A child plays near a sign advising people that the playground is closed and social distancing is requirements Thursday, April 9, 2020, in Rutledge, Ga. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people, but for some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness or death.(AP Photo/John Bazemore)
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America has edged closer to tyranny this year. We’ve seen, first hand, how far too many of our governors, state officials and even local law enforcement stand ready, willing and able to trample Americans’ fundamental constitutional protections. And they’ve used the coronavirus as an excuse to do it.

Regrettably, we’ve also seen nosy neighbors call authorities over others’ obviously Constitutionally-protected actions. The worst of our political leaders have actually encouraged “informants” to lodge these complaints.

(As an aside, it’s fun to read some of the unredacted complaints uncovered under Freedom of Information Act requests from St. Louis County authorities.)

For example, who would think that someone would call the local police to complain about a family of three playing ball in a park? The fact that a call like that merited an actual police response at all, much less one from three officers, should shock us all.

But wait, there’s more.

Brighton, Colorado officers actually arrested and handcuffed a dad — a former Colorado State Trooper — in front of his 6-year-old daughter because he didn’t snap to attention and salute the officers when they ordered him out of the park with his wife and daughter because of “social distancing” rules.

The department later apologized as the story gained national attention.

Or how about another busybody neighbor with her nose to the window in Wisconsin who called to complain about a woman who allowed her daughter to play at a friend’s house. Watch how assertively the officers acted in trampling the woman’s constitutional right to peaceably assemble.

Then there’s the response of Kentucky State Police to an Easter church service at the Maryville Baptist Church in Hillview. They mandated that those attending remain at home under virtual house arrest with criminal penalties for leaving their homes.

It seems people can’t remember the First Amendment to the Constitution when it comes to orders against the free exercise of religion or the right to peaceably assemble.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.  [Emphasis added.]

Note a lack of any Chinese flu exception.

The snitches of the world have certainly helped more authoritarian government officials enforce these Draconian orders. So much so that The American Spectator’s Scott McKay wrote about “The Tyranny of the Karens.”

…A “Karen” is a meme that has taken off in recent months, because the “Karen” attitude has become ubiquitous across the country, and with the ChiCom virus surfacing as the dominant event in American life it’s turned quite toxic.

What are we talking about here? The mostly, but certainly not all, white, middle-class, middle-aged woman who before the virus came along was best known for the “let me talk to your manager” haircut and the air of entitlement while spouting pieties and pop psychology she saw on daytime talk TV. The internet has decided this is a “Karen,” though it goes without saying all women named Karen don’t fit the archetype, and it certainly doesn’t stop with women named Karen.

The problem is that the Karens, in the age of the ChiCom virus, have gone from obnoxious to dangerous. The Karens are the ones calling the police because someone took their kid to the park, and the Karens are on social media demanding that pastors be arrested for holding church services.

In the past week it seems there is a rash of people ratting on their neighbors for holding Easter gatherings, jogging in the neighborhood, and engaging in other perfectly normal activities that, thanks to the virus frenzy, are now somehow sinister.

The personality type that was jokingly referred to as the Karens, the one that takes upon itself the responsibility to enforce whatever new directive from cultural, political, or other authorities has been mostly recently ingested, is in its heyday.

It’s not really necessary to outline how corrosive all this is. Suffice it to say the breakdown in trust and cooperation among neighbors and members of the community that comes from busybodies playing petty tyrant as we all chafe against the national shutdown will easily outlast the ChiCom virus. It won’t be forgotten, and we’re all worse off for it…

He shared some words of wisdom for would-be Karens of the world.

If you’re a Karen, now would be a good time to ratchet back your enthusiasm for enforcing the New Normal on your neighbors. People have long memories, and they’re coming to their wits’ ends. We should all be mindful not to make unnecessary enemies amid the difficulties still to come.

However, if you have a Karen or three in your neck of the woods, that is a good thing to know now.  Because you can count on her (or him) to snitch again in the future.

This March 20, 2020 photo shows people walking past a sign on the Bradley beach, N.J. oceanfront urging people to use “social distancing” to maintain space between each other even in the outdoors during the coronavirus outbreak. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

If Karen will rat you out for jogging or tossing a ball around with your kids in a park, she’ll surely drop a dime on you as a gun owner in a heartbeat. Does she think you have a banned gun?  Heck, she may not even care if it’s a banned gun.  She might call just because she thinks you have any gun.

moms demand action karen meme
(AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

And it’s not just guns. Karen may think you’re hoarding food if she sees (or smells) you cooking steaks on the grill while her family ate their last batch of Ramen noodles the day before.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, as a gun owner we should work to build relationships with our neighbors and communities. At the same time, while doing that, you can assess people’s potential as either an asset or a liability in a crisis.

Prudent people will put the Karens of the world into the appropriate category. Because authoritarian government officials will rely on them to turn America into a true police state.


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    • Is Karen the daughter of Mrs. Kravitz? (on TV)
      The one who always had her face against the window, spying on the neighbors.

      • That was Karen’s sister-in-law Gladys Kravitz, I believe Samantha knew how to deal with her nosing around.

      • “Hey! Easy there friend! Karen is my wife!”

        I have some very interesting “home video” of your wife I can share online, Mr. Swalwell.

