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The NRA’s biggest contribution to gun control is holding its annual convention

This sounds like the debunked “study” that showed more spousal abuse during the Super Bowl . . .

There are many arguments that gun-rights activists like to bring up when debating against people demanding stricter regulations of gun access in America, from the classic “gun don’t kill people, people kill people,” to Trump’s latest claim that hospitals in London have turned into blood-soaked hells as a consequence of knifing where guns have been restricted, or that a way to prevent gun injuries and deaths is to have better training.

But research submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine by Anupam Jena, a Harvard researcher, seems to show one way in which the NRA actually helps. The annual NRA convention, when many thousands of skilled gun-owning people aren’t shooting them at home, is a time when gun injuries go down.

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The NRA’s on a losing streak: The gun lobby is finally on its heels; let’s keep the momentum going

They keep predicting that darkness is falling on the NRA, and it always seems to land on them . . .

They’re losing the American public. For the first time in almost two decades, the NRA is viewed unfavorably by a majority of Americans. And on March 24, more than 2 million people in cities as big as New York and as small as Show Low, Arizona (population: 12,000) marched in support of gun safety — and in opposition to the NRA’s “guns everywhere” agenda.

The gun lobby is also losing at the ballot box. In an off-year election season, the NRA’s preferred candidate came up short in a governor’s race in Virginia, a U.S. Senate race in Alabama and a House race in a deeply conservative part of Pennsylvania — all places once considered NRA strongholds.


John Wick: Chapter 3 gets a suitably violent new working title

Oh, the humanity . . .

Hey, who wants a little Latin mixed into their enjoyably stupid, over-the-top action thriller? (Put your hand down, Boondock Saints.) ScreenRant reports todayon a minor-but-telling behind-the-scenes change at the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 3, which has now had its working title shifted from the largely meaningless Alpha Cop to the far more menacing Parabellum. As fans of violence-adjacent Classicism are well aware, “Parabellum” is not only a gun thing (several gun things, actually), but also Latin for “prepare for war,” which feels like a pretty exciting hint at where this franchise is headed.

‘Our blood. Your hands’: Students demand gun reform at rally near NRA meeting

Our coverage was better, if I do say so myself . . .

Lalita Kunamneni’s belief in gun reform inspired her to march in downtown Fort Worth two months ago. That same calling sent her to downtown Dallas Saturday when she rallied again among dozens of young people from North Texas and moms against gun violence.

“If we don’t come out, then nothing will change,” said the 16-year-old junior from Flower Mound Marcus High School in the Lewisville school district. She carried a sign that echoed the message that many had to the NRA: “We demand universal background checks.”

Weeks after organizing March For Our Lives in Dallas, student activists led the Rally4Reform at Dallas City Hall Plaza Saturday morning. The event was held in downtown Dallas — near the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center where the National Rifle Association was holding its annual convention.

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  1. All NRA all the time!!! I just wish they were half as “dangerous” as these whiny weiners claim. They need to read the riot act to Trump. Parabellum-I like it. It’s guns…lots of guns Neo…er Wick😄

    • And in the midst of intense anti-gun-more-gun-control political activism, the NRA membership continues to grow exponentially while gun-sales to affluent, well-educated (and, hence, voting) Americans continue to surge. America is arming itself.

      Something that’s hard for them to ignore is a consistent manifestation of the gun-control movement’s activism: each concerted push for more gun-control actually works to increase the numbers gun-owners and politically identified (new NRA members) citizens who support 2nd amendment rights. Were it not for the gun-control movement’s activism, most American wouldn’t give the 2nd. amendment much thought. Now, millions of Americans not only know about the 2nd amendment but have very strong feelings about supporting it.

      Gun controllers hate to acknowledge this, but their activism is a great recruitment tool for American gun-culture, the NRA, other gun-rights organizations, and People Of The Gun in general. Guns up.

