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According to, “In an interview with WENN, filmmakers Michael Douglas Carlin and Richard Bond behind Tupac Assassination 3: Battle for Compton, claim the former chief of Death Row Records confirmed their theory that his ex-wife Sharitha Knight and former head Death Row Records security chief Reggie Wright Jr. orchestrated the murder of Tupac.” After several failed attempts . . .

Speaking through his lawyer, Knight claimed Tupac was collateral damage in the failed assassination attempt. It was just the first of many alleged murder attempts the duo committed against his life. Culminating in the most recent alleged attempt, for which Mr. Knight is now in custody.

As you might have guessed, it was all about the money, money, money.

“Suge wasn’t divorced yet and if he died in that hit, she’d get most of everything,” [Russell] Poole told Vice. “So she went to Wright Jr., who was in charge of Death Row and ran it while Suge was in prison. [Wright Jr.] has gotten away with it this whole time. They floated a whole lot of propaganda to former LA Times reporter Chuck Phillips—calling in hundreds if not thousands of fake clues.”

Occam’s Razor suggests the veracity of the claim. We shall see. Or not.

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  1. Should get a medal, pac was a ghetto punk that spawned countless more of the same with his C-rap.

    • Yeah.

      What a legacy, make your ‘music’, talk sh!t about other ‘musicians’ and then murder them.

      I remember the day it happened. One of my co-workers got rather snotty when I told him “Bust a cap, in Tupac”.

      What a legacy, go to literal war over your ‘music’…

    • You win the interwebz!?Show of hands -who cares about a dead rapper being featured on TTAG?

      • Not everyone around here listens to Conway Twitty in their big rig, chief.

        For all you haters, here’s Tupac at a legit gun range:

        Here’s him telling people to buy guns and emergency supplies:

        • Yeah, some of us listen to Rock n Roll and dont give a good god damn about this low life ghetto thug. Ooohhhh he could rhyme! Big deal, so can any pre-schooler.

        • You wouldn’t call me a lady to my face, punk. Then again, you’d have to leave your moms basement to do that. Whats next? You gonna tell us how cool the insane clown posse is? Gangsta rap is the definition of whats wrong with the world today. Buncha disrespectful white kids helping rhyming crack dealers laugh all the way to the bank. Glorifying the same degenerates that would car jack your ass in the wrong ‘hood…you must be a genius too!

        • Look out, everyone, we got an internet badass over here. He’ll break your back just like James Yeager, honest to god!

        • Look, it’s not my fault you can’t get laid living in your moms basement. Try growing the F–k up and getting a clue. NO semi-educated person would call this ghettoriffic trashbag a genius. Try listening to some real music…that bullshit is just noise. Grown women don’t wanna roll in your honda civic with chrome trim and neon runners…and yes, i would hospitalize you…but by all means continue to run that mouth like your hero pac…we see where it got him.

        • I guess I should tell my employer I’m no longer qualified to be an engineer because a hick on the Internet says my taste in music invalidates my masters degree. Oh well, I guess we all can’t be winners like you.

          I’d be afraid of your threats, Ed, but I don’t hang out in truck stop bathrooms often enough to meet you in public. Best of luck, though.

        • I didn’t know they give masters degrees in being a tool.
          You also seem to know something about truck stop bathrooms. Great for you, your boss must be proud. If wearing pants that fit, considering music something that contains instruments and thinking booming car stereos are as ignorant as the crap they usually spew makes me a redneck, AWESOME! I’ll own that. Im a redneck, you have a masters in retardation. Cool.

        • No fan of country music either slick. No need to get those panties twisted…

        • Was this shot before or after his felony sexual assault and sodomy prison sentence? After he beat one of the Hughes brothers with a baseball bat? Before or after he shot the off-duty cops?

          Tupac was a criminal piece of trash who was the spawn of a crackhead Black Panther. He is not worthy of admiration.

      • Heh. I recall when they blew-off one of his ‘nards, they started calling him “Onepac”. Then when finally ended him, he was “Nopac”.

  2. Tupac is my guilty pleasure, man. Incredibly talented man, a genius I believe. And he knowingly lay down with rabid dogs, and he was ripped to pieces. No accounting for a man’s taste in friends.

    • “Comin’ quickly up the streets, is the punk ass police
      The first one jumped out and said “Freeze!”
      I popped him in his knees and shot him, punk, please
      ‘Cause cops should mind they business..”
      Genuis? Really? Sounds like common ghetto trash to me. ANY educated person who listens to this garbage should be ashamed.

      • You pick out one lyric and use it to judge an entirety of a man’s work. Aren’t you precious… you could work for MSNBC.

        How about the whole song he wrote about respecting women? Or the one thanking his mother for raising him right? How about the multitude of lyrics denouncing the black on black crime still rampant in America? No? Nothing?

        • “Gotta watch your back, strapped
          Real niggas rat-pack
          If you get your ass taxed, bring a gat back
          That’s not the way we made it
          That’s just the way it is
          Slangin rocks, fed a nigga’s kids.”
          Sounds like a pilliar of the community. Oh, he loved his momma…what a nice boy.
          “A street-walking nigga and a beat-walking nigga
          With a badge, I end his future and his past
          With a blast take his cash before I dash I bash his head in
          Dump him at the dead end and that’s just his luck…”
          Yep, what a hero to the black community.

        • I’m pretty sure the concept of music as an abstract form of entertainment and not a literal account of one’s life will be completely lost on someone like you so I won’t bother.