        She makes the cutest noises when she’s…

        Well, you know… 😉

    • I’ve got a question that I don’t think I have seen an answer to. Who is Mr. Karen?
      Todd? Biff?
      Just curious….

        • “This HAS to be part of this discussion.”

          ‘Boomer’ is a dismissive insult to those (male or female) with more experience and wisdom that the person slinging the insult, the younger person being so self-assured that youth holds the only wisdom worth knowing. ‘Boomer’ is a stand-alone, all purpose insult. ‘Karen’, on the other hand seems to be more complicated.

          ‘Karen’ is the female perfect for ‘Snowflake’. ‘Snowflake’ requires the target to mentally work their way through the relationship between snow, and heat. ‘Karen’ reduces the complex to the simple; ‘silly woman’ facing the world. Thus, Karen becomes a neutral term, describing silly males and females facing the wold.

          Now, where is my Vermuth and olives? Dropped them around here, somewhere. Gin alone tastes like Christmas tree needles.

          • “Hey Sam, “Tidepod” is the reply to Boomer.”


            Being a literal ‘boomer’, not sure a comeback makes sense. An insult, like ‘Boomer’ should have some bite, but it doesn’t. It is just intellectually vapid, telling more about the insulter, than the person and/or situation the insult is supposed to diminish.

        • You probably won’t see this Sam because it is the next day. Boomer in it’s pure sense refers to someone who cannot adjust to the times. It is constantly misused by many youth today. In a firearms sense, it’s a retort to the people who say stuff like “When I was a kid, I ordered an Enfield for $36 with free shipping through Sears.” There is no talking to someone stuck in the 70s or any decade besides the current one.

          When used properly, it does indeed have bite. The recipient probably doesn’t understand what they said or did to warrant such dismissal and just assumes that it’s because everyone besides them is just too dumb to understand the world. Yet there will always be this nagging suspicion that it is indeed the Boomer themselves who are out of touch.

          There is no generation of people who are free of stupidity. There is a specific kind of stupidity that sets in as people age and their ability to take in new information diminishes.

          • “There is a specific kind of stupidity that sets in as people age and their ability to take in new information diminishes.”

            I wouldn’t bank on age resulting in inability. The older one gets, the greater the understanding of how everything new is mostly nonsense, fleeting, superficial, lacking in substance and generally not worth the brain cells to consider. In my particular case, I view the telephone as a tool for transmitting and receiving information from a distance, not as a toy/pacifier. I don’t want a smart phone. I don’t want to be “connected” 24/7 (been there, done that already). I want a tool small enough to slip into the front pocket of my suit trousers, or vest pocket. I want that tool to allow me to make calls and receive calls. I have no use for texting, sexting of whatever it is that keeps people constantly looking down at their hands. None of this is lack of capability to change, it is simply a refusal to be burdened with unnecessary complications.

            It is written, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” I recognize this as both truth and wisdom. Tools are tools to be mastered, and discarded when no longer useful. Knowledge is different from wisdom. The really good ideas have survived history. The rest are thrown out with the daily trash.

            “Boomer” holds no bite because I choose it to be so. Such a term is too ephemeral to be of use, or validity (other than as a mark of chronology). On the other hand, “snowflake” is contemporary, incisive, accurate as to the process, accurate as to the outcome. As in insult, “snowflake” (now Karen; see? I can be agile) is quite effective, yet when a tougher generation arises “snowfake”, as an insult, will also be cast upon the trash heap of history (like “HepCat and 23Skidoo”).

            And Zoot Suits.

  1. That Wisconsin vid is terrifying. the way the officers are talking to her is as if she is a suspect in a missing kid case. Cops have no clue about the bill of rights and they Dont care…..

      • I’d love to hear your story. I suggest you submit it to TTAG as an anonymous contributor once it’s all over.

    • “And that will be documented that you’re uncooperative.”
      “Do you mean that will go on my permanent record, along with the time I talked back to my third grade teacher?”

  2. Think I’ll not worry about Karen until “they” start handing out medals for snitching.

    • In some places they’ve been handing out metal to snitches for a long time. The ceremony takes place in ditches if I remember the little ditty correctly.

    • In Nazi Germany they were known as “Block Wardens” and would write regular reports to Gestapo. In the former German Democratic Republic (aka DDR, or East Germany) they were the assistants or informers of the Stasi.

      • Yet they continued to breath valuable air… and get reincarnated into the current generation.

  3. Came to that conclusion weeks ago.

    Those willing to snitch on you for breaking quarantine will snitch if you don’t comply with ‘Mandatory Buybacks’.

    The next Ruby ridge/Waco/Duncan Lemp will be caused by an entitled snitching Karen. Bet.

    • Hopefully, Duncan’s parents will invest some of their settlement to pay for a hit man. Heck, hitting Duncan’s murderers with a big bore rifle is what the 2nd Amendment makes legal.

    • In my neighborhood, one if our restaurants that’s been forced to shut down had a crawfish boil in their parking lot last weekend. All together they had 45-75 people over 3 hours m, all outdoors of course. Most were responsible and social distancing, but a few were standing closer together. The police were called and sent 3 times in 4 hours by Neighbors reporting an unauthorized gathering and people not social distancing… the cops didn’t care and participated in the fun but the point is, the same people who would sic the law on someone for not social distancing would have turned in their neighbors for hiding Jews in their attic. It’s sad but sobering we have so many of those people in this country.

