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“European foreign ministers have lifted an arms embargo on Syria, paving the way for individual EU member states to provide weapons to the Syrian rebels,” reports. “The foreign ministers met in Brussels on Monday to bridge their differences over the issue, with Britain and France pushing to allow European governments to deliver arms.” Huh. Aside from the fact that both the U.S. and the Eurozone are arming “rebels” who could easily turn out to be even less friendly to U.S. interests than the Assad regime, does it strike anyone as ironic that the President who chided American gun owners for being wary of their own government is now putting guns into the hands of Syrians attempting the violent overthrow of their country’s official, UN-recognized government? Just wonderin’ . . .

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  1. This has got bad news written all over it. It doesn’t seem to matter which clown sits in the oval office, none of them seem capable of thinking past the next bj from the next intern.

    • Nailed it. Doesn’t seem like all of rebels want to take on the Great Satan next, just the best armed and most effective groups. Definitely going to end well.

    • “THINK”? It’s not their job. Their job is TAKING ORDERS and staying on talking points. Smiling at union workers, babies…

      “U.S, Europe”? WHY IS IT SO EFFING HARD TO SAY “NATO”? If you can’t read that between the lines, better hang ’em up…

      • ‘Because there are some NATO members that want nothing to do with it, I’d imagine.

        • After the piss poor job NATO did in Libya I figure they’ll stick to parades and ceremonies in the EU.

  2. Hey, maybe that’s what Obama plans to do with all of our “assault weapons” that he is trying to confiscate!

    • I doubt rifles are the issue. These morons are probably going to pass along things like Stingers, artillery and other useful toys for those great western loving democracy seeking souls over there.

      • Progressives claim US citizens should not be able to own a semi-auto AR15. That is just too much power for one person. Only highly trained people like cops should have those. Then the following day, “Hey lets give grenades, RPG’s, full auto rifles, and maybe some missiles to a group of rebels in the middle east. What a great idea!”

        • “Hey lets give grenades, RPG’s, full auto rifles, and maybe some missiles to a group of grudgy pre-teens in the middle east. What a great idea!”

          There. That’s fixed.

        • “Hey lets give grenades, RPG’s, full auto rifles, and maybe some missiles to a group of grudgy pre-teen jihadists in the middle east. What a great idea!”

          Even more fixed?

  3. Ironic? Yes.

    Surprising? No.

    These would be the same rebels that have stated they are on AQs side.

    • How awesome would it be if we shipped all the Moms Demand Action and Brady campaign protesters over there. I’m sure there are children there too, they should care about all the children of the World.

    • Lets not forget the Iran Contra affair… “I have no recollection of that…”

      Anyone seen Ol’ Olly North lately?

      I was a kid & I was paying attention then, as well as now.

  4. The older I get, the more I think Randy Newman’s “Political Science,” circa 1970, is the right idea. To wit: “They all hate us anyway, so let’s drop the big one now, lets drop the big one now.” If you don’t know it by heart, it’s worth the few minutes on UTube.

    • If everybody hates you wouldn’t it be more economic to drop “the big one” on you? Besides thats what democracy is about, you vs everybody = everybody wins.

  5. And those guns will be used worldwide… etc. Sounds like D.C. has completely lost it…

  6. Well, arming extremists to take down a government we don’t like has worked so well in the past, I can see why we’re doing it again.

    • The only specific aim is DISORDER=destabilization, don’t you know? If we don’t like the result, then DESTABILIZE AGAIN. It’s political Whack-a-Mole, and the beneficiaries are arms merchants who report to Rockefellers and Rothschilds (red shield)…

  7. Just another example of State sponsored terrorism, FOR REAL!

    Are you watching everyone? Do you see the hypocrisy at work? Are we done here letting these Taliban in the white house tell us what is Right or Wrong when they have absolutely no clue themselves?

    The only thing they can quote out of judicial rulings for us is “you cant have any arms you want where ever you want” to try to capitulate our defenselessnes. While at the same time IGNORING the 67pages of why they can’t have their way in “what ever they want”.

    Let the king of Saudie Arabia use the weapons he’s been buying with the covertly & illegally transfered funds from British Aerospace..oh wait, those arms, from ex soviet countries, are being used already…

    Just rediculous!

    • Did you happen to see the feature, a couple years back, of Geraldo, “reporting from the Afghan poppy fields”? He interviewed U.S. grunts, “yeah, Geraldo, we really, hate having to guard these poppy fields for the Taliban, but that’s our job….”

      DAMN STRAIGHT it’s their job!! Gotta keep the heroin flowing WORLDWIDE – that funds the CIA’s huge BLACK BUDGET.

      If you think not, find a book called THE POLITICS OF HEROIN IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, written toward the end of the Vietnam war. It’s all there…

      • oh hush william, we all know that is conspiracy theory /sarc

        fromthewilderness also has a mountain of drug related articles if one has the stamina to go through all of them. it took me a couple years of regular reading 😀

      • Idiot moron.

