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A reader contacted TTAG central with a heads-up on tomorrow’s Pink Pistols’ participation in tomorrow’s (Sunday) Long Beach Pride Parade. If someone could email [email protected] a paragraph on that part of the parade and a couple of family-friendly jpegs of some celebratory Pink Pistols we’d be much obliged.

Hey guys,

If you’re interested in commenting or covering it at all, the Pink Pistols will be marching in the Long Beach Pride Parade tomorrow at 10:30am for the 4th year in a row.  Pink Pistols is a pro-gay rights, pro-gun rights advocacy group; it’s a great opportunity to get the 2A out there and interact with people traditional 2A advocacy may not usually touch. And frankly, they love us . . .

Even we were surprised the first year; we march every year, and every year we’re overwhelmed by the public show of support.  Even the police / sheriffs give us smiles and thumbs up.  Long Beach gets it, regardless of demographics or party affiliation of “culture war”.  Self defense is a civil right as much as marriage and speech and religion are, and we support all rights.  Heck, we had a few high school girls from the crowd join and march with us, and they’ve come back every year since.

The look on people’s faces when you walk by carrying a giant rainbow Gasden flag and a hot pink toy shotgun is just priceless.  The cheers and broad popular support is even better.

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  1. Cue thread derailment over the shooter’s stance in the Pink Pistol’s logo in 3, 2, 1…

  2. Hey this is a good thing, Glad to see it. Bloomie, Fienstiner, Hiltery, Rieden, and all thier cronies are enraged by things like this.

    • Considering how many gay-bashing asshats there still are out there, I’d say this is bloody awesome, rather than merely good. LGBT folks are far too likely to be targets of violence, so the more of them we get to join us and the more we can help to arm, the better the world will be.

  3. Robert: It would be worth your while to post this on the calguns forum, too. There are plenty of folks from the LBC on there, likely some will be @ this event.

  4. As my dad used to say “what ever floats your boat” Gays can appreciate the need for effective self defense way more than any ivory tower, utopia dreaming gun grabber. Just ask Matthew Shepard, oh wait!
    Gay guys & gay gals, have a roaring good time at the parade

  5. I’d check out CalGuns and post something over there. I believe there are a few members that are attending.

  6. I would love to be of assistance, but unfortunately I am spending the weekend in scenic Riverside.

  7. Let’s send Paul T. McCain, I remember he showed his homophobia at the time of the Rose Bowl.

  8. Speaking of which, I need to join this group for support purposes as I very much support LGBTQ rights (one doesn’t need to be gay to join).

      • Some folks prefer the term “queer” to describe their orientation. It can mean anything other than completely heterosexual (a 0 on the Kinsey scale), but most folks I have met who use it have been somewhere on the bisexual spectrum, usually “mostly attracted to one gender, but have switched it up in certain circumstances.” Usually they call themselves “queer” if they feel that the other terms don’t quite describe them.

  9. Damn and I can’t go back to California, not that I’m a wanted man, I just told myself 25 years ago, good riddance, can’t break my rules.

    • Same here, but for me it was only six years ago. But I refuse to go back to the most Fascistic state in the Union, even if I have to pass up all those high $$$$ tech jobs.

      I simply can’t make myself sell out after tasting the Constitutional freedoms available here in the Deep South….

  10. Just wondering….In California…..again…..California……what imagined “rights” are left to be bestowed on the exulted special snowflake class of homosexuality that necessitates a march?

    An example of these special rights is the power to get me fired from my job (if they knew my real name) for the apparent speech-crime of asking the above question. I can only imagine that they want more “rights” in that that vein.

    • It’s not a protest march, it’s a gay pride parade. As in, they’re not marching to demand change, they’re having a parade to celebrate their culture. Like the Irish, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and any number of other nationalities, ethnic groups, and communities do.

      • Hmmmm…..doubtful…Leftist identity groups are never satisfied with getting everything they want. Once they get that, a new list of demands becomes the next media crisis.

        • Like, what? It is my understanding, and I’m sure that you will leap at the chance to correct me, that the LGBT folks, or the vast majority of same, simply wish to be left alone–just like you and me. They want no more or no less than do we: No government or societal interference in their lives, unless and until they step over the line wherein their conduct, IN PUBLIC, infringes directly upon the rights of someone else.

        • I gotta ask–for what reason? If it’s that the kiddies might be shocked, and then inquisitive, and that you might have to answer some uncomfortable questions, I can understand that–even though it isn’t likely: Not all gay-pride gatherings resemble a street festival in San Francisco. If it’s that you fear that the kiddies may become TARGETS or may be somehow converted to an alternative lifestyle, that ain’t how it works.

