queens are a good idea.

    • Oi don’t drag her into this, she’s a little old lady who doesn’t get a vote and keeps her mouth shut no matter what.

    • After watching as much of that as I could stand I had to get out all my guns and give them a big hug and thank you.

      Interestingly, not one of them decided to shoot me.

  3. That doctor, Therese, is insufferable. The kid at 7 mins is a good; bright-eyed burly lad. That doctor should be a plain talker like the kid. I’m glad he’s there to represent us.

    • Agreed
      I’ve worked in the ER before and I think I would of quit if i had worked In hers. What a moron.

      The two boy kids in KY, thank god showed the viewers some mature children with gun smarts. I shoot with my younger brothers and it is VERY VERY controlled but I’m 28; youngest is 11 and he shot 22lr,380,9mm,45,5.56,.270 all ONE shot at a time on a private range with all protective gear and proper instruction. Take my 19 year old brother can now fully break down and reassemble all those above. I take this ALL as one of MY BIGGEST contributions as the “oldest blood relative for all of us”’ I’ve got diabetes and what if I passed away and they couldn’t protect my mother, wife and our other family members and I had not taught them, I wouldn’t even chance that, I’ve taught all of them in case only some of them cared to really learn. It like a completely different way of life for me and these “Libtards”, I don’t even want to understand how whacked they must actually be to feel like that.

      ‘Oh Timmy don’t use the blender, your a retard that needs to be told what to do ”

      Drivers education is to gun education as proper driving etiquette is to knowing how to control a dangerous machine in general.

  4. As far as giving a very young child a rifle, why not? But when you are not at the range or out hunting, take the bolt out of the rifle and lock it away with the ammunition. Zero chance of accidental discharge, even if he/she finds or acquires a stray round somewhere. This is not rocket science, but perhaps it is Darwin in action.

    Children, even good children, lack both wisdom and impulse control, generally, that’s why they need to be supervised and trained. Never leave a potentially deadly item where kids who do not understand the danger can get at it. If you are in the habit of leaving guns and ammo about the house when there are kids around why not go ahead and put a can of gasoline and a Bic light right next to them?

    • Most people don’t teach their kids safety rules about matches, chemicals, and tools. Yet most everyone has deadly stuff under their sinks and in the bathroom or garage.

      Seems to be an expectation issue. I took shop in the 7th grade. How many schools now let 12 and 13 year olds use band and table saws. We have decided kids are unable to adapt and learn to make good decisions.

      Our problem is most adults are unable to use powerful tools and so the statist answer is to prevent everyone except specially trained individuals to handle them.

      Maybe we need chainsaw, woodworking, and firearms training in the schools again.

      • “Our problem is most adults are unable to use powerful tools and so the statist answer is to prevent everyone except specially trained individuals to handle them.”
        Bears repeating, if not quite true yet this is certainly the end result of the current trend.

    • What are we talking here Cliff, 2 year-olds? At age 6 (and before), we were surrounded by knives, loaded guns, things that can fall, chemicals, uncovered outlets, and the like. Nobody rode in a car seat after age 3 or so. We all survived and those who didn’t, just didn’t. By 10 and 12, we had our own motorcycles, rode around unsupervised all day, generally armed with rifles, and/or pistols.

      The farmer kids were driving tractors at 10, running balers and all sorts of equipment that can kill you. Shop class? 7th graders with power tools. Hell, not 100 years ago factories were filled with 8 year-olds.

      The childification of America is the real issue, starting them too late is the problem. If I can’t toss the car keys and a firearm to a 12 year old and have him operate both responsibly, we’ve done something very, very wrong.

      • Watch out 16V…apparently “dangerous” freedom loving ideas like this aren’t so well regarded by some on these boards…

      • Knives, chemicals, things that can fall, etc. are drilled into the kid regarding behavior around them. Even then, must kids aren’t generally given their own 8″ chefs knife or bottle of bleach.

        Any way you look at it, though, kids are generally poor decision-makers. When you entrust a firearm to a child, they may not make the best decisions, including consideration of the 4 Rules. Leaving a functional firearm laying about, especially one designed to be operated by a 6yo, is asking for trouble. But, let’s give your parenting skills and your 6yo the benefit of the doubt – your son wouldn’t have done this.

        What is being forgotten is that a loaded firearm was left out within sight, reach, and easy access of a 2yo. So no, that was not responsible.

        Compare that to responsibly teaching your child how to own, operate, and care for an arm. That means teaching him or her how to shoot. How to use a scope. How to clean the arm after use. How to transport it. How to safely store it when you are around those who may not understand what they are seeing.

