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So we woke up to this yesterday morning:

Twitter provided no example (text or image) of the allegedly “hateful” content. So we checked our timeline looking for the tweet in question to delete. It doesn’t exist.

The 7:49PM time stamp would put it between these two tweets:

Ironically, the other day we published an article with a dug-up video w/David Chipman stating he thinks that federal government agencies should be able to confiscate guns from people who participate in online “hate speech”.

Gee, our getting flagged and accused of “hate speech” — with no proof or evidence — is a prime example of how Chipman’s wet dream will be used to target people who did no wrong in the first place.

As a matter of fact, if you pay attention to our social media accounts and articles, you’ll see we advocate for minorities and the LGBTQ community to be lawfully armed and exercise their rights. Yet we’re accused — without proof — of spewing “hateful content” against them?

No, the reason we were targeted by Twitter is purely political. We’re pro-gun and we have been dropping some bombs and unearthing stuff on David Chipman and his wife that‘s been getting some attention (see this thread for an example).

I guess that’s now what Twitter considers “hate speech.” 

Regardless, Mom at Arms head Jill appealed Twitter‘s decision to suspend us for 12 hours without providing evidence of any wrongdoing. 


This article was originally published at and is reprinted here with permission. 

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    • Snoopbook, SnoopTube, InstaSnoop, Snoopchat, Snooter…

      Never had any accounts with any of them. Never will.

    • They have more control over “free speech” than Pravda or Izvestia ever had. They are only rivaled by the CCP’s mouthpiece The Global Times.

    • “Chipmunk married a human female?”

      No, he married a Leftist.

      That makes it sub-human, like my little troll… 🙂

    • We got a possum that comments here that has a woman that is half chimp and half human. He also talks of eating human remains.

      Define ‘too far?’.

  1. You have no right to tell others the facts, using a private multi billion dollar communication company. According to Libertarians. And according to Libertarians a private company is much better at delivering private communications, than the US mail. When the private company feels like doing so.

      • For obvious reasons I am not a member of twits or buttface book or will I ever be. For those who did not cut the cord after what has happened to others you must be gultons for punishment.

      • I’m guessing you’re new around here? For years, mr. Chris T has been HARDCORE denigrating libertarians and as near as I can tell, he’s doing it on the basis of having met a single self proclaimed “libertarian”, who is as much a libertarian as someone who claims to be vegan while eating cheesy steak and eggs every day. That, or he’s a hardcore authoritarian who, much like a Democrat, will take any excuse no matter how flimsy or false to insult and attack his political adversaries

        • The so called Libertarians on TTAG have for years now not supported the gun channels and gun businesses that had their You Tube channels taken down. They have not supported the gun businesses who had their payment processing denied by banks.

          Libertarians are frauds.
          Do I really need to post all the year’s previous TTAG links, where we have already discussed this issue???
          Or perhaps how about Reason magazine???

        • “Libertarian” died several decades ago when the idiot potheads took it over. There is not such thing as “libertarian in the US today.

        • Citing Reason magazine as the current state of libertarianism is like citing Bill Kristol or David French for the current pulse of conservatives. News flash: My libertarian friends and I regularly lampoon reason for it’s liberal BS.

          How exactly do you support a business or channel that has been taken down? If you’re looking for some grand op-ed in Reason then no wonder you’re disappointed. Libertarians don’t sit around sniffing farts and whining about every minor injustice wrought upon the world by big tech. We have jobs to go to. It doesn’t mean we agree with what is happening.

      • There was a time when I strongly identified as a libertarian. I saw it as a useful ideological counter to establishment liberal and conservative politics rather than a viable viable challenger in electoral politics. For awhile it was in a good place within the American body politic. But change doesn’t play favorites and now libertarianism is unrecognizably statist which explains its excuse-making for big tech’s partnership with the Biden government. We’re now watching history repeat itself: when oligarchs join with an authoritarian state you get fascism.

    • They are not private companies. They all have massive government contracts paid for by tax payer dollars. They have all sought “common carrier” protections when it suited their purposes, effectively declaring themselves public utilities. They also all claim to be private companies when it suits their purposes. They claim section 230 protection as platforms that do not editorially manage content, and yet we see that they editorially manage content intensively for purely political purposes. From our point of view they are not private companies and they exist in an environment rife with regulation, insider deals, backroom agreements, and bearing zero resemblance to a free market. That is the libertarian position.

      • I wish more so called Libertarians would agree with you. The Post Office was not perfect. I don’t expect anything run by humans to be perfect. I just expect that they serve EVERYONE.

        The US mail would deliver your company Porn and sex toys. The Tech companies on the other hand, have denied them service as well. I say this because drugs and sex seem to be the only things that really get Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left motivated.

        • And, yet again, Chris T is back asserting his vulgar obsessions by inappropriately interjecting “Porn” and “sex toys” into conversations where they have absolutely zero relevance and serve no respectable purpose.

          I guess he should at least be given credit for being consistent…

          consistently repulsive.

          There are professionals out there that can help you, Chris T- you just have to recognize your problem and seek their guidance.

        • They are called LOLbertarians.

          It devolves to “what if the child consents?”

