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The fight for relevance gets tougher as the years go by, as the former object of post-Columbine cultural indignation will attest . . . Marilyn Manson Aims Fake Rifle At San Bernardino Crowd, Calls It ‘Act Of Theater’ . . .

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is defending his decision to point what appeared to be a fake rifle at a concert crowd in San Bernardino as part of his act.

Manson – confined to a wheelchair after an on-tour accident in September that left him with a broken leg – aimed what turned out to be a prop microphone at the crowd at the Glen Helen Amphitheater while being rolled around on stage as he sang “We Know Where You F—– Live”.

Photos and video of the stunt were posted to social media just hours after a gunman opened fire on a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, killing at least 26 people.

The Sutherland Springs memorial (courtesy

Pay no attention to the armed self-defender behind that curtain! . . . Mass shootings, irrationality, and why you shouldn’t bring a gun to church . . .

I am a conservative and a defender of the 2nd Amendment right to own weapons, and there are no doubt cases in which citizens who live and work in dangerous areas can make themselves safer through responsible gun ownership.

Packing in church, however, is not one of those cases. Despite wall-to-wall media coverage, mass shooting incidents are extremely rare: You are highly unlikely to die in one. Besides, civilians who think they’re going to be saviors at the next church shooting are more likely to get in the way of trained law enforcement personnel than they are to be of any help as a backup posse.

New again from Armalite . . . By Popular Demand, the M-15(T) has Returned!

You asked for it, we delivered! For a limited time you can pick up a classic Armalite Rifle. The 15A4TBN is the pinnacle of performance and accuracy for the 223/5.56 AR platform. Like the traditional AR-10, the M-15™(T) features a 2-stage National Match trigger and triple lapped stainless steel barrel. Other features include our quality A2 furniture, an aluminum free float handguard, and forged upper and lower receivers.

Also available are the separate complete upper and lower halves. So whether you are needing to dispose of some varmints, show up your friends on the range, or finish your ultimate target build, Armalite has you covered with the M15A4TBN.

Faiz Shakir, ACLU political director (courtesy

How does the ACLU count to ten? One, three, four . . . The ACLU Wants to Be the NRA, Without All the Guns . . .

The report suggested the ACLU adopt the NRA’s letter-grade system for political candidates, perhaps backed by a political action committee to support those who scored well. There was also great potential in civil liberties swag, everything from hats and t-shirts to encryption software endorsed by the group’s privacy experts and ACLU-branded Passover Haggadahs.

The main thing Romero envied about the NRA was how it leveraged a sense of identity to advance its political agenda. “The NRA is all about the gun lifestyle, everything from gun clubs and shooting ranges to fathers teaching their daughters how to hunt. We began to think, ‘How can we go from focusing on the head to focusing on the heart?’” he said.

Wheelchair holster (courtesy

One Benjamin buys a Comp-Tac holster for wheelchair-bound Americans, especially useful for customers who live in an open carry state . . . Wheelchair Holster

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Although the wheelchair holster was initially designed for assembly on a wheelchair, it is compatible with many other mounting applications such as bicycles, motorcycles, ATV’s, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The International’s all-Kydex body provides a rigid material that is custom fit to each firearm and maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered.

Michigan Republican Arlan Meekhof (courtesy

Two Americas . . . Michigan Senate committee approves bills that would allow concealed guns in schools, churches

The bills come after 26 people were killed this past weekend when a gunman opened fire at a church in Texas. It also follows the Las Vegas shooting, in which more than 50 people were killed at a country music festival in October.The state’s Senate majority leader said the recent shootings demonstrate the importance of this legislation, USA Today reported.

“Some have said it’s insensitive to bring up these issues now, but I feel quite the opposite,” state Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof (R) said.

“The recent events will allow us to look at how we can deter those who want to do harm. And responsible, well-trained, licensed concealed-pistol holders can be one of those deterrents,” he said.

CNN bloody shirt waving for gun control (courtesy

CNN waves the bloody shirt for gun control  . . . Sister of Texas church shooting victim: ‘No more guns’ . . .

