The Yorkshire Evening Post reports that taxi driver Anthony Scott was sent down for six years for “keeping machine gun under bed.” Scott was caught stashing a loaded shotgun with two (count ’em two) shells and an M3 machine pistol (last produced in 1992, with a further brace of bullets). Scott claimed he’d found the weapons in a skip off Spen Lane and put them in a drawer under his bed. “I just thought they were interesting and took them with me.” Judge Hoffman wasn’t buying it. ‘The shotgun is nothing other than a criminal’s weapon.┬áThe stock has been shortened, the barrel has been shortened and the stock has been bound with tape to prevent fingerprints adhering to it.’ Scott, pleaded guilty to all three charges: two count of possessing firearms and three years for possession of live ammunition. I suppose the words “home defense” don’t translate well from American to English. Sorry, British.


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