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I thought John Wick Chapter 2 was a stupid movie. The plot was moronic, the acting wooden, the dialogue as memorable as a beige Toyota Corolla. More than that, the body count was absurd, with bad guys running towards annihilation in droves. Literally. Droves. There were so many kill shots . . .

Mr. Wick was forced to repeat his “signature moves.” But hey, it was firearms realistic! With a little help from our friends at, here are my favorite guns from the movie . . . [SPOILER ALERT, OBVS.]

1. Kimber Warrior

For the final battle scene, the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) gives Mr. Wick a blue pill. Kidding. A Kimber Warrior 5″ 1911 with one — count it one — magazine. And no chance to put one in the chamber and top-off the mag.

I kinda forgot what Mr. Wick did with the pistol. I think he shot people. Did he take their guns so he wouldn’t have to worry about ammo limitations? I forget. So many guns and only two hours to shoot them.

The Kimber Warrior sports a 1913 picantinny rail, G10 grips, and match grade barrel, barrel bushing and trigger. At $1392, it’s no surprise that Mr. Wick uses the Center Axis Relock (C.A.R.) system. It’s a great technique for weapons retention.

2. Arsenal Strike One

Mr. Wick’s most formidable enemy in Chapter Two is a fellow assassin named Cassian. Their fight scenes are well within Hollywood’s homoerotic tradition. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Cassian’s Strike One pistol is ever-so-Caracal, what with its how-low-can-you-go bore axis. I liked the pistol so much I gave mine to Kristen (no seriously) who uses it for competition and home defense.

Benelli M4 Super 90

John Wick Chapter Two isn’t as realistic as some gun guys would have you believe. For example, Mr. Wick would have gone completely and permanently deaf in the catacombs as he shot the sh*t out of a pistol, an A-15 and the Benelli M4 Super 90.

But oh what lovelely kill shots Mr. Wick made with the scattergun, one at point blank range into a prone perp. It’s great to see the $2k pistol-grip 12-gauge shotgun put to good use, especially when loaded on the fly with such aplomb.

Oh, that’s the price before Taran Tactical Innnovations breathed on it. Oversized safety, Ultimate Charging Handle, reduced power buffer spring? Whatever. When you’re fighting umpteen zillion bad guys in the dark you need all the advantages you can get. Like being the fictional hero of an action movie. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. Normally like your content…..but seriously…

    screw you for not liking John Wick movies. lol

  2. So it’s pretty clear even the authors around here don’t like these “top 3” posts. Geeze this is some tier stuff.

    • C’mon, this post definitely sucked, but comparing TTAG to a Cracked, aka HuffPo Jr.? That’s just hitting below the belt.

      • Cracked used to be an amazing website that made you laugh, think, and learn all at the same time. It is a genuine travesty how far they have fallen.

        • Tell me about it. I removed the site from my bookmark bar around mid-November and haven’t looked back. To hear other people talk about it, their content has gotten so bitterly and humorlessly left-wing that even their liberal readership finds it patronizing.

  3. I wish I had enough land or money to be able to set up a Wick-esque 3-gun course.
    Maybe it’s just the clubs I shoot at but everyone is so concerned with rando’s and Rambo’s that hyper-sensitive safety precautions make it all so sterile and robotic.

    Gimmie a field of targets/obstacles and all you other clowns stay behind the firing line. Why is that so hard?

    • On top of the usual overly-restrictive rules, I remember one range tried to force me to sit down and watch a 20-minute safety instructional video before I could use the facility. I smiled and walked away at that point, not sticking around to find out whether they issued crayons after naptime, or if I was expected to bring my own from home.

      I get the need to cover your bases and ensure basic safety, but if a range wants to impose something like that on its customers then they’d better offer the option to test out, because not many people appreciate being treated like a 5-year-old.

      • Range near me used to do that; Had important safety specific to that indoor range. Like: ” if you shoot above this line you will strike the target carrier & be liable for the damages.”

        Under New ownership now; they no longer have the video. The target carriers are peppered with bullet strikes.”, I’m surprised they still work. But hey; at least you weren’t inconvenienced by having to watch a little video.

        • Every other range I’ve been to hangs up signs. You don’t obey them, you’re ejected; simple as that. I’m glad you don’t have a problem with your intelligence being insulted; it must be a real load off your mind, but for shit’s sake don’t act like there’s something wrong with those of us who do.

        • This goes back to not being able to fix stupid.
          My local range has warnings, signage, language in the application of use form and cameras everywhere to catch offenders regarding ricocheting shots, shooting over backstops, firing into target holders, shooting the trash barrels.

