ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame
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As Detective Mills once wondered aloud without really wanting to know…what’s in the box?

I was told it would be something that I’d love and hate to have…both at the same time. My good friends at Red Hills Arms in Tallahassee told me about it when they got it as part of a batch if used guns. They told me it’s something I just had to see, so I rushed on over.

ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame

Inside the mysterious commemorative box was…a Smith & Wesson Model 66-2, Big Blue’s classic K-Frame .357 Magnum revolver. I own a few of these and I can tell you they’re great guns.

But this revolver is a little different. Its stainless steel beauty has been besmirched by an unfortunate symbol. A stain…a blot on the fabric of our freedom. This is no run-of-the-mill Model 66.

ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame

This is a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms Model 66. It was made to commemorate 50 years since the ATF first came into being at the end of Prohibition. You can see why I have mixed feelings. I love me some K-frames, but I’m no fan of the ATF.

ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame

Our friends at the bureau are not and never have been pro-gun. The idea of Smith & Wesson making this gun for sale to the very agents who enforce the laws and policies that restrict Americans’ civil rights is…conflicting.

Yes, I know, back in 1983, things were very different and S&W was making guns for just about everyone. In the grand scheme of things, this wheelgun isn’t really any different than the FBI stamped guns or the USSS guns they were making. It’s a classic Model 66-2. As a K-frame .357 Magnum revolver, this baby has everything that you want and nothing you don’t.

ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame

Smooth “Coke bottle” stocks and no freaking lock.

ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame

A wonderful, smooth-faced combat trigger plus adjustable white outline rear sights with the classic orange insert for the front sight.

ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame

This thing just screams 1980s duty revolver and I wouldn’t have any issue at all carrying it as a self-defense piece.

But back to the issue at hand. Why would someone want to own this now? Well, while it was made to commemorate the founding of the ATF, today it’s something of a historical curiosity. But more important, it can also be viewed now as a symbol of freedom triumphing over oppression.

Remember, this gun was never intended be owned by the common citizen. Back when it was made, the majority of the states were no/may issue with regard to carry permits. Today, half the country is constitutional carry and the US Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the Second Amendment is an inalienable individual right that belongs to the people, one that can be exercised both inside and outside the home.

ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame

Every day now, the needle moves more toward 2A freedom. A few states are still making desperate attempts to limit Second Amendment right, but they’re on the wrong side of history…and the law.

Why? Because Americans are increasingly exercising their Second Amendment rights and fighting to expand them. So, just because this wonderful revolver has an unfortunate blemish, there’s no reason at all it can’t be used as a tool of freedom.

ATF BATFE commemorative Smith & Wesson Model 66-2 K-frame

It can still be used to keep criminals — and the forces of tyranny, if necessary — at bay.

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  1. ATF mark? eww… that’s like eating around a cockroach in an otherwise perfectly good bowl of cookies and cream ice cream.

    • Aww. Cmon man!

      I see it as like spoils of war. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this gun.

      I have owned New Jersey, and Illinois, Police surplus pistols. Just makes me laugh when I shoot them.

      I currently have a British purchased M&P revolver from before the Lend Lease program. Also an Australian surplus model 10 with a tapered 3 inch bbl.

      I love guns with a story ….. buy it and don’t look back.

      • *Fist bump* Mentioned several times that I find it ironic fighting your enemies with their own weapons.

        “Why would someone want to own this now?”

        – Luis

        Good to keep a direct reminder on hand that your enemies do in fact exist. Precludes the out of sight, out of mind thing which humans are very prone to falling victim of. Especially where existential threats are concerned.

        I do the same. The gun wall right above my desk includes several commie favorites, among others.

    • when was the last time they had anything to do with alcohol or tobacco?….this agency exists for one purpose…to chase guns…something other agencies could do just as well….

      • Welcome to the Redundant Dept. of Loquacious Tautological Supererogatory Supernumerary Gratuitous Redundancies.

        Please hurry to take a number and a seat. We will call you to receive your next number to denote your place in line for your number for placement in the waiting queue for the scheduling of your appearance in line in the next month or two.

        Subject to unannounced revision, of course.

  2. Hey, Luis –

    Keep us up-to-date on when constitutional carry will pass, willya, please?