    • The only way to combat that will be to make sure that snitches fear repercussions more than they enjoy the act of snitching.

      • “Man I haven’t heard about Jody since Basic Training in 1988!”

        I don’t know but I’ve been told, Karen’s…..

        Oooppps. Guess I better not continue.

        • Had to keep cadence somewhat clean for years but yeah lot of appropriate / wildly inappropriate alternative lines could be used there.

        • If I die in Viet Nam
          Mail my body home to Mom
          In my casket I will ride
          Grounded to the inspection side
          Lay my hands across my chest
          Tell my dad I did my best
          Lay my hands across my lap
          Tell my girl I died of the clap

          That’s about the cleanest I remember.

          • Always wondered what Lee Ermy taught the “Full Metal Jacket” crew, that didn’t end up in the final cut.

  4. De Blasio wants you to report people violating the lockdown orders (even if cops are reluctant to get tough in many cases), so he set up an account where you can send photos of “people who really need to get the message” about social distancing.

    Cue the rebels who drowned the service with a flood of prank messages that forced a temporary shutdown. They sent images of people flipping the bird and of the mayor dropping Staten Island Chuck as well as stories on his gym outings amid the shutdown — and even “d–k pics” and Hitler memes.

    • American’s don’t take well to having their customary, everyday life behavior politicized and made illegal. When this happens the complex nature of our society virtually insures that about 50% of the population will refuse to obey the law. And a significant portion of that population will militantly resist the law. Empowering snitches is a historical totalitarian method of social control. It’s not at all surprising that elected progressives/fascists think this is a good idea.

      • yep, and a lot of cops like those two in WisCONsin, one of which is a Karen Kop, who will be first in line to be a dick in any authoritarian situation. Picked on in school, become a cop, get the “respect” you couldn’t earn without the badge or gun. Lots of cops like that.

    • This seems to be the solution to the problem.

      We can imagine the day when some social justice warrior starts a web-site listing the addresses of gun owners. Anyone at all could contribute an entry. Perhaps others could hit a ‘ + ‘ sign to indicate that they-too are aware that a gun owner lives at this address.

      As soon as any such movement starts, some intrepid social justice warrior with a different view ought to start a competing web-site listing the addresses of gun-free homes.

      In the fullness of time, we ought to see a pattern of burglaries at the addresses listed on the complementary sites. Do bunglers favor homes where they might score a gun theft? Or, homes where they are least likely to face an effective opposition.

      Inquiring minds have to know.

      • I think this happened in New York. Only I thought it was a New York Times reporter that took it upon themselves to publish the names, addresses and phone numbers of all those who had concealed carry permits. 2012 I thought? That could work both ways: Either a robber could know which house to avoid, so as to not get shot, or they would not which house to hit, so as to get the guns. And then again, when Cuomo said that “snitches get rewards”, people started sending him Hitler memes…..

        • The possibility of a panic ensuing from the “pandemic” is one of the reasons the Trump 2020 flag went up across the inside of our front bay window. The stars and stripes are now and have always flown outside. The Gadsen flag goes out next. That’s our warning that this house would not be the best home invasion pick. We’re not too worried about “Karens”.

      • I’m about 1000% certain the .gov can do this already with a simple meta data search with all that information they’re stockpiling on us out at the Utah Data Center (UDC).

  5. People will snitch. During WWI, the American Protective League operated in the U.S. to snitch on anyone believed to be stockpiling food, and “officers” were dispatched to conduct searches in private residences. Not so sure how this would play out today. There are many examples archived and available on the Interwebz…here’s one”


    • It’s simply government without any push back taken to its logical end. We are fortunate that we can push back. That only keeps the government in check, it doesn’t eliminate the government from doing it.

  6. The video shows that at least some police will enforce any order, especially the millenial law enforcement individuals. If they were told to shoot this woman and burn her house to the ground, they would do it.

    • Not only that, but the cops standing around observing the cop who is denying a fellow citizen his Constitutional rights are all culpable as well.
      When the SHTF, the uniform will be the determining factor and potential “target” for those who resist. There will be no more “good” cops.
      As far as I am concerned, ANY police department or police union that condones unconstitutional behavior by cops is also “fair game”.
      The “rot” does start at the top. Yes, this includes the politicians who make such “rules”.

    • The worst part is the 20% of soldiers go into law enforcement, which is extremely dangerous for us Citizens. The government’s control mechanism for training folks to kill as a conditioned response is absolute subservience to the government. That becomes very dangerous for us Citizens, as the cops have no issue enforcing unconstitutional laws, and think they are the good guys, and not who We Citizens have the right to use force upon, if they attempt to deprive us of our rights under color of law.

      • You’ve never been in the military or actually known anyone in the military, have you?

        • I have and Law Enforcement. Depending on the agency or department much more than 20% overlap and many that are still in guard or reserve. For those of you that still hold on to the naïve delusion that some 22 year old buck sergeant is going to break ranks and side with you,… you,… some one who he doesn’t know versus his teammates and drinking buddies and the employer that feeds his family,… you have a very rude awakening coming to you. Willingness to follow orders is literally the defining characteristic of the profession.