      • Kiss my ass, Eddie boy. I didn’t do anything to you, you jump on here and talk shit like some 15 year old who got caught with a boner in the locker room. Kiss my toned, tanned, muscular white ass. I’ll only charge you $100. I know you’re used to paying more, but I’ll give you a break because I feel sorry for your punk ass.

        • Wow, act like a 15 year old girl much? Your offer sounds VERY gay, even for a self proclaimed gay male prostitute such as yourself. Why don’t you go dig up your ghettorific rapist boyfriend and do that crap with him.

    • “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life”. Oscar Wilde.
      Or is he not the genius that Pac was? You sir, are a HUGE idiot. Modern day Chicago is the fruition of generations of ghetto youths listening to N.W.A., pac, biggie, dmx and the rest of the rhyming ex-crack dealer scum.

      • None of those groups you mention have been around more than 20 years so I am really not sure what generations you’re referring. Keep trying though, your ad hominems are really making your argument stick. Maybe you can blame Marilyn Manson and video games while you’re at it.

        • N.W.A.-Straight outta Compton 1988….29 years ago.
          Biggie Smalls-Ready to Die 1994…23 years ago.
          D.m.x.-born loser 1992 25 years ago

          You just opened your mouth and proved you’re an asshole. Hahaha. Any other brilliant arguments Mr. Masters degree…doesn’t bother to check his facts before running his mouth.

      • Man, calm down and maybe just walk away from the keyboard. People like different music, it’s nothing to get so worked up about.

      • Oh you mean those criminals he shot to defend a person? They may have been cops in their day jobs, but that night they were thugs and deserved what they got.

  3. I’m just tired of people using the word “assassinated” to describe Tupac’s murder. Chris Rock said it best:

    “MLK and Malcolm X were assassinated. Biggie and Tupac? Them nigg*** got shot.”

  4. U guys are ridiculous to think 2pac was just another thug rapper. He was a poet, actor, and very intelligent. U guys need to dig a little deeper than what u watched on the media. He invited handicap people to hang out with him, a little girl mauled by a pitbull, was big in charities, etc. U obviously have never listened to dear momma, brendas got a baby, or the machavelli album.

    • And Al Capone was a legitimate businessman and philanthropist.

      Death Row is a syndicate, no different than Cosa Nostra, or the Cartels.

    • And he went to prison on a sexual assault and sodomy conviction. Hell of a nice guy. Take that crap somewhere else. Poet? No….Robert Frost is a poet. Tupac was a criminal with multiple violent crimes under his belt.

  5. Tupac? Eh, not my thing, one way or the other.

    I’ll stick with Nightwish and Cruxshadows, thanks.

  6. Some rock n roll, such as heavy metal is way worse than Tupac. Especially talking about worshipping the devil and satanic language. Tupac was smart and the way he made his money is to play on what people liked at the time. He wasn’t really a gangster. Hell I rap and I say alot of things I dont do or never be around… Like drugs, getting money, etc. I have a bachelor’s degree in I.T.

    • Wasn’t really a gangster? LOOK UP HIS ARREST RECORD. He committed multiple violent assaults, shot off-duty cops, and went to prison for sexual assault and sodomy.

      Where do you people get this nonsense?

    • I’d argue with you about heavy metal just like you’re arguing for Tupac’s stuff.

      Music has no intentions, no inherent good or evil. The people who make it and listen to it, however…

  7. I think only more highly educated people actually “get” his artistry. The common man only sees the top of the water. For instance, watching the movie Natural Born Killers, most only see the violence, they don’t get the moral message. (The message was STOP giving all these killers celebrity status, it creates monsters)

    • Oh yes, when I think hip-hop fans, I think cream of the crop. I’m sure his audience is better educated than, say, Radiohead’s….

      Tupac was a violent criminal who hurt multiple people throughout his life, was raised by a Black Panther turned crackhead, and got exactly what he deserved. What do you think happens when you openly brag about having sex with a rival’s wife? What kind of scumbag does that? OH AND HE WAS A RAPIST.

  8. Since the 2015 documentary “Murder Rap: Inside the Biggie & Tupac Murders” laid out a seamless detailed account of the murder investigation that finally solved the who done it years after the fact and years after all the gangsters directly involved in the Tupac hit were dead, it’s unlikely this latest doc centered around a “Suge was set up, his ex wife done it” plot is anything more than new conspiracy theory tabloid bull$#it. Despite having no dog in this fight and almost zero interest in the who or why of any gangster on gangster homicide in another state, the Murder Rap doc from 2015 was interesting only because of the compelling details of a real world unsensational just the facts criminal investigation.

  9. Whatever. There was an active murder investigation that went on after his death, and everyone shut up and nobody snitched- including Tupac, who had the opportunity to do so before he died.

    Anything now is just a moneymaking scam. And none of it matters.

    • Like Jim Morrison of the Doors, I only know of Tupac because his death became a news item. Can’t stand the music of either performer.

      As close as I can get to rap style / spoken lyrics is Crazy Town, Linkin Park or Suicidal Tendencies and even then I have to be in the right mood.

  10. Tupac is dead? He’s released more albums since he “died” than he made when he was alive.

  11. WGAS, a convicted felon who promoted, propagated and profited from misogynistic thug culture paid the price for it. To excuse his conduct because he was an “artist” or a “poet” is just as much a rationalization as excusing Roman Polanski’s rape of a minor because he was a talented director. “As you sow so shall you reap” my only regret about his death is fan boys turned him into some kind of a martyr and it increased the visibility of his music.

    What this has to do with TTAG is beyond me.

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