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How to Significantly Reduce School Shootings Right Now, by the Time School Starts in the Fall

My objective is to help reduce the occurrence of mass school shooting, while keeping the Second Amendment intact.

So, in order of priority, here is what must be done at the local and state levels. (Another federal law is not necessary.)

  1. Restrict school entry access.
  2. Add metal detectors. Costly, but, why don’t the billionaires in our country fund this cause? They devote millions to Africa, why not help America’s children?
  3. Allow teachers — proficient with hand guns — to carry them concealed. This provides a second line of defense inside the school.
  4. Publicize that schools have armed protection at multiple levels. “Peace through strength” action will be the strongest deterrent that is easy to implement.

Longer-term actions are also essential to solve the root causes of school gun violence. These actions fall into a few categories.

The U-Verify Report: Gun Control Is a Worldwide Failure

Gun control…advocated, implemented and failing all over the world for 150 years . . .

Waldemar Perez discusses gun control and the variety of countries that have seen a rising murder rate once stricter gun control laws were implemented. He then showcases a number of countries who have decided to reduce gun restrictions as an effort to combat high crime rates. Perez then directs his focus on the United States, where the problems of gun restriction couldn’t be more pronounced. See portlandfeed dot com to find all the links to these studies and articles so that you can perform your own analysis, verification and scrutiny.

Conservative Shareholder Grills CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods for Pushing Anti-Gun Propaganda

Heh. This is the same guy who went after United Airlines’ CEO at their shareholder meeting . . .

An investor confronted the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods on Wednesday at the annual shareholders meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, blasting the retailer’s recent anti-gun advocacy.

David Almasi, a vice president at the National Center for Public Policy Research, attended the meeting representing the think tank’s Free Enterprise Project, according to Fox Business. Almasi accused CEO Edward Stack of violating fiduciary duties by knowingly and purposely giving up money.

“[Dick’s] has damaged its reputation by lending its voice and its resources to those who want to abolish the Second Amendment,” Almasi told Stack. “30 percent of American adults own guns, and another 11 percent live with someone who does. You’ve now alienated them.”

Alaska Hunting Hunter Regulation Bear Bait Elk
courtesy NBC News

The fight over Alaska’s hunting rules runs deeper than using doughnuts to bait bears

The Trump administration wants to make hunters’ lives easier in Alaska . . .

A years-old conflict has pitted the state against the feds, conservationists against preservationists, and people who feed their families by stalking game in the wilderness against those who see certain types of hunting as inhumane.

The tactics that have attracted the most outrage — the bacon, the spotlights, the motorboats — aren’t widely practiced. But they’ve become battle lines in a power struggle between Washington and a rural state with a deep tradition of independence and self-determination. Now the Trump administration is seeking to end the fight by undoing rules that restricted the controversial methods on federal land. It’s a move that has divided local hunters, though many see it as proper deference to local sovereignty.

“Bureaucrats and anti-hunting influences should not determine what’s ethical in Alaska,” said Bruce Dale, director of the state Division of Wildlife Conservation. “In these populist times, it’s hard for people to understand different cultures and traditions. I think people should step back and try to understand.”

Gunmakers have the successor to the bump stock lined up

Next on the hit list: AR pistols and stabilizing braces . . .

Gun manufacturers have used the law’s technicalities to create guns that are just as powerful, and deadly, as restricted weapons but without the added tax and strict regulations.

Take the SAINT, by Springfield Armory. It’s an AR-15 with a 30-round magazine and a 7.5-inch barrel. That’s shorter than the legal rifle length under federal law. But instead of a shoulder stock, the SAINT has a “stabilizing brace” or “forearm brace” — a device designed to attach to a shooter’s forearm for one-handed firing rather than resting against their shoulder. By ATF’s definition, the SAINT is a pistol, not a rifle, because it isn’t meant to be fired from the shoulder. So anyone who can pass a federal background check can buy one online for $989.

Dr. Arthur Z. Przebinda: Bad Medicine, the Public Health Attack on the Second Amendment

Dr. Arthur Z. Przebinda is an imaging specialist in Southern California who, as Project Director for Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, writes and speaks nationally in support of the Second Amendment.