        • Funnily enough, with more gay couples marrying and having kids through adoption or surrogacy or previous hetero relationships, there has been a push to make pride festivals more family-friendly.

    • In the USA, the 1st Amendment is under just as much of an attack as the 2nd.

    • Just imagine….a group of people, holding marches & rallies and defining their entire world outlook & sense of self solely by the manner in which they have sex.

      Wouldn’t that be kind of …..strange?

      • Just imagine….a group of people, holding marches & rallies and defining their entire world outlook & sense of self solely by the fact that they own guns.

  11. Hi everyone, Andrew here from CalGuns. I sincerely appreciate whoever posted this article, I didn’t send the request, but I appreciate it significantly. Also reassuring to see the support in this thread.
    It was not too long ago, that I raised my eyebrows at events like this. Fast forward a few years, and I have personally organized and marched in multiple events as a member of the Pink Pistols, regardless of the fact that I am a straight man, with 3 kids.
    Your support is critical. We need to destroy the stereotypical white middle aged man in camo pants idea, and get people on the fence to see the Second Amendment as a right.
    Again, thanks for your support,
    Andrew Mendez

    • Right on Andrew! And while I personally couldn’t even stomach to watch Broke Back Mountain (I’m serious!), I realize that is MY problem, and I refuse to treat gays as folks that are any less of a human being than heterosexuals; nor would I attempt to dictate sexual behavior that was supposedly handed down from God, Mohammad, or Zeus!

      I despise blind discrimination of any kind, even when it’s based on “religion”.

  12. Hey guys,

    I was the one who sent the tip. I’ve been coordinating this with people like Andrew above for 4 years now. It’s a great opportunity to get out there and advocate for the 2A as a civil right for all.

    We’d love to see you there. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you want info on marching with us; we need you there by 9:30-10am tomorrow morning!

  13. Being gay is an abomination, but this is America and everyone has rights.I just wish it wasn’t promoted so much.Especially in the Bsa which I am apart of, and it is sick to see what this once great organization is coming to.

    • I might be wrong, here, but isn’t the ‘abomination’ stuff generally only in the Old Testament, along with not cutting your hair or beard, or eating shrimp or pork, or lying with menstruating women, or wearing pants if you’re female (or wearing a dress if you’re not), or stoning for heresy, or owning slaves, or sacrificing animals with a blemish, or massacring neighbours who don’t agree with your interpretation of God, or having an image of God hanging about?

      Or are you speaking of the only ONE of TWO mentions of the word ‘abomination’ in the New Testament–one being Revelation 21:27, which simply says that anyone who practices abomination will not enter Heaven, and the other, which is very brief: ‘love of money?’

      Do you have a bank account? DARN you to Heck, you Abominator!

      • People have a right to their religious beliefs, whatever they might be. We still have the First amendment too, you know.

        Thank god nobody can force you to abominate yourself. Yet.

    • Ever thought of thinking for yourself Philip, rather than what you are “told” to think by some ancient book? (BTW, I find even the thought of male on male intimacy as personally disgusting (sorry!), but my opinion is irrelevant; blind discrimination of other human beings is just plane wrong. Or maybe the Bible didn’t teach you THAT part, or you just weren’t listening…).

  14. ah the gay rights crowd – aren’t they the ones who like suing people who won’t make them wedding cakes because of personal objection to their lifestyle? True freedom lovers

    • +1000 this lgbtbbq crowd will trample and remove your rights as long as they can have their “rights.”

    • Ah the heterosexual crowd – aren’t they the ones who like suing people for 54 million dollars because a dry cleaner lost their pants? True freedom lovers.

      NC, how do YOU like such imbecilic and sweeping generalizations? Get a clue, and maybe you’ll be able to think a bit more straight (a pun!).

      • The heterosexual crowd? You mean the other 97% of the population? Homosexuality is perverse in my opinion, and am I not free to have my opinion? Mostly I am sick of the media exposure that these freaks (my opinion) get when there numbers are so small. And everyone is so accepting and so loving of them, what is next? The normalization of child molestation? Beasteality? Where does it end?

        • You ARE free to have your opinion. You are simply not free to act upon it in a manner that adversely affects someone else. You are also not free to express your opinion, no matter how deeply held and with whatever depth of conviction, without expecting that those who disagree with your opinion are not equally free to spea or act against you in a legal manner. No one expects you to ‘love’ the practitioners of said perversion beyond that ‘love’ which is commanded by Scripture, but you ARE required to accept what IS so long as it does not harm you or anyone else.