        • Glen, I have been up as well, and my experience is exactly the opposite of yours. The requirement to not follow an illegal or immoral order was made crystal clear from the early days of basic training. I remember being tested over this, as well as the process for not following an illegal order.
          The “willingness to follow orders” was never a defining characteristic of any of the units I have served with.
          The combat veterans I have served with on the police force are far more chill.

        • @ Taylor

          You’ve seen far more than I and I respect you for it, but if we’re both being intellectually honest with each other you and I both know that 90% of enlisted and 75% of officers have never even read the B.O.R. or Constitution and we both know that thousands of more or less innocent Iraqi and Afghani civilians were slain under perfectly “legal” but clearly immoral circumstances for which no soldier, leader or politician was ever held accountable and for which no soldier who perpetrated it ever lost a wink of sleep over except for the few days in which he feared it might be made an issue before his chain of command made it disappear. As Thucydides said, “The tyranny you impose on others you will eventually impose on yourself.”

      • Nope. Civilian law enforcement is unofficially taught that their actions carry absolutely zero consequences. Military personnel are taught that they are personally responsible for anything and everything they do, including the orders they follow. And that lesson is then backed up with the very real possibility of severe consequences, including a long prison sentence. Murder someone as a cop, with irrefutable evidence, and the absolute worst that will happen is you’ll lose your job. Murder someone as a soldier/marine/sailor/airman with equally strong evidence and you’ll do 20+ years in Leavenworth,

        In addition to the accountability, most people, and a massive majority of combat arms personnel, who serve in the armed forces are HARDCORE patriots, 1776 style. I have absolutely no faith in civilian law enforcement; they exist to serve the state. But military personnel, especially combat veterans, who join law enforcement are a different breed. When push comes to shove they’ll be the primary ones feeding crucial intel to the rebels and sabotaging police equipment and actions

        • I’ve served in both the military and Law Enforcement. Depending on the agency or department much more than 20% overlap and many that are still in guard or reserve. For those of you that still hold on to the naïve delusion that some 22 year old buck sergeant is going to break ranks and side with you,… you,… some one who he doesn’t know versus his teammates and drinking buddies and the employer that feeds his family,… you have a very rude awakening coming to you. Willingness to follow orders is literally the defining characteristic of the profession.

      • The cops that were former military are actually the best cops around. They know when when it’s time to get real and they know when to relax. The most calm police out there are the veterans.

        • Having served in the Army in Iraq, local P.D. and now Federal law enforcement that has not been my experience at all. About 50 to 60 percent of veterans I’ve shared a shift or field office with believe that they’ve “had it harder” and “sacrificed more” and that entitles them to force others to take up their slack. They also get mucho dinero from uncle sugar for injuries and conditions that either flat out don’t exist or are at least being greatly exaggerated and there for don’t mind maxing out sick leave or malingering with fake injuries or one’s they caused themselves because there wife works and they still get 3200 bucks a month from the VA even if they don’t come to work for months at a time. This whole cult of the latent insurgent veteran patriot savior in wait is just a soothing fantasy.

          • “Having served in the Army in Iraq, local P.D. and now Federal law enforcement that has not been my experience at all. ”

            I am skeptical (to put it mildly) of all LE, but the ones sporting “high and tight” hair style worry me the most.

        • My point is you should be just as skeptical of active and reserve military and veteran’s. Despite what some may believe they’re not coming to your rescue, it’s a fairy tail people tell themselves because they still need to cling to the idea that at least one traditional American institution remains uncorrupted. It helps them sleep at night. They pick the military because it’s more accesses able. A lot more people have served in the military however briefly or unremarkably then in law enforcement. The military is a right of passage for many, but a career for few. Law enforcement is the opposite.

  7. Karens and thug cops will get people killed before this over. The cops will confront the wrong guy on the wrong day and it won’t be pretty.

  8. The police talked to the woman like they would talk to a perp. Unfortunately we are all perps when not obeying new government restrictions. Think about it and be aware that our rights are being eroded and they tell us it is for our own good.

    • “Unfortunately we are all perps when not obeying new government restrictions.”

      After retiring from the Air Force, I had the pleasure, honor and privilege to be a local United Way fundraiser assigned to solicit law enforcement agencies (guess the local office thought my military background would gain me creds with cops) for donations to the local United Way campaign. I spoke to at least five law enforcement units.

      We are all suspects/perps, all the time.

  9. Not gun related. Knock it off with this boomer crap. Quality has dropped markedly since this website changed hands.

    • “Not gun related. Knock it off with this boomer crap. Quality has dropped markedly since this website changed hands.”

      And you visit a sub-par, low quality forum because exactly why?

      • It’s a blog, not a forum. That being said, I’m visiting less and less. It’s sad when 4chan has better gun news than this place.

      • Don’t you need to drop some cialis and pleasure yourself to climax at footage of police officers murdering minorities?

    • Gen Xer here. How is and why is this boomer crap? This is about being vigilent and knowing our enemies, weak or strong threats. TFB may have the gun news you seek?

      • Quickest way to piss me off is to accuse me of being a ‘boomer’…

        • I am a boomer. Call me that to my face and I’ll knock the chit eating grin off your weenie smirk. Just got back from my go to gunshop in IN. NO ONE had a mask on including all the customer’s. Except ME. Will I narc on them? No but my daze of giving them free publicity are OVER. Glean what ye will…

        • I’m a boomer, just barely by number at least. I smile whenever I hear that term used in a derogatory manner, because the grasshopper releasing the vitriol apparently doesn’t realize how quickly one advances over the course of time. Most mellow, but a few become more bitter. Which will you become, grasshopper?


