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According to, New York Senator Schumer has asked Walmart to stop selling “assault rifles.” Voluntarily. The pol who doesn’t mind Bushmaster selling MSRs to the military reckons the Big Box retailer is not part of the solution to Sandy Hook-style spree killings. “We have no idea how many people [buying the guns] are mentally ill, or how many are felons. If Congress passes measures to reduce availability of these weapons, those efforts could be undermined by the purchase of thousands of weapons before then.” I guess the Senator doesn’t put much stock in Walmart’s reliance on [mandatory] FBI background checks to screen out felons and mental incompetents. Understandably. But we can’t go on together with suspicious minds; and Chuck’s willful ignorance knows no bounds, temporally-speaking . . .

Schumer wants the moratorium on assault weapons and high-capacity clips to last for as many months as it takes to pass legislation — that means it will include “Gun Appreciation Day,” which is scheduled for next Saturday.

So Senator Schumer wants Walmart to fall on its proverbial sword until the government and disarmament groupies can get its collective act together.

So now to the rumor mill . . .

A story broke that our beloved Wally World was caving to the pressure. While there has been no official announcements from WalMart in regard to guns or ammo, it seems that they might be simply sitting on the sidelines until the dust settles. According to the CNS News, WalMart is not taking any new orders at this time to replenish stocks. The fact that WalMart has not made any official announcements gives me hope, and here’s why.

We know that manufacturers of just about anything gun-related are going full bore. They have been cleared out of stock, and pretty much are just trying to keep up with demand. The manufacturers have stopped taking orders, or are rationing what they can to keep on supplying.

We also know, and this is key, that many have stopped giving the volume dealer discounts that they were prior. This means that WalMart and other large suppliers can’t make the profit they once did.

Given that the supply chain looks worse than the Sahara Dessert on its worse day, calling all the time only to be told to check back next week is a waste of resources. My hunch is WalMart will stay mum on things, and once all this settles down, they will return to normal business.

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  1. i went to the Milpitas Wal Mart today. And before you ask AG, the only .40 cal they had was hollowpoints in those half boxes. They had some .380 auto and .45 auto and a few high end hunting loads like .300 win mag and .30-06 and .308. It was all the premium, read expensive, stuff.

    Almost no shotgun shells. None of the bulk packs at all. The only rimfire I saw was a couple of boxes of .22mag.

    The Walmart guy said he’d turned in a big order but had no idea when any of it would be delivered.

    • Did you by any chance go to Target Masters? Do they have ammo 22 or 9 ? J&R in Livermore is bare and Big 5 in Dublin only has a couple of boxes of 9mm left.

      • I was in Target Masters, Brooklyn. They had ammo. 9,.40,.45,.38,.357,.44 mag and special. They even had 7.62×25 Tokarev. I saw bulk packs of .357 magnum.

        Be prepared to be bent over. I bought 9mm at the Newpark Mall Big 5 today and it was cheaper than Target Masters. I believe they had .22 in both places but I wouldn’t swear to it. I have so much .22 stockpiled that I don’t even think about it.

        • Thanks appreciate the info. I was thinking about going down there tomorrow to shoot a little and didnt want to use any of my stash at the range. I think their prices for ammo are always high either way.

      • It rocks to be retired. I have time to run around while everybody else is at work. That’s going to change though. I’ve been testing the waters about going back to work, at least part time.

  2. “We don’t know how many are mentally ill or felons”
    What a jerk. NONE are felons, there are background checks made. How many are mentally ill? Define that subjective bit of verbiage if you can Chuck. Start with Congress and especially the Left side of the aisle if you want a really good target rich environment of mentally ill. If someone acts like you or your nitwit fellow congress turds, they certainly should NOT be allowed to even touch a gun.

    • There is a method to his madness. “We don’t know how many are mentally ill or felons” will be remembered, all else forgotten. Take advantage of the fact that most people uninvolved with firearms, are also uninvolved with the realities of the firearms market, tailor your message accordingly……….

    • That oleaginous SOB is fully aware of his lies. You know that, right? His constituents are clearly stupid, but not him.

  3. This is the same Senator Schumer who said “crap man, we in the govt. have no clue what we are doing. Hey, can you guys in Federal Reserve do something while figure it out” Do everything except your job. Pass the buck to someone else because of your incompetence.

    • I think Wal-Mart has the title by some measure for combined guns and ammunition. Given that only about 1/3 of Wal-Mart stores even sell firearms and fairly limited selection when they do, it would be more difficult for them to reach the top spot just for guns.

  4. 1. Don’t hold it against Wal-Mart, or any retailer right now for not having EBR’s unless they explicitly say they have chosen not to sell them. As a logistics nerd, I’m making it very easy on anyone that sells anything firearms related right now and assuming that they’re trying to do the right thing. But do participate in Nutnfancy’s call to action concerning Wal-Mart.

    2. Catch up on things. Don’t forget why we’re in this. Disassemble and clean not just your firearms, but your magazines. Open up, inspect, and repack your ammo stores. Put new dessicant in your SHTF, hope I’ll never have to shoot it packs of prepping platinum.

