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SAF Twitter account suspended

The Second Amendment Foundation along with the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are holding their annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix this weekend (TTAG will be there). So…just in time for the gun rights orgs’ biggest event of the year, the pasty-faced geeks at Twitter have seen fit to suspend SAF’s social media account.

We talked to SAF founder Alan Gottlieb who had this to say:

We’re shocked. In all our years on Twitter, our account has never been suspended and we have no idea what we allegedly did to bring this about. It’s interesting that it’s happened right before the Gun Rights Policy Conference this weekend.

Yes it is. Does that sound paranoid? Maybe. But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t really out to get you.

Here’s SAF’s GRPC announcement:


BELLEVUE, WA – With guns and the Second Amendment in the political crosshairs this year, and promising to be a major issue in the 2020 national and state elections, the Second Amendment Foundation and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms have seen huge interest in this year’s 34th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference the weekend of Sept. 20-22 in Phoenix, Ariz.

The conference will be held at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel, 2620 W Dunlap Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85021. It is co-sponsored by SAF and CCRKBA with support from key industry partners and organizations. Pre-registration for the event has topped 1,100 and attendance will set a new record. Second Amendment activists and experts from across the country are expected and about 90 speakers are on the agenda, which may be viewed here. The viewing audience is sure to be larger than last year’s 100,000-plus as the event is live-streamed on the Second Amendment Foundation’s Facebook page.

There will be remarks by SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, nationally-syndicated radio hosts Tom Gresham (Gun Talk) and Mark Walters (Armed America Radio), AWR Hawkins with Breitbart News, Stephen Gutowski with the Washington Free Beacon, author and researcher John Lott, major league pitcher Curt Schilling, and Mark Brasseaux, director of Targeted Engagement for the Trump Victory Campaign. SAF and CCRKBA leaders will be joined by representatives from Gun Owners of America, the National Rifle Association, Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

“With the current controversies swirling around gun control and turmoil in the firearms community, and a crucial national election only 14 months away, it’s understandable why there is so much interest in this year’s conference,” Gottlieb observed. “We’re bringing together the ‘Who’s Who’ of gun rights activism and expertise for an informative, energizing and entertaining conference.”

The conference will feature panel discussions on state and national political issues including the 2020 elections outlook, legal battles and legislation, suicide prevention, the culture war against gun owners, and lots more. Gottlieb acknowledged that interest is being fueled by calls from Democratic presidential candidates for mandatory surrender of semi-automatic firearms, expanded background checks and so-called “red flag laws.”

“We look forward to seeing everyone in Phoenix,” Gottlieb said.

The Second Amendment Foundation ( is the nation’s oldest and largest tax-exempt education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms.


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    • It’s okay! Our guy, Trump, is going to do something about this! The government will fine them several billion dollars which will go to the government to “help the people”. /sarc/

      • It’s what can happen when you play in someone else’s sandbox. They can kick you out for any reason. Their rules be damned.

        • Not when they claim certain regulatory protections on the basis that they are merely a content platform and do not exercise editorial control over the content on the site. They don’t get to have it both ways.

          Gottlieb should sue, and force the issue.

        • Even hate groups (antifa, blm, kkk, etc) have electricity, water, garbage, cell phones, internet, and T.V. ….. i dont think this word (utility) means what they think it means.

  1. More of the same. The anti 2A side will do anything and everything to block the pro 2A community from spreading any message that shows firearms, firearm ownership and the pro 2A community in a positive light. They claim to be “tolerant” but only if you agrees that the Second Amendment sucks, if you are pro 2A, you a sexist, racist, bigot, homicidal psychopath or any combination thereof. Another reason I have no use for social media and this just proves that there is no freedom of speech on those platforms, the only speech they will now allow is speech that parrots the anti 2A community.

    • There was a social media platform that didn’t censor anything but spam. It had very active communities about firearms and shooting sports, home improvement and DIY, gardening and subsistence farming, and personal finance and investment. It got shut down because a couple of crazies posted their killing sprees to it (as well as Facebook and Twitter, but nobody seems to care about that) on the politics board. That board had a lot of straight-up Nazis on it, yes, but that’s what lack of censorship means — not silencing the people you disagree with no matter how repugnant you find them. As you may have guessed, that social media platform was 8chan. The problem we face isn’t that there’s something wrong with social media as a concept. It’s that social media is aggressively controlled by wealthy special interests who seek to dictate what information you’re allowed to discuss online, Orwell’s 1984-style, much like the anti-gun media and public education complex seeks to control what you learn about.

  2. “the pasty-faced geeks”

    HEY! I resemble that remark!

    Seriously though, why are any of us on twitter, or facebook? Why don’t we have our own twitter and facebook equivalents?

    • Because whenever a conservative organization becomes successful and lives and extended lifespan, the original founders eventually retire, and others step in who don’t share the same zeal, or the company is taken over by outside interests. They start out conservative (or at least neutral), and slide over to the left. Just look at the NRA, the Boy Scouts, the YMCA, Walmart, YouTube, Patreon, etc. All mere husks of what they once were.