      What happened Karen? Did this story hit a little too close to home? Judging by your follow on comments, Boch must’ve really got under your skin.

      BTW, keep up the good work TTAG.

  10. It seems as though the majority of elected officials have tried to use this coronavirus scam as an excuse for a power grab. What’s worse is no matter who you voted for, assuming of course that you voted, you’ve voted for some of the people who are doing it.

    They’ve not only limited individual liberty practically worldwide, but word is that some have even gone so far as to have food destroyed and ban the sale of vegetable transplants and seeds. There is no logical reason to have done that except to intentionally create a greater crisis later. Those people cannot be trusted and must be removed from office. Unfortunately, if that is done, that’s no guarantee that their replacements will be any better…

  11. Watch some of the individuals who ridiculed protesters in MI switch gears and try to side with people who were also simply exercising their rights.
    A lot of busy body people have shown their behinds during this pandemic and a horrendous sight like that won’t be forgotten.

  12. Every totalitarian state and ruler has counted on the people to support their own oppression. Americans are shining examples that the “just following orders” mentality isn’t confined to Nazi Germany. It’s a character flaw that infects people everywhere.

    We thought we were better than them. We aren’t. And since the Founders guaranteed us the means to resist and we refuse to use them, we’re actually worse.

    • can’t pass the bar without following orders, at a minimum. i’ll wager selling off a goodly chunk of your soul may also be necessary. but hey, kept your eye on the prize.
      sorry we disappointed you.
      the pussies may never stop whining, but i think we’ll still see some patriots surface before this is settled.

  13. The Karen’s in this story are the ones too effin’ stupid to make any sort of analytical review of the data for themselves. Covid has about a .1% chance of killing you and maybe a 1% chance that you might have symptoms at all. The data you need is literally in black and white on the CDC website. H1N1 is STILL killing more than Covid-19 and that’s without doctors lying about the actual cause of death AND a vaccine. This is a political experiment, not a medical exercize. The people who are calling the cops on the people not living in fear are the exact same type of people that have allowed and are complicit in all the state sponsored genocides *cough*hitler*pol pot*stalin*mao*cough*. All were far more deadly than any plague yet.

  14. If the Democrats take the House, Senate, and Presidency…anyone who thinks regular, street cops won’t follow orders to bust down your door to seize your now banned firearms, and kill you if you resist, you’d better think again.

    It has been regular street cops who have been enforcing these arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional edicts and decrees by petty tyrant governors and mayors. They’re the ones ticketing churchgoers sitting in their cars in a church parking lot with their windows rolled up listening to the service on the car radio, they’re the ones handcuffing a father playing ball with his daughter in a park with absolutely no one near them, they’re the ones arresting a guy on a paddle board off the coast in Malibu – again, with absolutely no one around, they’re the ones arresting a mother in a park with her daughter, or harassing a married couple sitting on a bench for not keeping 6 feet between them, or arresting a guy on a beach towel on a beach in the middle of nowhere, or enforcing rules that “allow” people to buy some products but not others in the same store.

    I’m far from being anti cop but the last couple of months have been eye opening. Governors and mayors – especially liberal ones – have absolutely no problem acting like “benevolent” dictators, and the police will fall in line to facilitate their decrees.

    • @ANG Pilot

      Acronyms can be fun. Once had dealings with the Puerto Rico Air National Guard. The moniker was quite descriptive of the airmanship.

      • I spent 10 years active and 20 years in the Air Guard, deployed multiple times to various shit hole places, put my ass on the line and performed my missions as well or better than the active duty guys. And that goes the same for the vast majority of ANG pilots.

        So, take you snide “weekend warrior” critique and shove it up your ass.

        • “So, take you snide “weekend warrior” critique and shove it up your ass.”

          Thin skinned? Active duty can do that to a person better suited to temp work.

          The comment was just a joke. People who can’t take a friendly ribbin’ certainly shouldn’t be in the same county with a firearm.

      • “Friendly ribbing”? Why would you suppose throwing shade at me would be taken as friendly? You don’t know me and you aren’t in a position to make any judgements about me or anything I did. As for being thin skinned, I love the way you make it seem like it’s somehow my fault for not enjoying your implying that ANG pilots are incompetent.

        “People who can’t take a friendly ribbin’ certainly shouldn’t be in the same county with a firearm.”
        Screw you.

        • ” “Friendly ribbing”? Why would you suppose throwing shade at me would be taken as friendly?”

          One aviator to another, a corps who have tradition, training, operational experience in common. Don’t need to personally know another aviator to know there are ideas, concepts, understandings shared across the years. However…..

          I will admit to making an unwarranted assumption you are/were an aviator. If that was a mistake, it explains much about your reaction that surprised me. If the assumption was/is a mistake, unruffle your feathers and chalk it up to a difference in perspective, air-to-ground vs. air-to-air.

          One thing all military, past and present share….”If you can’t take a joke….”

        • Hi there… California Richard here, Hello. I think this the first time I ever responded to one of your comments ANG Pilot, but I am a long time fan and observer of the interwebz that all these kids use these days…. Just a word of advice: broadcasting your resume to win arguments make your arguments look weak. And, yelling that you aren’t “thin skinned” makes you look thin skinned. Good luck buddy.