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  1. Peace through strength certainly works. I say we make everything, including our homes hard targets. I’m already all the way there. If any of you reading this would like to learn from me how to make your entire life a hard target, follow these steps I’ve layed out below:

    Step One: Buy a 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Step Two: Buy ANOTHER 6.5 Creedmoor.

    Step Three: Watch as all those who oppose you tremble before your might.

    • Step Four: Buy a 6mm Creedmoor. For ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’.

        • “Just to be clear… do you mean buy two rounds? Or buy 2 guns?”


          *snicker* 😉

        • It depends, Liljoe. If your last name is Fife, that’s two rounds. For everyone else, that’s two guns.

        • Well, if you know the history, including the reason why Mel Brooks picked the name, I doubt there will ever be a better internet screen name than Gov. William J Le Petomane. Although ‘Navin Johnson’ is also pretty damn good. Both are excellent troll names.

          Now, to come up with another Creedmoor themed name for tomorrow. I’m going to try to stretch this out to a week…

    • I’m still creedmoorless and so virtually defenseless against tyranny.

      While my preferred weapon would be an M134 rebarreled in 6.5, I’m thinking the S, Ruger & co precision bolt 18029 might be a good option if it comes back in stock.

    • The Secret to World Peace – by Kansas

      Once I rose above the noise and confusion
      Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion
      I was soaring ever higher
      But I flew too high

      Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
      Though my mind could think I still was a mad man
      I hear the voices when I’m dreaming
      I can hear them say

      Carry on my Creedmoor son
      There’ll be peace when you are done
      Lay your weary head to rest
      Don’t you cry no more

    • You can tell by the way I use my walk
      I’m a Creedmoor man, no time to talk
      The music’s loud, the women warm
      I’ve been kicked around since I was born

      And now it’s alright, it’s OK
      And you may look the other way
      We can try to understand
      The Creedmoor times effect on man

      Whether you’re a brother or whether your a mother
      You’re just shootin’ Creedmoor, shootin’ Creedmoor

      Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’
      And we’re shootin’ Creedmoor, shootin’ Creedmoor

      Ah, ha, ha, ha shootin’ Creedmoor, shootin’ Creedmoor
      Ah, ha, ha, ha shootin’ Creedmoooooooooooooooooor…

    • Hello Creedmoor my old friend
      I’ve come to shoot with you again
      Because a vision softly Creeding
      Left it’s seeds while I was sleeping

      And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains
      Within the sound of Creedmoor

      In restless dreams I walked alone
      Narrow streets of cobblestone
      Beneath the halo of a street lamp
      I turned my collar to the cold and damp

      When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
      That split the night and touched the sound of Creedmoor

      And in the naked light I saw
      Ten thousand people, maybe more
      People talking without speaking
      People hearing without listening

      People writing songs that voices never share
      And no one dared to disturb the sound of Creedmoor

      Fools, said I, you do not know
      Creedmoor like a cancer grows
      Hear my words that I might teach you
      Take my arms that I might reach you

      But my words like Creedmoor raindrops fell
      And echoed in the wells of Creedmoor

      And the people bowed and prayed
      To the neon god they made
      And the sign flashed out it’s warning
      And the words that it was forming

      And the sign said, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
      And tenement halls
      And whispered in the sound of Creedmoor

      • A profound display of artistic talent.
        Somewhere Wieird Al is trembling uncontrollably without knowing why.

        • Imagine what Weird Al could have done if the Creedmoor had only been invented 25 years earlier!

          ‘We’ve been spending most our lives, living in a Creedmoor paradise…’

  2. Quote:
    “My objective is to help reduce the occurrence of mass school shooting, while keeping the Second Amendment intact.”

    Your suggestions are for common sense actions that would have the chance of actually protecting children. The problem is, common sense does not apply to the real problem.

    The real problem is (are) the goals of the democrat party that have nothing to do with protecting children or really anything to do with children. They are only a convenient prop.

    Their goals include the destruction of America and subjugating the population. They resist any actions that would protect schools because they want children to die so they can use their deaths as a weapon against the 2A and POG. It is hard to subdue an armed citizenry.

