TWHN BS: The Flying Burrito Brothers Gun Control Edition

Unlike the majority of the mainstream media, ESPN sports is not afraid to report on sport shooting, hunting or . . . hot dog guns. Although the news org display a strange reluctance to actually put the words “hot dog gun” into their writing.

Is a man ever the same after shooting a CO2 gun?

“No. It’s like a smaller version of a bazooka. It has a pretty strong kickback. There should be a club — ‘I survived the CO2 gun.'”

Have you ever shot burritos out of the CO2 gun?

“We don’t want to clean the gun or get stuff all over us every time we use it. So no. Not that we haven’t thought about it, though.”


  1. avatar bontai Joe says:

    Hmmmmmmmm……. interesting. Why would someone make a hot dog gun is beyond me, but I guess its ok. I don’t particularly like the guy just randomly shooting at people, because it violates everything I was taught about guns, but that is just me.

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