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(sponsored post) The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival is taking shape. The tents are up, the Full Auto Friday night lights are in place, and the exhibitors are hitting town in the dozens. The Festival officially opens tomorrow afternoon at 4pm, when Best of the West Shooting Sports in Liberty Hill resounds with the sound of dozens of machine guns slinging lead-free frangible ammo. We still have some tickets for VIP-only Full Auto Friday (click here to buy). And then there’s the main event . . .

The 2016 Texas Firearms Festival kicks into high gear on Saturday. That’s when thousands of firearms enthusiasts will shoot a farrago of box-fresh pistols, rifles, and shotguns from over 40 manufacturers including IWI, FN, SIG SAUER, Kel-Tec, Remington, Blaser, Bergara, Benelli, YHM, Walther, STI and Wilson Combat. Silencers? Lots!

We can’t say it enough: ammo for Saturday and Sunday is free! And no guns to clean!

Ticket holders to the 2016 Texas Firearms Festival [click here to buy] will sample Austin’s finest food truck cuisine and browse retailers selling a wide variety of firearms-related gear, from T-shirts to holsters and beyond. They’ll discuss gun rights with Second Amendment groups including reps from the NRA, Open Carry Texas, and the Texas State Rifle Association.

Speaking of the TSRA, the Lone Star State gun rights group will be offering newbies a chance to master the art of shooting with patient experts. The kids can perfect their BB gun aim while the adults can gain the skills they need to join the fraternity of responsible gun owners.

In this, our third year of operation, the Texas Firearm Festival has come of age. In fact, we’re inviting investors to help us expand into new markets.

Whether or not you’d like a stake in our future, we invite you to come and see the future of American gun shows. A place where you can go hands-on to compare and contrast the latest and greatest firearms while soaking up important insights from the people who make them. Where you can try and buy guns at signifiant, straight-from-the-manufacturer discounts.

We’re proud and pleased to have created the Texas Firearms Festival. Come and shoot it!

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  1. To whomever is going to this amazing event can someone ask Sig when the 308 mcx will be released?

    Also, if they are preparing for a class action lawsuit regarding the false promises for three lines of firearms that specifically advertised interchangeable barrels/modularity before release which never came true? One of which is being discontinued and the others are iffy at best.

    • I have the same questions about the Sig P320 I bought over a year and seven months ago. I have never seen a P320 frame, slide, or barrel for sale, and I frequent different gun stores often. My experience with my P320 is the only thing that is keeping me from buying a MCX. It looks like a badass rifle, but my experience with my P320 (which I love unfortunately) tells me to keep away. It seems like Sig has been not delivering on a lot of promises lately…

      If anyone actually files a class action lawsuit, I am potentially interested in being involved. Contact my email: [email protected]

      • Honestly, I don’t even considering the 320 as one of the failures given they offer parts in the sig store.

        However, I am considering the 556xi, mpx and mcx all as advertised featured failures I own both the 556xi and the mpx and I’m disappointed. I considered myself to be brand loyal to Sig. At this point I consider to be done and disgruntled due to false advertising.

  2. This year was much more of a cluster than last year. Many of the booths were not recognizing the VIP passes, or were so unorganized you couldn’t even tell where the line was, or if their was a line. Sig Sauer booth was the absolute worst, far and away. I don’t know that I’ll be going back next year, certainly won’t be considering a VIP pass.

    By way, if you’re out there today, the CMC triggers and NEMO guys are hidden back in a corner behind a trailer, you’ll have to go looking for them. They should be looking for their money back.

    • Also, with the CMC and NEMO guys, is Gemtech Suppressors. John “Tig” Tiegen is there with the Gemtech and NEMO guys, so, you know, take an American Hero and hide him back in the corner of the range behind the guys selling parts out of a trailer. Great planning.

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