  2. I wouldn’t blame the NRA on the lost elections. That’s just ignorant. I would blame false attacks the left seems to all of a sudden bring up just prior to elections. These sexual assault allegations are getting real old. So called assaults which happened 20 years or more ago, but the allegations only come out weeks before an election? School annual books with comments which turned out to be fraudulent. Unfortunately, they seem to be working, no matter how outrageous they are proved to be.

    Then, we have the voter fraud. Towns with 100% demonrat votes plus a whole bunch more than registered voters. Voting machines owned and operated by soros companies changing the votes automatically to the dems. Lot’s of work needs to be done. Mandatory voter ID in every state. There is a lot to do, and if folks don’t get behind some much needed changes, we may see a ton more gun control, the impeachment of our President and beheadings in every community.

    • Expect the Roy Moore playbook to repeated as often as possible. The leftist purely fabricated that tarnish, and learned it can sway an election as long as there are enough white-knighting morons who can’t see bullshit being piled in front of them.

      • So true, and if the ignorant voters don’t wake up to these phony allegations, we will truly have an up hill battle in future elections.

    • “So called assaults which happened 20 years or more ago, but the allegations only come out weeks before an election? School annual books with comments which turned out to be fraudulent. Unfortunately, they seem to be working, no matter how outrageous they are proved to be.”

      Like “Grab them by the pussy” Trump? You have noticed he’s President, right?

      The all-out attacks by the Leftists with their feigned outrage is having a backlash on the Progressives.

      Example – “Racist!”

      An actual racist is a despicable person. The Leftists have so worn out the impact of that epitaph that people are simply tuning it out when it’s flung, especially in the political arena.

      And have no doubt, politics is mortal combat in the public arena. The fate of the country is literally at stake.

      Congratulations, Leftists, you are now making that accusation meaningless. Call it the “Boy who cried Racist!” syndrome…

      • Geoff, so true. The funny thing is ti’s those on the left who are the true leftists. It was the demonrats who were the leaders of the KKK. It’s the demonrats who keep the Blacks on the welfare roles. It appears this is slowly beginning to change as more and more of the minority’s are are beginning to understand the demonrats are not really their friends.

    • If the best the media can do is an affair Trump had with a porn star over a decade ago, then there is little that will come out of this.

      Remember Monica was blowing Bill’s horn (and I don’t mean his saxophone) in the Oval Office of the Whitehouse and Slick Willie wasn’t impeached.

        • Impeachment proceedings have been initiated against several presidents of the United States. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton are the only two presidents to have been successfully impeached by the House of Representatives, and both were later acquitted by the Senate.
          How this was possible in Clinton’s case is beyond me. I thought it was Andrew “by God” Jackson who was the other one.
          Now I gotta go dive into history.

        • What ^ said. Impeachment passed the House, but the Senate voted along party lines and Clinton was acquitted and not deposed from office by the party of #metoo and #pussyhats.

    • The recent elections aren’t much to write home about. VA is a blue state so it’s not surprising that a Democrat won.

      Alabama ran a child molester as the Republican candidate, so once again, not too surprising that the Democrats won. Jones will be a one term senator once the Republicans run a person who is not an absolute piece of human filth.

      Republicans will most likely lose the house in 2018 but that has more to do with the fact that they gave up on being fiscally responsible and less to do with their “support” for guns. If Republicans started actually reducing spending and being for small government they would most likely see their numbers go up.

  3. I’m not on Facebook – never have been, never will be. So thanks to my bud ‘Minuteman’ over at iFunny for the heads-up and link to the following from Sturm Ruger:

    Ruger statement regarding Dick’s Sporting Goods — 5 May 2018 — posted on Ruger’s Facebook page:

    “To All Our Loyal Fans & Customers:

    We have had a number of inquiries about whether we plan to discontinue sales to Dick’s Sporting Goods. We do not sell to Dick’s. Ruger utilizes a two-step distribution system in which we sell to independent, federally licensed distributors, who sell to independent, federally licensed retailers. Because the distributors are independent, we cannot control where they sell the products they acquire. However, we share your concerns about how Dick’s is conducting itself and are disappointed by their recent actions. Given Dick’s recent pronouncements, we expect it is safe to assume that you will not be seeing Ruger firearms in their stores. #Ruger #firearms”

    — — — — —

    As an aside, I’m kinda sorta maybe surprised the oh-so-benevolent Facebook still allows firearms manufacturers accounts to remain. They’re banning patriots, conservatives, Republicans and anyone on the side of the Constitution, claiming ‘hate speech’.

