Did you know that Flashdance’s producers were still moving around big chunks of the movie days before they made the final prints?  This article about Pennsylvania’s efforts to designate a firearm the “state gun” in The Morning Call should have started in the middle. Cut and paste rocks! “There’s an official state drink — milk. An official state dog — the Great Dane. And an official state animal — the white-tailed deer which, presumably, earlier generations of Pennsylvanians hunted with the weapon [State Senator Pat] Browne wants to make the official state firearm.” Now, this: “The Pennsylvania rifle was developed by German craftsmen and emerged around 1750. It was prized for its accuracy and range. With a barrel that could reach as much as four feet in length, it was the weapon of choice for frontiersmen, histories indicate.” And then this: “The rifle, made in Lancaster County, was used in the American Revolution, the War of 1812 and the Civil War . . .  The handcrafted weapon’s unique color combinations, carvings and engravings also set it apart as an example of early American art.” Now that’s what I call fun! Unfortunately, you gotta quote the party poopers, too. “”We’re all for American history, but we’d also like to see [lawmakers] try to solve the gun problems we have in the here-and-now,” said Joe Grace of the Philadelphia-based pro-gun control group CeaseFirePa.” Bother.


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