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EDC Everyday Carry Concealed Springfield EMP 1911 9mm CCW

Springfield’s EMP 9mm 1911 has been a hit since it first hit the stores. And why not? The 4-inch barrel and 9+1 carry capacity makes it a compelling, comfortable everyday carry choice. Texan HJT packs his in a Crossbreed SuperTuck IWB hybrid holster that makes the whole thing virtually disappear under a shirt.

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump CCW Concealed

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    • I brought up some of the issues Springfield has had with the POG community with one of thier folks at the NRA convention. All I got was a cold look and the guy repeatedly changing the conversation. I kinda wanted an EMP. I don’t think it’s going to happen.

      Have I mentioned today just how bad this comment system is?

  1. Nice gun, however if I were to carry it on my waist…. I think the pistol and it’s holster is enough… prob would be a little uncomfortable to bend to tie my shoes with the mag and multi tool in its own separate holster…Perhaps a single mag holder instead. I would carry the multlitool in my pocket. If you have the multi tool, how often do you use the bracelet? An edc should be all about the simplicity and necessary things minus the bulky ness…. just an honest opinion.

  2. I bet this guy wears the typical combat boots, cargo pants, and a “photographers vest” everywhere he goes. Those yellow tinted glasses would be a big alarm bell for me.

  3. Love love love this gun – unfortunately I will never buy one due to Springfield’s anti-2A practices.

  4. The most comfortable grip I’ve ever felt~~any gun, any style.

    Be aware, upgrades are $$$$$.

    Dawson Tritium sights $80 at factory, $120 to change to left side only thumb safety. I do have a concern with accidentally swiping the safety off with a swinging right arm/wrist.

    I will never buy any 1911 style again without corner cut grip-all the difference in grip confort/confidence.

    Some concern with using a “grander” in a DGU vs a $300-400 CCW. Long time to get your $$$$ President Cleveland back from the evidence room post trial.


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