  4. For those gun owners who demonize the NRA, this article sums up nicely why we MUST support them if we want to keep our rights. These filthy domestic terrorists on the left don’t ever mention GOA or the 2AF, etc, which speaks to their lack of national influence. That means any defeats the NRA suffers, real or imagined,, hurts our abilities to maintain/expand our freedoms. Period. Don’t like some of the positions the NRA has taken? Me too, as I’m a militant 2A absolutist and active 3%er. But the answer isn’t dividing or destroying our most prominent advocates. It’s changing the culture from the inside. It can be done. Persistence matters. It’s disgusting that there’s 100 million gun owners and only 5% are NRA members. If half of the gun owners belonged, and voted in lockstep, we’d be living in a very different country right now. Democrat would be the new N word.

  5. I am sure that a comparatively few gun owners attending an NRA convention will dramatically bring down gun deaths in the USA.
    research submitted to the New England Journal of Medicine by Anupam Jena, a Harvard researcher,
    Where did she get the data for this master piece? The outhouse?
    More such gun violence research funded by government grants are obviously needed.

    • Probably the back of her Soros check. As far as I am concerned, “researchers” who publish doctored data need to be stripped of their credentials, have all their work destroyed, and then be dragged out into the street and flogged within an inch of their life.

  6. Well, he said at the end of Chapter 2, ‘Tell them, .. I”ll kill them all, … whoever comes’. I can’t wait to see how he gets out of this mess. He doesn’t have a friend in the world (except his new dog).

    I’m just wondering how many people he’s going to have to kill. I can’t even tell how many people he’s already killed (although, I’m sure there’s some fan site that has the stats). But it can’t just be killing a lot of people. There’s are at least two thing we have yet to learn about: the marker Ian McShane gives him (what’s that all about?) and we have to learn the details of the “impossible task”.

  7. Interesting that they all rail against the NRA. The fact is, none of the shooters making the news are members of the NRA. NRA members tend to be responsible, conservative, quiet folk. The culprits are usually members of the Left who have been whipped up to a frenzy, or who are mentally unstable folks who have gone off their meds.

    We actually need MORE members of the NRA, not fewer.

  8. The “study” that claimed gun injuries go down has some interesting things. They took 3 weeks before and three weeks after the NRA convention and compared it to the 3 days the NRA met. Injuries were based on hospital reports.
    Most media talk about a “20% drop.” So, 80,000 people out of 320 million is “20%?.” Actually the drop is from 1.5 per 100,000 to 1.2 per 100,000 people.
    Most important, only private insurance claims are counted. Gun injuries that aren’t covered by private insurance are ignored. There was nothing data from Medicare.
    One quote was telling:
    “It could be that firing ranges and hunting grounds are more likely to be closed. There could be a larger network effect that could be at play here.”
    In other words, you might see a similar drop at Christmas when businesses are closed.

  9. I do not get why they cite the Virginia, Alabama, and Pennsylvania elections. The Virginia election was way closer than what they thought it would be, as they initially thought that the Democrat would walk away with the whole thing, so the GOP never spent the kind of money in it that they should have. In addition, Virginia is a purple, trending-blue state, and the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. folk came out in huge numbers to express their dissatisfaction with Trump, just as large numbers of conservatives came out in 2010 against Obama.