    3. Write, call, and send brainwaives to the politicians representing you, but don’t forget that there’s more to a liberty loving lifestyle than what goes on in government. I’m catching up on “Make Ready with Pat Rogers Basic Carbine” which shipped with an old order from BCM. Most gun enthusiasts have some random DVD’s and pamphlets lying around. Read them! Watch them! I’m wishing this old Irish New Yorker was my grandpa, or at least a seldom talked about shifty Uncle. He’s hilarious and awesome and only half way through this DVD has already taught me some very good points. Remember that we own firearms not solely out of a sense of responsibility and preparedness that the narcissists in power cannot comprehend, not just because we truly understand the meaning of the 2nd amendment, and get that it’s not just a right, but a responsibility, but also because firearms are glorious, marvelous pieces of technology that have not yet been matched by human endeavors in anything that doesn’t run on electrons.

    Love your guns. Let them know everything’s ok. Remind them that you’re not crazy, and the only people you would ever point them at are those wishing you or your family immediate bodily harm.

    • Our lgs”s tend to be over priced. i like walmart for bulk packs of shotgun shells, .22 .38 and 9mm for target work. The rest I’ve been getting from the web. Ammo to go has been my favorite.

  5. Support your local FFL dealer . He makes more money to feed his family . Walley world , Dicks , Cheaper Than Dirt , ect make money to enhance corporate greed . They aren’t here for you now , never have been , and I , by golly! , will not forget them .

    • Agreed. Still can’t forget my last purchase at Dick’s years ago where they wouldn’t let me carry the shotgun outside I just bought. Had some kid behind the counter close his register and walk me to the car. Seriously? He did let me carry the shells – oh joy! Ammo though, I’ll buy anywhere I can find it, especially now.

  6. Walmart has stopped letting individual stores reorder direct from suppliers. That’s all. This means all stores will be getting some ammo instead of some stores getting all of it.

    And if they could get 1 million Sig AR’s in stock tonight they would sell them all by Wednesday. It’s a supply issue. Stores hate not being able to not sell things right now.

    • As much as I would like to make Congressional pay conditional on fulfilling the duties of the office (like, say, passing a budget) I’m afraid there’s a clause in the Constitution about that (Article I, Section 6).

      Congresscritters get paid until their term runs out or they stop breathing. Doesn’t matter if they spend all their time sending RF nominations for hotties he can link to in TTAG posts instead of legislating.

  7. Some reports from retailers state they cannot place any more orders for common firearms or ammunition because the manufacturers have already taken orders for all of 2013. They simply can’t produce fast enough to fulfill the current mass of orders they have. That’s the word on the street, but we’ll see how much of the industry it impacts and for how long. In that case it’s not that Walmart or any other retailer is caving in and choosing not to get more stock, they may not be able to get any new stock period.

  8. Is Schumer an atheist secular jew? Why does he want religious jews and other people of faith to become Pelvic ashtrays filled with a pile of themselves as ash?
    Suicidal libtards.

      • I quit delving into just how demented the Nazi’s were years ago. Hollywood can’t come up with fake story lines that are as horrific and nasty as the real thing. Bosnia, Rwanda the human animal is truly horrific.

        • Bosnia? Please.

          Look at what the KLA did and still does. The UN now knows this, but no one does anything.

  9. “We have no idea how many people [buying the guns] are mentally ill, or how many are felons.”

    Chuck must be speaking about the USG and its Storm Trooper thugs. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to read a psychological profile that is public record on everyone who wants to run for political office. We have the right to know. It’s only fair.

  10. I’ve spent lots of time online lately looking at ammo suppliers. Here are some online suppliers to consider should you need them:

    Red’s Trading Post
    Able Ammo
    Ammo to Go
    Wholesale Hunter
    USA Midway
    Sportsmans Warehouse
    Sportsmans Guide
    Graf & Sons
    Buds Police Supply (if you are in LE)

    • I also have had good luck with in the past, but lately it looks like they’ve been picked clean.. Plus, they’re in NJ, so who knows how much longer they can hold out 🙁

  11. There has to be a kernel, if not complete, true to the Walmart story. I was watching their FB page today after the story broke. Dozens and dozens of posts upset about the ammo story were ignored. But some PETA-head posts a whine about pregnate pigs and there was a apology response within 5 minutes. If they really weren’t planning on suspending ammo sales, their damage control PR makes CTD look smooth and in touvh with their customer base.

    • Walmart by me, still has long guns (bolt action and shotguns) and very little ammo. They did have some Tulammo in .223 (steel) for $6.97 a box though. So it would seem that they have not suspended firearms sales yet.

      • Purchase ammo there. Never brought a gun there. Last purchase was loose box of 375 rounds of CCI mini mags .22
        Sure wish I could get more boxes of those. Ladies Shooting League range time eats up 100 to 150 rounds per session.

  12. Being in the government, he’s just so used to working around felons and the mentally ill that he assumes every group contains them.

  13. LGS here in GA got a shipment of PMAGS today. 50 of them. SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN ONE HOUR. This in a town of about 10,000 people. No AR’s on the shelves, barely any long guns other than bolt rifles and hunting shotguns. Even the pistol case was nearly empty! Ammo…forget it! Lots of bare shelf space there…unreal…

  14. I propose we all send letters to walmart that they lose our business if they cave. How many gun owners are their primary demographic? I bet we represent a disproportionate amount of their business. Our money talks, lets use it.

  15. I hope not just walmart but all gun owner rebel against the fascist jerk from NY hope million more get bought before things cool down.

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  17. I’ve sent a letter to Walmart corporate voicing my disgust. I will be hard, but I will stop shopping there. I spend about $600 to $700 a month there, not counting ammo. I’m a drop, but enough drops and they will notice.

  18. Big 5 sporting goods in Roseville CA confirmed they are not ordering any Ruger Mini-14 or related semi automatic rifles until the government makes a decision on what they are going to do…sheesh…


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