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Lincolnshire police have arrested 31-year-old plumber Colin Furze on firearms charges re: his flame-throwing scooter. Not that Furze didn’t see this one coming. “It’s a hell of a lot of fun and when I fire the flames it makes me feel like James Bond,” Furze told The Telegraph. I’ll only use it off-road though. I’d get in a lot of trouble otherwise. I’ve been told that if I fire the flames while riding on the road, it’s equivalent to using a firearm.” Indeed. The Old Bill saw pics of Mr Furze doing his thing on a public highway—in no way encouraged by the media of course—and nicked the stupid sod for “suspicion of possessing an object converted into a firearm.” The media is playing up the Mad Professor angle: “The scooter, which was built before Christmas, was Mr Furze’s third attempt at the project after the first did not ignite and the second burst into flames.” Yes, well, the joke’s on him. (Again.) Possession of a firearm carries a maximum prison sentence of five to seven years at Crown Court. Considering that a UK man with a converted replica pistol recently received a five-year jail sentence, Furze is sure to learn that if you play with fire, you get burned. Again.

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  1. You’d think the Bobbies would have better things to do!
    Talk about trumped up charges!
    They would have arrested Ben Franklin, one stormy night,
    for converting a natural occurrence to a deadly object…

  2. Given half a chance, this dude could save the Bobbies thousands of pounds
    if they’d let him design more effective and cheaper police equipment!


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