      • Command Pilot, Parachutist rating (Ft Benning, 1975), 32 year Airline pilot, Captain, Check Airman…yes, I’m an aviator.

        • “Command Pilot, Parachutist rating (Ft Benning, 1975), 32 year Airline pilot, Captain, Check Airman…yes, I’m an aviator.”

          Good to know.

      • “Once had dealings with the Puerto Rico Air National Guard. The moniker was quite descriptive of the airmanship.”

        PRANG – *snicker*. 🙂

        It’s still going on, as this video of a PR-ANG C-130 doing the ‘ole stall-spin- *splat* shows :

        • this brief thread diversion well illustrates how true sam’s age old axiom, “acronyms can be fun” by example.

        • “PRANG – *snicker*. ”

          Once flew a mission to provide intercept training for the PR Air Guard. Spent a coupla hours turning fuel into noise, yet never encountered a single intercept attempt. However, we were monitoring the Air Guard pilots calling in their attacks and success rate (100%). Reporting the results of the mission to HHQ, we questioned how the intercepts were accomplished, yet we had no electronic or visual contact with the fighters. Weeks later, we were informed that the Air Guard aircraft were unable to actually fly the mission due to mechanicals, but the Air Guard folks wanted the pilots to at least practice checklist and radio procedures so that the training wasn’t entirely lost.

          We burned fuel, and the Air Guard saved fuel. Guess it was equitable all around.

        • “and then there is the low hanging fruit, geoff pr”

          Are you implying I would needlessly stir the pot and cause discontent?

          Moi? 🙂

          • “LOL…3v1…not gonna win this one…”

            Nah, stick around. It’s like this all the time. It’s all good.

        • Well, Sam, as a result of long, painful experience I’ve taken Clint Eastwood’s advice to heart…”A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

          • “Well, Sam, as a result of long, painful experience I’ve taken Clint Eastwood’s advice to heart…”A man’s gotta know his limitations.”

            I agree there are old pilots, and bold pilots, but no old and bold pilots. Likewise, a superior pilot never puts himself in a position that requires his superior skills to get him out of. However, here, in this space, you can crash and burn hourly, and nobody gets hurt.

            If the cast really wanted you to get out and stay out, there would be more than 3 v. 1, and the response would be beyond cruel and brutal. There once was an alleged female anti-gunner who posted here, and allegedly was a paid contributor to the blog. I think she lasted three months. Stand your ground is the order of the day here.

            Oh, BTW, sometimes there is more to the comments than first apparent. Reflect before reacting….or just react and see what happens. Either way, the entertainment is free.

          • “The c130 turns a long, tiring trip into an even longer, more tiring trip.”

            I still cringe at the sound of choppers and fixed wing turboprop engines.

        • Don’t get me started on choppers, Sam. There’s a tired old Huey running around the bay area. Even if I hear it without seeing it I know what it is. Nothing sounds like a Huey.

          If I never ride a chopper again I’ll be a happy man.

          • ” If I never ride a chopper again I’ll be a happy man. ”

            Always had two thoughts on choppers:
            – the only time I want to see/hear them is if they are coming to pull me out of the jungle when I’m surrounded by the bad guys
            – there is a reason Di Vinci’s invention was lost to history for 600 years

            (although I do have an embarrassing story about a chopper and water survival school)

  15. As I have said and will say again: One of the major fundamental problems with America is people do not mind their own business. I run into these almost everyday and remind them as such. It’s not a character flaw. Simply people have been raised to feel entitled including on how to tell you to run your life. Look at our politicians and social media they are a shining example of this.

    • If they’re the religious type try sharing 1 Thessalonians 4:11 with them.

    • An infectious disease does not discriminate between different people’s business. While we need to preserve Constitutional liberty, let’s not pretend that spreading a contagious disease effects no one but yourself.

      But maybe we shouldn’t be banning drive-in church services to try and do it.

      Or, more importantly in this space, trying to ban gun transfers.

  16. Friend calls up, he can get a deal on a Colt 1911, but he said the guy took it apart and lost the trigger return spring, flew across the room. Trigger return spring on a 1911? flying across the room? Gotta be the recoil spring or maybe the firing pin spring? He said it cycles and shoots you’ve just got to cock the hammer? None of this makes any sense to me. I think he lost the recoil spring and hand cycles the action? Hilljacks from Missouri shouldn’t take gunms apart and expect a Jayhawks to fix them via phone? Trigger return spring flying out of a 1911 just ain’t making no sense to me. Peace and Keep the Faith

  17. If you’re breaking the law and putting me and mine in danger, you bet your ass I’m going to report you.

    Drunk and swerving all over the road? Calling the cops.

    Big party during a pandemic? Calling the cops.

    Breaking into my home? Ending the threat and calling the cops.

    Call me Karen all you want. I’ve seen enough death for a lifetime. I’m sick of people externalizing the consequences of their behaviors because they feel like it, and I’m protecting mine.

    • “If you’re breaking the law and putting me and mine in danger, you bet your ass I’m going to report you.”

      Get a grip. People walking down the street without a mask, while you stay indoors, pose no threat to you. People six feet from you, with a cheap mask pose a threat to you. People sitting in the park, even playing with a football, but nowhere near you, pose no threat even if they have no mask. People cutting their lawn without a mask are no threat to you.

