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By Clay Aalders

No, it wasn’t Johnny Manziel, he only killed his career by blowing off the whole professional football thing. It was however on of Manziel’s favorite targets from his 2012 Heisman season, Thomas Johnson. reports that,  “A man told Dallas police he was angry about his living situation Monday morning when he picked a jogger at random in a popular Northeast Dallas park and attacked him with a “large-edged weapon,” killing him . . .

An eyewitness to the brutal killing, identified only as Brandon, told NBC 5 he was cycling along the White Rock Creek Trail at Harry Moss Park when he saw a man hacking another man with a machete where the trail passes underneath the Walnut Hill Lane overpass.”

This isn’t the first time Johnson showed signs of mental illness. Read the rest at The Truth About Knives.

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  1. That Johnson sure is a cutup. He’d should be a high draft choice in next year’s NFL draft. Most NFL players wait until they’ve made the team before they kill someone.

  2. Should have been a defensive gun use, but easily could have been an offensive gun use, had he had a gun. He’s the National Knife Association’s headache, instead of the NRA’s, only because this crazy man happened to choose one implement over another.

    Once again, this society allows an obviously disturbed and devolving individual to run loose until he finally kills someone. Are we blaming this one on mental institute closures forty years ago, too? Or are we just going with the good ol’ patient’s rights saw? Never mind. Let’s just ignore the crazies, so long as they don’t impact regulation of guns.

    • Yes, exactly right. Let’s allow the behaviors of the crazies to dictate which freedoms all the rest of us lose.

      • So when I say sarcastically to ignore the crazies as long as it doesn’t impact guns, you take that to mean that I’m saying let the crazies’ behavior drive gun regulation?
        Hmm….so it NEVER occurred to you that I could be calling for dealing with the crazies directly and as a completely separate issue from guns?

        You’re seriously that daft as to infer that demanding addressing the problem of the crazies presupposes I’m in favor of regulating everyone’s guns across the board? Except for gungrabbers expediently conflating the two issues, the two really have nothing to do with each other. So your comment takes exception to a point nobody made.

        I’m sure it was fun for you to make that snarky little remark, but it’s way off base and makes you look foolish.

    • Also could have been an offensive car use, if he had had a car. Better ban cars.

      And what if he’d had access to a lead pipe? Or any kind of solid, blunt object? We need common-sense blunt object control!

      Now run along and cash your check from Bloomberg like a good little boot-licking fascist.

      • Ahhh……another jack wagon will poor reading comprehension ability. What’s your excuse? Dyslexia, glue sniffing, or worse, did you go to public school? Assuming all three, let me dumb it down:

        Crazies are out there killing people every day, with knives, cars, guns, just their hands and pushing people onto subway tracks, and innumerable appliances if aggression. Gun owners don’t give a crap about that. “That’s life!”, they’ll say, and either sit in silence or smugly suggest the victim should have had a gun, then go about their business. Well.

        Not every attack by a crazy or other person can be defended by a gun or at all. Regardless, gun owners get away with that token response so long as nobody else links the crazies to gun control. Once they do, though, NOW gun owners suddenly get religion about dealing with the crazies. Of course, that only lasts until the gun grabbing rhetoric dies down.

        It’d be nice if we could identify and isolate the obvious crazies up front, to keep them from endangering our gun rights, but also to, you know, maybe prevent some killings by whatever means crazies use. Problem is, unless it does threaten gun rights, nobody cares.

        • You make some good points J-H. I would also like to see mental health taken more seriously as the root cause (instead of weapons) of a lot of the violence that’s happening. Developing that test, a means of screening out the whacked before the whacking isn’t a simple task, since a lot of the same symptoms displayed by the violently mentally ill are common to the nonviolent mentally ill. Since we also care about privacy and 4th Amendment protections, it’s not something to take lightly. But I agree, we shouldn’t just walk away from the problem each time the fury of grabbers dies down after a mass shooting because the focus will always come back to the guns until this mental health problem starts to really be taken seriously. But I’m not sure where to start either.

        • Dude, as a professional writer, I have to tell you: if multiple readers are misinterpreting what you’re writing, perhaps it isn’t them who are having the comprehension problem. Just sayin’

    • Who pissued in your oatmeal this morning?

      Psychopaths are going to murder because that is what they do. The only difference between Ted Bundy and Adam Lana is the speed in which they kill.

  3. Texas? The victim should have been armed. Not victim blaming, but if I lived anywhere but CA I’d never leave home without a gun.

    Think about how random this is. Minding your own business and a looney with a machete comes outta no where and kills you.

  4. This appears to be more irrefutable proof of the importance of carrying a firearm and being aware of your surroundings. There is no way a police officer could have stopped this type of surprise attack. How do the antis not see this.

    • Remember that lil’ statue with the 3 monkeys – no see, no hear, no say?
      Antis must have many sets of arms to accomplish all this in daily life.

  5. And if anybody watching had had a gun instead of a phone the jogger might have lived.

    That Israeli CC’er from Wednesday’s video would have plugged him good.

  6. Talk about a nightmare scenario. A D1 college wide receiver starts chasing you on a jogging trail… You aren’t getting away. The machete just made it a little easier to kill his victim.

  7. late teens early twenties is the typical window for onset of schizophrenic disorders. That may well be the case with Johnson.

  8. Let me get the fun started. 🙂 I call for common sense knife control. There is no good reason for anyone to own a knife or any other sharp object. Knives should have only a 10 slash or stab capacity. We need to end the knife show loophole. There should be a 10 day waiting period for purchasing a knife. It should be illegal for anyone to be allowed to make a sharp object without a Federal Knife License. No one should be allowed to own more than 3 knives. Everyone should be required to use Knife Blocks with child safety locks. No one should be allowed to acquire a knife or any sharp object without a thorough background check.

  9. We need to sue it’s the fault of the manufacturer, the distributor and the wholesale supplier who sold the machete. Only Danny Trejo is allowed too use such a weapon. No waiting period no warning label and no Machete Free Zones I demand action from mothers everywhere who really care…

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