Evangelina Santos, whose brother Richard Rodriguez died in the attack in the small town of Sutherland Springs, choked back tears as she told CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota, “Anybody can carry a gun now, even crazy people. Tell the President that. No more guns.”

Mission First Tactical M-LOK drop in thingie

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It’s that time of year…

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  1. The NRA is a human rights and civil rights .org. The aclu is not. You can only win hearts and minds if you’re being honest and really looking after folks best interests. The aclu supports creating disarmed victims in a violent world. How is that protecting the most basic human and civil rights?

    As for not being armed at church cause it will interfere with the cops. What cops? Are the cops going to be on site before the shooting starts? Or are they going to show up where the armed citizen, who risked all to confront the madman, has directed them to?

        • NRA are a bunch of yahoos with a gun fetish.

          ACLU are bad asses who champion ALL your Constitutional rights, no matter how unpopular or how much abuse or death threats they get (often times from yahoos like you) they stand up.

          Dont ever mention NRA jackballs in same sentence with the heroes at the ACLU; NRA cant carry the ACLUs jock, OK?!

        • No the ACLU only champions made up rights by the loony left. They don’t give a flying fuck about the second, fourth, or 10th amendment, and have fairy tale ambitions regarding the rest.

      • nanashi the gun-nut so nutty he thinks the NRA is anti-gun! Keep an eye on THIS guy… I reckon my best to see my fantasy of a mass shooter targetting an NRA convention… would be hilarious to see yall macho clowns poop your pants, hide under chairs, cry, shoot yourselves in the leg drawing in a panic, shoot by standers with your sweaty palms and tunnel vision and stress and scared cuz the target is shooting back and hes moving unpredictably and so are all the bystanders, AND best of all yall would mistakenly shoot each other thinker each other were the active shooter, will fill me with glee… keep cultivating that grudge against the tyrannical anti-2a NRA you genius hero… : D

        • Sure, WackyBlackyWithoutAClue, just keep on projecting your innermost feewings onto others… that is what Libtards do best, after all.

          Wait, let me get this straight – you’re against guns, but watching NRA members get shot would fill you with glee? You are one sick MF.

          So much fail… ahhh, the stupid, it hurts!

        • Actually it’s leftist trolls like yourself who turn into mass shooters. I’m pretty confident a few of the nut job trolls like yourself we’ve had here have gone on do conduct a couple of these shootings, or more often, just offed themselves.

        • @Rob Williams

          I’m having a hard time telling if you’re trolling or if you’re just completely insane and angry. I’m actually thinking it’s the latter considering your desire to see NRA members be murdered and some various other replies you’ve posted. At least you understand that the NRA is not anti-gun. A broken clock is still right twice a day. So continue doing what you’re doing – people like yourself who wish murder upon others are the reason fence sitters join the NRA and buy their first gun.

        • Wow really I’m not racist but folks like u poke at white people then cry racism if anything is said in return and hide behind your ACLU sissies and wait for some real American to come save your a$@! I hope your socalled dream becomes your reality when your on your way home in the hood amber u get caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting because that’s more of a reality than anyone trying to shoot up an NRA rally look at the real statistics and tell me I’m lying

        • You really should get your head checked by medical professional. Tell him all about those sick violent fantasies.
          I hope you will get well soon.

  2. ‘Anybody c an carry a g un now, even crazy people.’

    As opposed to the old days when ONLY crazy people (and criminals) could carry a g un…

  3. Ya know I have to wonder if they were the only people that they could find that said that would say that. I mean someone on Fox had a shirt on that said “Buy a gun, Annoy a Liberal”. The other question is I wonder if she was anti gun even before this occurred.

  4. More likely to get in the way of trained law enforcement officers,,,,,oh that’s funny. These anti-aircraft gun shit fucks just haven’t got a clue

    • ADA Big sky/little bullet theory. Put enough shells in the air and you might hit something, occasionally, maybe. (corollary – AirFarce says “oooh bullets in the air might hit us. We’ll be at the O Club if something else comes up”?)

