TTAG Survey: Because we <3 data

Continuing in Brad’s efforts to know just a little bit more about you (but this time YES it’s for our “files”), I present the July 2011 TTAG Reader Survey! As we slowly march forwards in terms of readership and quality, it would be nice to know exactly what our readers want from this site so we can tailor the content to exactly suit what you want to see from the site. Do you like Brad’s rantings? Are Foghorn’s posts giving you too many flashbacks to High School match class? Let us know!

Click here to take the COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS survey. All questions are optional, fill out only what you want!


  1. avatar Charles says:

    I forgot to mention in my survey that I really like that all the posts are accompanied by pics. Good stuff.

  2. avatar John Adams says:

    Stop wasting my time with your complaining about Gabe Suarez. The man knows his stuff.

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