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My memory’s about as good as you’d expect for an OWG, but I’m elephantine when it comes to outrageous claims by anti-gunners. For example, I remember when now-former CNN chat show host Piers Morgan repeatedly asserted that no American had ever used an “assault rifle” for self-defense. TTAG debunked that claim, repeatedly. [Click here for my fave.] In a sense, it’s too bad that the doyenne of disarmament isn’t around anymore, so that someone could flaunt this story [via] in his face . . .

On Monday, Bell County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of a burglary in progress on Reed’s Lake Loop east of Little River-Academy.

The caller reported that he was holding three subjects at gunpoint.

Upon arrival, the caller told police that he had observed a vehicle parked in his daughter’s residence along with a male subject standing at the end of the driveway watching the road. He also reported that he observed two male subjects running from the daughter’s residence. The caller, who was armed with a rifle, responded to his daughter’s residence and detained three subjects until police arrived.

Deputies took into custody three males, one 15-year-old and two 16-year-olds.

The man’s daughter arrived and checked her house. She reported that a window had been broken and that a TV had been unplugged.

The three juveniles were released to their parents. Sheriff’s investigators forwarded the case to the Bell County Attorney’s Office Juvenile Division.

Released to their parents? The same people who raised the lads to become the upstanding citizens that they’ve proven themselves to be? How great is that?

I spoke with KCEN-TV about the story. The arrest report does not specify the rifle, but they’re working on getting an interview with the homeowner. We’ll update you ASAP. But I’d bet dollars to donuts it’s an AR. Anyway, does it matter?

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  1. It’s Texas. A .30-30 winchester. But it’s being reported by the news so it may be a shotgun. Or a broomstick with a muzzle brake duct taped on it. Reporters……

    Thank god he didn’t shoot them. Three more dead younguns for MDA to weep and wail about.

  2. The juvenile justice system, at least in VA, is a joke. Juveniles only get accepted into detention if the juvenile intake officer ( who is not a police department employee, they fall under the juvenile courts) feels that they fit the criteria or have enough “points,” earned through prior misdeeds. In practice, juveniles essentially have to be an extreme frequent flier or stab/shoot/murder someone to end up in detention.

    After release to parents, half of the cases end up being either no action or diverted straight to community service, and the few that actually make it to court get a slap on the wrist and sent on their way. There are no real consequences for most juvenile lawbreakers, at least in my state. And it’s a crying shame.

    • Little River-Academy (2 towns that became one) is far on the other side of Bell county and consists entirely of hillbillies. I’d say the 30-30 lever action is a better bet, but hillbillies like ARs too when they can afford them.

  3. why start the post with a black rifle spin? would that make the outcome better somehow? because ar!
    i hope it was a nylon66. or a 585 nyati.

  4. “But I’d bet dollars to donuts it’s an AR. Anyway, does it matter?”

    Nope – those young men’s undershorts would be just as brown no matter what kind of rifle it was.

  5. Of course they didn’t run, they knew the chance of getting shot wasn’t worth it. After all, all they’re going to get from the justice system is a finger-waggle and maybe their x-box taken away for a week.

  6. “Released to the parents” is SOP in juvenile proceedings, as long as the parents are willing to take them and certain other criteria are met. The authorities must have considered the burglary of an unoccupied home as non-life threatening, and probably the kids have no prior records. So, home they go with Mom and Dad until the hearing. Of course, with the understanding that they will stay in school and commit no further crimes in the interim. Faux pas like that will end them up in juvenile hall.

  7. AR? Naw, not in Little River especially if it’s an older parent. Probably a lever action 30-30 or 270.

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