        The Afghan poppy can thrive in many climates. The Afghan war has nothing to do with providing security for the foundation of a drug based economy.

        If drug economy is so lucrative, why isn’t the U.S Government issuing Federal exemption from prosecution contracts to farmers all over the U.S to grow the opium poppy, rather than the traditional cash crop tobacco.

  8. The only good coming out of this is that damn near every faction that hates the US in that part of the world are now busy blowing themselves up.

  9. His name is William Hague. Remember that, and do be so good as to review his features which are quite distinct.

  10. It’s just cover for when everyone finds out we were already doing it via Benghazi and Turkey. Does anyone else find it funny McCain sneaked into Syria the same way our weapons do?

  11. Y’know, two years ago we’d have made allies tat way. Now, though, they dislike us.

  12. This smells suspiciously like our CIA-run programs to arm the mujahideen to fight the USSR in A-stan back when the Soviets were (a) the occupying force and (b) our nominal opposition on the world stage.

    I would like to know where the rebels are going to get the money to buy these arms. I’m perfectly willing to believe that they’re not going to get anything more effective than mortars, light and heavy MGs, and a limited number of MANPADS… but all that plus the ammo required will still cost a fair bit of change.

    • Alpha, when there aren’t any very big and scary powers to convincingly fill the Evil Empire role, the only thing left for Shining City on a Hill to do is select two captains, and let them pick players for the Blue and Green teams. It may seem contrived, but it’s the only way to keep all the players in shape, and and to test new sports gear. It also provides a sort of minor league to observe player development.

      • The Pepsi : Coke war is so Level 1, 80’s thinking.

        The Brits are cutting their Military Spending, they are reducing man power internationally and they intend to flog off surplus weapon systems rather than have them collect dust in, and be regarded as a prize by revolutionary militants embedded within the United Kingdom.

        William Hague will not sell back this hardware at scrap metal prices to H&K in Germany, he wants working tool prices. This may well jeapodise arms sale contracts in the future with H&K while also potentially force the Germans to clean up the mess that the British are damned bent on making a few years down the line.

        Politically this puts the UK in league with the Syrian rebels, and this Tory Coallition Government knows it will not be re-elected in the foreseeable future when it comes to picking up the pieces.

  13. New idea: Whatever weaponry the US gov’t gives to foreign “freedom fighters” should also be made available for lawful ownership by US citizens. 2nd Amendment, bitches.

  14. “U.S., Europe to Arm Syrian Rebels”

    I think you mean, “U.S., Europe to OFFICIALLY Arm Syrian
    Rebels”. There’s been some serious rumors and allegations
    that this has been going on already. It may have been a factor
    as to why Bengazi was allowed to happen. Not that we can
    expect any member of the MSM to report or even investigate.
    Weapon shipments aside, my understanding of Syrian internal
    politics says we have a choice of friends: Hezbollah, al Queda or
    the Muslim Brotherhood. Right now it appears the the White
    House has chosen to side with Al Queda and the Muslim
    Brotherhood over Hezbollah.

  15. Whatever arms the US gov’t gives to foreign “freedom fighters” should be made available for lawful ownership by US citizens. If mortars, stinger missiles and a sh!t ton of grenades and AK’s are necessary for freedom in Syria then they should be considered arms protected by the 2nd Amendment here.

    • technically, if we were to truly abide by the true meaning of the 2nd amendment, we would have unmolested access to select fire rifles, suppressors, short barrels, and belt-fed automatics…

      as far as private ownership of cannons went during the american revolution, i could use a M120 mortar system to keep in my shop. It would make the 4th of july very interesting.

      • I feel the same way. I have talked with anti gun types that have asked me why we should be able to have ar’s and I usually respond why shouldn’t we have m4 and m16? In 1776 the Americans were shooting the British with the same Brown Bess the British were shooting back with. I believe our founding fathers could see an improvement in arms and were expecting the public to keep and bare the most up to date arms of our time….

        • During that era and immediately afterward, several private American citizens owned field artillery. That’s to say nothing of the superior Pennsylvania Rifles that some revolutionaries used. Use of muskets wasn’t what was maximally permitted in law, it was what individual citizens could afford.

  16. Why don’t we just leave them alone? They seem to be having so much fun blowing the sh1t out of each other, I see no reason for us to be Uncle Killjoy.

  17. Oh god! I *finally* get it!

    THAT’S where all the ammo’s been going.


  18. Ironic that the money to equip the rebels will come from special international sales of government to government bonds with the three biggest buyers of US bonds: China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. Eventually the loans will be paid back with interest courtesy of the US taxpayer.

    • “the loans will be paid back with interest courtesy of the US taxpayer.”

      Boy, are you an optimist!