  5. Civilians will likely get in the way of LE responders….

    When they finally get there. Maybe. And, maybe not.

    (Nothing personal Acur81 or Hannibal.)

    • The so-called “defender of the 2nd Amendment” cites an incident and tries to make it sound like the police arrived and had to slow their response through the store because everyone was walking around with a gun out. That wasn’t the case. The police arrived after the bad guy left and only got ‘distracted’ when they were looking at security footage to try and identify the shooter.

      And that’s well and good but are we supposed let someone murder us so that the police can more easily solve the crime later on?


    • That sure wasn’t the case in Texas on Sunday. In fact, the hero who shot at the murderer put his hands up and started getting the hell out of the way when the police showed up after the murderer pulled off to the side of the road. The police told the hero to get his hands back on his rifle and to keep pointing it at the bad guy. This was according to the hero, Stephen Willeford in an interview.

  6. “I am a conservative and a defender of the 2nd Amendment right to own weapons”
    “Packing in church, however, is not one of those cases.”

    If one of the many proven places a citizen may need to defend themselves isnt your idea of a place to have a gun – you are NOT a defender of our rights… only your own. 🤠

    • “I am a conservative and a defender of the 2nd Amendment right to own weapons”

      This guy needs to read it again. 2A says ‘right to keep AND BEAR’. You don’t get to pick, it’s a package deal.

  7. Dude, if you carry, you carry everywhere. Yup, that includes church. Whatcha gonna do, have check in lockers at the door ? Leave it in the car to get stolen ? Guive up protecting yourself and family on the way to and fron ? Seriously ?

  8. MAYBE if someone had a gun in that tiny church 26 wouldn’t have died. My Baptist church fully supports being armed(despite what an unknown troll alleges)…oh and Marilyn Manson is retarded.

  9. So the ACLU wants to be the Tenth Amendment Center, which by the way can count to 10 without skipping any digits.

    And I would say that no one should need to carry a weapon ANYWHERE, but there is evil in the world and we have the right to defend ourselves. The chances of needing to use a gun for self defense is next to nothing if you stay away from stupid people doing stupid things, but sometimes those stupid people cross paths with you and you may need to defend yourself, even in a church. This fool was proven wrong before he even wrote this drivel down.

  10. “I am a conservative and a defender of the 2nd Amendment right to own weapons”
    “Packing in church, however, is not one of those cases.”

    Ask one of the survivors in the Texas church if they agree with you. The killer walked aisle by aisle executing people including children. Pretty sad you would not want to give them a chance to survive. Oh, and you are no defender of the Second Amendment which speaks of not just owning (keep) arms, but also bearing arms.

  11. So, the claim is that I should not conceal carry at church because it will complicate the job of law enforcement. That is complete BS. Look, most real police officers (not politicians in police uniforms) will tell you to get training and take responsibility for your own safety until they arrive. Police that aren’t political nutjobs almost always agree that you should not let the bad guy kill you just to make their investigation easier. Heck, if staying alive means a police officer gets a few extra dollars in overtime, I can live with that. Besides, I cannot be a good witness if I am dead, right.

    On the other point, I will not set foot in a church where I cannot carry. If that Church does not understand the threat from the Progressive-atheist establishment and the crazies who will believe and act on their propaganda, how can I believe anything they teach.

    (Note to the usual leftist trolls who comment on this site: Do not bother replying, for I don’t read your factless banter.)

  12. From Michigan Open Carry:

    The Good
    SB 584 seeks to create a shall issue exemption to the concealed pistol free zones listed in MCL 28.425o (and on the back of every CPL) for anyone who takes an additional 8 hours of training, or who is a certified instructor. While this is not the complete elimination of the section that we would like to see, it alone is a step in the right direction. This is what the bill looked like before the gun-control was added by the committee.

    The Bad
    One of the changes subbed into the bill was a ban on open carry in ALL of the listed places in the section, even for those with the newly proposed exemption above. The only way someone would be able to carry openly in any of these places is if they own the property, they are hired security, or if they have express written permission from the owner. That’s it. Infractions start off with a $500 civil infraction and a 6 month license suspension, and go all the way up to a felony. Yes, a felony.