      It is telling that you are outraged by people who pose no threat while wearing no masks, but have seem to have no objection to emptying jails of convicted criminals (who are bloody unlikely to wear a mask for your protection), replacing them with people who are posing no threat.

      If you fear people without masks, remain indoors 24/7, and deal with the consequences. “…It’s not safe out here….”

      • “People sitting in the park, even playing with a football, but nowhere near you, pose no threat even if they have no mask.”

        Yes, they do, and your suggestion to the contrary demonstrates a stunning ignorance of even the most basic principles of epidemiology. By increasing the pool of infected, they make it more likely that other members of society will be infected. The R0 is still >0 for covid specifically because of unnecessary interactions like the above.

        “It is telling that you are outraged by people who pose no threat while wearing no masks, but have seem to have no objection to emptying jails of convicted criminals (who are bloody unlikely to wear a mask for your protection), replacing them with people who are posing no threat.”

        Are you illiterate? I haven’t said a word about letting anyone out of jail.

        • Yes, I know how disease spreads. I also know that people I don’t know, have no interaction with, playing in a park poses zero, absolutely zero threat to me, me sitting in my house watching the people in the park. If one views such a situation as, “Those people might touch something that other people I don’t know and have no contact with, might touch someone else I don’t know, and have no contact with, and on and on will someday touch someone I do have contact with, and infect me.”, then the only safety is to never venture out of the home/residence, ever, for any reason.

          There are ~6.3 billion people in the world. The death toll from this virus, worldwide is ~230,800. That means 0.0000366% of the world’s population succumbed to date. That is not a number worth being paranoid about. In the US, ~61,717 have died. The population is ~327,000,000. Thus, the fatality ratio is 0.000188% of the population. The overall spread of the corona virus is slowing, the death rate is not rapidly accelerating, the number of people who survived the virus is totally unknown. The actual infection rate in the nation is totally unknown. The US stats are nothing to be paranoid about.

          So, I don’t have any concern over people I don’t know, who are not in direct proximity to me (more than 10ft away), pose no direct threat. Stitching together a bunch of “might this and might that” to build a string of contact that reaches me is so insignificant as to be less than negligible. If I am in the park alone, with no one else around, I will not be wearing a mask (BTW, the masks we are told to make are only 10% effective in protecting others, and zero percent in protecting ourselves). If people begin to approach the 10ft line, then I will leave the park, and go back indoors. If the people who enter the park after I do are not wearing masks, I will not even give a moment’s thought to calling the cops; there is no threat to me sitting at home.

          You broadcast by omission your lack of concern over convicted criminals being released, while simultaneously proclaiming non-convicts should be turned over to police, where jailing them is a possibility. The violent criminals being released pose more of a danger to society than people in the park without masks. That is because not only do they pose a violent threat, there is no way to control their non-violent contact with others, who might contact someone, who might touch someone….until one of them touches you. If ordering non-convicts to accept house arrest without a warrant/conviction is somehow effectively protecting others, how is it effective to allow serious law breakers loose, knowing there is absolutely no way they will adhere to “social distancing”?

        • Hyperbolic much? Man I bet the world sure is scary in that crazy place you call your logic center. Did you know that there is all kinds of ways that you could die? Some of them are much more likely than this stupid virus.
          Get a grip Karen.

        • The KungFlu is nothing like a real pandemic like the Black Death or the Flu of 1918. The overall death rate is only about twice the seasonal flu. It’s nowhere close to the 4% the media is widely reporting. This has been confirmed from multiple antibody test in the US and Europe, along with at least one study of the prevalence of Covid-19 in sewage. All the studies show that many more people were infected than the official test counts, in some by a factor of 50-80 times. Most had no symptoms and didn’t even know they were infected.

          In some States up to 50% of Covid victims were in nursing homes or assisted care. People who on average have 6 months to live. Victims almost universally are severely obese or have multiple serious health problems.

          This isn’t the disease the media is telling you it is. The panic is misplaced. We have ruined millions of lives and trashed our economy for no good reason.

          If you are in a high risk group it’s no joke. Be careful, but there is no reason to ruin everything for the rest of us.

      • In times such as these, the rats reveal themselves. Snitching is snitching. In many places in the country, you would and will face the consequences of being a CI. Congrats on signing up to be another Pavlik Morozov.

        • I’m glad you live somewhere with a strong enough government that protects you from harm such that it doesn’t need the citizenry to involve itself.

        • “In times such as these, the rats reveal themselves. Snitching is snitching. In many places in the country, you would and will face the consequences of being a CI. Congrats on signing up to be another Pavlik Morozov.”

          Not completely certain why you addressed this to me. If not possible to reply directly to the intended receiver, using the “@” before the name of the intended can help clarify.

          If intended for me, what part of my comments indicated I would support snitching? I may need to do some clarifying of my own.

    • The biggest threat to life is government. (see Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc.)

    • Let me guess you’ll also be the first to scream bootlicking cop sucker to anyone who calls the police on some liberal activity you support?

    • “So much for the right to confront one’s accuser.”

      Lost when ref flag laws became a thing.

  18. Don’t forget Dablassio threatening to round up da Joos. The Karens will rat you out for hiding Jews in your attic as well. They did it before and they’ll do it again.