  19. Decades ago the U.S. sided with Saudi Arabia, moving them out of the Russian sphere of influence and into ours. They became a supplier of oil and credit, a purchaser of U.S arms, and a non-belligerent neighbor of Israel (at the state level), though not publicly acknowledged. In exchange the U.S. sides with Saudi Arabia vs. Iran in a Sunni vs Shia proxy war.

    See Saudis getting fed up with Obama’s dithering on Syria?

    • I think saudi arabia has always been under US orbit unofficially, at least after 1945 when we discovered their black gold mountain underneath their sovereign lands.

      no, that link doesnt have anything to do with it at all /sarc 😉

    • Gulf War I and II clearly were motivated by our desire to protect Saudi Arabia and the minor gulf states, since Saddam repeatedly expressed interest in turning his tanks south. (I have no idea why we bothered to occupy Afghanistan. The first four weeks’ bombing sent a sufficient message.) If Saudi and other gulf oil stopped flowing, Japan, China, and much of Europe would have had to close down much of their industry, sparking a depression instantly. That game really isn’t over yet. It’s half-time.

  20. It looks like America policy is now kill everyone , anyway the American people pay for it all anyhow , budget problems , just raise the tax , more tax on gas, your house, tax and spend, someone sure is crying all the way to the banks, and the banks love war , thats how you finance both sides and get RICH… and we know the evil guns the American people have should be collected and given to the REBELS too. And our good friend China hacked and got all the latest high tect. weapons plans because they love us and would never hurt anyone with all the newest USA weapons… IS anyone SANE is D.C.

    • There are definitely sane people in DC. The Senate Elevator Operators are an example, and perhaps the Sunday cleaning crew at the Library of Congress.

  21. You know, it could turn out that there aren’t any “the good guys” in this conflict. I’d give “the good guys” weapons. A lesser evil? No way.

    • You can’t give the “good guys” (FSA – the more secular, non-Salafi Syrian nationalist rebels) weapons without also giving them to the “bad guys”, because they are fighting on the same side. There is “good” and “bad” in this conflict, but it is not cleanly separated by the front lines. The way I’d rank it is FSA > Assad > al-Nusra (jihadists). On the other hand, in terms of military power, it’s Assad > al-Nusra > FSA. But you can’t give guns to FSA without many of them also leaking to al-Nusra, and the latter will eventually use them against the former (and any foreign intervention force, if one gets involved).

  22. hey cmon guys, we have the best government money can buy!

    everybody is making billions!

    “its a big club and you aint in it” -George Carlin-

  23. Clash of civilizations. Islamism (Islamic extremism) is a death cult. Since around the 13th century until today the West has gone seven hundred years into the future, while most of the middle east has gone seven hundred years into the past (sixth century).
    There is really no good answer to this problem.

  24. I posted it in the last one and I’ll post it again:

    They’re a bunch of terrorists, fighting like terrorists do, and there are some in American who actually want to support them with arms and money.

    Did they not learn from Afghanistan? They don’t care about us.

  25. Since helping the Mujahideen worked so well in the long run………..

    It ain’t our war and it sure as hell ain’t our goddam business.

  26. I wonder how the government would take it if there was an insurrection here and the Chinese sent the rebels millions of dollars worth of arms. It’s really easy to take the fight to those you don’t like using surrogates. Entirely different thing to DIY.

    …..Do onto others……

  27. A short history of our problems! After WW1 the French and British set up All the current nations of the middle for their control and taking all the resources of those nations… It’s just as George Washington said about keeping out of Europe’s wars,(his farewell address)(also WW1,WW2,Korea,Viet Nam) so Ron Paul very well understands what he was talking about in his use of the term BLOW BACK! We the USA are the Military and the money bags for the GLOBALIST …(the New World Order) All this is Real Facts ( not tin foil hats) you got to read the history of events. this brings us to today ,, and even gun control in the USA is all part of to merge America into a part of this mess.. The amount of people killed too is part of the plan to have less people and nations to control (the U.N. –NATO) are all tools to this end. They will never Support America First policy we had prior to WW!…That is where we are now…

  28. Hmmm….I wonder if these actions would violate the soon-to-be-signed UN Arms Trade Treaty?

  29. Also wish to point out Syria has oil pipe line being built that will supply lots money to who ever controls it…FOLLOW THE MONEY…. And please understand that Federal RES. NOTES : Dollars are no longer backed by silver or gold as in the past… So to buy oil on any world markets you must use dollars (petro dollars = USA dollar) and note the FEDERAL RES. is not a part of any government but is a group of private banks..That is why Ron Paul wanted a audit of the FED. RES. BANK….they answer to NO ONE and direct the policy of nations…and create money out of THIN AIR and bill the American government interest on money we print… SAME for the IRS it too is private co. run and controlled by private banks as for gun control it’s all about control of the we the people. John McCain is a total ONE WORLD GLOBALIST .. HE has no and mean NO interest in what is best for America..

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