      • Sad about the Boy Scouts. My nephew was at the International Jamboree this past August. He met scouts from Russia. The Russian Scouts were NOT ALLOWED to wear their national colors or any marking that revealed their home country. Ostensibly, this was for their own protection.


        • I’m very disappointed in the Boy Scouts. I was a star scout, and have a 4-yo son I’d have lived to get active in scouting. Not sure we can join given the sorry state of affairs.

        • It’s worth pointing out that their national colors would have been White, Blue and Red…

          As a scout leader myself (who thinks the National level organization is sometimes out of step with Baden Powell), if I’d have been at the International Jamboree, I’d have lodged a formal complaint in their support. Scouting is supposed to be about the kids, not politics and demonstrating moral cowardice.

        • Unfortunately BSA has fallen victim to the perceived need to indulge in virtue signaling.

          What businesses and orgs need to remember is that the loudest in the social media realm are the minority. Disregard them, and stick to your values. Capitulating to the rabble will only embolden them and drive away the reasonable people.

          This is a general statement which applies in so many venues / microcosms of life today.

    • Check out it is new, small, but profitable and growing. It is run by Mike Adam’s, publisher of Natural News. He is a vocal 2A advocate.

      Brighteon even has at least one channel for firearms training.

  3. Leftards just can’t deny their Fascist tendencies,they will do everything in their purview to destroy Liberty and Freedom in this Republic.

        • Absolutely.

          That’s why they’ve spent the past three years pointing at everyone they don’t like and screaming “fascist.” They’ve already told us exactly who they are and what they’re really up to, but they’re hoping nobody notices.

  4. The most likely reason for this is that one or more (coordinated) anti-gun activists filed a false violation report claiming that 2AF has violated Twitter’s rules and polcies. The intent being that the Twitter team suspended the 2AF account until the accusation can be investigated. Mission accomplished. I have no doubt that the account will be reactivated. It’s unclear what / if any recourse there is for filing malicious reports.

  5. The problem with social media platforms isn’t just that they censor speech they don’t like, it’s that there is absolutely no recourse, no way to argue to defend your position. The suspensions are always arbitrary and capricious, and always targeted at “conservative” positions.

  6. I saw words like “National Rifle Association”, A KNOWN DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION (San Francisco said so), and that dreaded, terrible and triggering word, FIREARM! Why, what are people supposed to do when they see filth like this on their twitter feeds!
    SAF must be up to no good and MUST BE STOPPED!!!!

  7. Too bad RSS has fallen to the wayside. It could have been the perfect medium by which to break the stranglehold of Big Tech on content and access. Then again, that could be precisely why it was allowed to.

    • I get most all of my content via RSS. I started doing over a decade ago, and I have just kept doing it. I honestly don’t know of another way of getting all the content I want in one convenient location. Pity Google dropped Reader, though. It was awesome.

    • RSS is still a tremendously common (ubiquitous, even) means of distribution.

      TAG has an RSS feed. (

      So does 2AF. (

      Many sites still have an RSS icon. Or, try sticking ‘/feed’ on the end of your favorite web sites. Or, try googling the title and ‘rss’.

      It’s common enough that Apple now hijacks URLs ending in ‘/feeds’ and tries to send them directly to the Apple News app. It’d be nice if they added formal RSS client functionality, but i wouldn’t hold my breath. That’s not ‘walled garden’ enough for ‘the Accountant’ to approve of.

      Google dropped reader, i suspect, because doing so improved monetization of other aspects of their business.

      If you are after a reader, they’re still around. “Feedly” is one that’s web-based. there are others if you want a dedicated app.

  8. The anti-social media serves the left as part of the propaganda apparatus of the Socialist Left, you should never expect them to be honest or impartial.

  9. “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    This is how you know who they fear.

  10. There’s no better time than now to donate to S.A.F. G.O.A. Jews for the preservation of firearms ownership. And yes even as much as it pains me , the N.R.A.

  11. So… cue the “muh’ private platform” libertardians.

    This is why we need strict regulation of social media companies. Twitter should no more be allowed to ban people than a phone company.

    • If a bakery has to bake a cake with a rainbow flag they don’t like, why can twitter say “no” to something they don’t like? What’s good for the goose is…….

  12. Sounds like the geeks at Twitter need to be sued by the second amendment foundation for conspiring against the foundation’s 1st amendment rights.

    • According to libertarian philosophy you can’t be discriminated against in your first amendment rights from a private company. They say the company has a right to refuse service to you.

      • @Chris–let me tell you a story. Here in Michigan a large public school system claimed they were an arm of the government when they were sued and so claimed court protection.

        Years later another larger public school system claimed they were not an arm of the government to get around gun laws.

        The same court agreed with them both.

        Twitter can claim whatever they want, just like the schools.