    The (leftist) media presents the false narrative that a majority of people support gun control so even conservative politicians may be reluctant to resist new gun control measures (Florida). Need to vote out those who fell in line.

    I am not trying to discourage you and your ideas, just setting realistic expectations.

    Be Prepared !

    • They waste other peoples money, waste other peoples rights, waste other peoples children to promote and impose socialism on our country. The ” little people or deplorables” are expendable. Collateral damage for the common good, this is how these evil socialists think. They should use their and look up the real definition of liberal and infringed.

    • This is what you get when you have a businessman and professor as your security consultant. It’s “I have a degree and knowz everythin” syndrome. Perhaps he’d like to also advise us on how to set up an ambush. I’ll give you an example: set up overlooking a line/crowd forming outside a limited access point waiting to be screened by metal detectors. Perhaps he has advice on how to penetrate a lightly secured area. Hint: wait until the security screener is distracted and shoot him first and bypass the screening.

  3. #5-HOME SCHOOL. It’s not a billionaire problem. Make that school like the one I went to 50 odd years ago. Paddlings,dress code,no sassing(or beating) teacher’s and no sympathy grading. Expell the lowlife punks who don’t toe the line…

  4. Janie’s got a creedmore………
    ……..Janie put a 6.5 creedmore in his braiiiiiiiiiinnnn the man is such a sleeze he ain’t never gonna be the saaaaame. Janie’s got a Creedmore, the whole world’s come undone……..

  5. “How to Significantly Reduce School Shootings Right Now, by the Time School Starts in the Fall”

    Pass a law repealing the gun free school zones act that also cuts off federal funds for schools that don’t let teachers carry.

    “Next on the hit list: AR pistols and stabilizing braces . . .”

    And yet the NRA seeks to give away the Sudetenland as fast as they can.

  6. Creedmore ?????

    Who is this Creedmore guy ? Must be some kinda hero, even writin’ songs about him….
    Old Jeremy Creedmore down the street is a nice quiet guy, so it can’t be him……besides, he likes them long rifles that you push a rod into and stick 5/8″ lead balls down the barrel. Heck, you can even whack somebody with that thing, don’t even need powder or balls….It’s what them new-fangled fancy boys call “multitasking”…

    And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

  7. The former ATF agent in that video talking about AR pistols and braces is a lying liar! Especially right at the end of the video. There should be mandatory Constitutional education for anyone who wants to work in the government. With a 10 page essay on why the U.S. is the greatest country that has ever existed as the final! Well, right after Texas! 😉

    • I had no idea that a 55-grain .22 caliber bullet coming out of 7.5″ inch barrel was the most lethal weapon ATF agents ever encountered in the history of anything ever…… oddly enough, based solely on the terminal ballistics numbers, if any of these mass shooters (they are so fond of referencing to in order to diminish our rights) used a 7.5″-inch barrel AR15 in their shootings rather than a 16″-barrel gun, there would be significantly fewer fatalities…… I never hear that in any of these interviews….. God forbid they use “cop killer armor piercing military grade” ammo (ss109/m855/green tip), you might have ZERO fatalities with one of these super dangerous AR15 pistols. What would the pearl clutchers blame if nobody died?

      • Wait ’til Springfield releases a Saint Creedmore pistol! It will be like a soul-stealing .45 ACP with MIRVs.

    • I noticed the narrator said that criminals know about the outdated laws, and implied that they use those laws to arm themselves.
      Instead, what I see is that criminals don’t care if our laws are outdated or not, because they will simply ignore them regardless.
      This was very neatly tucked into the video, and presented as proof that we need new, tougher laws, but it’s based on a lie.
      And are we supposed to believe that a man who chose to work for the ATF is going to be unbiased?

  8. “Add metal detectors. Costly, but, why don’t the billionaires in our country fund this cause? They devote millions to Africa, why not help America’s children?”

    I’m going to use the same logic on this as I would on any of the anti’s ideas.

