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“You turned to a gang for family support, for support in your life. And that is where we are failing as a society. You are a nobody in terms of that gang. You are literally an instrument of somebody who has far more power than you.” – Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Michael Gary quoted in Judge blames ‘society’ in light sentence for shooter [via] [h/t DD]

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  1. From the article (click the link):

    “Benjamin, 21, had been charged with two counts of attempted murder after firing a .43-caliber handgun ”

    Where can I find one of these .43 caliber handguns?

  2. this. this is the real source of violence in America. Fill the jails with victimless non-violent felons and force the judicial system to make deals and release violent felons back into society because there is no room for them.

    Who’s to blame for this?

    • Agreed. Just like that California politician that got released after serving an hour in jail due to overcrowding. If the dam jail wasn’t full of potheads serving 5-10 years for being caught with a half a joint, then folks who commit real crimes could be punished.

      • The only people who get 5-10 for possession are known gangbangers. Drug charges are the modern equivalent of the tax evasion charge the Feds got Capone with.

      • If the prison is too crowded to accept another felon, the guards should have to take a vote on who to shoot dead to make room. The world is overpopulated, and I bet there would be fewer problems with inmates in the future.

        • @Barstow Cowboy;

          No, of course not. Not all guards want to kill people.

          But I bet you could find one amongst them who would, and you only need one.

    • Respectfully, that’s nonsense. This judge gave this violent criminal a light sentence because he understands that the disorder this violent criminal creates is good for the Progressives. Or he actually believes the Progressive claptrap he’s spouting here. Either way, this judge lives in some whitebread community in the suburbs, or an exclusive apartment building in a good part of NYC and doesn’t have to deal with violent criminals anywhere except his courtroom.

      Nowhere in his statements does he cite prison overcrowding as a reason to release this violent criminal early. The violent criminal will be deported, and the judge states, “And, so help me, I can’t think of any other sentence more serious than that of being deprived of the ability to live in this country.”

      Try to imagine a system where someone with this kind of judgment gets the job title of “judge.”

    • Except none of what you just claimed was cited by the judge in the decision he made. Soooo…..

      The judge’s reasoning was that this 21 year old gangta thug is “a boy, not a man”, who’s just looking for a family structure in the violent gang of which he’s a member. Beyond that, this monster, being a foreign national, will be deported upon his release from his little time-out. Being deprived of living in the U.S. is a worse punishment than prison, so says the judge.

      Nothing in there about overcrowding with so-called nonviolent criminals.

    • You sir, have much more faith in the justice system than I do. While minor drug offenses shouldn’t see jail time – it’s a waste of money – there will still be recidivism, stupid juries, liberal judges(like this one), dirty lawyers and cops, lying witnesses, and a whole bunch of other problems with the justice system.

      That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive to improve things, just that government really isn’t that awesome at performing its duties.

  3. 3.5 years for sending 11 rounds toward a group of 3 people?
    That NJ mother was in line to get 3 just for harming nobody and being honest.
    You’re looking at 10 for trying to be a good neighbor and quiet your backyard shooting without government permission.

    I also like that at 21 he’s a “boy not a man.”

    There’s fail falling in from every direction here and nobody will learn any lessons except the gang member who will solidify his membership in prison and come out in less than 3.5 years with more street cred and more standing than he had going in so he learns shooting at people rewards him greatly.

    • I had to actually read the article after reading your comment, out of sheer disbelief that someone with judicial authority could and would say something like that. At what point do people become responsible for their own actions? smfh

  4. Meanwhile, one courtroom over, some guy is getting a mandatory 5 years for forgetting to unload his legally owned handgun before locking it in an iron safe and welding it to the trunk of his car, as per state regulations. If only he had joined a gang and shot someone, he might have a chance to turn his life around…

      • This judge is the poster child for mandatory sentences. If he only gives somebody 3.5 years for *actually*shooting*someone*, then what hope do law-abiding citizens have?

        • Yup… this judge is exactly why we have mandatory sentences. Because if this gangbanger goes and kills someone the media cares about more then there will be a shitstorm and people will demand that judges can’t release people so early for this particular crime.

  5. This makes perfect sense. We all know that it is not the shooters fault because its the gun that caused the crime. The gun is what shot 11 rounds (SAFE act works!) at two people scoring 3 hits (better than NYPD!). One in the scrotum (OUCH!).

    I know I would be very upset if somebody only got 3 1/2 years for shootin my bits.

  6. Basically, the judge is telling him to go to crime school so that next time he will be a successful murderer. Geez. There has to be a better way to hold judges accountable for their actions.

  7. It wasn’t your fault, you were just following orders.

    Said nobody at the Nuremberg trials, ever.

    Imagine if this guy presided over the trials of Nazi war-criminals.

    • Wrong. This guy would have hung every alleged Nazi in his courtroom from the neck until he was dead. In fact, if this guy who *actually*shot*someone* had been a skinhead or neo-Nazi or white supremacist, you’d better believe he would have gotten the max.

  8. From the same story:
    “As a Brooklyn prosecutor in 1978, Gary created a bogus document in a failed attempt to trick a witness into incriminating a suspect in a deadly blaze at a Waldbaum’s supermarket in Sheepshead Bay. Six firefighters were killed in the suspected arson.”

    • If you’re thinking of the American I’m thinking of, it’s doubly funny since the creator of the show was named… wait for it… Mike Judge.

  9. CHAIN GANGS. Betcha’ if violent criminals had to work on a chain gang there might (?) be less of it. Yeah I know it won’t happen…

  10. So, the judge is saying that this murderer (unsuccessful only for his lack of better aim, not for lack of trying) will be punished most by deportation – same as hard working guy who never harmed anyone, just trying to get a chance of better life for his children. Oh, plus three and half…

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