          Yes, homosexuality is perverse. On the other hand, it does not harm anyone outside its circle of practitioners, unlike child molestation or bestiality (people who harm animals for sexual pleasure or ‘fun’ are right down there with child molesters and politicians).

          This ‘ends’ when all people are equally protected under the law, when all personal choices that do not directly harm others are at least accepted, and when what happens in my neighbor’s bedroom, so long as it involves consenting adult humans and causes no legitimate harm to them or others, is none of my or any one else’s business, particularly Government’s.

    • Um. . . if the LAW in your state expressly forbids discrimination for any of the ‘protected class’ reasons, and you choose to discriminate in violation of said law and its penalties, why should you be surprised that you get prosecuted or sued for a civil-rights violation?

      If I ask you to bake me a cake, and you are in the cake-baking business, I

      • Well, THAT wasn’t supposed to happen. . . I SWEAR I didn’t know it was loaded when I pulled the trigger!

        ANYway, making a cake for somebody isn’t ‘supporting their life-style.’ It’s selling a product. If I sell you a new car, I am not supporting your use of it to buy alcoholic beverages, or to go to Democratic Party rallies, or to purchase bacon (Abomination!); I’m merely selling you a CAR.

        Luckily, using the wheel is not an ‘abomination’ in the Old Testament, or we’d be stuck with donkeys.

  15. Instead of responding individually to each of the anti gay rights posts, which would raise my blood pressure each time, I will just say this:

    If you don’t support total freedom and rights for every human being, no matter their beliefs or lifestyle (assuming they are not hurting anyone else), then how can you claim to love freedom at all?

  16. I dont necessarily agree with gay rights, but I welcome anyone who stands up for Second Amendment rights. And I like the idea of a gay putting a bullet into someone who is intent on doing harm

  17. Marriage is NOT a civil right. Freedom Of Association is a civil right. Government has no business being involved in interpersonal human relationships in any way, shape or form!

    • I’m not so sure about that; ‘Marriage’ is a legal construct, a contractual agreement between two consenting and adult entities that is enforced by law. There’s even a government license to be ‘married,’ and another series of legal actions required to end a ‘marriage’. No government has the power to limit a right that is freely granted to one group of citizens that is not equally granted to another, right?

      Now, if you think that ‘marriage’ should NOT be a privilege granted by government, but should be an absolute right in which government has no say, you’re on the right track: Government HAS no business being involved in interpersonal relationships in any way, shape or form, as you adroitly point out.

    • I expect that they probably did; The Republican Party is not known for having a party platform that includes supporting full civil rights for gay couples, is it?

      I realize that this will probably Darn me to Heck, but if the Democratic Party had a strongly positive 2nd-Amendment platform and didn’t fully support Anybody’s Right to Abort Babies At Any Time, I’d be hard-pressed not to vote Democrat.

    • Actually, I tend to vote Republican or Libertarian. I don’t think I’ve voted for a Democrat my entire life, and I’m queer as a lemonade sandwich.

      My rationale? I’d rather vote for a Republican, and still be allowed to own my firearms with which to shoot the torchlit mob of hypocritical theocrats who have come to burn me at the stake — the left-wing statists who support my queerness would outlaw anything and everything I hold dear and throw me in prison for eating fatty foods, and I wouldn’t be able to lawfully own the hardware to blow their feet off when they come onto my property to stone me for eating meat.

  18. Call me homophobic all you want, but I regard homosexual behavior as sin, an abomination in the eyes of God ,and just downright totally disgusting.

    No “worse” a sin than any other, and thankfully, a sin that can be forgiven by the atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

    So, pass all the laws and have all the rallies you want, it won’t change my opinions or my belief.

    • No, that’s not ‘homophobic,’ as you do not profess an unreasoning FEAR of homosexual behavior. What you are expressing are honestly-held beliefs and opinions, and those harm no one. No one expects you to change them, only that you tolerate those particular behaviours in others.

      I can only applaud your second sentence; That is ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ at its finest–you are a true Christian man, and I thank you for expressing it so well.

    • I once told a reporter, who asked me about hate-crime legislation, that I don’t agree with the practice of making “hating” someone illegal, because that’s criminalizing thoughts or emotions. Once you open the door for “hating” someone being illegal, someone with the opposite point of view can make “loving wrong” illegal, too. I don’t support “hate crimes” because I don’t want someone else, later on down the road, creating “love crimes” to go along with them.

      I don’t care how you feel about me, Sir. Dislike how I live my life all you want. HATE ME OUTRIGHT, if that floats your boat. Your heart and mind are your own, and I won’t try to take that away from you.

      But try to hurt or kill me, and I’ll bloody well draw down on you, and if you keep coming, you WON’T like the result.

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