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“Over twenty guns were taken out of the evidence room and taken to a pawn shop called Lakeview Pawn in Ore City and traded off for $2,400 worth of credit,” reports. “That credit was used immediately for 3 assault rifles and accessories officers wanted to go with them.” Such a deal! In fact, you could say that the theft from the evidence room saved Morris County taxpayers money. Strangely, Tyler Mayor Karl Stoermer didn’t make that case. His only comment: “I brought in outside investigators, the investigation was completed, and there will be no further action taken.” Boss Hawg would approve. 

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  1. Tyler’s mayor is Barbara Bass, Lone Star’s mayor is Karl Stoerner. Your video has it right. I was born and raised in and around Tyler and East Texas. Got a friend on in the Tyler PD. Hate hearing about this.

  2. Surprise surprise surprise.
    Small town cops at their collective best.
    Guns that should be put on sale to the public to regain some tax money for the citizens.
    Used by the cops for their own use.
    My my my will it never end??

  3. My old stomping grounds…and one of those places I’m extra careful to not get pulled over. Corruption is rampant and long-lived in Smith County and Tyler city limits.

  4. Were the purchased “assault rifles” registered to the individual LEO’s, or to the town PD?

    And,, what’s with the “assault rifle” bit? They are patrol rifles. And when I, sworn to uphold justice but not sworn to chase perps, have one…it is still a patrol rifle, or an MSR. Probably the one thing it isn’t is an “assault rifle.” When will this ‘assault rifle’ silliness end? Does the nomenclature still help to sell AR’s?

  5. RF, Tyler is the county seat of Smith County, that’s whose money was saved. And yes, what is this “assault rifles” biz, applied to the cops? Looks like the Ferguson situation is driving a wedge between the leftie statists and their hired enforcers.

  6. In fairness to the officers, they probably figured that it was better to put 25 non-assault weapons back “on the street” if it enabled them to get 3 super-duper military grade fully loaded shoot to kill deadly a$$ assault weapons off the streets (and into their car).

  7. Seems to be a bit of geographical confusion in the headline here. The entrepreneurial cops were from Lone Star, in Morris County, not Tyler, which is the county seat of Smith County. The Tyler newspaper is no doubt the biggest one in the area, which is why the story is covered in it.

  8. “No further action taken.” So the owners of those guns are not convicted, or even charged by the sound of it, and their property is sold to a pawn shop? Have I got it right? If they were already prohibited persons then they would have been charged with illegally possessing a firearm which would have been “further action,” no?

  9. Such attitudes by police brass can be directly connected to the Ferguson situation. I’m referring to the genuine injustices and corruption that ALL people are subjected to by authoritative government agencies. These cases corrode trust and make suspect anything that is called official policy or discovery of fact. It’s not just police departments. It’s the BS unemployment numbers that ignore work force participation to make only 1 point. Corruption and fraud are not the only factors destructive to trust and confidence. Incompetent leadership may be even worse. The more confidence and trust is eroded, the more society will become fragmented and some of those segments of will feel the only path to justice and truth will be to take the “law” into their own hands. This is the beginning of the century of rebellion.


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