          Holes in EVERYTHING and not a visit goes by I don’t have to mention to at least one shooter that they’re bouncing bullets off the ground.

          Treating everyone like the lowest common denominator retard doesn’t actually educate the lowest common denominator and is very off putting to those who are not. My personal favorite is when they charge you for the privilege of attending one of those “don’t kill yourself or anyone else” seminars. Decades of training and a stack of certs and awards aren’t enough. I need to drop $150 to be sat through a “competitive shooting safety” cartoon. At least there were doughnuts.

  4. “I thought John Wick Chapter 2 was a stupid movie.”

    Nigga WHAAAAAAAA?!

    That movie was freaking awesome. Even the critics agree. You need to lighten up and appreciate a movie for it’s design. It was supposed to be a campy stupid fun action movie, not win an academy award or move you to tears. Good god have some fun once in awhile.

    • If it was supposed to be a “campy stupid fun action movie, not win an academy award?” Well it accomplished all of that except for the fun part. The first John Wick movie was all that, and it was fun. It was a GREAT movie. But, as sequels often do, it just rehashed what made the first movie great without anything new. Nothing new or interesting in the second one. It was so predictable that I could have written it.

  5. Very good Robert….you picked up on the C.A.R. system that John Wick uses, Paul Castle (the inventor of the Center Axis Relock System) would be proud!! It is interesting that Keanu Reeves uses the CAR System even though he trained with Aaron Cohen (Israeli Point Shooting) and Taran Butler (American Sport Shooting).

  6. As the owner of a beige 2004 Camry, I take no umbrage at your derision, even if I owned a beige Corolla. But my blahmoblie still gets 30-31 on the highway, 24-25 in town. Moreover, I just replaced the ORIGINAL water pump at 268,422 miles ! This may help explain why my EDC is still a 1990 Gen. 1 Glock 19 after 26 years.

  7. Honestly, Mr. Farago.

    I’m afraid to say that the quips above have some substantial merit. Perhaps it is time to revisit the idea of allowing the readers to pick “Top 3 Whatevs” by encouraging our suggestions in the commentary. This way, at least the click-bait will be the fruit of the readers’ own tree, and we can all rage & foam at each other for funsies.

    I’ll start… How about: Top 3 Camping Rifles for Motorcyclists. (Which would be, hint… the KelTec SU-16 B/CA, the Ruger SR-556 Takedown, and the Taylor 1892 Alaskan Takedown. Gotta be a takedown or folder, see. And then let the readers go on about how nobody sees the evil arm brace being shouldered in the woods, so what about AR & AK pistols, etc. etc. But we were talking about rifles, people… etc. etc.) Miles and miles of mileage here.

    Surely the readers can reliably fill up years’ worth of “Top 3 Whatevs.”

    Be safe… dodge the tomatoes.

  8. Well you got one thing right RF-I want a Benneli shotgun now? John Wick II fulfilled my movie entertainment requirements. An escape from reality. Perfect…

  9. Next article ” Why Commando is a terrible movie…with guns.”
    Seriously, you guys need to let off some steam.

      • I saw that craptastic movie recently while channel surfing. I remember watching it repeatedly and loving it as a teen.
        Several decades and several libraries of gun knowledge later I can safely say it hasnt aged well with me.

    • Honestly, my favorite movie. “What did you do with Sully?”, “I let him go”. Classic

        • I love this saw! I’m gonna make it a part of YOU!

          What happened to Buzz-Saw?

          He had to split…

          It was cool seeing Mick Fleetwood in that flick…

  10. I agree. The initial scene killing the target was such a contrived 3 gun scene. Why do you need to double tap/head shot with a shotgun? Over kill. Never ending 45 clip at the end. Ever hear of a suppressor? I guess not. It got old after double tap/head shot #50.

  11. Reeves’ wooden acting? If his acting was any more wooden he would have strings attached to his hands and feet.

    My son is starting to nit pick movies for firearms realism based on his experience and my advice. He knows indoor ranges can be VERY loud, even outside the range area. He questions the hearing loss of unprotected indoor shooting. Note I only let him see G and PG movies but he does see trailers on cable TV.

  12. While I liked the movie, I have commented to several people that I’m sure he would be utterly deaf after shooting a pistol, shotgun, and not least of all a short barreled AR15 in the inclosed tunnels of the catacombs part. I also had a nit to pick with his “body armor” clothes he had tailored. The tailor even mentions that there is no kinetic shielding to soften the impacts, so even if they didnt penetrate I’m sure he would have still died or at the very least suffered severe internal damage just from the blunt force impact of all those bullets!

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