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As it will become apparent Really Soon Now, there’s more to this question that meets the eye. But I’m curious: If you conceal carry, do you carry a spare magazine? Two? Or do you “go Commando” with just your gun, a wing and a prayer? Oh, and while I’m being nosey, HOW do you carry your spares? On your belt? Pocket? As a part of your holster?

Inquiring minds want to know…

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  1. Glock 19. No spares.

    Two reasons:

    – The G19 has never malfunctioned on me, save a couple of light primer strikes on crappy, crappy ammo.

    – If I can’t solve the problem in 16 rounds, it was never a problem I was going to solve.

  2. Extra mag always, no matter what I’m carrying. Preferably on my belt in a mag holder. If I’m packing a revolver then I toss a speedloader in my pocket.

  3. I carry smaller single stack guns. A CW9 or a P3AT. I (almost) always carry a spare.

  4. Not at work. I have too much trouble just concealing a pocket rocket in my work clothes.
    Outside of work, a spare magazine rides either in a holder on my belt, weakside, or in a PDA like case to the front of my strongside. Occasionally I wear a concealment T-shirt and then I crossdraw so the spare mag is in the strongside pocket of the shirt.

  5. Usually, once I get new 12 round magazines for the Walther P99 maybe not. I figure 12 rounds is about the same as having 2 sixguns and better than having 1 sixgun and a speedloader.

  6. I have a DeSantis Tuck-This II which is a tuckable IWB holster that has a magazine pouch on the front. In addition to the second magazine that I always carry in the DeSantis holster, I often carry a third magazine in a plastic sandwich bag in my jacket or safari vest pocket.

  7. When I carry my .40, I don’t carry spares. On the rare occasion when I carry a little .38 J-frame roscoe, I carry two to four reloads on speed strips. I do not expect to ever need a reload, but the speed strips are so compact that, well, why not carry them?

  8. Speed strip, with 4 rounds on it at the moment (read that it is preferable than trying to get that fifth in), in pocket. Speedloader or two, in a spare jacket pocket–not sure what I’ll do when the weather breaks and no winter jacket is required, probably won’t bother carrying speedloaders then.

  9. I carry XD 45, spare mag, light and pepper spray on my belt, back up gun and knife in pockets.

  10. Sure, your hi cap auto probably has enough bullets in it to solve the immediate problem, but what is overlooked is what do you do while you wait for help that may take 2, 10, 0r 20 minutes to arrive. Either your assailants have fled or been neutralized at least temprarily. Do you have enough bullets to deal with accomplices? Do you have any idea how many bullets you have? What if they get back up? Once the immediate threat is over with, its good to be able to top off so that you are fully prepared for that second lightning strike in the same spot.
    I always carry some form of a reload. At least a speed strip, or two, or a strip and and a comp III strong side. Or 1 mag, and 1 or 2 speed strips, or 2 single stack mags. Probably will never fire those rounds, but I don’t carry a half empty gun when I’m not expecting trouble, why would you want to carry one when you now know that trouble exists, and can find you despite all your efforts to the contrary.

  11. Two Wilson Combat 8 round mags in a tuckable IWB pouch on the off-side (got the pouch from D.M. Bullard Leather) and three more in my Maxpedition Jumbo E.D.C. when I have it with me (which is usally). Mags can break or malfunction, so I take a belt and suspenders approach.

  12. Spare 10rnd’r in my weak-side front pocket in a leather holster type-thing I had made.

  13. For those who already posted…how many hours per day do you carry that way and do you carry 7 days a week?

      • Ah, Brad, but you see they have already disclosed what they carry. So they should (if they want to) disclose how often they carry. The people I know (and those who’ve posted on other boards) who have a license to carry seldom do on a daily basis. They only carry when they “think” they need to or they can’t at work so the gun stays home.

  14. Let’s make my first post here (great site, guys!) something mild and benign and drop it here in this modest thread.

    Two spare magazines, on the belt, in either leather or kydex holders.

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