    We understand there is an ongoing debate about who should be able to carry a firearm in schools and how they should be able to carry. We have always said that we are happy to have this debate and consider the merits of proposed changes; however, we see no reason at all for the State to prohibit someone from carrying in the manner that is most comfortable for them in the rest of the places, especially when they are somewhere that is privately owned.

    An analogy of these changes goes as follows – they are trying to take away your blue shirt, and then give you a red shirt back, but only after you jump through more hoops, pay more fees, and get more permission first.

    The Committee also added a provision making it clear that universities are authorized to create their own rules, thereby completely undermining the ongoing pro-gun litigation of Joshua Wade v. University of Michigan, as well as a provision adding airport authority property to the list of restricted zones.

    The Ugly
    Currently, every one of the nearly 620,000 CPL holders in this state, as well as any license holders from other states, can carry in the zones listed in MCL 28.425o, though most of us have to carry openly. Should this legislation pass as is, nearly all of us would lose ANY ability to carry at all in these places until we first go through more training, pay more fees, and once again get permission to exercise our rights, and that’s only for Michigan residents. Those from other states would have no option available to them left. Because of this, we firmly believe that SB 584 would REDUCE the number of people able to defend themselves in these zones, not increase it. This is the exact opposite of what any gun rights organization should be working for.

    Going Forward
    We are currently working with other state and national organizations, such as NRA and NAGR, to fix this bill in the House. We very much support scaling back these zones, commonly referred to as “mass murder empowerment zones”, but we are not willing to do so at any price. That said, this bill, as passed by the Senate, doesn’t even scale back the list, it makes it longer and stricter, making opposing these changes an easy decision for us.

    You can read the version passed today by the Senate HERE:

    Tom Lambert
    Legislative Director
    Michigan Open Carry, Inc.
    [email protected]

  13. Marilyn Manson is no Alice Cooper. Cooper knows how to entertain without screwing it up with politics.

    • Why would any dude want to run around sporting a chicks name? Anybody check what their wearing underneath?
      If that’s what it takes to get attention in the rock world, they must have some serious mental issues.
      Just an opinion.

  14. That crazy racist that has been lighting up the comments section in the last few days…Rob whatever? I guarantee he is the next mass shooter you will read about. You heard it here first.

    But at least he doesn’t complain about the comment system not saving your email and username…

    • “But at least he doesn’t complain about the comment system not saving your email and username…”

      Maybe he should. After all, that’s what cookies are supposed to be for.
      The comment section also doesn’t support sending emails with follow-up comments, either, even though it’s supposed to.
      But the face-lift was important enough to get right. I suppose we should all be thankful for that.

  15. The LA times opinion author’s idea that an armed citizen might get in the way when the police or sheriffs get there totally fails to take into account the that law enforcement can’t be everywhere and most of the US is much less densely populated than LA. In the case of this most recent even we are talking about a rural Texas county which is 2/3 the size of the smallest state in the US. How much additional damage can a person do while you are waiting for the law enforcement to arrive?
    As for CNN why aren’t they asking how when the government failed in its own background check process more government control is going to make things better.

  16. ACLU joined the NRA and mental health organizations to block passage of the bill restricting vets etc. who couldn’t balance their checkbooks, gun rights. Why? No due process. Same response from ACLU about no fly list. Same. No due process.

    Meanwhile the press says Republicans want terrorists and mentally ill to have guns. See what happens when you try to respect the Constitution?

    I go on a case by case basis on any organization. NRA didn’t say a peep when legal concealed carrier Castille was shot by police. I’m not giving any organization a pass. That’s like trusting the Dems. Regardless of how horrible Hillary is, is Trump progun/NRA, Pro Life, or a Republican? Case by case for me.

  17. It is sad that probably all these folks either didn’t feel the need to own a gun, or left their’s home, or in the car. I hope now, this will be a wake up call.
    If the old biddy next to you feels “Threatened” because she notices the butt of your 44 mag, sticking out from your jacket, tell he to go “Piss up a rope”!

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