    Ans see if we can get open carry, as well…

  3. Well as many in uniforms and suits have discovered…Once they retire from LE or land another job the knee jerk Gun Control they supported comes back to bite them in the butt. I.E. bill clintoon’s and joe biden’s 1994 assault weapon ban landed on the doorsteps of those accustomed to carrying various weapons around. And when time came following retirement, etc. when they wanted an AR-15, etc. for the home, etc. they like everyone else could not have one and that caused some attitude adjustments. And attitude adjustments were another reason for POTUS GW Bush to allow the clintoon ban to Sunset and open the gates for what is now a booming market for firearms and accessories. Of course POTUS GW Bush receives little gratitude from far too many ungrateful Gun Owners whose safes are full while their heads reside in their ungrateful behinds.

  4. No different than me owning combloc surplus when I completely oppose communism. I have long wanted to get into LEO surplus and LEO commemorative guns, but there is only so much money available. Very nice, sir. Congratulations.

    • It looks like a grinder already got to this thing’s hammer… ATF stamp or not that makes me wince a little.

  5. In reality the Model 19 series of guns were total failures as far as durability. Even though Smith went to extremes to make them durable by giving them a double heat treatment for the .357 Mag cartridge they failed miserably. The average life of the gun was only 2,000 rounds of full power 158 grain loads and less than that with the more modern bullets that were even heavier. The gun was not even controllable in rapid fire.

    The Model 19 was the brainchild of Bill Jordan who wanted a much lighter weight gun for law enforcement to carry than the behemoth “N” Frame Smiths. The gun was never meant to be shot a lot. Quoting Jeff Cooper “The gun was meant to carried a lot but shot seldom”(In reality he really said this not about the M19 but about the failed Colt aluminum framed .45 acp Commander that was noted for cracking is aluminum frame).

    As far as not wanting the gun because it was stamped “ATF” is childish. It’s the same bizarre argument some people use when they scream ” I would never own a German Luger or P38 because it was used by the evil Nazi’s. A gun is a machine, it is not human and attaching evil spirits to it is only something the religious Far Right would do who revel in Bronze Age Mysticism, complete with prayer, ritual, incantations and painting their bodies red and dancing naked by the light of the moon in the shadow of long forgotten monuments like Stonehenge.

    Having said all these derogatory things about the M19 I did buy an older pinned and recessed M19 that was in unfired condition. The workmanship and high quality parts (no junk MIM castings) made it a desirable gun for a collection. I of course only shoot .38 specials out of it and it is very durable for the .38 special cartridge.

    • Bronze age mysticism? Sounds like the fascist left in their treatment of ‘black guns.’

      And anybody that believes you bought a gun of any kind, let alone a Smith can give you a +1.

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for it.

      • I suppose Jethro you believe that the Red Army beat the White Army by throwing cream puffs at them?

        If you think we Socialists are unarmed someday you are going to be in for a big surprise if you try another Jan 6th attempt to destroy our Constitution and our Democracy by taking over by force and violence the duly elected legitimate government and installing a dictatorship under Herr Drumpf.

        In reality we Socialists will probably never have to worry about this because the U.S. Military Generals ( more than one) stated that Herr Drumpf and his jackbooted Stormtroopers would have been crushed by the U.S. Military if they had even come close to succeeding that day no matter how many innocent Congressmen that they would have killed.

        When you think about it the American people turned in their own jackbooted redneck relatives when they tried to overthrow the government proving that it was indeed the Socialists that were the true patriots and supported American ideals and democracy. They cheered as each of the thug Trumpite stormtroopers went to prison. We now are waiting for the big fat rat, Herr Drumpf to get his turn in court.

        • Wowzer. Such a disconnect from reality. You national social-lists are the threat to freedom.

          But that’s OK. Keep polishing your jack boots and believing you’re the hero of the story. Your ss ancestors felt the same way.

        • to Jethro

          The SS were far right German Nazi’s and fought the anti-fa and the socialists in the streets of Germany. You flunked history classes.

        • dacian. Your tactics, uniform and rhetoric are pure fascism. Apparently you’ve never read a history book.

          And you are a prime recruit for the ss. White, racist and mentally ill.

        • German Nazi’s and fought the anti-fa and the socialists in the streets of Germany.

          That’s right the Nationalist Socialists AKA NAZIs were Fascists and the “socialists” They were fighting was the Unions the fact that they would fight with “anti-fascists” is understandable.

