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“Using children for this type of propaganda is truly a form of abuse,” journalist Omar Sayyed writes on his Facebook page North Lebanon News. “Besides potentially putting them in harm’s way, these kids are going to grow up with hatred in their hearts, hatred planted there by their own parents. It’s hard to believe this is happening in our country. As problems in Syria get worse, they get worse here, too; Tripoli is a sort of mailbox, where the two sides send each other messages, in a very bloody way. And the fighting has been going on for so long now that some people are clearly going crazy.” The only thing crazier: the U.S. arming anyone other than themselves and the Israelis. Just sayin’ . . .

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      • The only thing crazier is that the US is arming Libyans and Syrians while disarming Americans.

        • Don’t forget Obama also gave millions of dollars to Egypt along with a bunch of tanks and fighter jets. Yet the Naval Academy graduates didn’t get a flyover this year. It was blamed on sequestration. Yet that didn’t stop Obama from using thousands of dollars to fly over there to give his commencement speech to these grads. What a disgusting poor excuse for a so called commander in chief.

    • Nothing but the truth. Israel is not the responsibility of the US tax payer. Nothing that happens in the Middle East is any of our business. It is time for a sane immigration policy and for us to put America first. Let the other nations of the world sleep in the beds they have made for themselves.

      • I still don’t see where welfare is mentioned. Or is that something you just assume?

      • I also happen to agree that we should help arm Israel. They are one of our best allies. They are surrounded by a bunch of radical Islamist that want nothing more than to destroy them.

        I don’t agree with arming any other country, especially rebels. That has not worked out well for us in the past. At least Israel has never turned their back on us.

      • @matt, you better hope that the whole “report insane people so they can’t get guns” thing never gets enacted.

      • They are one of our best allies.

        What, other than headaches, has the U.S. gotten for its $100 billion investment in Israeli foreign aid?

        “They are surrounded by a bunch of radical Islamist that want nothing more than to destroy them.”

        As an American, how is that my problem? They wanted that land, now they got it. Not my fault they didn’t know it was in a shitty neighborhood before they moved in.

      • “What, other than headaches, has the U.S. gotten for its $100 billion investment in Israeli foreign aid?”

        Off the top of my head: THAAD/SMIV antiballistic missile defenses derived in part from shared development of the Israeli Arrow system, THEL weaponized laser system and “deck gun” lasers currently in naval development created jointly with the Israeli defense department, Popeye surface-to-surface missile developed entirely in Israel and given to the US, and the Iron Dome modular, regional ballistic defense system capable of taking down mortars and artillery shells which informed our own defenses in Afghanistan.

        That’s just literally off the top of my head. If you drill down and do a little looking, you can find a lot more smaller things.

        As to their living in a bad neighborhood, they’ve been very patient with *not* cleaning it up and could probably get on with it if the rest of the world, including the US, would just stop getting in their way.

        • “@matt, I’ve scraped better than you off my shoe.”

          Looks like someone did.

      • Geo politics, though VERY irritating…..exists, just the same.
        History shows that turning away can be far worse than being involved in the singular world we all share.

  1. I had to read that a couple times. But I agree; we shouldn’t be in that business, PERIOD. But BUSINESS it is.

    Believe it or not, Khadafy’s Libya was a beautiful, prosperous place, with a degree of affluence and free medical care and education, including higher education. As a result, there’s a high ratio of highly-educated people in Libya.

    Until our country effed it royally by backing al-Queda “rebels” (thugs). REMEMBER AL-QUEDA? Now they’re our “friends” when the government needs them to be, and enemies when they need that. Like in Orwell’s 1984. Which is here, now.

    But the wars of the near future will be fought over water, which is the oil of the near-future. And guess WHAT? Libya sits on top of the world’s largest, most valuable aquifer of clean, pure water….

    • Yeah, Kadafy’s Libya was a wonderful place where unicorns danced in rivers of wine and everything was beautiful all the time. Not to mention the readily available kif which I think you’re smoking.

      • With trees and flowers and chirping birds, and basket weavers who sit and smile and twiddle their thumbs…..

      • As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Qaddafi Libya was undeniably a dictatorship, and he cracked down hard on dissenters. On the other hand, he did invest the oil money generously into infrastructure, education (they sent students to study in US!), and otherwise improving quality of life, as well as direct welfare handouts to the populace. He also cracked down on any sectarian or racial tensions, which prevented Sunni/Shia and Arab/African animosity from growing into all-out war and genocide, as it did after he was removed from power.

        Basically, if you look at various quality-of-life indices and stats for Libya before the revolution, it was indeed one of the most prosperous countries in the region, in terms of how many benefits an average citizen had. It is certainly much worse off today, that’s just a fact.

        • What I wonder is how often that infrastructure and education is a bribe for the ruler’s tribemembers, same way Saddam lavished privileges on the Sunnis and especially his clansmen around Tikrit (I think).

    • Yes, it’s EXACTLY like 1984, the same way babies are EXACTLY like poisonous snakes, because, you know, some of them rattle.

      The dumb is strong in this one.

  2. It is truely horific what is going on in syria & no one is being informed.

    I was listening to an update on Missionaries working in the war-torn country. They spoke of multitudes of refugees that have had their families wiped out in the geonicide that is occuring. Yet we hear NOTHING about it on our fake liberal news. Instead the topics of the day are How guns are evil, Obama can do no wrong & everyone else is an idiot!

    One story a women refugee told was that 17 of here family memebers were killed and she and her daughters were beaten & raped. The men & boys of the village were all captured, brought to a wharehouse in the middle of the town & tortured for hours on end. They said the screams from inside could be heard accross town…. all night.