      • Katy, you can parent however you like (esp since you apparently follow the “childification” mantra of the progs).

        The rest of us will do otherwise, and expect our 6 year-olds to have some basic idea of right and wrong, that some things can take a life, and what that actually means. As has been common for thousands of years.

  5. First off this was a tragedy. Second the parents should have fought the rules of firearms first. (All guns are always loaded). Second NO brit will ever like or approve of firearm ownership. At least he recognized that it is in the constitution.

    • “Why would a nation need leftists?”

      To quote the philosophers ‘Beavis and Butt-Head’:

      Beavis – “Why do we have things that suck? Why can’t everything be cool?”

      Butt-Head – “We must have things that suck. Otherwise, how would we know what is cool?”

      Liberals, Progressives and their ilk are kinda like that. Memories are short…

      (Heh! Heh! heh! heh!)

  6. Kids need guns because Muslims rape kids.

    Just ask the kids in Rotherham. Maybe they should have done a documentary on that.

    • The UK is past the tipping point with islamic invaders. To make a documentary like that is to ask to be beheaded in the street.

  7. My first revolver was a 22 Bearcat when I was 10. It was mine. When I was doing chores after school or walking the woods it was on my hip. Removed countless snakes and armadillos and oit down pine cone and coke can insurrections.

    I cleaned it, cared for it, and fed it. I knew more about firearms than most adults I knew. My mother taught me use a bolt 22 but had never owned a 22 handgun.

    Later, I was able to buy a Smith Model 28 at 13 used to hunt deer. At 18, my brother bought me an RCBS press and I taught myself to reload.

    Had I misused a gun, I imagine I would have been an adult by the time I did most of those things. Kids can learn responsibility if they are expected to.

  8. They slant their reporting to fit their narrative. They could have gone to an NRA 50′ smallbore program and shown a broad age range learning safety and marksmanship. But that would show guns as fun and safe to use.

  9. So, I’m guessing my Grandkids … 10 (girl) and 13 (boy) don’t need their AR’s. They’ll be so disappointed next time they want to go to the range.

  10. U.S. kids need guns to repel the UK-ers should Mom & Dad not get it done, or if Mom & Dad start hogging all the fun.

    We admit we barely drove you out -~ 235 years ago, then we did the War of 1812 (close one) we kept the UK around thru WWII, so we could finish you off propper next time. Then the Fab Four ushered in the 60’s British invasion and we shot one of those MFs (Imagine).

    Truth be told, we can’t fung wait for the next one (tell your friends). We might not get to live to see that day, but we’ll be smiling down from heaven when our progeny unleashes hate on you.


    DON’T TREAD ON ME doesn’t have an age limit, and they have airsoft claymores that are really safe to train the little one’s on.

    Yankee Doodle keep it up, Yankee Doodle dandy, mind the music and your step, and with the girls be fing handy so you can breed the next batch of minutemen.

  11. Kinda all sounds like globalist sh_t to me, can’t do globalism if some people are armed.

    F globalists and F globalism, we’ll let your country be America, after we come and wipe out your population. Don’t hold your breath, it’s not really our style. Not saying we couldn’t, it’s just that we haven’t given you that worry. The proof being that you’d have already killed you own kids, and then yourselves, before you’d let us do it, because you wouldn’t like how we could do it.

    We got a (D)ickhead prez. playin wimpy now to help his muslim friends. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.

  12. I started shooting at 5-6 with BB guns, and a year or two later .22 rifles. Then around 9-10 pistols and hunting rifles. Teaching gun safety is a good thing and it should start young so you don’t have kids make mistakes thinking they were toys.

    Oh and one more thing, piss off you freedom hating brits. (Sorry if you are a freedom loving brit, but you are more like a unicorn in the current environment.

  13. Again with the bizarre implication that teenaged gangsters in the inner city are shooting each other because of time spent on the range with their fathers and their cricket rifles. Absolutely delusional.

    • Actually if the Gang Bangers Fathers would have hung around and raised the kids properly, all of the high rates of Gang Banger violence may not occur in the first place!

  14. Hmm. Well first thing that came to mind when I saw the title of that video was that if your child non adult child really needs a gun then you’ve failed as a parent.

  15. In US history kids had to have guns to defend their families from savages. In the 1930’s-40’s the US and the NRA, gathered guns to send to the Brits so they could protect themselves against more modern savages. Soon they will likely look for help against the current savages. This time we should discuss why we shouldn’t say no.