    You are proposing a massive expenditure for speculative reasons. If mass-shootings in schools are so regular, how many examples can you point to where a metal detector would have stopped the assailant? Because the incidents I can think of didn’t involve a student secreting a handgun in a bookbag, they typically involved going in guns blazing. As long as windows aren’t bulletproof, they can get in just fine without going through the door you want them in.

    The tiny amount of money spent trying to get food and vaccinations to kids in Africa is PEANUTS compared to what it would cost to buy, maintain, and fully staff metal detectors. And food and vaccinations save lives.

    • That “logic” didn’t stop them from putting metal detectors in federal buildings and courthouses or airports for that matter.

      Now you’ll have to excuse me. I’ve got 6.5mm moor creed to take care of.

      • Yeah, right. And who PAYS for all that security at federal buildings? The federal taxpayer, right? Well, if you want those measures in your local grade school, be aware that your local school district is going to be taxed to pay for them, which can be done right now, see if you can get that by your voters. Let me guess; you think “somebody else” is going to magically pay for it, right?

    • It seems that every school shooting could have been prevented if government employees just did their job. If police arrested students with a track record of violence, if mental illness was detected, diagnosed, and treated early, and if bullying was stopped, I suspect school shooting would stop cold.

  9. Same check done to get the SBR stamp.
    They’re upset that the MSRP isn”t $200 higher?
    The buyer passed it to buy the gun so WTF is the point of the second time just to put a plastic block on the end?

      • I believe he’s referring to the fact that the background check is the same to buy a pistol as it is to buy an SBR, not that the pistol purchase requires a tax stamp

        Sooooo…any chance there will come a day when we don’t have to fill out our info every @&$#ing time we want to comment?

        • Given months and new owners, my guess is “probably not”. Copying your email address and pasting it shortens the pain somewhat.

  10. Florida just passed a law requiring that all schools have at least one armed person present at all times
    Broward county, where Parkland is located, refused to take the millions of dollars offered to pay for police or armed school resource officers.
    So now they are scrambling to find the money to pay to comply with this new law.
    Some counties are following the other provisions of this law that allows school employees who are not full-time teachers to take the 132 hours of training and concealed carry on school grounds.
    So Florida will now finally have people with guns in the schools to protect our children

  11. “So anyone who can pass a federal background check can buy one online for $989.”

    OMG! Someone can pass a background check, the same one that is used for the NFA process and walk out with a gun! This is some grade A stupid. It’s just another loser who let their mask fall of again. We know they want to ban all private gun ownership.

  12. Only WE as citizens can redirect this fight and demand significant change from school systems across the nation. You sitting there being mad about the direction of the conversation will not help to solve the problem. Please consider attending a school board meeting and town/city hall meeting and demand change to the school systems approach to safety.

    New construction projects with federal funding require safety and security certification. This requires a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) to be performed and ensure that construction considers and implements mitigation strategies during planning, and requires inspections to ensure that the mitigation strategies have been implemented.
    This process is adaptable to existing structures which were built prior to these requirements. Areas evaluated for security are, but not limited to: fencing, alarms, cctv, access control, security monitoring and staffing levels, metal detectors, wi-if/internet threat monitoring, staff training, policy/procedure implantation/compliance auditing.

    We need to demand our local school systems conduct TVAs and maintain pressure to fund and implement mitigation strategies to identified vulnerabilities. If these strategies were being applied we wouldn’t see as many of these incidents as we do. I am not suggesting creating a prison compound out of school campuses. There are numerous facilities that provide public access without compromising safety and security.

    There are too many schools with broken or outdated equipment. Too many that value having 3-4 janitors per building but only 1 officer per 6 schools sometimes miles apart. I hope you will consider attending a school board meeting to demand accountability on the part of school officials to secure our campuses and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

  13. Honestly, as much as I love the 2nd, I doubt putting cops in schools or arming teachers will prevent shootings. They might stop shooters before they hurt more than a few people, but the problem would still be there. And don’t feed me a “deterrence” line. The people who shoot up schools are either A, total sociopaths who don’t fear death and plan their crimes for months, or B, overstressed kids who just snap and decide to lash out regardless of any consequences. The only way to eliminate the problem is by a change in mental health culture and treatment, everything else is just a band-aid solution to an abcess sized issue.


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