    When morning came they could only watch as the buildings that were used for their torture raged in an all consuming fire that hauntingly lit up the entire town, destroying the evidence of the horrors that went on through the night.

    Welcome to the real world people!

    • At least their learning the truth. The US talks out of both sides our mouths.

      Obama had his chance. He could of said…America only protects its freedom….Today Syrians are in a higher moral plane, they are fighting for it….whatever you need, USA and Europe will provide. Instead, many happy to glad words while moving the line of involvement back every chance he gets.

    • The problem with fighting for Syria is that it would make a better enemy than a friend.

      I want nothing to do with Syria. The only reason that the US is supporting the rebels is because Syria, Russia and Iran are al-Assad’s bestest buddies.

        • If Assad wins, Syria will be a mostly secular dictatorship.

          If rebels win, it will be an “Islamic republic” with Sharia for a constitution.

          The former is much preferable to the latter. Secular dictatorships are more liberal in social matters, and tend to be better off economically (unless they go crazy communist, like DPRK). They also have a better educated populace. Those two things together will eventually remake it into a democracy from within – but only if you don’t let the thugs today steal that show. Once it goes Islamist, it stays that way – they have no qualms about suppressing dissent very early on (unlike Assad, who waited for quite a while as protests were growing), and to the best of my knowledge, to date, there has been no example of an Islamist-run state transitioning to democracy by any means other than external intervention – whether normal political process or a revolution.

  3. They’re a bunch of terrorists, fighting like terrorists do, and there are some in American who actually want to support them with arms and money.

    Did they not learn from Afghanistan? They don’t care about us.

  4. Where the hell was her hearing protection, and safety glasses? Doesn’t that constitute child abuse? Not that I really care, being as how I am the stereo-typical racist,( according to the PC’ers in here). I just believe the PC armchair warriors in here should contact their local welfare agency and report this. Maybe they will get an atta-boy for doing a good deed. On the other hand, if dear old rag-dad don’t care why should I?

    • Hey guys, I’m going to bitch about being called out on my BS! Just thought you should know! I like straw men!

  5. I feel terrible for the kids. Most of the adults on both (or may be “all”?) sides of this civil war would probably cheer if we had another 9/11, and I feel very little for them. To paraphrase Kissinger, it’s a pity that all sides can’t lose.

    If the US is going to intervene at all, is should be to work with Israel, Jordan and Lebannon to try to stop Chem Weapons and other nasties from Assad’s arsenals from falling into the hands of Hezb’Allah and others.

  6. In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and various other hot spots in and around the Middle East, a war is raging between the Shi’as and the Sunnis, with daily bombings and assassinations. And some in our government (just what the hell was McCain doing in Syria any way?) want to get in the middle of a religious war? It was predicted long ago that if there was another world war, it would start in the Middle East. Many, including myself, long believed that this would be a conflict between Israel and the Muslim countries that surround it. I am beginning to wonder whether instead it will be the “civil” war between these two great Islamic sects, engulfing everything from the Mediterranean Sea east to northern India. It would seem, as it was in the past for the various Christian sects, that “there can be only one.”
    We have no friend in this fight, and nothing to gain by our involvement. We must tread lightly, lest we, and thus Turkey and the Soviet Union, be drawn into a much larger war of which we want no part.

  7. After this video played, there was one from “The amazing Atheist”, which discussed a teacher in Batavia Illinoid that told his students that a survey, with their names on it, did not have to be answered for questions that would be incriminating. And is now under threat of reprimand. To put it in the TTAG realm, does the 4473 ask a question about drug use, well so does this survey.
    “trust us, we were not going to share this information with law enforcement, and the check is in the mail”
    I did not know the Fifth Amendment was a classified secret or one had to be eighteen to exersize.

    • Legislature can and do create laws that are illegal. They use the legal system like a hammer. You are forced though an expensive system to prove that the law is illegal otherwise you must submit and accept the dog poo they produce. It is done that way by design. The legislature does not interpret the law and have qualified immunity.

  8. if they were teaching that girl to shoot to defend her family i would have no problem, but somehow i get the feeling they were training her to be the next generation of jackbooted thug.

  9. Yeah, that’s some pretty messed up stuff right there.

    Now might be a good time to just nuke them all from orbit and be done with the it so that we, the remainder, can move on to more productive and beneficial matters.

    • Totes. I believe in small government when it applies to things that I want, but I fully trust them to incinerate millions of people because, um, Islam or guns or something?

    • I really think we don’t need to arm the Isrealis. They have a well developed and effeciently run arms industry. I understand that they even have nukes. I may be wrong about that part but I think they don’t confirm or deny the nukes.

      • The IDF can neither confirm nor deny its possession of nuclear weapons, its participation in strikes on targets in Syria, its involvement in the development or deployment of the Stuxnet virus, nor the existence of the nation of Israel.

        Makes for short press conferences.

  10. Aww… I got here after matt’s comments were deleted, so all I have is the responses. It’s like finding confetti on the floor at 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day. You know there was a party, and you know you missed it.

    On a related note, if you’re going to delete inflammatory comments, you should probably go ahead and delete all the now-orphaned responses that are completely meaningless and without context.

    • It wasn’t an especially novel or moving performance from him tonight. He waxed polemic about the perfidious jew with special nods for the Site Owner and his True Editorial Goals(tm). Hum along, you know the words by now.

      Though, you might be personally entertained with his prominent use of the word “Schmuck” at one point.

      No, what was more impressive was the Arclight strike that took him out. It wasn’t a single comment or even a conversation that got deleted; it was multiple posts scattered throughout the page – and they’re *all* gone.

      As to the comments that are still here, I think they stand as fitting memorial to the patience of TTAG site moderation.

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