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The news came New Year’s Eve from Caleb Giddings [not shown] that TTAG is now the most popular English language firearms related blog on the internet. Period. The Firearms Blog (previous #1) claims 1.2 million views per month, but we’ve climbed past 1.35 million and are still on the way up. Here’s some further proof of how awesome we are and our continuing potential for growth…

See that chart? That’s tracking total pageviews by quarter since TTAG started. The observant reader may notice a steady increase in views over the last two years that doesn’t show any signs of stopping. As an interesting note, the average article posted on TTAG for the last month has received more pageviews on a given day than the entire site during its first month of operation. I just thought that was nifty.

The monthly view does show some interesting spikes along the way. October 15, 2011 was our busiest single day ever with everyone going crazy over this article about a pistol shaped tattoo, a feeding frenzy of craziness that accounts for the entire bump in traffic for October. November’s traffic fell more in line with the expected curve, and December continues with a greater than expected jump in pageviews.

December’s numbers are notable for one reason in particular: nothing happened. There were no truly “big” news stories, no major events, not even a dumb tattoo, and yet our numbers are better than they ever were. TTAG’s writers were able to generate enough content all on their own to drive that traffic, something they’ve proven again and again that they do better than almost anyone else. Because really, who can compete with Jeremy Clarkson?


Long story short: we’re awesome and tons of people read our website. Our reviews inform people’s purchasing decisions, and our opinions influence people on a national scale. So if you’re in the mood to advertise with us email [email protected].  Because I really want to quit my day job. Like, really.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled awesomeness.

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  1. I haven’t missed a single day here since I met RF at the range, and I love TTAG. Keep up the great work and things will only get better. Happy New Year!

  2. Congrats!! Isn’t world domination great?! Remember to use your powers for good and not evil. Stay humble ;>)

  3. This has been my #1 stop for a while now…
    I really enjoy the lively, informative, and respectful discussions.



  4. “October 15, 2010 was our busiest single day ever with everyone going crazy over this article about a pistol shaped tattoo”

    I think you mean 2011.

  5. I think this could be due to the prepubecent tweens attempting to defend fpsrussia whom we all know will be deaf by age 30

  6. Congratulations to those who take the lead writing pieces and keeping the site functioning, and to all other active supporters too. I knew that I’ve been spending too much time here surfing and posting, and avoiding making money yet you guys are lots of fun 🙂

  7. Woot!

    I do enjoy writing for this blog. Robert and Dan are great editors, and I think the blog does important work for the 2nd Amendment by not being too damn serious about serious things.

  8. Is there a statistic for how many different individuals are doing the viewing? More views almost certainly indicates more viewers.

    A frequency distribution chart would be interesting showing total page views by viewer category where each viewer is categorized by their number of views per day.

    While I’m dreaming up work for someone else to do… viewer locations shown on a map would be nice!

  9. Congratulations, TTAG, this was only a matter of time. Y’all are awesome, and causing me to spend waaaay too much time here.

    In my opinion (and apparently a whole lot of others), you have struck a great balance of reviews, legal/politics (all sides), current events, competition, hunting, humor, light-heartedness, and lots more. The post-post comments, discussion, and debate add even more flavor to the mix.

    Keep up the great work.

  10. Congratulations to all involved parties. An achievement well earned and well deserved.
    ( You’re obviously on a roll, hope I don’t ruin it. )
    That said….
    Physics and philosophy my friends, that’s what it’s all about.
    The word ‘physics’ definable in part as, the study of energy, matter, force and motion, the word ’philosophy’ definable in part, as the rational investigation of the truth of being, knowledge and conduct. ( Note: the word ‘rational’ may be replaced with ‘trial and error’ for obvious reasons )
    Truth is, there are truths about physics, truths about philosophy, truths about humans and of course truths about GUNS, and well, uh, Arms, and Fire-Arms and truths about ‘rights’, as in the individual right; the right of a person; the right of the individual citizen; every person has the right; the right of any person; the right of the people to…keep and bear arms.
    Since the phrases provided are expressed in various State Constitutions and the Constitution of the United States, and any phrase combining the word ‘rights’ and ‘arms’ contains two entirely separate and distinct identifiers, ( one of which most specific to a philosophical concept and the other a reference to actual, tangible objects ),
    what say we kick off the so-called ‘New Year’ with a discussion of the word ‘rights’ ( or not ). ( The idea in mind being to provide interested persons with a means by which full understanding of the concept of ’rights’ may be elicited. Or not )
    All that said, I submit for consideration that;-
    the word ‘rights’ may be defined in part as, ‘the natural status of each person‘;
    understanding in its purest sense is not something one person can exactly give to another person but is, in essence a personal achievement; And,
    sometimes understanding may be elicited by taking an idea completely out of context, or in this case taking the person attempting to understand the idea completely out of the context as provided ( or something like that. )
    Question as follows:
    “If only one person existed on the entirety of the planet, what ‘rights’ would that person have?”
    Answer =?

    ( editor needed )

  11. Hopefully some of that filthy lucre trickles down to the writers who power this technological terror you’ve constructed.

  12. Congratulations!! TTAG is the only gun site of any sort that I visit regularly; which is to say at least twice a day. TTAG is leading and shaping Gun Culture 2.0. Some of the people here are almost as smart as I am, by jeezum!

  13. I bet thefirearmblog will be sorry he took vacation till 9th of Jan instead of posting after seeing this 😀 Not that it (probably) woulda made difference 😀

  14. Congratulations – well-earned! Thank you and please keep up the good (and important) work.

    Todd Forsyth

  15. I gotta say, I’m unsubscribing from your blog. It’s useful sometimes but posts like this just leave a shit taste in my mouth. Call me a hater if you want, but waving your own flag like this is just disgusting and full of douchery. And you do it a lot. I’ve seen hookers with more dignity.

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