          There’s a reason most right-Libertarians went alt-right after Ron Paul.

        • There is a reason why I brought up the mailing of porn and sex toys.
          I remember when Libertarians Liberals and the Left prepared to go to court. Because Christians asked the post master to stop delivering porn. The three L’s wrote hundreds of opinion pieces about, the RIGHT, of PLAYBOY magazine, to be carried by the US Post office. Just like every other private piece of mail.

          Now the hypocrite pig Libertarians say you have no right to communicate with others using a private tech company. After they supported replacing, the US mail with private services.

          Libertarians are liars. They are deceivers. Libertarians only care about sex and drugs. Libertarians on TTAG and elsewhere supported forcing churches to closes, last year. But they supported strip clubs, Black Lives Matter protests, and Walmart being allowed to stay open.

          Libertarians are full of sh!t. Libertarians do not support Liberty.

        • And, accordingly, Chris T retorts with: “porn and sex toys”, “delivering porn”, “hypocrite pig”, “liars”, “deceivers”, “only care about sex and drugs”, “full of sh!t”, and “do not support Liberty”.

          What an ironically appropriate autobiographical attestation of psychological projection.

          Unrelentingly consistent, indeed. Help is out there…

  2. That’s what you get for using Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Stupidity at its most glaring.

  3. When will people learn?

    Twitter is NOT your friend!

    Your best bet is to simply not use it.

  4. I don’t tweeter…and you smart set who thinks no one hacks/and/or infiltrates TTAG are remarksbly simple😐

    • Itd be my guess aft and elf bee aye have TTAG on a big screen .
      The management of this apartment complex told me I could not cover my apartment in tinfoil, glad they stopped me before I bought anymore of it.
      Funny thing about humans, as I was filling the 2 shopping carts full of tinfoil a lot of humans must have thought ” “Another toilet paper crisis ” as it became quite busy in the tinfoil section.

  5. “ you’ll see we advocate for minorities and the LGBTQ communitY”

    Do you advocate for white people?

    • The answer is no-be giving the left the moral authority.

      I do not want my kids being turned into homosexuals.

      • “I do not want my kids being turned into homosexuals.“

        Then stop pitching a hissy fit because somebody sings a song or tells a joke you don’t like, you sound like a Karen going through menopause.

        You know, I think you’re projecting your internal fears about possibly being gay, you have not reconciled your feminine urges and fully integrated your personality.

  6. This woman is dumb. They want to take away your guns for “hate speech” and her argument is “ you’ll see we advocate for minorities and the LGBTQ community”.

    This implies that people who are not friends of BLM and homosexuals are guilty of hate speech. Keep doing this, and the Bible will be banned as hate speech in 20 years.

    • Someone who gets it.

      It’s ok like guns and not like homosexuals. Full stop. As a Christian, I think we should minister to these people as mentally ill- not make our gun rights dependent on their approval.

      In my state they’ve banned conversion therapy for consenting adults. The SF Gay Men’s Chorus sings songs about going after YOUR kids. This needs to be stopped, not helped.

      • “The SF Gay Men’s Chorus sings songs about going after YOUR kids. This needs to be stopped, not helped.“

        So you want to stop free speech because someone sings a song you object to?

        ‘Conservative’ is just another word for authoritarian.

    • The Left lays out the ground rules and everyone plays their game. You’ll never beat them by playing their game. Virtue signalling is not a valid defense.

  7. Hate speech is any string of words that I don’t like. No reason required. Brave New World.

    Truth is the worst kind of hate speech.

    • “Truth is the worst kind of hate speech.”

      Fighting misinformation is code for fighting information. Never forget these people colluded to censor stories that would harm Joe Biden. Never forget that “intelligence community” professionals signed a letter saying that a true story looked like a Russian disinformation campaign. Now that they can no longer deny the truth, what do they have to say for themselves? Absolutely nothing. Memory hole the story. Move on to the next fake crisis.

  8. Yep, typical conservatives, always preaching about private property rights right up until a private property owner doesn’t do exactly what they want them to do with their private property.

    Then it’s all about government control, you must run the stories I tell you to run!

    If OAN can run Donald Trump fluff pieces, if Fox News can blatantly polish Donald Trump’s knob, then Facebook or whoever can run what stories they want and discard others.

    Snowflakes are getting all melty because they can’t force someone to put their propaganda up on their website.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.

    • Once again, Minor IQ is not just wrong, he is stupidly wrong – in other words, it is a day ending in “y”.

      If Instafacebooktwittergram wants to pick and choose content, that is certainly within their rights – and then they become a “publisher”, and give up those nifty Section 230 protections they rely on to save themselves from being sued into BK.

      Grow up, child. Big Tech lobbied the hell out of Congress to get those Section 230 protections, and they continue to lobby to maintain them. (BTW, they also use platforms and technology originally developed by DARPA, at taxpayer expense, too.) They KNEW the deal they were making to get that sweet, sweet Section 230 “Get out of jail free” card . . . and they ignore it. But I wouldn’t expect you to understand; you can’t even parse the difference between an inherent right and a Congressionally-granted privilege.

  9. Some woman married Chipdickhead? Wow, she must have been desperate, or a real Coyote Date.

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