  13. I believe that Twitter made a grave error. I mean, how smart is it to unfairly screw some of the best lawyers available? Although I have an account, I don’t have much time for it.

  14. Every firearm-related business should immediately suspend use of Twitter, stop using them for any part of any giveaway as should all gun owners. A million non-users should do wonders for their advertising revenue.

  15. Libertarians are quite proud of saying that a private company can prevent you from communicating with customers, potential customers, or whoever you want it communicate with. They say it’s a wonderful thing that a multibillion-dollar company can stop you dead in your tracks.

    In fact Libertarians have actively promote the replacement of government communication systems which arr required to service everyone with private companies that will discriminate against you.

    Everywhere that pot was made legal they also made it illegal or very difficult to get your second amendment rights.

    Libertarians are full of sh*t.

    • Thats my argument with libertarians. They fail to realize that corporations and governments and become intertwined, and its worse than ever.

      Fuck Twitter and FB. They should be anti-trusted to the stone age. Its time to use the tools of progressivism against these assholes so we don’t lose our two amendments.

      • Two years ago Libertarians would be defending this discrimination on TTAG. Now I don’t get as many people willing to reply to my statements about their f*cked-up Libertarian philosophy.

        I wonder why????

        Christian bakers???

      • We don’t fail to realize that corporations and governments become intertwined. We understand that corporations essentially are government entities. Many of the problems we have with corporations could be solved if we did what libertarians suggest and get government out of commerce.

    • It’s just a matter of simple morality. You don’t have the right to other people’s stuff. Facebook and Twitter aren’t “stopping” you from doing anything you couldn’t do without them. You sound like the socialists who think that health care is a right that should be supplied to them by someone else. Now who’s full of sh*t?

  16. The only thing I’m shocked about, is that they are shocked that this happened.

    a 12 year old with a 3rd grade education could have cracked the code on this one.

    If you in any way are conservative or hold disfavored opinions with the extreme left, and you rely on social media, with no backup plan for when they yank it away from you, your not doing your job.

  17. Second Amendment activists and experts from across the country are expected and about 90 speakers are on the agenda, which may be viewed here [the word “here” is a hyperlink].

    Hah, don’t be surprised if the video sharing platform “fails” as well.

    Now, if this conference was promoting a woman’s “right” to murder her four week old baby (which was carried to full term and delivered alive) to alleviate post-partem depression, the video sharing platform would assign extra technicians to ensure that it worked.

  18. I don’t understand why anyone would think that their life is so important that the world wide world should read about it. In minute by minute posts. I’ve been around ever since Al Gore invented the internet. And what possesses anyone who joins one of those circle jerks is totally beyond my limited ability to comprehend. Something else I don’t get is why when I own an AR-15 it is an assault rifle but when a cop has one it is a patrol rifle. Amazing.

    • Some women love FB. Why, I don’t know. My wife tells her sisters not to post on FB that they are on vacation and post pics real time, at least until they are back home. They don’t care.

      Some people are idiots. Maybe they’ll all be taken out in some Darwinian catastrophe. I suppose that’s too much to hope for.

    • Al actually never claimed to have invented the internet. (I saw the Wolf Blitzer interview that whole ridiculous meme comes from. If you dig just a little, it’s not hard to find.)

      What Al did was take partial credit for co-sponsoring the bill that actually *did* make the modern, easy-access, commercial internet possible, prior to that passage of which, it was illegal to advertise or conduct business on the foundational networks that comprised the backbone of the ‘Net’ at the time.

      At the time, there was a lot of buzz about it in academic and research circles because there was no commercial on-ramp to the net. You had to have sponsored access via an institution that had access — UUnet, Bitnet, ARPA, DARPA, et cetera. It was a privilege that only some of us had, and we were glad to have it. Big companies like IBM still had their own private x.25 networks, and used those for business, even if individual staff members had limited, totally separate access to ARPA/DARPA for research purposes. Those networks were separate and air-gapped. Lots of academia predicted “the end of the Net’ as we know it”.

      So, laugh at Al all you want, but, really, his bill *is* the foundation of what we geeks have done with it since. For good or ill, while Al was right, the academics were right, too.

      And, for what it’s worth (pretty much nothing), loooots of us hardcore geeks avoid the ‘social platforms‘ because we still value our privacy. (No gmail scanning our mail to decide how to advertise to us. No Facebook facial recognition scanning our photos, or analyzing posts for the same monetizing goals. No support for Ol’ ‘privacy is dead’ Zuckerburg…). And we who know how digital security works who *could* design a secure digital voting platform are the very guys saying “use paper ballots” because the current digital voting systems are NOT secure.

  19. Okay, I know nothing about Twitter (no account), never used. However, I searched and found SAFs Twitter page and was able to access the page.

    Or would you still be able to see the page if it is suspended?

    Sorry if that is not the right way of doing it. I’m social media retarded.

  20. Get ready for it the fuse is lit and its burning close to the dynamite.if when its over only God knows if we will survive as a nation.alot of people will die hopefully libtards will die by the millions


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