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From F.A.B. Defense . . .

F.A.B. Defense is pleased to announce the release of GL-Core M stock as a replacement for the GL-Mag stock. The GL-Core M is the latest addition to the F.A.B. Defense newly developed CORE line of premium carbine stocks.

The F.A.B. DefenseĀ® GL-CORE M is purpose built to provide law enforcement officers an extra mag when they are required to utilize an AR-15 in the line of duty. Typically law enforcement officers have easily accessible spare mags for their side arm on their belt.

Officers rarely have spare mags for their AR15 / M4 on their person and are left with one mage in the rifle when they pull it from a patrol vehicle. With the F.A.B. Defense GL-CORE M officers will have the standard 30 round mag in the rifle but will have an additional mag stored in the buttstock for easy access under high stress situations.

The F.A.B. Defense GL Core M is a tactical buttstock with a multi-textured rubber buttpad and an integrated AR15 style magazine carrier. The GL-CORE M stock has ambidextrous rear QD sling swivel connectors molded and includes an interchangeable buffer tube adapter to provide compatibility with both Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes. The GL-CORE M comes in Black, OD Green, and FDE colors.

F.A.B Defense GL-CORE M Features

  • Tactical buttstock with integrated AR 5.56 magazine carrier
  • Optimized for a rapid magazine change
  • Multi textured rubber butt-pad for a secure shouldering during rapid fire
  • Interchangeable buffer tube adapters for a tight fit on Mil-Spec and Commercial buffer tubes
  • Provided with one Ultimag 10 round AR magazine
  • Includes ambidextrous quick detach rear sling swivel connectors

The GL-CORE M is available immediately through the nationwide dealer network or online at

MSRP: $122

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  1. oh, sure. but does the thingy that holds the clipazine go up?
    this one looks good, great feature, almost spartan.

  2. Seems pretty cool, they can keep the 10-round, I have plenty of 20s. Price seems a bit out there, though.

    • Makes sense up here if one sets it up as a fixed stock on a featureless rifle. With that said unless you are doing a lot of prone shooting and/or have leftover Vietnam era stock why the 20’s over 30’s when you have the option? Not at all a criticism just never messed around with the 20 rounders and curious what I am missing.

      • Interestingly, after decades of experience with M1As, Mini-14s and ARs- I stopped buying 30 round AR mags and switched to 20 rounders. And when I converted to 7.62×35, all but one of my 300 BLK AR mags are 20 rounders. Commonality is kinda nice when almost every rifle magazine holds 20 rounds- and that they’re all 7.62 (albeit x35, x39, and x51). Even the most recent mags for the AK are 20 round PMAGs… but there’s quite a few steel 30 rounders still floating around.

        Plus, a 20 round box of ammo = 1 mag, 100=5, 1000=50, etc. Easy peasy.

    • Because citizens are able to posess similar weapons in a lot of places. You wouldn’t want to bring a handgun to a rifle fight

    • newoia…So when nitwits who ask stupid questions and who would trip over themselves to get to a phone to call the police for help…The police will have the best chance to make it back home safe and sound. After all, who wants to die for a nitwit?

  3. This is actually a really good idea for keeping a shorter mag handy if you need to shoot prone.

  4. One of several cheaper alternatives.

    BDS Tactical ButtStock Mag Pouch video 2 min long.

  5. I use nothing but M16 length fixed stocks with A2 buttplates however I am liking this stock especially with the advertised ergonomics, mag, adapter, hardware, etc. If the whole shebang is in the range of a fixed stock assembly I may be owning one.

  6. F.A.B. isn’t the first to come up with the idea, but I’d rely on their quality over most others.

  7. for people that:
    1 prefer heavier rifles to lighter ones
    2 dont believe in pockets backpacks vests or belts

  8. 10 rounds of AP / green tips might be really useful to a LEO facing an armored adversary.

  9. I like this product, I always buy the 20 round magpul magazines. When shooting prone or from the bench the don’t touch the ground or bench. They also seem to better balance the rifle.
    Easier to load and hey, usually only takes five or so rounds to “knockmdown” the groundhogs behind the house. Note: groundhogs really don’t like 5.56, 22-250 really messes them up. Pink spray, the Hawks and Eagles know the sound of gunfire means it’s dinner time. They show up for clean up on the shooting lane. Life is good.

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