  16. Because teaching kids responsibility is at odds with the Nanny State mentality.
    Perhaps some people do not consider Pajama Boy as an ideal role model for their children.

  17. Why would a child need a gun? What a stupid question. There are targets without holes. This must be corrected, and your child can help!

  18. “Need”….. I don’t recall seeing that as a criteria for enjoying the free exercise of a right. “Need” is an artificial barrier to the enjoyment of a right, because it is a needlessly (pun intended) barrier, intended to only encapsulate the most basic essentials necessary for survival. However those opposed to firearms forget that a key component of the right to life is the right to self defense and self preservation.

  19. This is why our fore father’s kicked the British to the curb some 240 years ago. They were already started down this path, having to ask permission of some perfumed monarch, before you are allowed to do much more than pass gas, is always going to be the end result of being ruled by a tyrant. My kid never had a Cricket, her first was a Ruger 10/22.

  20. “Thank God we separated from the Brits, is all I’ve got to say.”

    I think it’s funny that we all cheer and agree with a statement like this, but then as soon as someone from the US advocates for seceding from the union because they want to control their own lives and not be bullied around by people hundreds our thousands of miles away from them they are shouted down as unpatriotic POS’s and called ignorant.

    • That’s an excellent point. Although, it is worth mentioning, that some people’s objection to Washington’s control over their lives isn’t rooted so much in their own longing for freedom, per se, but rather their longing for freedom to displace Washington and control their neighbors’ lives themselves.

      • Yes you’ve hit the nail on the head.

        Most people don’t look at the government as a hammer. They don’t see that when the democrats have the hammer they just use it to smash whatever they want on their agenda and when the republicans have the hammer they do the same thing with their agenda…and round and round it goes.

        When someone advocates not for for one side of the same coin but for abolishing the hammer in the first place…well…you might as well be from another planet…it’s completely alien to most people.

  21. The producer just should have watched The Patriot before coming all the way over here. That movie answers his question in the first hour.

  22. I have no more interest in British opinions on gun owner rights than I am in Saudi opinions on women’s rights.

  23. It’s funny, the gun grabbers will cite the American Academy of Pediatrics, and their view that the only safe home is a home without a gun, to reinforce their anti-firearm agenda. (How such a home’s residents would defend themselves against serious criminal violence and how this factors into the home’s safety was left unmentioned.)

    However, when it comes time to throwing open the schools’ restrooms to every confused child with gender identify disorder and indulging a serious, pernicious mental condition, it’s perfectly OK to ignore that same Academy’s stern warnings that such is a dangerous and unhealthy course of action.

    It’s just typical of liberals and others with severely limited intellectual honesty and capability. Accept or reject facts per expedience. Cite or ignore expert opinion per for conformance with your politics.

  24. As an ex-UK (Brit if you like) Scotsman, now living in France and happily enjoying my handgun, AR collection etc I can only apologize to the US readers.

    These liberal, socialist idiots do not represent my point of view nor those of many others in the UK. It’s true that crushing, unjust anti-gun laws exist and that people have been perverted in their thinking by the lying press and anti-gun types. After all that there are many who enjoy shooting and hunting and wish they could have more of that and with the banned weapons.

    The USA is lucky to have the 2nd amendement or those anti-gun types would be doing the same thing.

    Kids learning to use guns and enjoy it – great and it’s the future to preserve our rights.

    Crazies, gang bangers and rag-heads running amok – well let’s ban them instead – if they can???

  25. On the one hand: Hammer these conceited, intolerant pr*cks who have captured the bully pulpit of our media here and accordingly use it to bully – blaring out dissenting voices. On the other don’t give some unknown muck raker the “oxygen of publicity” they so crave by setting this up for clickbait.

  26. I have never understood the UK media obsession with the firearm culture in the US. They also seem to regurgitate disproven statistics, include suicides as ‘gun murders’, class 17 year old gangsters as ‘children’ etc etc.

    Mind you, it seems that most of the media here do exactly the same!

    Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that all Brits feel the same way. Unfortunately the UK doesn’t have a constitution and certainly nothing like the 2A, and that has left the door open for the government and ruling class to unilaterally ban things that hurt their feelings and threaten their power and control.

    As an Englishman who has lived in the US for 9 years and has embraced this great country and its Constitution, all I can say is I love it here and am hoping that we can all get through this period of division and identity politics with our freedoms intact……..

  27. Between the dour and suspenseful music, and the harrowing background ‘dread noise’ sound effect constantly running, I kept expecting a monster to jump out at any moment…


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