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There is no better way to train for real world armed self defense than force-on-force training. No amount of shooting at paper or steel can compare to directly facing a two-legged, thinking, reactive threat. You learn from your mistakes: tactical and practical. And how. The adrenalin rush inspired by the “pain penalty” keeps the training party real. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed the life-long-not-to-say-preserving benefits of force-on-force training. So when Plano Texas’ Patriot Protection contacted TTAG to talk about their UTM Man-Marker round I arranged a day’s FoF for myself and nine of my ballistic BFFs. The concentrated course (for experienced shooters) will run from 10am to 4pm. Course work will include . . .

.         Drawing from Concealment

.         Stress Reload

.         Move & Shoot

.         Multiple Threat Engagement

.         Intro to Room Clearing

.         Shooting from Cover

.         Combat / Survival Mindset

Again this is a practical, TTAG-specific course for experienced shooters. Classroom time will be minimal. Participants will use their own [UTM modified] weapons for real world shoot/no shoot scenarios with flesh-and-blood bad guys. All scenarios will be videotaped for analysis.

The course will be held at Patriot Protection’s air conditioned facility in Plano, outside of Dallas, Texas. There are currently seven spaces available. The cost is $300 minus a TTAG ten-percent discount ($290 all in). Just email [email protected] with the words I’M IN (all caps) with your phone number and I’ll call you back. First come, first served.

We will, of course, give remote readers a first-hand account of the training. Meanwhile, if those of you who have done force-on-force training in the past could leave a little testimonial below, I’d be much obliged.

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  1. Wish I could attend. Plano is less than 30 minutes from my house. Time and money are both factors but I hope there is video posted afterwards.

  2. Force on force is great stuff. All the discussions go away and are replaced by swift and decisive movement. Otherwise, you’re gonna get shot. Actually, you can do everything right and still get shot – especially if you are facing multiple “bad guys.”

    It’s fun, stressful, and a great learning environment. Good luck to all, and I would be happy to go if I lived anywhere nearby.

  3. Hey, any of you folks in the DHS Texas Fusion Center up for this? It could be fun; get out of the office for a day…

  4. Lets see, Plano Tx is about 3inches from Chicago, on google maps….

    Damn I need to try something like this

  5. Force on force training is the fastest way to disabuse people of the notion that standing on a square range putting rounds into paper targets in small groups means they will be able to handle themselves in an actual gun fight.

    Even the very simple tactic of immediate moving immediately left or right, while drawing, is an effective way to get the threat “off balance” and increase your odds of coming out of the encounter alive.

    Tactics win gun fights, and FoF is all about learning tactics and then learning how to use them while under stress.

    Good stuff.

  6. Having done alot of FoF, I suggest you avoid wearing gloves and just wear a T shirt. If you arent wearing gloves CHL-ing in the real world, then dont do it with FoF. If you get shot in the gun hand, transition to offhand. Thats more in line with real.

    Let the MINOR pain of airsoft BBs hitting be instructive regarding your training, movement, what happens with armed and thinking opponents rather than paper. Embrace that aspect.

    • Schackleford is a wuss. Real mean do FoF in the nude.

      Clothes are for pansies.

      Seriously, a hit with a well charged airsoft gun hurts plenty through gloves, shirts, etc.

  7. I live in Plano, TX! Definitely going to email you, I have been wanting to do some force on force since watching it on das youtube.

  8. Your hands are gonna get shot up as a lot of people focus on the most prominent threat (the firearm held by your adversary) rather than aiming center of mass

    It’s just human nature


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