    • MADDMAXX December 24, 2022 At 18:55
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      Awwwwww, isn’t that SPEASHULL? little doodad acting like he actually knows something about REAL guns, pretty nice copy/paste job though and the personal touch at the end? Priceless… And that Cooper “quote”? confusing to say the least, don’t you read stuff before you copy/paste it?

      “A gun is a machine, it is not human and attaching evil spirits to it is only something the religious Far Right would do”
      THAT!!, What a joke, you and your leftist cohorts have given the GUN mystic abilities to kill at will, to transform innocent law-abiding citizens into unwilling co-conspirators with the firearm running rampant around the country slaughtering women and children at their leisure but NOW it’s just a machine? Can’t have it both ways doodad… WTF: Is it just ME, three times in ONE fucking day with NOTHING obvious that I can point at and say “yeah there it is, that’s why”, don’t want my posts just say so, in fact I’ll say it for you, bye, fuckin kommie bullshit

    • “A gun is a machine, it is not human and attaching evil spirits to it is only something the religious Far Right would do…”

      You know, you need to bring this up at the next staff meeting of Leftists and Oddballs for Social Engineering and Re-education Schemes.

      There goes that Three Blind Mice tune again…

    • Dacian, I want to be perfectly clear. I want to be sure my diction is correct. Fuck you! A S&W. K frame .357 magnum is one of the finest revolvers of all time. You’d know that if you had ever carried a handgun. Piss me off again on Christmas Eve after I’ve had a bouborn. See what happens next. Pencil Neck.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      Are you EVER going to get over trying to pretend that you know f***-all about firearms? PLEASE!?!?!? You simply beclown yourself (but, then, you ARE and @$$clown, so maybe you think it’s appropriate).

      Go expire in an excavation, you Leftist/fascist liar.

  6. Luis, I take issue with this. I’ve done a bit of business with Red Hills. So has my son. Mike knows he’s supposed to call me if he gets in something interesting. I’ll take this up with him after the 1st.

  7. Oh! I liked the Detective Mills reference. That’s a good movie. I liked both Brad Pitt’s 1911 and Morgan Freeman’s S&W 15.

  8. Still, overall, a very sweet piece… Can’t see all ATF stuff when you’re shooting, but what’s up with that hammer?

  9. …………and it’s a 357 mag, my favorite caliber ! Coming from the After The Fact , i bet it’s hardly been used. Surprised though, wonder why it wasn’t “lost”.

    • Ed, I have to agree that I like a .357 magnum. A lot. I own a few. It was a great caliber when S&W introduced it, and it still is.

  10. I think as long as you keep it away from religious cults, wemon holding babies, and dogs you’ll be alright.

    • +5 Possum ! that for me is the comment of the day! Merry Christmas to you brother and all the men and women of POTG ! … and even to you darcy the demented troll grinchy grinch…… May Santa leave you a real Gunm , and you decide in a moment of clarity to do the right thing and take out miner69’er for us before you do us all a favor and eat it yourself…. Just don’t shoot yourself in the brain because I believe you aren’t that good of a shot! “rapid fire” center mass will do the trick my little basement dwelling friend and don’t forget to leave your mom a note and your last welfare check so your mom doesn’t have to pay for the clean up and removal of your corpse out of pocket. HO HO HO!
      Question though? Do liberal leftard communists celebrate Christmas????

      I think not.

  11. I’m of two minds on this one. On one hand, I wanna correct you:

    “…everything that you want and nothing you don’t.”

    “…everything that you want and [one thing] you don’t.”


    On the other, if the AFT is ever legislated out, I’d be tempted to wear one of those to the auction, when they sell all the office furniture.

  12. HMM – several ‘what’s up with the hammer’ comments – I’m gonna ‘speculate’ that it was dropped (not that any of US have ever done that – insert eyeroll) a time or two. Concrete is not very forgiving on precision machinery.
    I admit I only have a couple of commemorative or issue pieces in my ‘arsenal’ but would consider something like this IF the price was within reach of us mere mortals.

  13. It depends on the price really. I’m not a collector, so I most certainly would not pay more no matter what/ who was die struck on the gun.
    The author’s right about the ATF’s origins. It was created solely for the purpose of keeping all the former Alcohol Revenue agents employed after the repeal of Prohibition. Their creation and existence, along with the NFA, are as Unconstitutional today as they were 88 years ago.

  14. I am reminded of how I wanted a Walther P-38, but as a Jew, I didn’t want one with NAZI markings.

    Duh, the factory was under NAZI control when those guns were built.

    I got one anyway.

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