  19. These cops need to lose the jobs at the very least!! They also were not wearing gloves or face masks!! Perhaps they should be charge with endangering this innocent father!!!

    • A lot of Government employees are going to loose their jobs once the drop in tax receipts hits their budgets. It’s kind of poetic justice that the places with the most restrictions will suffer the most.

  20. I seem to recall someone talking about female psychological underpinnings and comparing it to lobsters in a trap. Lobsters won’t allow another lobster to escape – they’ll pull a lone lobster making a break for it back into the trap.

    Well, all that aside, we can cure this quickly.

    All it takes is for a plurality of white males to convert to Islam. Feminists (and their Karens) are utterly silent about Islam and Islam’s treatment of women. Islam is the kryptonite of feminists everywhere in the West. I recall last year that someone put up a pathetic laser-printed piece of paper as a ‘sign’ on a public signpost in Massachusetts that said “Islam is Right About Women” and (lo and behold) some woman called the cops. She could have just taken it down and thrown it away all by herself, but she had to make a law enforcement production out of it. One has to wonder what was going through that particular Karen’s head when she saw that sign…

    • I’m guessing most feminists don’t have a ready response to, ‘…and you should be beheaded for not wearing the hijab!’ I’ll have to remember that next time I’m talking to one.

    • It is kind of amazing how many progressives like gays and ultra-feminist support Muslims. Someday when they are being burned alive in a cage maybe they will reflect back on the poor life choices they made.

  21. “We’re just obeying orders”. What victims in history, like Jews in nazi Germany, were subjected to by the dupes wearing uniforms and putting the jackboot on citizens throats. Like these cops, they were just doing what they were told. The behavior is reinforced by the nosy nellies ratting people out and a complacent media. I have no doubt these same rats are easily controlled and are comparable to the rats that turned in their neighbors to hitlers henchmen. Obviously the results of whining about what your neighbor is doing right now in this time period does not compare to what happened to the people back then but the concept is the same. Some probably pat themselves on the back for being an “upstanding citizen”. I’m just wondering how far this all will go, this time and the next time a “pandemic” hits.

  22. “Karens” are just one more reason I prefer concealed carry to open carry. I figure, they can’t turn you in for something that they can’t see!

  23. aint skeered, they cant arrest us all people, get out and revolt, rebel, assemble, protest, stop typing about it, ive been pinched twice hahahaha

  24. The problem is that Karen and her jerkoff husband, Dadbod Dave, are actually the majority.

    Don’t believe it? Check the polling back to ’65 or so. It doesn’t change much.

    As I’ve said here for a while; It’s highly likely that when the police state comes for you it will do so with majority, or even overwhelming, support of your own countrymen.

    Also, a side note: Living just outside Brighton and having been a resident of that city five of the previous six years, there’s a HELL of a lot more to that story than just that incident. In many ways Brighton, reasonably small agricultural town that it is, is at a boiling point with it’s government and has been for nearly two years.

  25. You wanna fight the Karens? Use their own playbook against them.

    Karen got a kid? Ever see Karen more than 5 feet from the kid? Report her.

    Karen have a dog? Ever see the dog not on a leash or in a car alone? Report her.

  26. I need more beer.

    Just looked at a screen full of email replies to this subject: “Tyranny of the Snitches…”

    Looking at that list of subjects for a little while, and the letters can seem to swap around, until you are seeing replies to a whole, different subject.

    Gotta stop wearing the wife’s contact lenses.

  27. What should be the wake up call is that the Police had NO PROBLEM arresting and sometimes physically assaulting people over speech or gathering with friends. And violating our rights of religious worship.

    So for all the guys who say that the Police and/or the National Guard will suddenly decide NOT to enforce unlawful/unconstitutional edicts issued by ONE person or a single committee/council is a lot of dream thinking.

    There may be some and you’ll know that probably before hand. But for the most part, military type organizations are built on obedience to command by their superiors in their chain of command. Don’t care what happened at Nuremburg. (I personally feel that a lot of those guys were illegally murdered as they had no recourse to obedience other than death)

    This is a fact many of us have LONG noted and been poo pooed by others over it.

    There will only be a rebellion if a majority of people get fed up with rules being demanded and that those rules will harm them or their family.

    And if the ruling authority is clever, they can put that off for quite a while or hide what they’re doing while they prepare to do worse.

  28. Our civil rights are not absolute. Your right to do as you please stops at my nose and doesn’t allow you to yell fire in a crowded theater. Stop crying wolf and get over this. We are in a real pandemic. The death rate in Michigan is 7%, more than 3 times that of a normal flu. Save your energy for a real civil liberty crisis, but certainly not this imagined one.

    • If that’s the case then get used to the taste of boot leather because this ain’t gonna go away because sciencey shit.

    • Michigan numbers as of 3pm today – 41,379 cases/3789 deaths =. 09%. Not only are you a hysterical Karen, you can’t math either.

      You and your frightened lungs lock yourselves in the basement so the rest of us don’t have to hear your whine anymore, ok chachi?

  29. Civics 100 Level: I have an inalienable right to assemble!

    Civics 200 Level: Your right to assemble is constitutionally protected UNLESS the regulation is narrowly tailored to achieve a compelling governmental interest in the least restrictive means possible.

    It is not an absolute right under our current system of government.

    If you don’t like this, then choose another form of government.

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