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Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of spending Labor Day traipsing through the woods with Ethan Becker. We brought along a few Becker prototypes to play with, one of which was the hotly anticipated BK21 Reinhardt Kukri. Now that KA-BAR has officially announced the blade, I can give you my first impressions on how it handles . . .

The Reinhardt Kukri hasn’t been available since the Becker Knives were made by Blackjack in the early 1990’s and it has now been updated with a thicker blade and Ka-Bar’s 1095CV steel. Although I wasn’t able to exhaustively test the Reinhardt, I was able to get a good feel for it. After taking down a small tree and cutting up some green wood, here is what I can report…

– The Kukri is a chopping monster. In addition to the Beckers, I also brought along an ESEE Junglas. Within the first few strikes it was quickly apparent that the ESEE was outclassed by the Reinhardt. It should be noted that the Kukri is significantly longer than the Junglas.

Read the rest at The Truth About Knives.


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    • I had a ka bar knife in the service. Worked well for the field. Some years back some one gave me a ka bar cutlass machete. Haven’t a clue why I need it, but I like it anyway.

  1. Well not to knock this product but when I can get around to getting a Kukri/Khukuri I’m going to order one straight from Himalayan Imports. They’re pretty much the same master blade makers that have been making them for who the hell knows how many hundreds of years. And they’re ridiculously cheap for hand made blades.

  2. A machete and a kukuri are two very different knives. The extra weight and curved blade aid in chopping. Each will have pros and cons.

    As far as belonging on TTAK, a knife is as much a tool as a gun. Likely much more practical and as much a joy to own.

  3. Looks cool. I got a cheapo Cold Steel Kukri machete for about $25 made from the lower grade 1055 steel. It’s a great chopper for the price.

  4. I picked up a Cold Steel LTC Kubrick in Carbon V back in 2000 for $80. It is one he’ll of a knife. Had a nice Kydex sheath made by Krounds. It it attached to my go bag. I see them going for $200 on eBay. Since they stopped using Carbon V the prices have gone through the roof. My crkt is also Carbon V. This looks like it might be worth adding to the collection.

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