How Much is that T-Shirt in the Window?

The first order of Official TTAG Merchandise has shipped. Some of you may have already, in fact, received your swag. (If not, you should have it any day now. Promise). And as a special treat for being soooo patient, we’ve eaten the shipping costs. 

TTAG TShirts: They’re Coming…

For those of you who’ve ordered your TTAG Armed Intelligentsia shirts, be of good cheer: they are in process and you should have them Really Soon Now. (For those of you who haven’t ordered them, what are you waiting for?) Now available in sizes all the way up to 5X (!), we aims to please […]

Put a cap on your head, and not in someones…

…you get the point. TTAG’s gone upscale with TShirts and caps (or “covers” if you’re a retired or active-duty Marine), perfect for all occasions, as long as if by “occasion” you mean heading out to the range for an afternoon full of punching holes in paper with small bits of lead. Yep. We got caps. We […]

We’ll give you the shirt right off of our backs.

Well…that’s a bit of a stretch. We’ll do that, if by “give” we mean “sell” and “shirt” we mean “t-shirt, cap, or jacket” and by “off our backs” to mean “straight from the TTAG Armed Intelligentsia Overstocked Warehouse & Range.” So have you seen our new merchandise? The shirts – heavy weight, 100% cotton (none […]