    The Alabama election was because Roy Moore was a potential child molester and it also was still a very close race. It wasn’t a case of a decent GOP candidate losing to a Democrat. The Pennsylvania election featured a pro-gun Democratic area with a candidate who endorsed just universal background checks, but who otherwise is not super anti-gun. It fits with Pennsylvania as a state which is more bluish and Democrat, but very pro-gun and conservative in many respects.

  10. “…a growing number of studies suggest…!”

    “…recent polls show that…!”

    “…by researchers at…,”

    And it’s almost always the same people at either Harvard or Berkeley. It’s the same groups penning these “studies” and collecting these “polls” almost every time. Every once in a while you will see a random study or poll that unrelated… but then when you research that researcher/author, what you usually find is that they, too, almost always have a professional connection to the same antigun “researchers” at either… Harvard or Berkeley. If you stack all these studies and polls atop one another, it really looks like an advertising campaign.

    I’d be willing to bet that if someone tracked the cash and handshakes, the crumbs would lead to people employed or associated directly or indirectly with Bloomberg. These so-called “studies” and “polls” are the manifestation of an organized, directed effort to manufacture “truth,” and manufacture an American acceptance of such misinformation as “truth.”

    Not saying this is a “conspiracy.” It’s merely the same like-minded, antigun-oriented activists who are, quite naturally, organizing and publishing “studies” and “polls” that support their own worldview and prejudiced conclusions. Okay… so then it is a conspiracy– so long as it is being presented to the public as an unbiased, objective factual concern. “Peer reviewed” by handpicked like-minded peers in the same activist academic circles is not objective validation.

    But, I am not going to cite anything, for I have been hoping others would also notice… go see for yourself. Or, just notice it usually every time “a growing number of studies suggest” something, or when “a recent poll shows that most Americans” supposedly hold a particular negative conviction about guns (…usually 300-2000 people, in a nation of 330+ million; typically no more than one third are “gun owners”). The reputed New England Journal of Medicine of the article above has antigun “gun violence” paper after paper by the same associated people from Harvard or Berkeley (and occasionally, Harvard and Berkeley collaborating…). The product is gun control, the “studies” are the advertisements, and the “polls” are the testimonials.

    Sorry, but that is not science. That’s just social activism. Believe what you believe, persuade where you can persuade– BUT DO NOT CALL IT SCIENCE. Call it what it is: biased antigun gun control activism and religious opinion.

    If you arrive at the same or a similar conclusion… tell people. It’s really the only effective antidote to manipulated social engineering… Harvard and Berkeley are not likely to stop publishing antigun “studies” and concocting validating “polls.”

    Be safe.

  11. Cool, even the people who don’t like guns draw pictures of AR’s. Yah can’t beat that.

  12. A Brain washed young adult telling an adult what is right and what is wrong, miming the rhetoric being espoused by Anti – American Educators of this country supported by the teachers Union, Sort of reminds me of the Hari Krishna and Hippie movement back in the Day when the cowards of this Country [Supported by the Pinko’s in Hanoi} we rioting against the South East Asia War Games! Our politicians {paid off by Soros and Bloomberg} want too gut our Constitution for their own personnel gain, Political favors by The ATF, FBI, IRS, and they will come for you! Get ready for the Onslaught think it can’t happen think WACO think Ruby ridge

    • Not saying they won’t try, but we are a very different country now. After the assault weapons ban expired and the confiscations during Katrina, gun owners have radically changed. Just like at the estimated numbers of non-compliance in both Connecticut and New York after their 2A assault after Newton. I’m 52, and our country hasn’t been this bitterly divided in my lifetime. In fact, I’d say, that we have never been closer to a literal, kinetic Civil War, since the last one. IMO, there’s no chance for reconciliation, either.

  13. The NRA is being viewed unfavorably? How in the world did THAT happen? Just because the great majority of the major “news” outlets demonize guns and gun owners and a plethora of politicians do it to the best of their ability, gun owners and the NRA are viewed with disdain? Hunh. It’s a puzzlement, an absolute conundrum more baffling than the Gordian Knot.

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