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“What’s it like to be defenseless? Read the following from Like the AZMEX border, the situation in Mexico is growing worse. This is far from the U.S – Mexico border. Once again, organized crime has discovered that bad government is the most profitable criminal enterprise of all. Without the 2nd Amendment could it happen here? You betcha. The people of Mexico need a 2nd Amendment.” -TTAG DT

CHALCO, Mexico, March 4 .- Given the high crime rates in the south east of the State of Mexico, the Union of Neighbors “stick to Mexico,” AC, announced that the residents of San Mateo Tezoquipan Miraflores in this county are willing to deliver 20 thousand pesos each day to organized crime to let them live in peace . . .

Rapes, assaults on bystanders and household, homicides committed by organized crime, has provoked fear among the inhabitants of this town that until recently was considered quiet.

At a press conference, Flores Emiliano Martinez, president of the Association, said they can not take justice into their own hands against crime so that they feel defeated by the lack of support from municipal, state and federal.

“What we do is give a weight per capita to pay for your care, no more assaults, rapes, dead. We surrender gentlemen robbers, kidnappers, assassins and others. If you want to come to watch us as we left on the head that message, what we do. Maybe a weight per capita to pay and only that way we will live safely,” said Flores Martínez.
He noted that residents of Miraflores are against any type of aggression they can not take up arms: “We can not carry a gun, an AK47 because we would be committing crimes, we can not bring a gun (…) We are not cold-blooded like they are.”

The event was attended by the Deputy Director of Public Safety in the municipality of Chalco, José Angel Villa Morales, who asked the people patience and avoid colluding with criminals.



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  1. These people need a modified version of NH’s motto, it should read “LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING”. If they don’t want to fight for their freedom they can just sit there and die like scared lil sheep. “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never, — in nothing great or small, large or petty — never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” — Winston Churchill
    Check out this link for other great quotes

  2. Mexico is a great example of what happens when government is the only thing allowed to protect you — and then it doesn’t.


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