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Forward the above video to 3:30, crank up your sound and listen to Sheriff Jackson speak about the Second Amendment. Remember that A) you need to turn the sound down when you’re done and B) gun control industry reps don’t own the “emotional” side of “gun debate.” While it’s relatively easy to argue the facts supporting the Second Amendment sometimes it’s more important to speak from the heart. To make the connection between your values, beliefs and passions and the right to keep and bear arms. There’s no reason why The People of the Gun can’t directly and emotionally address the slaughter at Sandy Hook, explaining why we live in Wayne’s world, where a good guy with a gun can save the day. If not American society itself. In fact, there’s every reason they should. Your daily dose of drama llamas after the jump . . .

Newtown Connecticut resident Brendan Duffy can see which way the wind is blowing and doesn’t like it. “I have never owned a gun, nor wanted to as intensely as right now. You’ll stop restricting guns when only you have them.”

JP on Lead and Crime: A Response to Jim Manzi at

If I were a person of a sufficiently paranoid nature, and if my country was going through a phase were certain people were attacking civil rights, I’d be suspicious that an article like this might be trying to conduct a clandestine attack on the right to keep & bear arms, what with lead being intimately involved in that area. Which isn’t to say that the claims here are not valid (they very well may be.) The timing of it, though? To borrow a phrase, it seems like it has all of the spontaneity of the Schlieffen Plan.

JP again, this time on Gun Group: We’re Giving Away a Free Assault Rifle for Freedom! “Awesome! I really ought to thank Mother Jones for the heads-up.”

When will the White House respond to the Impeach Dianne Feinstein petition?

The people have spoken. At, no less.

Keep it classy

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  1. We really need to hammer this point.

    The president, who is “Skeptical” that armed security in schools is the answer, sends his children to school with armed security.

    His own actions are the sharpest rebuttal to his position.

      • And the funny thing is that to the best of my knowlege, there has never been an assasination attempt on a former president. Once they leave office, people really stop caring all that much, so why the need for security. It was Bill Clinton who originally signed the law limiting secret service protection for former presidents to not more than 10 years after leaving office. Interesting that a man who styles himself after Clinton would change that policy.

    • Yep, sometimes its easier said than done, but he did put himself out there, so that’s the first step. I hope for his community he keeps his word. I know where my Sheriff and local PD stands and its on the side of bowing down to the badge.

  2. Sen. Frankenstein is a FULL on Treasonous individual and she only got 32 grand come on. Mr. Morgan got that many in a day and he can’t even vote.

    • Oh go pound sand. Read the definition of treason in the Constitution itself. You yourself are committing the very treason you accuse Feinstein of committing, but only by your own definition.

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  4. This is in 3-parts in YouTube. I watched all three. Somewhere in the middle of the second part the Sheriff answered a question about availability of ammunition. He said, buy reloading equipment.

    However, he also mentioned that there is a movement afoot to make primers that will have a shelf life of only two years, after which time they will start to misfire…..

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